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[Yama fic] Oretachi no Baby (Chapter 12)

 Title: Oretachi no Baby (12 of 20)
Pairing: Yama  (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG
Genre: mpreg
Summary: Ohno and Sho finally made their relationship and Sho's pregnancy public. What kind of reactions would they get?

Chapter 12

A press conference was scheduled two days later. As soon as it was announced, speculations started to appear in every entertainment news. This had become the hottest subject in Japan’s entertainment industry. Some polls were done on whether fans believed the rumor and if they would still support Sho if the rumor was true. Most of the results were positive, but that didn't give the couple much confidence since the actual announcement would be much more shocking than the rumor itself.

“No matter what happened, I have you and our baby. That’s all that matters to me now.” Ohno held Sho in his arms the night before meeting the media.

“What can we do if we can’t be Arashi anymore?” Sho asked the man holding him.

“I can go fishing all day all night,” Ohno said naughtily, giving a slight chuckle, “and bringing junior with me too.” He figured the least he can do is to try to get them relaxed a bit before their big day tomorrow.

Sho gave the older man a glare and said, “Don’t even think about it!”

They stayed in each other’s arms the whole night without saying much, trying to prepare themselves mentally for their judegement day. They were nervous and worried, but in a way they were also relieved. Everything will be out in the open soon and they don’t need to hide the truth anymore.

The media room was packed. The vicinity of the building was also crowded with fans who wanted to get first hand information or to show their support.

When the conference started, the whole crowd was stunned when Ohno walked into the room with Sho.

“Ohno-san? Why is he here?”

“Where is....?”

Sho then took a deep breath and dropped the bomb shell and announced that the reason he went to the clinic was that he’s the one who’s pregnant. This alone had created a turmoil in the room.

“What?? He must be joking…”

“Did I hear what you hear? Sakurai-san is what?”

“Is he serious? He is – pregnant? But – ?”

Then, before the crowd of reporters could even digest what Sho said, Ohno stepped up, held Sho’s hand and declared that he is the father of Sho’s baby. Both felt very excited about the baby and intend to raise their child as a couple. The whole room went chaotic.

“Oh my god!”

“No Way. I can’t believe it!”

“This is BIG!!!”

“This is beyond surprise!”

Ohno and Sho tried to stay as calm as they possibly could, even when they felt the whole world is going against them inside. At this moment, they only have each other to lean on.

After the crowd finally calmed down a bit, questions for the couple were rushing in, including some harsh ones.

“How long have you been together?”

“Don’t you find it weird to be pregnant? You’re a man!”

“Are you afraid to be called a 'freak'?”

“How do you think your fans will react to this?”

“Do you find yourself – abnormal? It’s contranatural!”

“When is the baby due? Will it be developed normally?”

“Will you continue to be Arashi?”

“How does your family and other members think of this?”

“Do you plan to get married overseas?”

They tried to answer each question as truthful and diplomatic as they could. When they were asked if they would come forward if it hadn’t been the tabloid leak, Sho didn’t answer directly, instead he said “There are certain parts of our lives that we want to remain private. However we don’t want to be wrongfully accused and mistakenly being portrayed as being irresponsible when we’re not. We want our fans to like us for who we really are.”

The press conference lasted for about an hour. The couple couldn’t tell the immediate reactions from the media other than the lots of questions asked. They wouldn’t know if they were being accepted or rejected until they see the reports from the media later on.

Towards the end of the conference, the three younger Arashi members made an unexpected appearance. Not even Ohno and Sho knew they would appear. They didn’t answer any question from the media, but only made the statement that they had come to show support for the couple and would love the baby as their own. They also pleaded that their fans would understand and continue supporting Arashi. The five members formed a cuddle when Ohno and Sho dropped their tears of gratitude. Flash lights from cameras were flashing non-stopped for minutes.

Back at home later that night, Sho was anxious and wanted to watch the news and looked at the internet to see the public’s reactions, but Ohno stopped him.

“What’s the rush? We will find out sooner or later. Let’s spend a quiet night with just the two, no, the three of us without thinking about any of this.” Ohno hold Sho with his arms from the back and laid a gentle kiss on the cheek. The younger man smiled and felt he has all the love one could ever asked for.

