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[Yama fic] Oretachi no Baby (Chapter 16)

Title: Oretachi no Baby (16 of 20)
Pairing: Yama  (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG
Genre: mpreg
Summary: Sho enjoyed his free time on leave. Arashi members helped decorating the baby nursery, and the baby's name was discussed.

Chapter 16

“Moshi, moshi. Good morning Sho.”

“Satoshi, why didn't you wake me up before you left this morning. I could have fixed you some breakfast. I have nothing much to do anyway.”

“Wrong. You have a lot to do. You have to catch up on your much needed sleep and food. This is the most important job you've ever had. Out little guy is counting on you. Don't forget that.”

“I know, I know. You have reminded me thirty-six, no, should be thirty-seven times already just this past week.” Sho had been getting an earful from Ohno ever since Suzuki warned them about the baby's size.

“I’m so glad you decided to start your leave early.”

“Me too. I would do anything for the baby.” This is a promise he made to Ohno and himself and he intended to keep it in every possible way he can. “Mama is going to accompany me to my check up this afternoon. She said she wanted to visit Suzuki-sensei anyway. So you don't need to worry about me going alone.”

“Oh, good. I'm relieved. I will come home as soon as the shooting is done.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Welcome home!”

Ohno got a warm greeting from a familiar voice when he came home that evening, a voice he's been longing to hear all day long. It's been a week since Sho started his leave. Ohno did not let Sho do anything other than sleeping and eating.

“You want me to become a big fat pig, Satoshi? You know I have to finish the lyrics sooner or later.”

As expected, Sho felt bad about not being able to complete the work he had committed to, even for very valid reasons. He is also grateful that Johnny allowed him to start his leave earlier than planned. So despite of stopping all field works, he still agreed to write some rap lyrics for upcoming songs while staying at home.

“Welcome home Satoshi-kun, I've come to disturb you.” Sho's mother also greeted him when he entered the kitchen, where the mother and son were preparing dinner. Being a fan of Ohno herself, Sho's mother was happy to see this “son-in-law” of hers.

“Welcome to our home. Thank you for accompanying Sho to his check up today. I'm sorry to trouble you.” As Sho's belly grows bigger and his mobility became more challenging, Ohno was actually starting to get worried about Sho going out alone.

“Satoshi, mama brought us my old baby crib. My grandpapa made it himself when I was born, Mai and Shu also used it. Now our baby can use it too. Look how beautiful it is.” Sho took Ohno to see the pieces of the disassembled crib leaning against the wall of the living room.

The crib is made of wood, the panels and poles all handcrafted to perfection. There is even a teddy bear crafted one end and a bunny on the other. Even though it was made almost thirty years ago, it is still in very good condition.

“This is totally a piece of art!” Ohno was fascinated by how beautiful and detailed the crib was made.

“Sho's grandpapa will be happy to hear such compliments.” Sho's mother said with a smile.

“Oh, Sho, how's the check up today? Did Suzuki-sensei say the baby's size is back to normal yet?” Ohno was eager to know if the week of non-working had boosted the baby size.

“Not yet, but Sensei said that I have gained back some of the weights, and the baby will also catch up soon. But it won’t happen overnight.” Sho then gave a sigh and turned to look at his mother. “But with the way Satoshi made me eat every day, I'll soon be overweight instead.”

“I don't see anything wrong with that.” Ohno defended his doing.

“Don't exaggerate, my son. You should be thankful that Satoshi-kun take such good care of you.” Sho's mother's praise had resulted in a pompous look on Ohno's face.

“Mama, you always took Satoshi's side. No fair!” Sho protested in saying, but actually did agree on what his mother had said.

Sho's mother cooked a very delicious meal for their dinner. She showed Sho more cooking skills along the way and also taught him how to cook some homemade baby food which are both nutritious and delicious. She was telling the couple how excited the family is about the baby during dinner. But their conversations somehow switched from the baby to Ohno's upcoming movie.

“How do you feel that your mother-in-law is your big fan?” Sho teased his spouse after his mother left.

“A little embarrassed, I'd say.” Ohno said bashfully. “But your mama is actually very kind and easy to talk to. I want to ask her more about you when you were little sometime.”

“She had a nice visit with Suzuki-sensei today. They talked about how time flies and he's going to deliver her first grandchild.” Sho rubbed his belly gently. “Only two more months to go. Hang in there.” The last two sentences were directed more to the baby than to himself.

When Sho came out of the shower, he found Ohno standing in the extra bedroom looking around.

“What are you doing here?” Sho asked while drying his hair with a towel.

“I am going to work on the nursery tomorrow after work. I already have an idea in mind on how to do it. The little guy is going to see papa's paintings first hand.” Ohno seemed to be very confident on his ideas.

