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[Yama fic] Rental Lover (Chapter 1)

Title: Rental Lover
Pairing: Yama  (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG
Genre: AU, fluff, romance, drama
Summary: Ohno took Sho to have dinner with his parents, pretending to be lovers. Will his parents buy his story?

Chapter 1

Ohno's 20 years of young life had been nothing but a smooth ride. He never had to worry about money or housing or even sibling rivalry. Being the only son in a rich family, he'd pretty much always got what he wanted and got away with every mistake he made. Well, almost. He poured ink into his father’s expensive tank of tropical fish when he was six years old just because he thought that water should be blue and not clear and ended up killing every fish in there earned him a good spank and no television for a week.
The lack of worries in life might have contributed to the lack of goals in his life also. He didn’t really spend time in thinking about what he wanted to be when he grew up since he would not have to work to earn a living. His grandparents had set up a big trust fund for him which he would get when he turns twenty-five and his parents were more than generous in giving him whatever amount of spending money he asked for. He is handsome and smart, and considered that he doesn’t really have much pressure to get good grades, he is doing  pretty well even at the prestige university he’s attending.
The whole ‘gay’ fiasco was probably the real problem he had ever faced in his life, and one that he couldn’t ask his parents for help. Paying a total stranger, a total stranger with no boobs and buns, to act as his lover is more than crazy, even for him. But the only way he knew how to get by any problem he had was using money, and he thought this time he would be able as well. Or would he?
After spending most of the afternoon telling each other about themselves, so they wouldn't be like total strangers in front of Ohno's parents, Ohno asked Sho to go home and changed to something more formal. Being in upper class family, his parents were fastidious about attire and image. Dressing too casual in the first meeting will leave a bad impression for his parents.
To Ohno's surprise, Sho told him embarrassingly that he did not have anything decent enough to wear for the night. Ohno sighed and took Sho to the most exquisite store in town and picked a couple of suits for him to try on. Sho hesitated when he saw the price tags of those suits. Knowing what Sho’s worry was, Ohno took out a platinum credit card and handed it over to the sales person and signaled Sho to go to the fitting room.
While Sho’s changing, Ohno recalled their little get-to-know-each-other session in the afternoon. He told Sho what he had told his parents about how they’d supposed to meet, fell in love and started living together. He also told Sho some general bits about himself, like what food and color he likes, etc. and a brief background about his family. Sho also told Ohno some basic things himself but didn't say a word about his family, not even when Ohno asked him specifically. Ohno found it strange but thought they should be good enough to get through the dinner.
The opening of the fitting room door interrupted Ohno’s thoughts. He turned around and what he saw had him speechless for a good while. Wearing a black Italian silk suit, the man standing in front of him was charming and gorgeous, with undeniable noble temperament in him. He couldn't believe it was the same person who just hours ago told him he's doing this for the money. For a second, he even felt Sho was very attractive.
Before that night, Ohno had thought that he was the most gorgeous guy in this universe. But after seeing how Sho looked in proper attire, Ohno was stunned by how elegant the younger man was. He even felt a little intimidated by Sho's charm.
The stare made Sho blushed a little. He smiled and looked down at his suit, then looked up again at Ohno. “Is there something wrong with me in this suit?”
That's when Ohno realized he was starring at the charming guy. He quickly recomposed himself and said, “No, I think it looks pretty good on you.” Then he turned to the sales person. “We'll take this one.”
When they were leaving the store, Ohno said to Sho casually, “You can keep the suit after tonight. You look really good in it.” Sho was a little surprise by Ohno's generosity, but then thought Ohno would have no use of the suit anyway. It's just another way of showing off his superiority.
Dinner took place in the restaurant of a five star hotel. Sho felt uneasy since it was the first time he had ever been to such a elite place. He tried very hard not to embarrass himself. He tried to follow Ohno as much as he could on dining etiquette. Ohno noticed and tried to do his part in showing Sho without being too apparent. He didn't want his parents to have bad impressions for his lover after all.
“Sho-san, hope you don't mind I call you by your given name. Since you're with Satoshi, I see you as my son as well.” Ohno's mother said gently. Although still not believing, let alone accepting her son to be truly gay, her initial impressions on Sho was very good. A charming young man, polite and with good manners, all fitting into her expectations for her son's spouse, only if Sho is female.
