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[Yama fic] Oretachi no Baby (Chapter 13)

Title: Oretachi no Baby (13 of 20)
Pairing: Yama  (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG
Genre: mpreg
Summary: When Sho went for another check up, Ohno wanted to find out about the baby's gender. Johnny
 had new plans made for the couple.

Chapter 13

Sho scheduled a check up with Suzuki-sensei the next day after his fever broke. He wanted to make sure the baby is not affected by his fever before he dealt with anything else. Accompanied by Ohno, they carefully disguised themselves before they went. Even though they had made the pregnancy public, they still don't want any more paparazzi pictures taken.

Again, Suzuki-sensei drew blood from Sho to run tests. He had done that many times already in just the few months of Sho's pregnancy, more than what's required by female pregnancies. Ohno and Sho figured due to the unusualness of male pregnancies, the doctor needs to monitor it more closely.

Seeing the numerous needle-poking marks in Sho's arms, and remembering the times when they even bruised up after drawing blood, Ohno's heart aches and draws him to place a gentle kiss on Sho's blood drawing arm. Knowing what his lover was thinking, Sho responded with a 'I-am-fine-Don't-worry' smile.

Suzuki-sensei did an ultrasound on Sho during the check up. Sho is in his sixth month and it's been more than two months since he did one. Both parent-to-be are anxious and excited to be able to see their baby again.

The baby bump, which was a lot more evident, was exposed after Sho's shirt was pulled up in the examining room. Suzuki-sensei stuck the sensors of the heartbeats monitor on the belly and turned on the switch. lub-dub...lub-dub...lub-dub... The baby's heartbeats can be heard from the speaker loud and clear.

“Heartbeats are strong.” Suzuki commented which brought smiles to the couple's faces.

Then Suzuki-sensei squeezed some lubricant on Sho's belly and placed the transducer on it which gave Sho a little chilling sensation. Immediately an image started showing on the monitor. All three pairs of eyes turned their focus on the moving creature on the monitor.

“Oh, it looks a lot more like a baby now. Is this the head. Oh, the hands and feet too!” Ohno got all excited and pointing to the screen while holding Sho's hand.

“Yes, see, the baby is sucking it's thumb. Do you see that?” Suzuki pointed at something moving on the screen, but neither Ohno or Sho could see it clearly. Even so, they were happy to hear the baby is acting normally.

“Sensei, we felt the baby kicks yesterday.” Ohno told the doctor excitedly.

“Ha ha ha, yes, the baby will start to be quite active.” Suzuki-sensei said as he was busy taking measurements and screen shots of the baby. “Since the baby is growing bigger, it will hit the wall of the abdomen cavity when it moves around, so you'll be feeling the kicks a lot more. Sakurai-san kicked a lot in his mother's womb too.”

“Sho? How did you – ?” Ohno was surprised by Suzuki-sensei's last remark.

“You didn't know?” Seeing the puzzled look on Ohno's face, the doctor knew that Sho had not told Ohno about his relationship with the Sakurai family. “I was Mrs. Sakurai's doctor. I delivered all of her three children, including Sakurai-san.”

“You delivered Sho?” Ohno looked at Sho, who nodded with a smile.

“Suzuki-sensei has known our family for decades. That's why we totally trust him in keeping my condition a secret before.” Sho explained.

“Sensei, how was Sho when he was born? Was he cute? Did he cry a lot? I wanna know...” Ohno's eyes widened as he anxiously asked the doctor. He had become very curious about baby Sho.

“Satoshi?!” Sho was surprised by Ohno's inquiries. “It's doctor-patient privileged information and is confidential.” Sho jested.

“I will tell you that much. Sakurai-san was a very beautiful baby. I'm sure you will see him in your baby when he or she is born.” Suzuki laughed. “ Speaking of which, do you want to know about your baby's gender? I can find out if the baby cooperates.”



“Satoshi, I thought we agreed not to find out until the baby is born.” Sho said to Ohno.

“Yes, but I am anxious. If we know sooner, we can buy the appropriate clothing, and decorate the nursery accordingly.” Ohno tried to find reasons to convince his lover.

“No, I want to be surprised. And I can imagine how it will be to have either a boy or a girl.” Sho stayed firmed. “You can't change my mind.”

