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Title: Oretachi no Baby (20 of 20)
Pairing: Yama  (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: mpreg
Summary: Ohno and Sho face new challenges taking care of their new baby, but enjoy their family life at the same time.


Chapter 20

If you ask Ohno and Sho if doing filming and concert rehearsals for a whole day is more tiring or taking care of their baby all day more tiring, they don’t even need to think before telling you it’s the latter.

The first couple of weeks were especially hectic for the new parents as they were still trying to get used to baby’s routines. Their mothers came to help out as much as they could, which they appreciate very much. But since their big boss was kind enough to give Ohno some time off to be with his new family, they wanted to try doing it themselves as much as they could. Nevertheless, they ended up calling their mothers eighty times a day asking if it's OK for Megumi to sleep on her stomach and what temperature they should be keeping the nursery at and whether having a teddy bear in her crib poses the risk of smothering and if they should wake her when she sleeps past her feeding time.

“Sho, I thought you had taken care of your little brother before.”

“I had.”

“Then how come you still have to ask your mother about everything?”

“I just want to be 100% sure of what we’re doing is correct.”

“I think it’s more like 1000% to me.”

Sho was still sore from the surgery, so his movements were slow and limited. When Megumi cries, Ohno would be the first to attend her. But when Papa Satoshi dozed off himself, that’s a totally different story. He is literally in hibernate mode when he’s asleep. There were times when Sho was awaken from his naps by Megumi’s cries when Ohno was supposed to be watching her. He got up slowly, changed her, fed her and putting her back to sleep when his dear lover remained asleep the whole time. There were other times when Ohno was on duty to change and feed her at night. When he didn’t return to their room after a whole hour, Sho got worried and went to check on them in the nursery. He would see Papa Satoshi sitting on the rocking chair, holding little Megumi in his arms with the empty bottle still in his hand, and both sounded asleep! He took pictures of the two sleepy heads and later showed them to Ohno who proudly said like-father-like-daughter.

“Oh no!” Ohno’s cry out scared Sho and he rushed to the nursery as quickly as he could.

“What is it?” Sho asked anxiously.

“Look at Megumi’s face, I think she scratched herself.” Ohno pointed Sho to the half-inch scratch mark on the otherwise smooth face of the baby. It was clearly red, but doesn’t seem to have broken any skin yet.

“Her finger nails are long.” Sho checked Megumi’s tiny fingers, and then her toes. “Toenails too.” They had put baby mittens on her hands as instructed by Ohno’s mother to prevent self scratching, but they fell off sometimes, and that was clearly the case here.

“How do we cut her nails?” Ohno scratched his own head. “She moves so much.”

“We have to cut them while she’s asleep, but have to be very careful.”

“You do it, Sho. You have perfect vision.”

“No you do it. You can detail your paintings so well, you hands are more steady.”

After they put Megumi down for her afternoon nap, Ohno prepared to do his big mission to cut the nails from the tiny fingers and toes.

“Careful,” Sho hissed, watching between his fingers as Ohno snipped gingerly away with the miniature nail clipper, "Careful!"

“Done, finally.” Ohno dropped the nail clipper. It took him a good half hour to complete the job.

“No blood or anything?” Sho took his hands away from his face, double checking the cute little hands and feet.

“No blood or anything,” Ohno confirmed and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Satoshi, you're sweating.” Sho laughed seeing the drops of sweat on his lover's forehead.

“What so funny?! You do it next time then.” Ohno complained at the tease he got in return for the hardest job he had ever done in his thirty years of living.

“Sorry, I'll shut up.” Sho said, covering his mouth to try to stop his own giggling.

Like Ohno, Megumi is a deep sleeper. They had no problem putting her to sleep after feeding. She would make squirming movements and comical faces during her sleeps, which her parents loved to capture with their video camera. Sho could spend endless moments just by starring at her little face, especially when Megumi grabbed his finger tight inside her tiny fist as if saying she needs him more than anything. He almost wants her to stay this way forever. She's so completely perfect just the way she is.

She only cries when she's hungry or needs changing. Papa Satoshi still likes to naughtily give the chubby cheeks a tiny poke to make her cried a little. She needs to work her lungs more was Ohno's excuse for playing her daughter, which most certainly would gain a smack from Mama Sho. In general she's a surprisingly easy-going baby, which is a blessing to the new parents during the period of adjustment. They both came to appreciate their own parents a lot more once they realized that parenting is so much work, not to mention the worries, the caring and thoughts on the life they created are endless and beyond imaginations.

Sho kept a journal on everything about Megumi, how long she slept on the day, how much formula she ate, when she opened her eyes, when she smiled in her dreams, even when she spit formula all over him after burping. He also wrote his own feelings and thoughts into it, mostly happiness but also some frustrations. He planned to show it to Megumi when she's old enough, showing her how much joy she had brought into their lives. Ohno has become his loyal reader already, always asking him for “updates”, as if he's chasing an ongoing novel or something. “Megumi is not a fictional character, Satoshi. She is your daughter.”