Hearing Ohno’s snores next to his ears, Sho gave a chuckle. He can really be so relaxed despite of everything. Sometimes he wishes he was as carefree as his lover, but he’s not. He still couldn’t help wondering about the reactions from fans and public. Sneaking out from the bedroom with his laptop, he quietly went to the living room and sat down at the couch and turned on his computer.

Their news were all over the place. He picked a few of more popular entertainment news websites and started reading. There were all sorts of different headlines. It seems that whole industry was still in shock of the news. He also browsed through a couple of Arashi fandom sites to look for fans comments which he rarely did besides after concerts and new albums released. Messages and twits were in the thousands. Too much pessimism occupied his mind that only negative and criticizing ones seemed to attract his attentions. There weren't actually that many, but with the notion that they would not be accepted already engraved in his mind, those few criticisms were enough for him to conclude that they were finished, Arashi was finished.

Suddenly he felt a chill in his body. He felt his energy level is running low. He couldn't bear to look anymore. He closed his laptop and headed back to the bedroom, hoping to get some comfort from the cuddle of the man in bed.

The next morning they were scheduled to meet up with Gin-san and Johnny-san to review whatever reactions and responses they got from the press conference and discussed where they go from there. Ohno woke up seeing Sho was still asleep. Usually Sho would wake up earlier than him, especially when there is work scheduled. But he thought Sho must be tired from the Hokkaido trip and all the madness these few days, so he let him sleep for a little while longer. When it’s almost time to go and still seeing Sho in bed, he went to wake up the sleepy head.

“Sho, it’s time to get up. We’re gonna be late.” Ohno called out when standing at the bedroom door.

But Sho did not respond to his call out.

He went to the bed and gave Sho a little shake. Upon touching Sho’s body, his hand felt some heat that doesn’t seem normal. He jumped a little and quickly felt Sho’s forehead. It’s burning hot.

“Sho, you have a fever!” Ohno was terrified.

“Ermmm….Sato…” Sho opened his eyes slightly and murmured. Ohno could hear from his voice that he is very weak.

Sho didn’t have the energy to keep his eyes open for long. He felt a cold wet towel put on his forhead which made him a little more comfortable.

“Suzuki-sensei, this is Ohno. Sho is having a fever…..” was the last thing he remembered hearing before he fell back asleep.

The next time Sho opened his eyes, it was two days later. He felt his head is still heavy, but not the exploding feeling he had before, yet his body is still weak. He saw Ohno sitting on the floor besides the bed, head resting on the bed and eyes closed. Ohno is asleep. He didn’t remember anything after he headed back to the bedroom that night. He moved his hand and gently touched Ohno’s face. The sensation woke up the older man.

“You’re awake!” A big smile was seen on the leader’s face, but worries still remained. He checked on Sho’s forehead and the fever seems to be gone. He went to get a glass of water and helped Sho sat up and drank it all.

“You must be hungry. Let me make you something to eat.” Ohno was about to get up when Sho pulled him back on the bed.

“Wait, tell me what happened? How long have I been sleeping?” Sho felt much better after drinking the water and wanted to know what happened.

“You scared me to death! You had a fever and had been sleeping for two days.” Ohno took Sho into his arms. Still lack of strength, the younger man rested his body on the older man’s chest. “You must be too exhausted and caught a cold when you sneaked out of bed that night. I saw your laptop in the living room.”

“I – I’m sorry.”

“I almost took you to the hospital. Suzuki-sensei came to check on you everyday. He didn't want to give you medications unless absolutely necessary and asked me to monitor your temperature closely. If your fever goes up too high or does not break today, then I have to take you to the emergency room. Thank goodness it started to break yesterday.”

“How are you feeling now? Any discomfort here?” Ohno put his hand on the bump at Sho’s abdomen and rubbed it gently.

Sho covered Ohno’s hand with his own and shook his head. “I am fine. We are fine.”

Sho could see Ohno’s tired look. He must have been caring for him the past two days and didn’t get much rest. He moved his head up and gave his spouse a thank you kiss. “Thank you for taking care of me.”

“Don’t ever do this to me again. This is an order!” Ohno said to the man in his arms in a serious tone.

“Ouch!” Sho gave a sudden cry and holding his right hand on his belly.

“What is it, Sho? Do you feel pain? Is it bad? You're scaring me...” Ohno freaked out.