“Just promise me you won't do anything crazy. I don’t want baby to have nightmares!”

Ohno came home the next day a little after noon time. What Sho didn't expect was that the Kaze trio came back with their leader.

“Hey Sho-chan, how are you doing?” Aiba greeted Sho with his usual high mood.

“Life must be cool when you don't need to work huh?” Nino seemed to be envying his shadow leader.

“Did you catch up on your rest and appetite?” Jun asked the concerning question.

“Thanks guys. I am doing well. I haven't been that relaxed for as long as I can remember. Sleeping and eating as properly as I can. But I miss you guys though. What brought you here anyway?” Sho was certainly glad to see his fellow members again.

“Because we missed you too.” Nino laughed. “And leader said he's going to decorate the nursery today, so we volunteered to help.”

“Don't listen to him. I asked them if they would help and Nino made me promise to treat dinner before agreeing to come.” Ohno disclosed Nino's stingy trick, which is not at all surprised to the rest.

“Why ain’t I surprised?” Sho giggled.

“Come on, let’s get to work. No dinner unless we finish.”

Ohno’s remarks did the trick. The members quickly started to move the furniture from the extra bedroom out to the living room and started to paint the room. Ohno had wanted to paint the room in baby blue color but Sho insisted to use a more neutral color since they don’t know the baby’s gender yet. At last they settled on a soft green color.

When Sho tried to help, all four members literally yelled at him simultaneously.

“Mama goes sit down and rest. Papa and uncles will take care of everything!” Ohno demanded while taking Sho’s hand and led him out to the living room.

Sho did not follow Ohno this time, as he usually does. “Stop calling me mama, will you?” He stood still in his original position and crossed his arms, looking displeased.

“What's wrong with that? You are pregnant and giving birth to a child. Doesn't that make you a mama already?” Ohno seemed to stand firm at his opinion.

“What’s the baby gonna call you anyway? Papa and Papa will get very confusing.” Aiba brought up the obvious question.

“How about Papa One and Papa Two?” Jun joined in. “But who got to be Papa One?”

“Baby will call us Papa Satoshi and Papa Sho.” Sho voiced his preference.

“Papa Satoshi and Mama Sho sounded better to me” Nino said, which earned him a “high five” from his leader.

“Shut up, Nino.” Sho glanced at the bratty member.

“Sho, my dear. Being called a mama is an honor, you know.” Ohno put his hands on the sloping shoulder and said to his spouse earnestly. “Everybody says motherly love is deeper than ocean. You will give the baby all the love you have, right?”

“Of course I will, but – ”

“See, I bet you have great respect for your mama as well. Besides, you are the ‘mother’ of Arashi already. How can you not be the mama of your own child?”

Ohno’s reasoning is less than perspicuous, but everything he said seems to be true. Sho could find no good reasons to argue what Ohno had said. It’s a little weird to be called ‘mama’ being a man, but having the opportunity to have someone calling him ‘mama’ is indeed an honor. I guess it’s not that bad after all.

“Okaasan, can we have some drinks here?” Sho heard Nino’s voice before he could come back from his thoughts.

“Me too, okaasan” The other two of the Kazu trio added their voices. “We’ll help you get use to it, mama.”

“Don’t push it, guys!”

With the trio’s help, the painting of the base color was soon finished. Ohno said he would paint a whole aquatic scene with fishes and carols on the biggest wall. He was so carried away that he might paint a black giant on the side wall as well. “Don't even think about it!” was the reaction he got from Sho.

When they were taking a break before starting to assemble the crib, Jun thought of something.

“Leader, now that you have settled in what the baby will call you. What about how you call the baby?”

“That's right! Have you decided on baby names yet?” Aiba got all excited. “I have a really good one.”

“What do you have in mind?” Nino was curious on what good names Aiba could come up with.

“Call the baby Arashi!” Aiba said loudly. “Ohno Arashi. It can be used on a boy or girl. Perfect!”

“I knew you'd suggest that.” Nino smacked Aiba's head. “Then when we talk about Arashi, how would leader and Sho-chan know if we're referring to us Arashi or their kid Arashi. And the kid whose name is Arashi has parents who belong to Arashi. Awww, it's giving me a headache already.”

Akira is nice. It means 'bright and clear' and can also be used for both boy and girl.” Jun spoke out his suggestion.

“I like Miyuki for girl and Yoshi for boy.” Nino also made his suggestions.

Jun giggled. “Yoshi? Give me a break. Ninomiya-san, you played Super Mario too much.” Then Jun turned to the parents-to-be. “You two have been awfully quiet. Do you already have something in mind?”

“Well, I do have some ideas, like Sawara, Mebaru and Kasago.” The father-to-be had his own way of thinking.

“Fish names??? You've got to be kidding!” All other four members said almost simultaneously.