Most days, by the time they had finally gotten Megumi down for the night, Ohno and Sho were too tired to cook. Their mothers were great help in this category. They would bring ready-to-eat food to them every few days so the new parents can use their limited free time to get some much needed rest. Even if Megumi being a easy-going baby, taking care of a newborn baby is still energy-draining for the inexperience parents.

In honor of Megumi turning one month old, her proud parents threw a little celebration party with just families and close friends attending. Sho dressed her in a white dress with pink flowers on it. It has a matching hat which covers Megumi's thin hair. Everybody says that Megumi was the cutest baby ever and there was no lack of camera clicks and flashes even when no media was present. Megumi handled the attentions seamlessly, looking around with big bright eyes and patiently tolerating an endless amount of poking, pinching, and prodding.

Johnny was also invited to the party. Their big boss congratulated them and said he wanted to put a picture of Megumi on the Johnny's net website. Ohno and Sho agreed but said they would send some pictures to Johnny. Later it took them more than two hours to go through hundreds of pictures they've taken of their princess and decided on a few to send to their boss. When the picture was posted, their website got record numbers of visitors. Johnny joked that may be it's time he started to consider recruiting female juniors.

The couple had their share of rough time as well. Megumi was a little restless one night. Instead of going back to sleep after eating, she kept crying unless Sho cradled her in his arms. Sho was holding her almost all night in the rocking chair. By her feeding time near dawn, Sho was totally exhausted. He absentmindedly tested the temperature of Megumi's bottle on his hand instead of the inside of his wrist – the formula was too hot, Megumi cried because it hurt. Ohno shouted at Sho the whole morning, which is kind of unnecessary because Sho already felt his worst about burning her little tongue. On other nights when Megumi sleeps incredibly well, they were constantly worrying about sudden infant death syndrome and waking up every ten minutes at night to run to Megumi's crib making sure that she's breathing.

Without they knowing it, both of them were totally burnt-out.

Both grandmothers noticed the exhaustion of the new parents and agreed that they needed a break.

“Satoshi, Sho, let us take care of Megumi-chan for a few days and you two go and spend some time together. Consider it a delayed honeymoon.”

At first they're not too fond of the idea and ridiculously nervous about trusting Megumi to babysitters - even their own mothers, but then they haven't exactly had an uninterrupted night in quite a while and really missed each other's cuddle. A recharge wouldn't be a bad thing for them after all, so they ended up taking their mothers’ offer, but not without agonies.

“Mama, she doesn't like the formula too warm, a little warmer than room temperature will do.”

“Mama, she likes to listen to music when she eats, I've put her favorite songs in the CD player.”

“Mama, she likes to sleep with the green blanket.”

“Mama, remember to give her the pacifier when she sleeps."

Unwillingly, Ohno and Sho kissed their daughter goodbye. This was the first time they leave their daughter for more than two hours and Sho almost felt he's going to cry.

“It's OK, Sho. Megumi is in good hands and you know it.” Ohno tried to comfort his lover, although he had almost the same torment within him.

They went to Atami and planned to spend two nights in the hot springs resort. During their two hours journey, Ohno called his mother almost twenty times to see how their daughter was doing, if she missed them, which seemed to be a ridiculous question to ask on a one and a half month old baby.

“You miss her as much as I do, don’t you?” Sho asked his lover when they were relaxing in the hot tub in their hotel room.

“May be even more.” Ohno said softly. “But since we’re here already, we may as well enjoy ourselves. Let me give you a massage.” He went behind Sho and started massaging the younger man’s tensed shoulders.

“That feels so good, Satoshi.” Sho closed his eyes and enjoyed the service from the older man.

“I also missed having you all to myself.” He came close to Sho and kissed his lips tenderly.

“You’re jealous of your own daughter.” Sho smiled after the kiss. His face is hot and red, either from blushing or from the hot steam. Either way, it looks extremely attractive to Ohno.

“You bet I am….but you’re all mine now.”

Ohno put his hands at the back of Sho’s head and pulled him closer for a deep, passionate kiss. When they were finally part to catch their breathes, Ohno wasted no time and carried Sho out of the tub and put him on the bed, not caring that they were both dripping wet. Seeing the scar on Sho’s abdomen, Ohno was even more turned on. The love, adoration and respect for the man he’s looking at is overwhelming. He lowered his head and pressed his lips against his lover’s for another long, deep kiss, while his hands coaxing and caressing the wet sexy body beneath him. Sho closed his eyes and moaned, enjoying the pleasure from Ohno's touches. When the touches suddenly stopped, he opened his eyes only to find the older man getting a box of condoms out from under the pillow and opening it.

“Satoshi – ”

“Just in case – ”

Seeing Ohno's smirky look, Sho realized what Ohno's “just in case” was referring to, and found himself blushing hard on the remark. But before he could put his thoughts together, the older man was already back on top of him with more kisses and touches, which he could not ignore.

For the first time since Megumi was born, their daughter was not the top priority on their minds, at least not at this very moment. They only have each other in their eyes, in their minds.