“Please – oh, Sensei can just tell me. Sho doesn't have to know.”

“No way. If you know, the other members will know and if Aiba knows, the rest of the world will know. No, no and no!”

Ohno knew he couldn't convinced Sho. It was, after all, their mutual decision not to find out before. He did not want to upset Sho unnecessarily, so he did not insist any further. “OK, you win.” But still gave a pouting look to his lover.

Suzuki was amused by the couple. They don't really look like idols to him, only two young expected parents very much in love. He printed out a screen shot for them. It clearly shows the profile of the baby and Ohno said happily that he would definitely show it to their families and other members.

After the examination was done, Suzuki told them about the results. “The baby seems to be fine and is growing normally. It's heart beats are strong. It weighs about half a kilogram and twenty five centimeters long. From it's movements, I can tell it's a very active baby. But as the baby grows bigger, it will be putting more stress on your body, so get as much rest as you can.”

“However, there's something I need to tell you in advance. Mrs. Sakurai had a tendency for preterm labor. All of her children were born a few weeks before due dates. Although this condition may not be hereditary, we cannot rule out the possibility of it happening to Sakurai-san. It's still early now, but once you reach thirty-two weeks, you need to pay attention to any preterm labor symptoms you may experience. I will give you some information to read about this.”

“What does that mean, Sensei?” Ohno asked anxiously. “Will the baby be alright?”

“You don't have to be too worried. Sakurai-san and his siblings are all healthy when they were born and grew up with no health issues. But of course we want the baby to stay in the womb as long as possible before the due date to ensure the baby is fully developed when it’s born. That’s why we need to pay close attentions.”

Sho knew the last few months of the pregnancy is critical, and that would be the biggest challenge to his body. He is scared of the drastic change in his body, and yet full of anticipation to bring the life that's growing inside him into this world.

After the check up, they went straight to the agency to meet with Johnny and their manager. It has been three days since the press conference. Ohno had filled Sho in on the general responses from media and fans, casually skipping some of the more harsh criticisms that he thought might upset Sho.

“Sho-kun, I hope you're feeling better.” Gin-san greeted Sho with concern.

“I am, thank you.” Sho replied. “What have I missed these few days?”

“The media's reactions are much better than we expected. Part of it may be due to the support from your fans. Blogs and twitter were flooded with messages left by your fans, showing their support and blessings. Of course not everyone approved. There are still people out there who don’t accept same sex couples. But you can consider yourselves very lucky.” Gin-san was very pleased with the outcome. He and Johnny had thought it was a huge gamble for them. They literally had no idea what to expect.

“You guys did a good job winning the hearts of your fans, really. I was truely surprised by how much they love you.” Johnny walked towards the two Arashi members and patted their backs.

“From what we saw on the social networks, most fans were shocked, as expected, but some said they had suspicions on your closeness already and were happy you finally come forward.” Gin-san revealed what they found from the internet. “But the hottest topic is still about the baby. They already started to guess if it's a boy or girl and make suggestions on names. Oh, some even went to this MorphThing.com website to predict how your baby would look using pictures of you two. The resulting baby looks are so cute. Ha ha. And look at how much baby gifts your fans had sent to our office. It's amazing!”

“Ah yes, your pregnancy and the baby are indeed the hot topic now. We have been contacted by several baby products companies showing interests in getting our sponsorship contracts. We are currently negotiating with them. You are already lined up with TV and magazine interviews once Sho-kun feels better.” Johnny seemed to be quite excited on the new business that came to him. “These can certainly make up for the original work plans that we forced to cancel.”

Johnny and Gin-san had been talking non-stop since their meeting started. Both showed total excitement and anticipation on the unexpected ways things had turned around. They had no intension to seek the opinions of the two members on what's coming to them, although this is not uncommon practice in the agency. The two members were silent most of the time, and just listened to what their boss said.

Back at home that night, Ohno noticed Sho's unusual silent since the meeting. Taking the pregnant man into his arms while resting on the couch, Ohno asked Sho gently.

“Sho, you don't look too happy. Is something bothering you?”

“No, I’m fine, just tired.” Sho closed his eyes and rest in his lover’s embrace.

