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[Yama fic] Oretachi no Baby (Chapter 19)

Title: Oretachi no Baby (19 of 20)
Pairing: Yama  (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG
Genre: mpreg
Summary: The fate of Sho and the baby was revealed. How did Ohno react to it?   

Chapter 19

If Ohno could go up to Suzuki and grabbed him by his shoulders and yell Is he alright? Is the baby alright? Tell me, damn it, he would. But he froze, couldn’t move an inch and words stuck in his throat.

Looking directly at Ohno's eyes, Suzuki finally opened his mouth.

Ohno saw a smile on the doctor's face followed by an affirmative nod.

The next thing Ohno heard was loud wails in the packed waiting room, sighs of relief, the cheering and clapping. People hugging each other in joy, people coming up to hug Ohno, people giggling and shedding happy tears. Ohno did not cheer, or laugh, or speak. Instead, he walked slowly up to Suzuki and stopped in front of him.

“Can I see him?” Ohno said softly.

Suzuki took off the blood-soaking gloves and patted Ohno on his shoulder. “We were able to stop the hemorrhage, but Sakurai-san is still very weak. He is recovering in ICU now and he needed the rest.” But the look on Ohno's face and the way he asked made Suzuki didn't dare to say no. “May be for a little while then.”

He led Ohno out of the waiting room and across the hallway to the ICU. Normally the hospital will not allow visitors for ICU patience just came out of surgery. But there are always exceptions for – unusual – cases like theirs. Suzuki knew Sho would like Ohno to be close to him, even when he's still unconscious.

Nurse Hijima was in the ICU doing some adjustments to a monitoring device. She had changed back to her scrubs, looked drained from the hours of surgery but more relaxed and exhilarated. “Ohno-san, come on in, Sakurai-san is resting, his anesthetic should be wearing off in about half an hour.”

The ICU's smell is not exactly pleasant, a mixture of chemicals and blood, but Ohno could not care less. His attention went straight to Sho, who's lying on the bed wrapped in white sheets, making his face even more pale. Sho, who's whole midsection was bandaged up, hooked up to countless monitoring device and IVs. He was lying on the bed, still unconscious and, seemed pretty lifeless. But his chest goes up and down, shallowly but steadily, proves that he is alive. He looked terrible, the worst that Ohno had ever seen him, but Ohno didn't give a damn, as long as he can get Sho back. He just starred at the feeble man on the bed, not sparing even a second, as if a lifetime together ahead of them is still not enough.

“Ohno-san, would you like to hold your baby?” Nurse Hijima asked.

Baby, thinks Ohno, oh my god, is this for real?

Ohno stumbled a little, conveniently onto the chair besides the bed. Couldn't put himself into saying a word, he nodded undoubtedly in response. Before Nurse Hijima left the room, presumably to get the baby, he asked Ohno to wash his hands and gave him a smock taken out from a cabinet. “Please put this on,” she said, “Newborn baby has to be protected from germs as much as possible.”

Ah, I've got to remember that. No matter how unprepared he felt he is, their baby has arrived to this world and he is extremely grateful for that. He knew he has a lot to learn in the days and months and years to come, but for now, his whole concentration is on what's coming in through the door. He could almost hear his own pounding heartbeats.

Not for long, the nurse returned carrying a bundle of blankets in his arms. Ohno vaguely heard mewling sound coming out from it. She carefully put the bundle into Ohno's arms and said in a very soft voice, “Meet your daughter, Ohno-san.”

The little human being in Ohno's arms weighs no more than 2.5 kilograms. The blankets covered most part of her tiny body, except for her squashed-looking head and little fisted hands. Her eyes were closed tight but he could see her eyeballs moving under the slightly swollen eyelids sometimes. Every little while, the little body would make some squirming movements.

My daughter….Megumi....she is the prettiest person I've ever seen.

Very gingerly, Ohno touched her forehead, nose and then her pinkish cheeks with his finger. Her skin is so soft, so smooth, and her baby scent is so good. To this new father, everything about this precious baby is perfect. When she moved a little due to the sensation of the touches, Ohno quickly withdrew his finger, afraid that he might wake her or even hurt her.

Before he knew it, tears started to flow down his cheeks. Why am I crying when everything turned out fine and I got the best outcome I could have hoped for? But then he thought, oh whatever, it's not like I have a kid every day. Let the emotions flow as they wish.