Lying in each others arms after intimacy was most enjoyable. They had missed such moments for months. Sho's arms were wrapping around Ohno's chest while Ohno's fingers gingerly walked up and down the trail of Sho's scar, laying gentle kisses on Sho's sweaty forehead every now and then.

“You know how much I love you, Sakurai Sho?”

“Yes, I know, from the moment that we met.” Sho smiled.

“Really, was that love at first sight?” Ohno asked playfully.

“That's the other way around, silly.” Sho chuckled.

“You also fell in love with me the moment you saw me, right?” Ohno was sure Sho would say yes.

“I’m not telling you.” Somehow Sho wants to play naughty on his lover this time, but his smile and his sparkling eyes when looking at the man next to him already sold him out.

“I really want to make you Ohno Sho, officially. May be we can go to Canada or New York sometime.”

Sho was touched. He knew they have committed to each other for life, but hearing his husband said that again made Sho relived the moment when they exchanged vows. “It doesn’t matter if it’s official or not. To me, we are already married, in our hearts.”

“It matters to me. You have given me the most beautiful family I can ever ask for. Having you taking my name will tell the world that you are mine, and mine only.”

“Possessive!” Sho gave Ohno a glance but he was actually really happy. “Satoshi, do you – want more kids?” Sho felt himself blushing when saying that. Megumi has given them so much joy and symbolizing so much of their love that he actually wants to have more children with Ohno, if possible.

“No way!” Ohno said resolutely. “I mean, I do want to have more children with you, Sho, very much so. But after seeing what you’ve been through, there is no way I will let you go through this again. I almost lost you.” The last few words came out very softly, like he was whispering to himself. He tightened his hold to Sho. The memory of the touch and go moments at the hospital was still too fresh.

Sho could feel the fear and agony in Ohno’s voice and look. He said no more. It was too early to think about that anyway. They have Megumi, and it’s all that matters now.

The rest of the night was quite relaxing. They drank a little, ate a little, laughed a little and cuddled a little. They felt they are relearning each other and fell in love with each other all over again.

Sho woke up before dawn. His first thought upon waking up by his body clock was that how come Megumi hasn’t cried for food yet and got all panicky for a short moment before remembering where she was. His own paranoid amused himself, although he couldn’t help thinking about his daughter back home. He missed her terribly. Through the dim light of day break, he saw that the eyes of the man next to him were also wide opened, starring at the ceiling. He knew, at that instance, that they were thinking about the same thing, or rather, the same person.

After breakfast, in unspoken consent, they checked out the hotel and went straight home to baby.

Baby Megumi was of course perfectly fine with Ohno's mother. She just woke up from her morning nap, all changed and happy and ready to have her lunch. When Sho called his mother telling her that there's no need for her to babysit for the night now that they're back, she protested that they took away her 'girls moments' with her granddaughter, which amused Sho and made him felt somewhat guilty. But nothing could trump the wash of relief he's feeling when he has his daughter back in his arms.

Ohno and Sho were lying on their bed, with Megumi in the middle. She was super hyper this night, very much awake after feeding.

“Look, Sho, our daughter is singing and dancing already.” Ohno's index fingers were held by Megumi's little fists and her arms were making jerky movements and Ohno's hands followed her. She was making random noises, her legs kicking hard as well.

Sho looked at the innocent little face, he could almost see the future stretched out before him like the family photo album on top of the bookshelf, clean white pages waiting to be filled.

He couldn’t help thinking about all the excitements in the life ahead of her.

When she takes her first step; when she starts kindergarten; when she falls down from learning to ride bicycle; when she enters high school; when she dyes her hair purple; when she dates for the first time; when she gets married; when she has children of her own…..

Whatever she does, Sho thought, he and Ohno will be there for her every step of the way.

After a while Megumi had gotten tired from her little dancing with papa. She squirmed around in Ohno’s arms until she finally fell asleep. Ohno grinned and closed his hands around her tiny ones, encompassing them entirely, as he started humming lullaby.

I wonder how soon I can convince him to give her a sibling. Sho smiled and leaned his head into the crook of Ohno's neck, cuddling close to his husband and daughter.

Wow!! I’m a Lucky Man and my Wish has come true. I’ll Do My Best to bring you Happiness.

I’ll give you Rainbow, catch the Crazy Moon for you, chase away all the Monsters in your life.

Raise Your Hands and Move Your Body, Don’t Stop dancing and singing Your Song.

Believe in yourself, Beautiful Days and Morning Light are ahead of you, my little Troublemaker.”

// The End

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A/N: Yama + Baby Megumi is one happy family ♥ I hope you enjoy the series. I sure did enjoy writing it. There may be follow ups every now and then when Baby Megumi has some cute encounters or when Yama decide to expand the family XD Thank you for your support and comments throughout.

(artwork credit to nhbsakakude)


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Sep. 21st, 2011 01:15 am (UTC)
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Yama + Baby =Love :D
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Thank you for such a lovely series. I can tell how much research and love for Yama + whole family that was invested into it. It was very real and touching in every level.
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