“Not at all, Mrs. Ohno. It's an honor for me to be treated like your son. Ohno – Satoshi is very lucky to have you as his mother.” Sho replied sincerely. He could feel that Ohno's mother cares about his son and he envied that very much.
Ohno reached out his hand to Sho's and hold it tight. Sho reflexively tried to withdraw his hand at first, but immediately remembered it's part of his job and responded by interlocking his fingers with Ohno's to show their closeness.  Both of them could tell that the parents were paying close attentions to each of their gestures.
“So, Sho. What are you studying in the university? Are you expecting to graduate next year with Satoshi?” Ohno's father seemed to be more interested in Sho's education and career path.
“Sir, I'm studying Economics. I – hope to graduate next year.” Sho's voice became softer in the last sentence.
“Economics! Good choice! Then you should be very good at analyzing the current market trend and global economic growth. You may be able to help with my business after you graduate.” Ohno's father became very excited. “It's much more useful and practical than what Satoshi is studying – Fine Arts – I still couldn't figure out what job you can get with such a degree.”
“Papa!” Ohno protested. “I love arts. Besides, it's not like I have to make a living out of it.”
“Well, let's not get into this conversation again. Tonight is about Satoshi and Sho, isn't it?” Ohno's mother reminded her husband what the purpose of this dinner was for – to find out if Ohno is telling the truth and whether he and Sho are really lovers.
“Right, right, right. I'm sorry, ha ha, I got carried away. So, how long have you known each other? I mean, since you first met?”
“We just met today.” Sho answered without even thinking, but immediately realized he made a big mistake. “I meant, we met up today, like we do every day, for the past six months.” He looked at Ohno apologetically, hoping he hadn't screwed up too bad. The older man could do nothing but frowned.
“You met up everyday? Aren't you living together, like Satoshi said? If you see each other at home everyday, why do you have to meet up?” Ohno's father questioned.
“We still meet up everyday at school – to have lunch together.” Ohno said hurriedly before Sho could say more wrong things. “We missed each other even for a few hours.”
As his suspicion about the whole gay thing arose, Ohno's father decided to ask a very direct question. “Sho, if you don't mind me asking, how can you be sure that you like guys and not gals?”
Both Ohno and Sho were caught off guard by Ohno's father's question. They squeezed each other's hand simultaneously without knowing it. But neither of them knew how to respond.
“Papa! What kind of question was that? Sho likes – loves me and I'm a guy. Is that still not clear enough?” Ohno knew he'd better answered the question for Sho, before the younger man screwed things up even more.
“Sometimes young people don't know exactly what they like and don't like. They thought they do but actually don't. And that goes for you too, Satoshi.”
Ohno knew exactly what his father was getting at. It's very obvious that his parents will not let this subject rests so easily. He had to do more to convince them. He stood up, went next to Sho and wrapped his arm around Sho's shoulders. Sho, surprised by Ohno's action, turned his head to look at the older man only to feel a pair of lips had covered his. His mind blanked out and his body paralyzed. He couldn't even think.
Ohno broke off the kiss after a little while, and Sho came back to reality. He remembered what happened just then and wanted so much to slap Ohno's face. But he had to suppress his anger or else he would have to kiss the 50,000 yen goodbye. He gave Ohno a quick glance and then regrouped his facial expressions to show that he enjoyed the kiss very much, not knowing that his face was indeed blushing red like tomatoes.
“Look Papa, whether you believe it or not, Sho and I are very much in love, so stop playing match-maker for me already.” Ohno said with an agitated tone, then placing another kiss on Sho's cheek. Sho tried to squeeze a smile on his face to cooperate.
“Alright, Satoshi, there's no need to be mad. I didn't say I don't believe you.” Ohno's father didn't want to make a scene, not in public, although deep down inside he still has doubts about his son's sexuality.
“Sho, does your parents know you're – I mean – do they know about you and Satoshi? You haven't talked about your family much. What does your father do?” Ohno's mother tried to change the subject, and at the same time wanted to know more about Sho's family background.
However, upon the inquiry about his family, Sho immediately became very uptight. The smile disappeared from his face and he lowered his head in silence. Ohno noticed Sho's change in mood. The expressions on Sho's face were a mixture of sadness and anger. Mentioning about his family must have agitated him.
“My parents – travel a lot. They are – on the road now. I will tell them when they come back. They won’t object to whatever I do.”  Sho finally said softly, tried not to look at Ohno's parents' reactions. He knew what he said didn't sound very convincing.
“I see. We would love to meet with them sometime when they’re back in town.” Ohno’s mother said. She wanted to know more about the family background of the person who had become so close to her son. She certainly didn’t want any bad influence to be made to her only child.
