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[Yama fic] Oretachi no Baby (Chapter 18)

Title: Oretachi no Baby (18 of 20)
Pairing: Yama  (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG
Genre: mpreg
Summary: The BIG moment has finally come. 

A/N: The BIG moment has finally come! Yay! I am as anxious and nervous as Yama and all of you XD I actually feel I have accompanied Ohno and Sho through the pregnancy journey, and share their anticipations, happiness and anxieties. I hope you also feel the same. Thank you for your continuing support for this series.
(Today is Labor Day holiday here, and Sho is in labor. It's just a coincident and the two labor have different meanings, but I still find it pretty amazing XD )

Chapter 18

A gigantic hand is squeezing powerfully around his torso. That’s the feeling Sho is having at the moment. His entire midsection seizes up hard and tight. The brutal pain was not something he had ever felt, or even imagined he would feel before. He realized instantly that all the pseudo contractions he had experienced were just the warm-up. This is the real thing.

Forget all the books, the research and what the doctor said. Nothing on earth could ever prepare you for this.

“I think – ah – baby – ” He couldn't even bring himself to complete a sentence, trying hard to remember at least some of the breathing techniques he read from books to cope with the pain.

“Oh shit. Oh shit.” Ohno totally panicked. Even though he had rehearsed hundreds of times what he needed to do when the time comes, he couldn't remember a single thing now. “Hospital – oh – the bag – no – call – ”

After about half a minute, Sho's pain had ease up a bit. “Sa – toshi, call Sensei – ”

“Right, call Sensei – ” Ohno quickly called Suzuki with his shaky hands and told him about Sho's conditions in a trembling voice. As expected, Suzuki told him to bring Sho to the hospital as soon as possible. He'll be waiting for them there. Ohno then called Gin-san who happened to live just twenty minutes away from them. They had made arrangement with Gin-san to drive them to hospital if needed when the time comes.

Ohno finally came next to Sho after making the calls and getting the prepared hospital bag. He held Sho's hand with one hand and wiped the sweats off the forehead and face of Sho with the other. “How are you feeling?” The question sounded pretty useless even to himself.

Sho's, with his eyes still closed, took the greatest effort and nodded gently. The tightness of Sho's grasp already told Ohno how intense the pain was.

“What takes him so long?!” Ohno kept looking at his watch. Suzuki emphasized again on the phone the urgency for Sho to have surgery as soon as possible. Another minute passes is another bit of danger for Sho and the baby.

“I wish I have my license now. Then I can drive you myself.” Ohno almost felt he wanted to cry.

Sho opened his eyes and looked at the worried man. “I'd rather you don't drive me.” With the contractions abated a little, he could squeeze a little smile on his face. “I want – you – by my side.”

Finally Gin-san was at the front door. Both men carefully helped Sho went out the apartment and got into the backseat of the van. They moved carefully but swiftly as they are racing against time here.

“Don’t worry, Sho-kun, I will get you to the hospital as soon as I can. Everything will be alright.” Gin-san tried to comfort the man-in-labor before he started the van and drove.

Ohno cradles Sho’s head on his lap. His eyes never left Sho’s face, except for the few moments when he looked at Sho’s belly as if saying to the baby Be nice to mama. We will bring you to this world safe and sound.

Sho grimaced as another wave of contractions hit. Ohno was absolutely terrified.

The van stopped at the emergency room entrance where nurses and emergency personnel were waiting for them. Sho was transported on a stretcher and rushed to the operating room, with Ohno by his side.

“Gin-san, can you please call our families and other members to let them know?” Ohno turned around and shouted to Gin-san without stopping his footsteps.

“I know what to do – ” was the vague reply that Ohno heard.

“You can't go in there. We'll take good care of him.” Ohno was stopped by a nurse, with the name Hijima on her name tag, short of the operating room entrance after Sho was taken in.

“Satoshi – ” Sho cried out for Ohno, not wanting to be separated from his only clinch of comfort and support. And neither did Ohno.

“Sho – ” Ohno then turned to Nurse Hijima and pleaded, “Please, let me in.”

“Please let him in. I need to talk to him.”

Ohno could hear Suzuki-sensei called out from inside the operating room. Upon hearing Suzuki's command, Nurse Hijima stepped back and let Ohno into the operating room.

Sho has already been transferred onto the operating table. Nurses are busy hooking up IV to his arm and attaching all sorts of monitoring device to him. His body was covered with a thin sheet which allowed the shape of his big belly to be shown. Soon, very soon, this big belly will be gone and a little human being will arrive in this wonderful world. That's the hope of every soul in the cold, sterilized room.

