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[Yama fic] Oretachi no Baby (Chapter 17)

Title: Oretachi no Baby (17 of 20)
Pairing: Yama  (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG
Genre: mpreg
Summary: Ohno missed Sho while he's at work, but then got an unexpected phone call that made him all panicky. 

Chapter 17

Sho didn’t consider himself a workaholic, but he’s too used to being busy and has at least some form of work in hands. During his first couple of weeks of leave, he did really enjoy the free time and relaxations, but after a while he started to feel unproductive. He did write the rap lyrics for a few new songs, and catch up on his piano practices. But other than that he’s basically sleeping and eating. Reading newspapers every morning is what he considered the most potent things he does.

Not being the stay-home-alone type, he would usually go somewhere during his time off before unless Ohno was also off. But now with limited mobility and some degree of not-wanting-to-be-seen-publicly-with-a-big-belly self-consciousness, he hardly goes out the door other than his weekly check up time.

Ohno is rather busy lately. He hopes to finish filming the ‘Kaibutsu-kun’ special drama as soon as possible so he can prepare for the baby’s arrival. He still has half way to go in finishing the painting of the aquatic scene on the nursery wall. When Sho wakes up in the morning, Ohno has most likely gone to work.

Having the luxury to stay in bed after awakening is nice, and Sho is starting to get use to it. Sometimes he still has to remind himself he doesn't have to hurry up for work. But the growling sound from his stomach is something he knows that needs attention. “You have certainly developed a good appetite, haven't you.” Sho spoke to the little person inside his belly, whom he loves so much already.

At this stage getting up from lie down or sit down positions can be challenging to him. He feels like he had swallowed a bowling ball into this tummy. After finally managed to get out of bed and washed up, he made his way to the kitchen for his first meal of the day.

Whenever he passed by the refrigerator and saw the big sign stuck on it, he couldn’t help giggling. It was a DO’s and DON’Ts list made by his beloved Ohno in big bold letters.











Oh Satoshi, you’re just too cute.

Baby's size is back to where it should be, according to the latest ultrasound Suzuki did. Sho is relieved that the decision to start his leave earlier than planned has paid off.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ohno was having his lunch break in filming. When eating his bento, he thought of his lover at home. Didn't want to call in case Sho is napping, he sent a text message to see if Sho has eaten the sushi he made, to which he got a quick reply.

“Just ate. They are delicious. Mai is visiting soon.”

Ohno was pleased that Sho’s sister can keep him company. He turned his phone camera on himself, took a picture and sent it to Sho with the message “Tell the little guy Kaibutsu-kun said ‘hi’”.

Just a few seconds later, he got a replied “Baby got all excited about Kaibutsu-kun, kicking hard!”. He smiled happily before putting his phone away.

“Must be about the baby.” Maeda, a staff in the set sat down besides Ohno and said to him while opening up his own bento.


“The way you smiled, Ohno-san, and the joy on your face. They told me that you must be thinking about the baby. The big day is getting close huh?” said to the lead actor, while continuing his meal.

“Yes Maeda-san, I am.” Ohno feels a little embarrassed. “But honestly I am quite nervous. I am very nervous.” He didn’t know why he would say that to the man beside him. They worked together throughout the filming of the drama and movie, and now the special drama. But they can hardly be called friends. May be sometimes it's easier to blurt your true feelings to someone not-so-close to you.

Maeda patted Ohno’s back and said calmly. “It is normal for you to be nervous. I have three kids, and I was still nervous before my second and third was born.”

“I feel so helpless sometimes, wish I can do more for Sho and the baby.” Ohno spoke out his helplessness feeling that the father-of-three beside him would understand his concern.

“I know how it feels. But keep in mind that you are Sakurai-san's mental support. Just your presence already makes a world of difference to him.” Maeda finished his food and getting ready to resume work. “You'll be just fine.” The gentle tap he placed on Ohno shoulder represents a lot of support.

Filming went pretty smoothing, better than Ohno had hoped for. At this rate, they should be able to wrap up for the day before dinner time which would make him very happy. He hadn't spent much time with Sho these few days and he felt uneasy about Sho being alone at home. The on-leave newscaster showed clumsiness even to get up from sitting on the couch.

“Everybody standby – ready – action” the director commanded to start the takes of the last scene.

“Ohno-kun, Ohno-kun. Your phone call – ” The manager ran into the studio as he yelled out Ohno's name. Barging in to the studio while filming is in progress is very unusual, unless it’s urgent. Ohno looked around him to find the source of the calling. He didn't have a good feeling from the sound of call out, and eagerly wanted to find out what it was about.

Finally the manager came to where Ohno was standing but he was clearly out of breath.

“What is it? Who called me?” Ohno was so anxious he almost wanted to shake the words out of the manager. Everybody in the studio had stopped whatever they were doing awaiting for the panting man to open his mouth.

