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[Yama fic] Oretachi no Baby (Chapter 15)

Title: Oretachi no Baby (15 of 20)
Pairing: Yama  (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG
Genre: mpreg
Summary: Busy work has taken a toll on Sho's body. How will that affect the baby?  The parents-to-be shared their worries about parenting.

Chapter 15

“Thank you for your hard work.” All the staff in the photo shoot studio said to each other after the session was finally finished.

Sho was done for the day, finally. He looked at his watch. It was one o'clock in the morning. He had done four interviews and photo shootings today, working since nine o'clock in the morning, barely eaten and took several short naps during commute.

Can I just sleep in the dressing room tonight? He almost wanted to ask. He's just too tired to even change back to his private clothes and get on the van to let his manager took him home.

Sho felt he had never had so many interviews and photo shoots done in such short period of time throughout the twelve years of Arashi. Before he and Ohno were even done with all the ones lined up for them after Sho's pregnancy was made public, it was time for him to start his new movie promotions.

The day's sessions were all for the new movie. There are still many scheduled, some together with his co-star. During the press conference for the new movie held a couple of weeks before, some reporters still brought up his pregnancy when asking questions, of which he ingeniously directed the subject back to the movie somehow.

When he finally managed to change and walking towards the van, he saw the car door opened and a familiar smile came into sight.

“Satoshi!” Ohno was like a sight for sore eyes to him after a long day of work. The newscaster wanted to walk faster towards his lover, but his legs are not at all cooperating.

Ohno went up to meet the tiring man, taking his hand in his own and lead him to the van. After getting in and put on the seat belt, Ohno opened his arm to let Sho rest on him. Neither say anything. A strong shoulder and his endless love was all Sho needed then.

After showering, Sho didn't waste another second to retire onto their soft comfortable bed and into Ohno's arms. “You must be hungry. Let me make you some noodles. You must eat – ”

But Sho shook his head and stopped the older man from going anywhere. “I just want you to hold me.” was all the younger man said before he fell asleep.

Sho's breathings were steady but heavy. Ohno was glad Sho seemed to be sleeping well tonight. He hasn't been so lately. Being in his third trimester, it is not as easy to change position while sleeping. But sometimes the baby does not cooperate and keep making dance moves in the womb which made Sho uncomfortable. Not to mention the leg cramps that had started to happen, sometimes a few times per night. All these had made both parents-to-be rather restless at night.

Ohno knows this is especially hard on Sho, given the busy movie promotion work and the physical stress on the body. He never realized pregnancy is such a physically traumatic experience until he saw what Sho was going through. He's glad that at least Sho had taken leave from News Zero, for which he teased himself “I can't find any suit that fits me anyway.” Still, the remaining work was more then enough to exhaust him out.

“Ah, ah, Satoshi – ” Ohno was just falling asleep when he felt he was shaken by something, or someone.

“Earthquake, earthquake. Find shelter.” Ohno screamed instinctively in his half asleep state. He started to pull Sho off the bed when Sho stopped him with a grasp.

“No, Sato – , ah, leg – cramps” Sho, obviously in pain, tightened his grasp on Ohno's arms.

Ohno, fully awake by now, finally realized what was happening. He quickly went to the bathroom and got a warm towel which he applied to the cramped muscles of Sho's right calf. Then he held up the troubled leg and started giving it a gentle massage. He had learned exactly what to do after the many times it happened.

“Feeling better?” Ohno asked without stopping his hand motions.

“Yes, I am. Thank you Satoshi.” Despite saying so, Sho's face was still not relaxed.

After a few minutes, the cramp seemed to have ease up. Ohno brought a glass of water and helped Sho to sit up and drank it. He put Sho's leg on his own thigh and continued massaging.

“You know Sho, squeezing your muscles is actually quite fun.”

Sho chuckled. “Stupid cramp, interrupted my dream.”

“Oh?!” Ohno got interested in knowing about Sho's dream. “What did you dream about? Is me in there?” He moved up and sat next to his lover.

“Nope, sorry. No you this time.”

Ohno pouted, which amused Sho. “I dreamt about the baby.” Sho looked down at his tummy and rubbed it gently.

This time it was Ohno's turn to be amused by Sho's blushing look, which to him, is beautiful. “Dreaming about the baby must be sweet.”