The man on the table was glad to see his 'healing presence' came into the room. He was in contractions 'breaks' so his face was somewhat relaxed. Suzuki was already in surgical gown and wearing his scrub cap. All other nurses are checking on surgical equipments or reading the monitors. The tense ambiance in the room is giving Ohno goosebumps.

When Suzuki turned his attention to the couple, the solemn look on his face suffocated Ohno. Nervous? He shouldn't be with his decades of child-delivering experience. Worried? That means something must be wrong in Sho's conditions. Whatever emotions that's showing, or not showing, on Suzuki's face is making Ohno very insecure.

“Will he be OK?” Ohno ask Suzuki in a low voice. He felt a little weak himself, drowning in the fear that's growing inside of him.

“I'm going to be completely honest with you, Ohno-san. Since Sakurai-san does not have a proper uterus, the operation will be really tricky, especially when removing the placenta and all. Depending on how attached the placenta is to the inner abdomen, there's a significant risk of hemorrhage and organ failure, which can potentially be fatal.” Suzuki's voice got softer, and he avoided meeting their eyes. “Given the circumstances, I need to know ahead of time what your wishes are, when it comes to rescue priorities. Will it be Sakurai-san or the baby?”

Ohno knew what the terms placenta and hemorrhage mean, thanks to reading all the baby books. But none of the books mentioned anything about having to make any choices in childbirth. “What do you mean, Sensei? I don't think I understand.”

Suzuki cleared his throat, sighed and looked at them in the most serious way they had ever seen on his face. “If things don't go our way and it comes down to making the choice, do you want me to try to save Sakurai-san's life first, or the baby's?" No training or experience could ever make this question any easier to ask.

“Sho,” said Ohno, at the same time as Sho said “Baby.”

“No!” They said at the same time again after looking at each other.

“Satoshi, baby is my life. You know I could never live with myself if anything happens to baby because of me.” Sho took a couple of deep breaths as he felt another onslaught of contractions are coming. “It's – my body, my life. Let me decide.” It's an inarguable and determined tone that Ohno had never heard from Sho before.

Then Sho turned to Suzuki. “Whatever happens, save baby first – ”

“Understood.” Suzuki said, silently hoped he never had to execute this delegation. “Ohno-san, we have to start the operation. Please wait in the waiting room outside.”

Ohno, feeling his eyes blurring up, kissed Sho on the forehead half covered with the surgical hair piece, “I will be the first person you see when you wake up, I promise.”

He didn't know if Sho heard him, as anesthesia might have starting to kick in. He stopped besides Suzuki before he reluctantly exit the room, pleading to the doctor, “Please, bring them both back to me.” Suzuki nodded.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Both families and the other members were already in the waiting room when he walked in. He briefly told them that surgery has started and all they could do is wait. Both mothers came up trying to comfort him but they were equally worried themselves. He put up a strong front because he knew Sho wouldn't have wanted their mothers to stress out.

“Everything will be fine. Sho-chan and the baby will be fine.” That's the only words the Kaze trio could came up with when they hugged their leader. Even the always-in-high-mood Aiba appeared uptight. He was admitted to the hospital and underwent surgery himself before, but never realized being in this waiting room could be such a dreadful experience.

Ohno couldn't concentrate on anything. He sat down flipping through the magazines without reading a single word. Seeing the few on the pile which Sho's pictures were on the cover pages almost made him cried. Sho looked so so gorgeous on those pictures, a big contrast to the pale and ashen face on the operating table. He almost wanted to hit himself for causing Sho to go through all these.

He thought he was well prepared for the anxieties, every anticipation should have sunk in during the past few months already. But apparently it had not.

He couldn't sit still anymore. He stood up, sat down, walked around the room aimlessly, couldn't focus on anything around him. He was handed a cup of coffee which he finished in one sip. If you asked him who handed him the coffee, he would not be able to answer.

Hours went by. Six, seven and still counting.

Does it take that long? Ohno almost wanted to ask the mothers. He wanted to know, but yet he's afraid to know. What if it's a bad sign? What if it's signaling something has gone really wrong? Can he handle that? But each minute feels heavier with dread. He's finding it harder and harder to stay in one position or talk to anyone. The sense of surreal fear is growing in him, stronger every second. Since when had he become so pessimistic?

