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[Yama fic] Oretachi no Baby (Chapter 11)

Title: Oretachi no Baby (11 of 20)
Pairing: Yama  (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG
Genre: mpreg
Summary: A decision was made on how to deal with the tabloid report on Sho.

Chapter 11

For a moment Sho's mind went blank. How could that happen?

He pulled himself together and tried to think. Without waiting for another second, he quickly called Ohno again. He could feel the sweats on his hand while holding the phone.

“Sho? I thought you went to dinner.” Ohno still thought Sho didn’t know.

“Satoshi, Gin-san told me…”

“….. I didn't want to worry you, so....” Ohno didn't know how to react, now he knew that Sho knows.

“How could I let this happened? We were so careful every time we went to see Suzuki-sensei together. How could I be so careless?” Sho said with trembling voice. He felt that if he hadn't insisted on going to Hokkaido, he wouldn't have gone to the clinic for the non-routine check up that day, and the paparazzi wouldn't have caught him.

Sensing that his lover is blaming himself for the tabloid leak, Ohno knew he had to make Sho calm down. Taking on this kind of stress is not good for him and the baby, especially that Sho is so far away. Going on a guilty trip wouldn't help the situation a bit either.

“Please don't blame yourself, Sho. There are paparazzi everywhere. You were just being unlucky that one of them spotted you. That's all.” Ohno couldn't find any good words to comfort his lover. It was one of the few times that he felt frustrated in his lacking of words.

“What exactly did the tabloid say?” Sho wanted to know how imminent the situation was.


“Satoshi, tell me. The not knowing is killing me.” Sho begged for the content of the tabloid rumor, wondering how much of the whole truth was leaked out.

“They posted a picture of you coming out from the Suzuki-sensei's clinic, and rumored Arashi's Idol Newscaster going to be a father??” Knowing that his lover will not give up unless he was told, he reluctantly revealed the rumor report's headline.

“Don’t be too worried, Sho. It's not the first time we are on tabloids. Our fans know better than believing the nonsense reports there.” Ohno tried to downplay his worries.

Sho bite on his lips hard, preventing his sobbing sound from being heard. “I wish I can be with you now, Satoshi.” Sho doesn’t have a good feeling about the situation. He wished he could be in Ohno's arms at that very moment. But it's too late to get a flight home at this hour. He'll have to wait till the morning.

“We are having a meeting tomorrow to discuss the matter. It’s not the first time rumors like that spread around. We will find a proper way to handle it. Go eat something and get some rest. There’s nothing you can do now anyway. Don’t stress yourself out, for our baby’s sake. OK? We will get through this. I love you.” Ohno wished it was as simple as he said, but he knew it's not.

“I love you too.” He wanted to keep Ohno on the phone. Even hearing his voice is comforting at this moment. But he knew he had to let Ohno finished his work. He had already caused enough chaos for the agency. He adversely hung up the phone and ordered some room service, realizing he does need to eat something. However his mind had not stopped thinking about the messy situation he is in.

After hanging up the phone with Sho, Ohno tried to go back to finish his recording. Although trying very hard to concentrate, he couldn't yield any satisfactory results. The producer was considerate and calling it the day without blaming Ohno too much. Sitting alone in the studio, Ohno's mind is also on whether or not they could come out of this mess in one piece.

It's not fair. Sho had already endured so much pressure and distress for having this baby, and a big part of them was from me or because of me. And now this.... I feel so helpless. How I wish I could do more for him and share his burden.

Ohno didn't get any sleep that night. Thinking back the time before he knew about Sho's pregnancy, how Sho had to deal with the emotional struggles and physical discomfort on his own. Although he can't really be blamed for not knowing, but deep down he felt he must not have given Sho enough sense of security. Otherwise Sho would not have doubts in telling him right away. He swore to himself that he would do everything he can to protect his family, and reassured his trustworthiness to his spouse.

Needless to say, Sho could not sleep at all that night either. He could not imagine what kind of mess they're in now. It would be bad enough if the truth was exposed, even worse if it came out through tabloid reports. He wondered how he could disguise himself to not be recognized when he goes to the airport the next day. No matter how he dressed, he would imagine people looking at him with weird gazes, as if they knew about his 'condition', when they might not.

Before dawn even breaks, he left message for the other staff and left for the airport alone, hoping to catch the first flight home. He wore a cap, sunglasses, and the big jacket that Ohno packed for him despite it wasn't that cold. Being super sensitive to other people's looks at him after learning about the tabloid report, he subconsciously wanted to cover his hardly visible baby bump.

Sho went straight from the airport to the agency office, where the meeting will be held. Ohno was already there when Sho arrived. Upon seeing each other, they immediately fall into each other's embrace. Besides missing each other after the few days apart, they do need each other's support for the crisis they are facing.

“Satoshi, I’m sorry. I should be more careful.” Feeling bad about letting himself spotted by the tabloid, Sho tried to get some comfort being hold in his lover’s arms.