Sho didn't answer immediately. He paused for a little while, hands still on his belly and then cried out again. “Ouch!”

Ohno couldn't wait another second. He picked up his phone and started to call the doctor.

“Wait, Satoshi, wait.” Sho finally spoke and looked at Ohno. “Here, feel it.” Sho took Ohno's other hand and put it on his belly.

A few seconds later, a big smile of delight appeared on Ohno's face. “Oh my god! Oh my god!”

The parents-to-be felt their baby's kick for the first time. No words can describe the joy they're feeling at this moment. Sho saw Ohno's eyes getting watery. The joyous look on Ohno's face touched Sho's heart.

“You are amazing.” Ohno said when he laid a kiss on the swelling belly. “This little guy will be a soccer player like you, Sho.”

Sho smiled and continue to rest on Ohno's chest with his eyes closed. He felt totally relaxed in his lover's embrace, until he suddenly remembered what he left off before he got sick. “Oh, what happened to the media, the fans? How did they react? Satoshi, tell me. Are are doomed?”

“That….yes….I’m afraid we are doomed.” Ohno lowered his head.

“Oh….” Even though he thought he had prepared for the worst, but when it became reality, it’s still upsetting, although he wasn’t totally surprised by the outcome.

“That’s OK, Satoshi. I guess you can fish all you want now.”

Ohno sighed. “I wish. May be I can find a little time after all the TV and magazine interviews, photo shootings and…..gosh, we are really doomed with all the extra work we’ll be having.”

“Extra work? What do you mean?” Sho could not understand what was said.

“Ha ha ha, the reactions from the media and fans are surprisingly positive and supportive. Yes, there are some criticizing reports and harsh comments. But we also gain support from some new fans. They said they admired our commitment for each other and courage to come forward, and are touched by how the other members support us.”

“You don’t know how much gifts, mostly baby stuff, were sent to the agency these two days. Gin-san said there were many interview requests from TV stations and magazines for us. Oh, he also said the agency was even contacted by several companies of baby products expressing interests for our sponsorships. Can you believe that?”

Sho looked at Ohno with eyes and mouth wide opened, still speechless.

To Be Continued....

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A/N: I may be a little idealistic here. But this is what I hope would be like if yama really come forward in real life (well, minus the pregnancy part XD).  They felt the baby's first kick just in time for Japan's winning the woman's world cup championship LOL  Congratulations to the Nadeshiko team!!


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Jul. 18th, 2011 05:24 pm (UTC)
"He also browsed through a couple of Arashi fandom sites to look for fans comments which he rarely did besides after concerts and new albums released."

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Jul. 18th, 2011 05:46 pm (UTC)
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Jul. 19th, 2011 04:25 am (UTC)
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Oh Yeah! First Kick of Yama's Baby to congratulate to Nadeshiko and Papa totally is a leader of this Family ^^

I was so touched when Kaze Trio has come without notice to support them.
That was strong message to their fans who's confused about how to react for this issue because Fans is the most importance things for them,
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So, don't be afraid, JStorm!!
Please public Yama Relationship ASAP!!!
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Jul. 19th, 2011 08:10 am (UTC)
Sasuga Papa Satoshi.
You're as steady and HUGE as a mountain, when it comes to critical times.
Oh. And not forgetting, the trustworthy and gentle father of the family. ^^

This chapter portrays as near as wad we've seen the Yama via screen, with papa being steady/calm/自我 x mama being worries-minded (for almost anything he can worry abt). They seriously made a perfect pair, complimenting the short-comings of each other.

With majority of the responses of their made-public pregnancy + r/s being positive, I guess both of them can finally focus on one thing now - the birth of their junior!!!! Yeah~~~

Papa & Mama, you can do it, like the Nadeshiko Team!!! ^^
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Wow, so many things happened in this chapter~ I was so excited while reading along the way.

Yama going public, Sho going down with fever afterwards and the baby's first kick.

Poor Sho who was probably so worried and nervous about the whole thing, he couldn't find peace of mind to the point that it had taken a toll on his own body. Ohno who stayed by his side and took care for him is the most awesome image ever.

and I love Aiba, Nino and Jun who showed their support and make it known to the rest of the world.

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I really like this chapter. You can feel the love between Sho and Ohno, the love between the Arashi members, and the love between Arashi and their fans. :D

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what a great interview
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