His heart sank when he saw everybody in the room turned their focus to the door of the waiting room. There he saw Nurse Hijima standing at the entrance, looking gloomy. The whole room became dead silent.

“We are in short supply of Sakurai-san's blood type. Transporting from another blood bank takes too much time. We need volunteers to donate blood just in case.” Nurse Hijima said to the worried crowd.

Not good, not good. Need more blood means Sho had lost a lot, and losing a lot of blood is always not good. It didn't take a medical expert to figure out that much.

“How is he?” Ohno, shaken by what the nurse said, didn't wait another second to ask.

“Sakurai-san is hemorrhaging. We need to make sure we have enough blood supply for transfusions.” Nurse Hijima revealed Sho's conditions, trying to say it as calmly as possible as to not increase the already heavy anxiety. “This is just a precautionary measure.”

“Oh god!” Exclamation was coming from everyone in the room.

“I can give.” Ohno was the first one to volunteer. “I have the same blood type as Sho.”

“Leader, you need the energy. I'll go.” Jun stopped his leader. He knew it would be a long night and Ohno should save his energy to stay put.

“Matsujun is right. I'll give too. You should save your resource and get some rest.” Nino tried to pull back Ohno who's already starting to walk out the room.

“No. I have to. I need to. I can't stay here and do nothing. I'm going crazy. I have to do something. Don't stop me. Hijima-san, let's go.” He left the room with the nurse eagerly.

Nino and Jun looked at each other and sighed. Knowing their leader would not change his mind, they followed him out, hoping he is strong enough. A few others from their friends and families also followed.

“Ah,” Aiba hit his fists onto the waiting room sofa. “Why just me not having the same blood type?”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

No further news of Sho's conditions since Ohno came back to the waiting room after giving blood. Each time the second hand on the hanging clock moves, he feels his heart being stabbed once. Looking at the bandit on his arm, he wishes he could do more. You have my blood, papa's blood. It will help you get through this. His blood may or may not be used for Sho's transfusion, but that's the only way he could comfort himself that he had done something for them and became more hopeful.

He looked around the room. The atmosphere was tense, gloomy and fearful. Nobody dared to talk. The two mothers sat by each other, holding each others hand for comfort, for support. The fathers were besides their wives, crossing their legs and arms and seemed to be in deep thinking. The siblings were leaning against the wall, changing positions every now and then, or huddled together. Even the kaze trio was awfully quiet. When Nino is not playing his game and Aiba is such low mood, the situation can not be favorable. Everybody in the room is praying for the safety of Sho and the baby in their own ways.

Nevertheless, Ohno was thankful that the news that Sho in labor was not leaked to the media, at least not yet. That's part of the reason why they had arranged Gin-san to drive them. He is good at avoiding being tailed by paparazzi. Media madness is the last thing he needed now.

Time continued to pass. It's been more than nine hours since the operation began. He started walking aimlessly again. He walked outside the room, hoping to catch someone who would tell him something. “We are doing all we can.” is the only answer he got which he didn't know what to make of it. He walked to the soda machine, ended up hitting it hard when nothing came out after he put coins in. He kicked the corner of a low end table which sent sharp pain to his toes and knee. Didn't even care about the hurting feeling, he just slumped against the table and covered his face with his hands. This was his worst experience since witnessing Sho fell off the stage a few years back. The fear of losing Sho came back all over again.

People in the room glanced at each other, their eyes full of worries, not only for Sho and the baby, but also for Ohno. They're worried that Ohno would not be able to hold on much longer, and would break down any minute. He had been up for more than 24 hours, but isn't even registering any physical tiredness. He had, however, worn out emotionally and could only huddled inertly on the sofa, drained and desperate.

When Suzuki finally appeared at the doorway of the room, all the attentions in the room turned to the haggard looking doctor. Time seems to have frozen at that very moment. Silence was eventually broken by the small cry from Sho's mother. Just a glance at the doctor already made Ohno's legs weakened. He had to close his eyes to prevent himself from passing out. The sight was just too horrific.

The surgical gown on Suzuki has become red everywhere, so much red that Ohno almost forgot it's originally light blue color.  He knew what hemorrhage meant, but it's way too much blood that he could ever imagine. Nothing could have prepared him for what he's seeing in front of his own eyes now. Sho's blood, baby's blood, my blood...oh god, no!

To Be Continued....

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"The surgical gown on Suzuki has become red everywhere, so much red that Ohno almost forgot it's originally light blue color."

This paragraph just reminds me of Ohno's painting and it made me LoL!!! *runs away*
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