“Don’t blame yourself, Sho. You know they are everywhere. We need to concentrate on how to handle this now. Beating yourself on this won’t help. We are in this together, no matter how big a mess it is.” Ohno was very worried himself, but they needed to focus on dealing with the aftermath with all their wisdom and strength.

Gin-san and the other members soon arrived. The younger members gave Sho a welcome hug which also symbolized their support. Gin-san didn’t say anything, just gave Sho a pat on the back as comfort.

Sho asked to see the actual print of the tabloid. The headline “Arashi's Idol Newscaster going to be a father???” was printed across the front page together with a big picture of Sho coming out of the clinic holding a medicine bag in his hand. Although Sho wore a baseball cap, his face could clearly be seen. The fine prints of the report stated that the popular idol was seen coming out of a maternity clinic, nervously looking. It is possible that he might have impregnated someone and going to be a father. There were also guesses as to who that ‘someone’ might be. Although no names were mentioned, the report did hint a couple of possible 'candidates', who were rumored to have dated with Sho in recent tabloid reports.

Sho wasn't sure if he should be happy that the report was not about his pregnancy, but either way being on tabloid news is not a good thing. Anything being reported on tabloids, even if true, would likely be twisted or exaggerated.

Their big boss was the last to join. Upon his entry, the whole room became silent and the atmosphere became stiff. No one dare to say anything before their big boss opened his mouth.

“I have already warned you two to be very careful since we decided not to go public, haven’t I?” Johnny looked at the two older Arashi members and shook his head. “Look what you’ve done here!” Johnny pointed his finger on the tabloid on the table and tabbed on it a few times. “I don’t need another scandal like this.”

Sho felt his body froze up. He knew his boss is really pissed this time. He wanted to say something to apologize for his carelessness, but not a word could come out from his mouth. Seeing the repentant look on Sho's face, Ohno spoke up.

“We are very sorry, Johnny-san. We should be more careful.” Ohno didn’t dare to look directly to their boss. “What should we do to fix this?”

“Sho-kun’s picture is too clear. No way we can deny the person in the picture is him.” Gin-san said while looking to the tabloid again, giving a big sigh. “There is really no good explanation of him going to a maternity clinic.”

“May be we say that Sho-chan was getting medications for his mama or sister?” Aiba wanted to help.

“Come on, it's a maternity clinic, not a gynecology clinic. It's for pregnancies, but Sho-chan's mama or sister are not pregnant.” Nino negated Aiba's suggestion straight out. “By the way, do you think it could be the clinic that tipped off the paparazzi on Sho-chan's visit?”

“No! I trust Suzuki-sensei. He won't do this kind of thing, not to me!” Sho responded instantly in very affirmative tone.

Nino was puzzled by Sho's undoubtedly trust to his doctor, but felt this is not the time to drag on this question.

“How about we don’t do anything and let the rumor just dies down on its own. We have done that before.” Jun spoke out his thoughts.

“This rumor is a big one. Fans may be very interested to find out more about it. It won't be as easy as before for the rumor to die down.” Gin-san doesn't think this kept-silent tactic would work this time.

“It might work if we were under 'normal' circumstances, but Sho-kun's situation is far from 'normal' here.” Johnny concurred. “Damn it, even our original plan to say Sho-kun going overseas to study will not be convincing anymore either. It would be too much of a coincident.”

“But – I'd still need to take leave later, actually not much later. Under this kind of scrutiny, I don't think I can continue normal work for long without – being noticed.” Sho put his hand on his slightly bulged tummy. Though being in this messy situation, he still had no regrets in keeping the baby.

There was a moment of complete silence in the room. Nobody seems to be able to think of a good solution of the crisis.

All this time Ohno had remained silent. But after hearing everybody's opinion, he seemed to have an idea of his own.

“Let's go public with the truth” Ohno burst out his thought suddenly. It's not the first time he made such unpredictable and spontaneous suggestions, but never on serious matter like this one.

“What?!” Almost everybody else in the room made the same response.

“Listen to me. We couldn't find any good way to handle the tabloid report. Sho had to take leave soon but any excuse for his absence would probably won't work anymore. Instead of letting the rumor snowballed, we may as well stop it from getting worse by telling the truth to the public.” Ohno revealed his reasons behind his suggestion.

Everyone in the room looked at each other, trying to understand Ohno's point of view.

“But – the fans may not accept the truth, and public opinion may criticize us – ” Sho was still worried.

“Think about it. How would making the truth public be worse than the current tabloid rumor? If the fans thought that you impregnated someone but didn't take responsibilities, how would they think of you? At least going public will let them know this baby comes from our love, wanted by us and we intend to raise him with all our love. We will be responsible parents.” Ohno could be very convincing if he chose to be.

“You're right, Satoshi. Hiding will just arouse more suspicion. We had prepared for the worse already.” Sho was touched by his lover's determination. But he cautiously glanced and their boss who had not showed his opinion.