“Not all the time.” Sho sighed. “I remembered when I had fever and slept for days, I had bad dreams about the baby.”

Ohno wanted to know more, but didn't dare to ask knowing it must be unpleasant to talk about nightmares, especially about the baby.

As if he knew what Ohno was anticipating, he continued. “I dreamt of baby being hurt, baby hating me, even baby being taken away from me.” His head lowered in glimpse of sadness from the bad dreams.

“Don't be silly. They will never happen.” Ohno tried to cheer up his spouse. He laid his head on Sho's thighs, hands rubbing Sho's belly gently. Sho reached out his fingers and played with Ohno's short orange hair.

“What if they would? Satoshi, as much as I want this baby, I can't help wondering if I can be a good parent. I mean, raising a child is a huge responsibility.” He knows the baby is the most important thing to him. He's willing to die for it, any time, any place, no second thoughts, no questions asked. But it takes much more than that to raise a child. Does he have the patience and wisdom? Does he know how to take care when it's sick and know how to pacify when it's crying?

“Tell me about it. Even though I'm thirty years old, I still can't say I take good care of myself. I don't think I am taking good care of you, let alone the baby.” Ohno had this worry on his mind ever since he knew he's going to be father. “I don't know how to tell him to put away his toys or to do his homework. He might turn out to be a brat.”

What Ohno said somehow made Sho chuckled. He didn't expect the father-to-be has already thought so far ahead. But he does share the same worries.

“But I'm glad our kid has you as the other parent, Sho. If anyone can be a good parent, it is you. Everybody can see how good you are with kids, and you are smart and disciplined. You can amend if I spoil him too much.”

Sho was not so sure about Ohno's compliments on the matter, but hearing Ohno saying our kid reminded him of something that's comforting to him. A smile came on his face. “Let's not worry too much. Remember the song we created together for our solo concerts? We thought it was pretty crazy at first, but it turned out to be quite cool, wasn't it? I'm sure our baby will be the same. We created this life together, that's what matters.”

“Oretachi no – Baby?” Ohno blurted unthinkingly.

“I like it!” Both laughed and relaxed before going back to sleep in a cuddle.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

To gradually retreat from his work, the next in line is the regular television shows. This was the last shooting of the show before Sho started his leave. All the staff congratulated Ohno and Sho again and wish them the best.

“Sho-chan, you looked very tired. Are you alright?” Aiba saw the exhausted Sho in the dressing room before the shooting. He then turned to Ohno and said “Hey leader, did you take good care of Sho-chan?”

Ohno looked at Aiba and then looked at Sho. “I just wish I could feed him like a kid.”

“Eh?” Aiba was confused by Ohno's remarks.

“Ohno-san, Sakurai-san is not gaining enough weight. He is providing for two people and can be consuming to his body, but he is not taking in enough to compensate what he provides for the baby. Please make sure he is eating properly and nutritiously.”

Suzuki-sensei gave Ohno this warning when he picked up Sho's prenatal supplements refill the other day, and it has been on his mind ever since. He mentioned it to Sho, and urged him to eat his meals no matter how tight the work schedules are. He also pleaded to the manager to take care of the pregnant man, knowing that Sho would not dare to have everybody wait for him to finish his meals when he is working.

“After the movie promotions are done, Satoshi, I promise I will start my leave.” Sho had set the time to take his leave. The timing seemed to be working out perfectly, or so he thought. The movie will be released in three weeks and Sho would start his leave one month before the due date. But with Sho's mother's preterm labor precedence, Ohno is very concerned.

Since entering the third trimester, Sho has to have a check up with Suzuki-sensei every week. The growth of the baby as well as how Sho's body handled it have to be closely monitored. Any abnormality could be critical to both Sho and the baby.

Sho had another appointment with Suzuki this day. After Sho stood on the scale, Suzuki immediately showed a worry look on his face.

“Sensei, my back and ribs are getting very sore, and my feet are so swollen. My gums are bleeding when I brushed my teeth.” Sho started telling Suzuki about his growing discomfort before the doctor could voice his main concern.

“Sakurai-san. The things you experienced are discomforting, but they are normal side-effects of pregnancies. I am not too concerned about them. What worries me, however, is your weight and the baby's growth.” Suzuki said in a serious tone. “You didn't gain enough weight, which means you didn't eat enough.”