“Please excuse us for a moment.” Ohno's father signaled his wife to go outside with him. They left the table and went outside the restaurant.
As soon as they were out of sight, Sho burst out in anger. “What was that with the kiss? I already told you no kissing! I should have slapped you right then.”
“Sorry, but I have no choice. We're far too distant for lovers. I have to do something to convince them. And I still think we're doing a horrible job.” Ohno explained. He recalled the kiss with Sho, and surprisingly it didn't feel disgusted as he had expected from kissing a guy. Instead it did feel pretty good, but he would not let himself believe that. “Dinner is almost over. You will be off the hook soon. So please keep up with your job until then.”
Sho sighed. He did agree to the arrangement himself and Ohno did not go too overboard. He just wished the night will be over soon.
Not long after Ohno's parents returned. They sat down and looked at the two young men. Ohno's father put his hands on the table and looked as if he had something important to announce.
“It was a pleasure for us to meet Sho tonight. As much as we were shocked that our son is – like guys, we were glad that he had chosen a lover as charming and gracious like Sho.” Ohno's father still had a hard time to bring himself in saying the word gay, especially he did not truly believe in Ohno's story yet. “We have decided to stay in town a little longer, so we can get used to you two being together and can get to know Sho better. In fact, we will be living in the villa with you two during our stay. School won't be starting for another month. We can do something fun together, as a family. Wouldn’t that be great?”
Ohno's mouth was wide opened when he heard what his father had said. He knew his parents didn't want to stay to get to know Sho, they were staying to prove that he was lying, that the whole thing was a fake. He should have known his parents wouldn't believe him that easily. What a mess he had gotten himself into. If his parents found out the truth, his credibility would go down the drain and they would never believe in him for anything, true or not. He couldn't let that happen.
“Oh, that's great! We like that very much.” Ohno pretended to be happy, but not doing a very good job in doing so. “I need to make a phone call. Sho, dear, come with me. This call concerns you too.”
Ohno excused themselves and quickly took Sho outside the restaurant and started talking. “Sho, you heard what my parents said. They are staying in the villa until who knows when. They expect us to be living together there.”
“That's your problem, not mine.” Sho said bluntly.
“Come on, if they go home and find that you're not living there, everything will fall apart and I'll be dead. Please, you don't want to do a job half way, do you?” Ohno began to be desperate.
“My job is only the dinner tonight. Our arrangement is very clear. What happens after wards is not my concern.” Sho shut his door.
“At least come home with me tonight and give me some time to think this through, OK? I will sleep on the couch in my room. If I can't think of a solution tomorrow, then you're free to leave. Please – ”
Sho gave a big sigh. He admitted he made some mistakes tonight which didn't help in making their relationship very believable. He is getting compensation for his service and should be responsible to finish it in a proper manner.
“OK. But you'd better think of something tonight. I am leaving tomorrow no matter what.” Sho was going home with Ohno, a guy whom he just met earlier in the day. He couldn’t believe he’d agreed to this  crazy idea, but he's Nino's friend, and didn't seem to be a bad guy. One night should not be too bad, he tried to convince himself.
“Thank you, thank you.” Ohno was relieved, but he knew his real problem was just beginning to unfold.

To Be Continued....

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Oct. 12th, 2011 08:11 pm (UTC)
next pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..........~~~~ hahaha.. i love this chapter.. cant wait to read the next part!!! LOL thanks for sharing~
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Sho is indeed very charming <3 though he could have acted better for Ohno's parents, that was quite terrible =P anyway everything worked out for the best cause now Yama is living together (only for a night but whoo knows right XD )
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Such a great thing to see after I had taken 'a very early nap' in the office and still feeling groggy. Now I'm wide awake. NGA.

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The moment when Ohno saw Sho wearing the suit in the fitting room; my mind was totally replaying that part in Uta no Oniisan, when Yano Kenta was mesmerized at the sight of the guest for their show, Sho Sakurai as the latter was swarmed by kids. I have to say that must be a natural response. <3

and gosh the 'savior kiss'! xD Trust Ohno to come up with that sudden action, which caught Sho in surprise. Somehow I just feel giddy afterwards.

Hm, I'm curious of whether Ohno will get to convince Sho to continue 'playing along' with him, if Ohno's parents still can't be convinced about their relationship. and HOW? :D Looking forward to the development.

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