After taking a few deep breaths, he finally started talking, but still in broken sentences, breathing hard in between words. “Sho – Sho-kun's sister – called – she's – taking him – hospital – ”

Ohno could only feel his blood froze and his body trembling upon hearing the broken words. “Oh no!” He put both his hands on the manager's shoulder and started to shake him. “Did she say what happen? Is Sho alright?”

The manger shook his head. “No, she – she just said she had called Suzuki-sensei and asked you – to go – hospital.”

Ohno didn't wait another second. He looked at the director who only spoke one word “Go!”. Ohno only returned a nod of gratitude while running towards the building exit. A staff ran after him yelling “I'll drive you.”

On the way to the hospital, hundreds of thoughts went thought Ohno's mind. Some good, some bad, bad more then good, since the baby is not due for another six weeks. Premature babies could have complications. But he couldn't let himself drown in pessimism. He needed to stay strong. Sho, little guy, hang in there. I'm coming.

A half an hour ride seems forever to Ohno. When he finally arrived at the hospital, he's slightly relieved after finding out that Sho was in a patient room and not in surgery. Still terribly anxious to know about Sho's conditions, he hurried to the room where Sho is apparently resting. But he had no idea what to expect when he entered the room.

Ohno saw Sho lying in bed, his back supported by a couple of pillows. Half a dozen of wires came out of the blanket that's covering his belly which hooked up to some kind of monitoring device. Some familiar sounds could be heard from the device's speaker – lub-dub...lub-dub...lub-dub... – the baby's heartbeats are still loud and strong, which he hoped is a good sign. Mai and Suzuki were standing on each side of the bed.


“Satoshi, you're here.”

The consolations both felt after seeing each other are mutual.

“Suzuki-sensei, how's Sho? How's the baby?” Ohno asked anxiously while approaching the bed. Looking at Sho from a closer distance, he saw the pregnant man's face is a little pale. His hand naturally held on to Sho’s.

“Ohno-san, both are fine. It's a false alarm, Sakurai-san is not in labor yet.” Suzuki told the panicky father-to-be and patted his back to calm him down. “Don't worry. I checked on Sakurai-san and the baby, they are doing fine.”

“Mai-chan, thank you for taking care of Sho. What happened?” Ohno wanted to understand what brought Sho to the hospital.

“We were just talking, and suddenly nii-chan said he felt pain in his belly. I panicked. He asked me to call Suzuki-sensei and your manager. Sensei asked me to bring him here immediately.” Mai's voice still trembled when she recalled what happened. She was indeed very scared.

“I'm sorry I scared you, Mai. You did really well.” Sho was glad his little sister was there with him. He thanked her again and she left after a while.

“Sensei, why did Sho have pain when he's not in labor yet?” Ohno asked when Suzuki came back to check on Sho again.

Suzuki started to explain to the young couple in the room. “Sakurai-san was experiencing preterm labor symptoms, weird muscle tightening that only came once in a while at first, and gradually increases in frequency and intensity. These minor spasms don't mean that it's time for childbirth right away.

Ohno and Sho listened carefully, to such concentration that they're almost holding the breath for Suzuki to finish his explanations.

“But you'll need to pay very close attentions from now on. As the hormones of labor really engage, you'll be experiencing much much stronger contractions.” Suzuki's facial expression tense up, and so did the ambiance in the room. “When this happens – and I cannot stress this enough – call me and come in to the hospital immediately. We'll have to operate as soon as possible. Your body will be trying its hardest to bear this baby, but it is not equipped with a cervix or birth canal as the exit path…." He trails off delicately.

Nobody dare to say anything for a few minutes. The parent-to-be tried hard not to put a picture of the described situation in their mind, although they knew that the big moment they've been longing for will be here soon.

Suzuki kept Sho in the hospital overnight for observations. Ohno wanted to stay with Sho at the hospital, but Sho urged him to go home to get some sleep since he had filming again the next day. Sho had asked Mai to take him home from the hospital.

Ever since Sho started to have the preterm labor symptoms, Ohno did not dare to let Sho be home alone anymore, just in case the baby chooses to come to this world when papa is not around. Nino, Aiba, Jun, Mai, Shu, his own sister, even his and Sho's mother, are all on his backup list to call to find company for Sho when he has work. He almost called his manager to come stay with Sho once when nobody else is available.

Sho's pseudo-contractions did come more frequent as days go by, from a few times per day, to once every hour or so. Ohno officially entered into freaked out mode, packing and unpacking the hospital bag for Sho, reading and re-reading the baby books to make sure he had bought everything baby needs, double checking the list of people to call, the things to do when the big moment comes. Sho, in the contrary, felt surprisingly serene. He's afraid that the father-to-be will be stressed out already even before the baby is born.

One night after another Sho-having-pseudo-contractions and Ohno-in-frantic-mode episode, Sho tugged his lover down onto the bed, made him put his head on Sho's chest and his hand on Sho's belly, and they just breathe and relax for a few minutes. Ohno could feel the baby moved a little under his hand.