This was not news to Sho. Ohno had been pleading him to eat his meals properly for weeks. He tried, he really did, but sometimes work schedules are too tight which left him no time to eat when he wanted to eat. By the time work was finished, he was too tired to even pick up his chopsticks. He had tried eating in the van when commuting from one work site to another, but his stomach didn't like the combination of motions and food together. After struggling for a while, he lost his appetite.

“I'm sorry, Sensei. Is the baby alright?” Sho knew he had not been eating properly lately and was very concerned about how this had affected the baby's growth.

“For now it is, but it is smaller than what it should be in this stage of the pregnancy. If it doesn't get back to normal growth rate, it could develop health issues, both short and long term ones.” Suzuki explained. But Sho could sense a bit of upset in the mixture.

Suzuki sighed and continued, but in a more gentle tone. “I know your work are busy, but you still need to take care of yourself. These last couple of months are critical, both for you and the baby. You need as much strength as you need to deal with the childbirth. You are like a son to me. It worries me if you are not taking good care of yourself.”

Suzuki's words really got to Sho. He felt he had failed Ohno and their baby. Although he had already told Johnny he would start his leave after the movie promotions, it was still three weeks away, and the scheduled work for the remaining three weeks are even busier than before. Stage greetings, previews, more magazine interviews and photo shootings, Sho could only see a non-stopped three weeks ahead of him.

He had come this far and gone through so much to have this baby. He will not let his never ending work jeopardize the baby's health and well being.

Baby is the most important thing to me. I will do anything to make sure it's healthy and safe.

“Johnny-san, I'm afraid I won't be able to finish the movie promotions. For my baby's sake, I have to start my leave immediately.”

To Be Continued....

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Aug. 16th, 2011 09:42 pm (UTC)
Yatta, new update~

Sho has been so busy lately, it's understandable how people around him, especially Ohno and Suzuki-sensei wd be anxious about him and his baby. My heartstring was tugged at the part when Suzuki-sensei voiced out his concerns.

and gosh, yama cuddling together is always a good thing. I was tickled at Ohno auto-response to seek for shelter from earthquake when Sho ws having cramps.
Aug. 16th, 2011 10:37 pm (UTC)
Yay new update.
Omg Ohno massaging his lovely :)
but Sho's lack of appetite is bad and i can only wait to see if anything complicated will happen :(
but i am glad that he's taking the initiative to properly take care of himself
thanks for this. can't wait for the next update :D
Aug. 16th, 2011 11:07 pm (UTC)
oh ohno so sweet
aahhhh will sho and the baby be ok???will johnny let him start his leave
cant wait to see what happens next
thank you so much for sharing
Aug. 17th, 2011 07:57 am (UTC)
I like this chapter!!!
Sweet moments between Yama.
Their natural conversation with each other and all the touching gestures (!) always get into me~~~ *screams*

Yes. Everything's gonna to be fine.
Like wad Satoshi said : U're best when u're natural.
So, take things as they come, Yama Parents!!!

Btw, I screamed when Papa lied on Mama's thigh and Mama played with Papa's hair!!! Its soOOOOOOoooOOO SWEET!!!!
Aug. 17th, 2011 08:06 am (UTC)
finally sho you realized it...thank you so much...really love this
Aug. 17th, 2011 11:44 am (UTC)
I'm glad that Sho want to leave for their baby.

Aug. 17th, 2011 07:55 pm (UTC)
Thanks for this. Sho is making a good decision here. Even though they are nervous. I think both Sho and Ohno will make great parents. Hugs and Hearts :D :D :D
Aug. 18th, 2011 09:06 am (UTC)
thank you for updating :)
aw, ohno was so sweet for sho... it was a heartwarming scene that ohno has waited for sho finishes his work.
and the massaging shos cramped leg scene was just... it makes me speechless by overwhelming feeling i got from yamas behavior.
a good chapter it is, although sho and babys health is worrying us.
Aug. 18th, 2011 09:13 pm (UTC)
I really like how realistic the pregnancy is :D
Hehe, Ohno is so cute and sweet and I can't get the image of Sho with a baby bump out of my head.
Thanks for sharing :D
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