“Wow, leader.” Aiba was amused. “You suggestions are even more – outstanding – than mine.”

Ohno scratched his head and said with an innocent look, “They aren't that bad.”

Nino ignored his leader and asked the shadow leader. “Sho-chan, something tells me that you already decided on the baby name.”

Sho smiled and broke his silence. “I have found the perfect names for the baby.”

The others looked at him with anticipation. Then Sho continued.

“I want to name the baby Shin if it's a boy and Megumi if it's a girl.”

The names are nice. And they knew that Sho, being the most educated one among them, must have very good rationale behind his intellectual decisions on the confided choices he made. But none of them could figure out what they are.

“So why those names? Please inform us.” Jun finally asked.

“There are three reasons behind my choices.” He got a piece of paper and wrote the names he chose in both romaji and kanji.

Ohno Shin 大野 森

Ohno Megumi 大野 惠

Then he continued his explanations.

“First, both Satoshi and my given names are a single kanji. These names are also in single kanji. Second, our kanji names '' and '', and even Arashi's kanji '', are all twelve strokes in writing, and so are Shin and Megumi's kanji '' and ''. Third, in both of our families, girl names start with 'M' and boy names start with 'S'. The names I chose followed all these criteria and traditions.”

The others were literally stunned at what they heard, speechless. Who could be that thoughtful?

“Besides, Shin's meaning is 'forest, nature'. Satoshi loves nature. Megumi's meaning is 'blessing'. This baby is such a blessing to us. I love their meanings as well.”

“Oh my god, Sho, you're a genius. I like them. No argument from me.” Ohno knew he would never thought of such details.

“We totally agree, Sho-chan. The names you've chosen are prefect.” The trio concurred.

“Glad you like them. Now please finish assembling the crib. I'm going to prepare the fried rice for dinner.”

“What?! That's all you're gonna treat us for dinner?”

To Be Continued....

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Aug. 22nd, 2011 10:24 pm (UTC)
Glad that Sho is fine and well :D
Nino still being a brat but helpful :P
Can't to see what gender the baby will be XDD
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Aug. 22nd, 2011 10:42 pm (UTC)
Yeay, Sho has started his leave~ More chance for him to rest, but seriously, I think I would have thrown a fit if I'm not allowed to do anything much.

It's so cute to see Sho's mom 'fan-womaning' her own SIL. I guess that's adding to the reasons why she's accepting of the fact that Ohno's the father of her first grandchild.

Having all the members together to paint the nursery room is such a cute image in my head, them teasing Sho and calling him 'Mama' and 'Okaasan', despite his protests. Though not like much really changed from rl.

And finally, talks on baby's names. Trust Aiba to suggest 'Arashi', Nino to suggest names related to the games he played, Ohno to suggest fish names and Jun's suggestions being more sensible among the 4. But of course, Sho's suggestions were the best. The explanations made it hard to be turned down. So what's left would be which of the 2 names to be chosen, obviously they will have to wait till the baby is born to know the gender.

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Aug. 23rd, 2011 02:18 am (UTC)
i'm so happy for yama XD
glad that kaze trio helped them with a lil persuasion.

the names are beautiful!
Aug. 23rd, 2011 02:22 am (UTC)
Honestly! Sho' mama is really big Fan of Ohno.
I've remembered that she went to Maou's setting once to met her son-in-law and She didn't prepare a dinner for her son because she had to watched Maou ^^
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Sho suggested his baby's name is very brilliant! And very genius!
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Too bad Mama Sho cant eat DURIANS. According to what I heard from my SIL, if the pregnant mother is underweight, the doctor would suggest them to EAT DURIANS (1 of the fastest way to gain weight)!!! LoLz.

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N to paint the wall of the nursery a whole aquatic scene with fishes and carols is PRETTY!!!! Imagining Yama baby waking up everyday to a world under the sea!!! *screams* Papa Satoshi, u're a genius too!!!!
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like i said in our chat, I love this chapter so much <3 <3
ohno-sho interaction (specially where ohno insist on calling mama) and yama-kaze interaction (where the kaze trio agree and even start to call sho okaasan)
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I think Sho really has to much time left to think about the babys name in such a way XD but it´s kinda cute and i love the two choices :-) and the teasing to okaasan is so funny :-) they are all brats^^
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That was such a cute chapter! ♥
I think the part when Sho explained about the names was the sweetest... they make so much sense, and the aspects of Yama are written all over them ♥ Trust Sho mama to be that thoughtful and rational. I love when everyone was teasing him on the nickname even tho the world has officially labeled him as the okaasan (but himself til lately). What a lovely family~
Sep. 22nd, 2011 07:14 am (UTC)
satoshi papa and the three uncles decorate a room for a baby... really cute >///<

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