For the past twelve hours, he had experienced both the greatest fear of possibly losing the two persons that he loves the most and the biggest happiness of holding his own kid for the first time. Ohno felt he is the luckiest person in the world. I have a kid, I have a kid. He couldn't help it and laughed out loud right through his tears.

I will buy you the most beautiful dresses, send you to the best school. Mama will teach you piano and soccer. I will teach you painting and fishing. We both will teach you singing and dancing. We have to screen every boyfriend you have. I will walk you down the isle......

The new father is already jumping the gun in thinking what will happen in the years to come. But he promises himself that he's going to give the whole world to this little princess of his, of theirs.

Ohno didn’t know how much time had passed, but he’s sure it has been more than half an hour as Nurse Hijima originally said. He’s getting anxious on why Sho has not waken up yet. The nurse saw his concerned look and comforted him. “Don’t worry. It’s not unusual for patient to take longer to wake up after big surgery like this.” Ohno nodded, trying to focus on Megumi, but still concerned about Sho.


Ohno finally heard sounds coming from the man lying beside him. Still holding the baby carefully, he turned his attentions to the man on the bed who had seemed to have come out from anesthesia.

“Sho” Ohno was overjoyed to see Sho waking up.

Sho slowly opened his eyes. After a few seconds of trying to recognize his surroundings, he turned his head towards Ohno. “Sa – ” He was happy to see his lover by his side, but his dry throat had prevented him from getting any words out. He cleared his throat and tried again. “Satoshi – ”

Sho tried to move, but his dozen of monitoring hook-ups and especially the pain he's starting to feel from his wound after anesthetic wears off did not allow him to move an inch. However, his instincts had urged him to ask the first question on his mind. “Baby, is baby alright? Where is baby?”

“Don't worry,” Ohno's dread and anxieties had eased up a lot, now it's his turn to comfort the recovering man. “Baby is fine.” He lowered his head, took a glance and smiled. “You did great, Sho.”

Sho's eyes had followed Ohno's gesture and dropped to the little bundle in Ohno's arms. Seeing some slight movements of the blankets, he took a couple of deep breaths, as deep as they can be without hurting from his abdomen, and said, “Is baby – normal?” Sho suddenly felt a little nervous, some things can only be revealed after the baby is born.

“More normal than you and me, I'd say. One head, two eyes, ten fingers, ten toes, as healthy as can be.” Ohno said proudly. “But after this whole ordeal, ah, I'd take anything, anything at all, even a mermaid, as long as you're both OK.”

“Mermaid? Baby – is a girl?” Sho asked anxiously. Joy and excitement had brought some color back on his face, and Ohno was really amazed that Sho can still be so logical after anesthesia.

Ohno hold the baby closer to Sho. “Let me introduce Ohno Megumi, our little princess.” He looked at Sho's face as his lover laid eyes on Baby Megumi for the first time. The smile that's breaking over Sho's whole face is like the sun rising. He looked totally radiant.

“She is perfect.” A drop of tear slid down the corner of his eyes. It didn't surprise Ohno at all, he just went through the same emotion a few minutes ago, and even more so for Sho because the little person he's looking at has been living inside him for almost nine months.

Sho turned his head and moved towards the baby, barely far enough to lay a gentle kiss on her tiny cheek. “Her cheeks are chubby like yours.”

Ohno couldn't help himself and poke his daughter's pinkish, wrinkled face and giggles.

“Satoshi, what are you doing?”

“The nurse said she has very strong lungs and cried very loudly, even without the need to spank. I want to hear it.” And he poked her some more, with a little more pressure this time.

“Stop it, you'll wake her.”

But it was too late. Baby Megumi had been awaken by her naughty papa's finger and started to cry.

“She really has a loud and strong voice. I'm sure she will be a great singer. And, she looks like you when you're mad.” Ohno laughs, and then started to cradle Megumi and tried to get her back to sleep. Miraculously, she quiet down after a few rock.

“Hey, I'm pretty good at it, ain't I? Megumi likes papa, she liked my massage even before she was born.”

Sho was totally defeated by the new father, but he could also see the overwhelming joy in his eyes, not knowing that the giant grin on his own face was equally, if not more, delightful.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sho stayed in the hospital for a full week, to give him enough time to recover from the tremendous amount of blood lost and the wound from the surgery to heal. And, he didn't have to worry about taking care of Baby Megumi while he's recovering.