“Feel better, Satoshi?” Sho's hand playing with his lover's short hair.

Ohno nodded gently. “Somehow I feel like the pregnant one here. How can you be so calm?”

Sho chuckled. “Wanna hear me play piano? I've practiced a new song.”

“Sure.” Ohno sat up and smiled with delight. He loves to hear Sho's piano.

Ohno quickly got up and walked towards the living room, when he realized he forgot something and smacked his own forehead.

“Sorry, I forgot – ” that the clumsy man needs a little help getting up. Walking back to the side of the bed, he reached out his hand to hold Sho’s and gently pulled up the pregnant man before heading to the living room piano together.

Playing the piano with a big belly in front of the keys is not exactly pleasant, but not having much to do at home, Sho found that practicing his piano can be a pretty good pastime. He sat down on the bench, moved around a bit to find a comfortable position and started playing, while Ohno lay down on the couch waiting to enjoy the music.

Sho started playing the piece Brahms Lullaby which be practiced during his home stay. It’s both relaxing for himself and the baby, and he can record it later for the baby.

“Do you like it, Sato – ” Sho turned around after he finished, only to find that the father-to-be had dozed off. A light snoring sound could even be heard. The lullaby really works.

Sho was not mad at the inattentiveness. He knew how exhausted Ohno was lately, with filming as well taking care of him. The anxiety for the big moment doesn’t help either. He slowly sat down at the opposite end of the couch, lifting Ohno’s feet and rested them on his thighs, every so gingerly as not to wake the tired man. Looking at Satoshi’s sleeping face is so enjoyable.

When Ohno came to, it was half an hour later. He opened his eyes and saw Sho sitting at the other end of the couch with attention on the television. He scrubbed his eyes and slowly sat up stretching his arms to their fullest extend.

“Good morning sleepy head.” Sho greeted him with a smile.

“Em, how did I fall asleep?” Ohno mumbled, still not fully awake.

“The lullaby works like a charm, Papa” Sho gave Ohno a displeased look, but actually didn’t mean it at all.

Ohno scratched his head and stuck out his tongue. “Sorry. It’s just you played so soothingly, Mama. Baby will certainly sleeps like a – baby when he hears it.” He then turned to the television and asked. “What are you watching?”

“You don’t remember this? Koharu-chan was so cute.” Sho’s eyes stayed focus on the television screen, adoring the face of the then two year old girl.

“Ah, the child-minder episode. Didn't you watch it just a few months ago?”

“Well, seeing you fell asleep while listening to lullaby reminded me of it again. You fell asleep also when I put Koharu-chan down for her nap.” Sho giggled. “That was the first time we took care of a little kid together. I never thought we would be blessed with the opportunity to do that again, for our own child.” Joy was all over Sho’s face.

“I guess we’ll have plenty of chance to practice soon. You’re amazing with kids, you know that Sho?”

“You are too, Satoshi. Koharu-chan loved playing with you at the park. You were so patient with her. You will be a great father.”

“Ha ha, only when she’s not crying.”

“Our baby will be funny and kind and talented like you.” Sho has always admired his lover.

“And handsome and gorgeous and smart like you.” Ohno returned the favor.

The episode ended the they waved goodbye to the little girl. Both were looking forward to care for their own child, soon.

“Oh Satoshi, can you help me cut my toe nails? I can’t bring my feet in close enough.”

“Sure, I'll try my best not to cut your skin.”

When Ohno took Sho’s foot in his hand and was about to start cutting, a naughty idea came to his mind. He held on to Sho’s foot tight and started tickling the bottom with his index finger.

“Ah, no – ah, Satoppi, stop!” Sho tried to retract his foot from Ohno’s hands, but the older man would not release the grasp and started laughing.

“You know I love to see your panicky face. Ha ha.” Ohno teased the helpless man, not stopping his tickling actions.

“No, please, stop, baka, baka!” The itchiness from the bottom on his foot made Sho felt like thousands of ants were crawling on his foot, but he could neither retract his foot nor reach out to Ohno’s hand. He could barely take a grasp at Ohno’s arm with a failing attempt to pull it away from his foot.

Seems to think he had tortured his lover enough, Ohno finally stopped tickling.

“Ba – ka, ba – ka” Sho’s still mumbling, rather weakly compared to the earlier yells.

Ohno felt the grasp on his arm tightened up, a lot, to the point which it hurts. “Come on, Sho, I have already stopped – ” Ohno turned to look at Sho, only to find the pregnant man’s face as pale as a white paper. His face was all tensed up and his eyes tightly closed. Ohno had seen Sho's distressed look when he's having pesudo-contractions. But they were nothing in this intensity.

“Sho!” Something tells Ohno that the big moment has finally come, even when the estimated due date is still a month away.

This is one panicky face of Sho that Ohno does not want to see.

To Be Continued....

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