Knowing the man he’s holding all too well, Ohno seemed to know what’s on the newscaster’s mind.

“I know it’s gonna be tough on you.” Ohno whispered, while brushing Sho’s hair gently. “Being interviewed and asked questions about being pregnant, taking pictures of you with a soon-to-be bulging belly. It’s not exactly the idol image you want your fans to see you in, is it?”

Sho’s took a glance at the older man but remained silent, but that's enough to confirm Ohno’s speculation.

“I mean, it’s not the same as talking about the upcoming concerts or new songs. They may be touching on very sensitive subjects. Do you think you can handle it?” Ohno asked with concern. He knew it wouldn’t be easy even for a smart and usually well composed guy like Sho to face this kind of scrutiny.

“I don’t know, Satoshi. But I know I have to. I admit I don’t really like the idea of making the pregnancy so high profile. We had messed up so much of our work plans already and Johnny-san seemed to be happy about all the new contract talks that came in. Our situations had cost the agency so much. I do not think we are in any position to make any objection.” Sho revealed his worries. “I will stay strong. We are already very lucky and blessed that most of our fans accepted us and the baby.”

“Don’t force yourself. You cannot take in any more stress. I can talk to Johnny-san –”

“I’ll be OK. I’m not that fragile.” Sho smiled and give his spouse a grateful glance. “Let’s see how everything goes first.”

To Be Continued....

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Jul. 31st, 2011 09:02 pm (UTC)
What a relief that Sho and the baby are fine. So Suzuki-sensei was the one who delivered Sho <3 Aint that sweet? Now he's the one charge for Sho's baby.

and LOL, them both having different ideas abt having the gender of the baby revealed. So I guess if it follows up to Sho's decision, we will only know the gender till much later, huh?

And I guess despite the support from people and the agency, it can be quite uncomfortable to have the pregnancy being overly exposed. I hope they will manage to keep everything controlled so that Sho wouldn't be so stressed by the whole thing.
Aug. 1st, 2011 12:08 am (UTC)
Through 6 months pass
Time is always fast and they are always really cute couple and parent-to-be XD
So exciting what is the baby's gender
Aug. 1st, 2011 01:08 am (UTC)
Glad that everything is alright with the pregnancy :D
Johnny seems to want to take the advantage here and I can only hope that things don't get too complicated for the pair :\

Thanks a lot for sharing, can't wait for the next update :D
Aug. 1st, 2011 07:24 am (UTC)
Baby Gender XD And Sho, u worried abt so many other things besides ur baby. *faints*
I like the idea of Sho Mama being the 代言人 of the products. It'll definitely SELL!!! I mean, A PREGNANT MAN. Dats the most powerful coverage u can get in hand. LoLz.

And the cute bickering part on the gender. Papa Satoshi, u're so so cute. From the gender of the baby to how Sho was when he's a baby, ur focus really turned VERY FAST. Too fast. Haha.

N sasuga Johnny-San. *thumbs up* Somehow, I like the way he handles challenge. Very positive!! A real businessman~~ *claps*
Aug. 1st, 2011 07:30 am (UTC)
so how old is suzuki sensei?!i wonder...thank you for theupdate..
Aug. 1st, 2011 09:43 am (UTC)
Yey an update !!
love this serie...the Yama baby is coming ^^
waiting for more !!
Aug. 1st, 2011 11:31 am (UTC)
yama no aka chan ga zettai kawaii deshou?
xD will wait for next chapter
im happy for both of them
such a cute couple xD
Aug. 2nd, 2011 04:51 pm (UTC)
It's so sweet how Sho's doctor is the same doctor that delivered him. Sho and Ohno's disagreement about wanting to know the gender of their baby was cute :)
(Johnny likes money XD)
Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to see what happens next :D
Aug. 10th, 2011 10:16 pm (UTC)
so glad that sho and the baby are doing fine
aaahhh suzuki delivered sho and his siblings
cant wait to see what happens
thank you so much for sharing
Aug. 18th, 2011 01:53 pm (UTC)
yokatta ne
Mama sho and baby are strong.

I'm quite worried about baby's health because Mama Sho always be serious. I'm afraid that his stress will effect to their baby.
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