“Ohno-kun may be right.” Johnny finally responded. “Using a lie to cover a lie would eventually get out of control and bite us back. Although this is still a risky take, we don’t really have other better choice here.”

Gin-san also nodded to indicate he agreed with what Johnny said.

Relieved that their bosses seemed to be on board with their proposal, the couple turned their attention to the kaze trio.

“Guys, I know we are being selfish here. Going public may help us clarify the rumor but may not be good for Arashi. We are in this together and we respect your opinions on this.” The shadow leader knew whatever they do would affect the whole group. The trio’s sentiments are important to him.

The three younger members looked at each other. Without the need of any discussion among themselves Nino spoke up on their behalf. “Leader, Sho-chan, from the moment we learned about the baby, we already knew it's going to be a tough journey, not only for you, but for all of us. We have already decided to support you guys all the way. You have done so much for us all these years, this is the least we can do for you. Without you, we are not Arashi anyway. Don't worry about us.”

“Thank you, guys.” The leader felt tears in his eyes. Their years of friendship really pays off. Then he turned to the president of the agency and said on behalf of the group.

“Johnny-san, we are prepared for any consequences that come to us.”

“Very well, we shall see how much your fans really love you guys.”

To Be Continued....

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A/N: A rather long chapter, but then it's not a simple matter that can be decided on lightly. I do believe that if somone would come up with this decision, it would be Ohno. Being the father, the husband and the leader, he would step up at the right moment. Whether or not he made the wise choice is, however, yet to be seen. Hope you enjoy this chapter and the series so far. As always, comments are welcomed and greatly appreciated.


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Jul. 11th, 2011 08:24 pm (UTC)
You opted for publicity?! Though glad that Ohno's taken the lead once more :D
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Jul. 11th, 2011 08:56 pm (UTC)
*hugs* I'm sure this chapter must've been so challenging to write. The anxiety that both of couple felt were understandable and my heart goes out to them.

Then I almost got teary-eyed during their discussion. I can imagine Ohno making such decision, and then be firm about it. It's even more touching to see how the other members were supporting them both despite being dragged into a problem that wasn't directly caused by them.

I hope everything goes well for them, now that they've decided to go public. I'm sure not everyone will be having the same opinions, but I do wish at least a majority would be accepting, despite the bizarre situation.

:D keep up the good work!
Jul. 11th, 2011 10:20 pm (UTC)
How to be announced... omg want to know right now T________T
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“Very well, we shall see how much your fans really love you guys.”

we will show how much we love them to you... Grandpa

thank you for this cpt, looking fwd for next cpt
Jul. 11th, 2011 11:19 pm (UTC)
aaahhh poor sho and ohno, i think ohno's decision is for the best...i hope they get the support and love from their other friends and the fans
cant wait to see what happens
thank you so much for sharing
Jul. 12th, 2011 01:00 am (UTC)
Tell public the truth is very hard way but I agree with Ohno.
Tell the world that how much they love eatch other and the baby.

He is the real Riida in his family

Can't wait for the next episode

Thank a lot
Jul. 12th, 2011 01:36 am (UTC)
Ok. After chatting with KK, the comments just popped out. XD

All I can say is...さすが Papa Satoshi. To have decided to come out public with the truth. And yes, telling a lie means you need to tell another one to cover, which eventually will snowballed to many more lies in the future. And most important of all, I think Satoshi & Sho wouldn't want to harbour the thought that their baby is a hindrance to them. As parents, I m sure they want their baby to feel that he/she is being loved by them and that they're born with the hope of everyone.

A baby that was wished and anticipated to be born.

Well, if its only the 2 of them, it would be much more easy & simple. But with a baby on the way, things would be very different, cuz they're a FAMILY now.

So, claps + salutes to the parents, for wanting to endure whatever is coming their way. Together with the baby, the family of 3 can make it. =)
Jul. 12th, 2011 08:28 am (UTC)
of course i always love your work...i love yama
Jul. 12th, 2011 09:49 am (UTC)
uwaaah im so out of words.
i love how ohno made the decision and everybody listened to him. this is my image of ohno, where he usually silent but when he said something, everybody will listen to him.
sasuga riida.

and sho being worried and blamed himself is something that i can imagine he will do in reality
and i also love how the kaze trio supports tha yama combi <3

their emotions really got me and i can't wait for the next chapter.

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Jul. 13th, 2011 05:41 pm (UTC)
Thanks for an awesome chapter! :D

I totally felt Sho's longing for Ohno's security, and totally love Ohno doing his best to stay strong for Sho and the baby, trying to tell Sho it's not his fault. I also believe the 'laidback' Ohno is one who'll say the final decision at the right time, and everyone will know to follow. That's our Leader ♥ Gosh it's making me anxious how the public will react to the news! Hoping for next chapter soon~
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Jul. 14th, 2011 06:22 am (UTC)
Ooh. It's gonna be interesting to see how everyone reacts. The fans would love it, no doubt! ;)
Nice to see everyone supporting the boys.
Thanks for updating!
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