But once he could sit up without feeling too much pain, he insisted on feeding Megumi himself. At the first few times Megumi just slept through the feeding time, even with the nipple of the bottle in her little mouth. She just sucked a little once in a while, not really eating much. Sho was relieved when the nurse told him it's normal for newborn to fall asleep during feeding, and told him to keep trying to make Megumi got used to the nipple and sucking rhythm. After a few tries Megumi recognized the shape of the nipple and started sucking once she feels it in her mouth.

When Ohno entered Sho's hospital room this evening, he saw the most perfect scene he could ever imagine. The man he loves holding their baby close to his chest and patting baby's back gently. He has everything a guy could ever wish for. He wishes he has his drawing gear with him, but since he didn't, he took out his phone and took a picture. It will be his wallpaper from now on.

“Satoshi, Megumi finishes her formula just now.” Sho was all excited when his daughter emptied her bottle for the first time and told her father the second he came into the room. Sho was still burping Megumi after he fed her.

“Really?” Ohno got all excited also. “Let me try feeding her next time. I bet she'll eat more when papa feeds her.” He then sat down on the bed next to Sho and kissed both Sho and Megumi, the two most important persons in his life.

Sho chuckled, only to cause contractions in his abdominal muscles which still hurt. But he didn't show it. Instead he looked at Megumi lovingly and said, “Megumi's sleeping face is just like you. I especially love to see her yawns.”

All these times, Sho's eyes starred right at Megumi, like he doesn't want to miss any second of her young life. Ohno understood, but still couldn't help give the new mama a little tease. “Sho, can you look at me for a second? Megumi is not the only person that needs your attentions, you know.”

Sho finally looked at Ohno and only to see his pouting look. He pulled Ohno's shirt to make him lower his head, and reached out his own lips to meet with his lover's. “Look who's jealous here.”

“Who's jealous? Jealous of what?” Nino said while the Kaze trio entered the room.

The new parents looked at each other and laughed, but neither answered Nino's questions.

“Hey guys.”

“Sho-chan, we have come to visit our favorite girl.” Aiba greeted them in his usually upbeat tone.

“Shuush, be quiet. Megumi is sleeping.” Ohno was afraid that Aiba got too excited and scared the baby. Newborn babies are still sensitive to surrounding sounds that they are not adapted to.

“Oops, sorry.” Aiba immediately lowered his voice. “How are you doing, Sho-chan? How is little Megumi-chan doing?”

Before Sho could answer, the three younger members already moved closer to look at little Megumi. She made some twitching movements and jerking her arms once in a while, which the trio found totally amusing.

Sho laughed. “It seems you guys want to see baby more than you want to see me.”

“I thought we will have an Arashi junior.” Aiba pretended to be disappointed.

“Don't listen to him, he hasn't stopped bragging on how he would coddle your daughter ever since she was born.” Jun exposed his bandmate's pretense.

“I was afraid so,” Sho sighed, “Megumi will have her share of being spoiled by her uncles, who are still like kids yourselves.” He was, however, pleased that his daughter will be loved by so many people. “By the way, does the media know about Megumi yet?”

It's been five days since Baby Megumi was born. The agency released a statement the next day announcing the arrival of Baby Ohno Megumi and that both Sho and the baby are doing fine. The news made headlines in newspapers and entertainment programs. Ohno hasn't told Sho about it till now. He wanted Sho to concentrate on his recovery and not to be distracted.

“You should post a picture of your little princess on J-Web.” Nino suggested. “She's so cute.”

Click, click, click. Aiba already took out his phone and taking pictures of Baby Megumi non-stopped. “Gosh, I’m gonna take pictures of her every day. Let’s make a Ohno Megumi website. It will have record numbers of hits.”

“Even Arashi is no competition with her.” Jun concurred and the three younger members all laughed together. The laughter must have awaken the baby and she started to cry.

“Oops, sorry.”

Sho was finally discharged from the hospital, quietly without making known to the media. He is feeling much better, but with the trauma he went through, it will be a while before he could make a full recovery. Wrapped in a sea-green baby blanket made by Ohno's mother, little Megumi sleeps comfortably in Sho's arms and going home for the first time. Ohno and Sho will begin a new page in their lives, as the proud parents of their baby girl.

To Be Continued....

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A/N:  Congratulations to Yama on their new baby girl ♥ All their efforts to overcome the hardships and challenges have certainly paid off. Baby Megumi will be the cutest prettiest baby ever, and she will be loved by so many people who also love her parents including you and me ♥ 


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