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[Yama fic] Rental Lover (Chapter 6)

Title: Rental Lover
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG
Genre: AU, fluff, romance, drama
Summary: Ohno's father pushes hard to find out about Sho's background. Ohno took Sho out on a date, but did he really?

Chapter 6

Sho couldn’t help thinking about the chat he had with Ohno’s mother. It was just a casual chat, something mothers and children would do all the time, but to him it was precious. He missed this so much. He found himself dropping by the kitchen more often, enjoying the moments just by looking at Ohno’s mother cooking. She seems to enjoy his company as well, telling him things about Ohno here and there. She told Sho that there were a few years during Ohno’s adolescent that she and his father had to travel on business a lot. Ohno was home by himself and had grown to be very independant, an indirect way of saying Ohno had become distant with them. She said she wished she had spent more time with her son while he was growing up. Sho couldn’t help wondering if his own mother ever had this feeling of regret.
Ohno’s father, on the other hand, still had reservations about his son’s lover, especially after knowing that he had already spent a good amount of his son’s money after being together for just a few months. His protective instinct for his son had him suspicious of the whole gay thing.
“Sho, I’m glad I caught up with you.” Ohno’s father found Sho reading alone in the garden this Sunday afternoon. It was a day off for Sho from work and he’s enjoying some quiet time.
“Where is Satoshi?”
“Mr. Ohno,” Sho stood up and greeted Ohno’s father politely. “Satoshi went out to meet with friends.”
“Why didn’t you go with him?” The father asked curiously. Young lovers should be spending every second together, he thought.
“They went to karaoke. I’m not really into singing, better not spoil their fun. Besides, I feel like doing some reading today.” Sho replied carefully. He knew Ohno’s father still didn’t truly believe in their story, and had to be extra careful not to say anything wrong in front of him.
“Sometimes I feel you and Satoshi are so different, it’s pretty amazing how you two can fall in love, isn’t it?”
The father’s remarks made Sho uneasy. It’s obvious what he’s implying. “Yes, it’s amazing. I guess you can’t really explain love, can you?”
“What are you reading?” The book in Sho’s hands attracted Ohno’s father’s attention.
“Oh, this is the text book of the Economics of Business class I'm taking this coming semester. I just want to get a head start on it." Sho answered.
"I wish Satoshi can be half as hard working as you. So, what is your opinion on our current economic growth?" Ohno's father got excited when he has someone to talk to about what he's interested in, which would not happen with his own son.
"Well, we do have negative GDP growth rate in the second quarter of this year, but considering that we are recovering from the tsunami and all, I think we are not doing too bad. But if either the American and European economies become default, it will affect our export tremendously, thus slowing our economic recovery even further." Sho gave his earnest opinion.
Ohno's father nodded in agreement. He was impressed by the young man. Although it's not any detailed analysis, the Economics student did actually pay attention to what's going on in the global economy, and that's good potential for just a college student.
“That's good observation. You surely follow the subject closely.” The old man expressed his praise. “By the way, is your family doing any kind of business? It's a very tough market nowadays. I hope the recession did not create any hardship for your family.”
Though impressed by the brightness of the young man, Ohno's father still did not trust Sho and suspicious of Sho's intention to be with his son. He still wanted to find out more about his background.
Upon the inquiry about his family, Sho tensed up immediately. “Er...no sir, my family is not in any kind of business. My parents are just ordinary working class people.”
“But you said they travel a lot? What kind of work do they do to travel that much? Are they still on the road? I'd really love to meet them.” Ohno's father is pushing further.
“Yes, they are still on the road. I – will let you know when they are back in town.” Sho gave the simplest answer he could think of.
“I see. It seems that their trips are pretty long. You must be missing them a lot.” Ohno's father could sense that Sho was avoiding the subject.
“Y – Yes, I am, but I'm used to it.” Sho replied in a soft voice. “If you would excuse me, I am a little tired and would like to go back to the room now.”
Sho turned around and walked towards the house before Ohno's father could say another word. He knew his behavior might raise even more suspicious from the old man, but he didn't care. He just wanted to get away from being asked all those questions about his family.
He stayed in the room for the whole afternoon and not came out until dinner time. Even at dinner time Ohno's father still brought up questions about Sho's family and background one way or another. Sho tried hard to not answer directly and changed the subject as best he could. He didn't know why Ohno's father suddenly pushed so hard on the subject. It was a rather stressful dinner for Sho, not likely other times when he enjoyed the family ambiance.
“Sho and I are going to a concert tonight after dinner.” Ohno announced to his parents without any warning to Sho. Sho glanced at Ohno but still tried his best to cover his surprises.
“It's probably going to rain tonight and it's getting cold. Be prepared.” Ohno's mother was always so caring.
“We will, mama.” Ohno replied casually.
Back in their room Sho inquired Ohno about their unexpected concert 'date'. “What's with this going to a concert tonight?”
“Some friends of mine are having a party tonight, but I don't want to tell that to my parents.” Ohno said while looking at his wardrobe to see what to wear.
“You can just go yourself, no need to drag me along.” Sho had no interest in going to any party. He's not a party person.
“I am not planning to take you to the party. I know you’re not interested anyway. I have already been out alone all day, not doing something with you tonight won't look right to my parents. I'll drop you off in the library and pick you up after the party. You're reading at home anyway, right? So it doesn't matter where you are.” Ohno's voice came out from his huge closet.
Sho signed. He was just an excuse for Ohno. He should have known. Ohno was right though, he was planning on continuing his reading and he could do that either at home or in the library. If it were other days, he would have protested Ohno's impromptu action of taking him out without advance notice, but tonight he actually didn't mind getting out of the house for a while just to avoid running into Ohno's father again.
Ohno dropped Sho off at the library before heading off to his party. He told the younger man he would pick him up at around 11:00pm, three hours from then. Sho found himself a table near the window and brought out his book to start reading. He stared at the window for a good few minutes, feeling pathetic for avoiding someone just because he asked him questions about his family. Unfortunately that's something he had locked in his heart for years. Shaking his head to clear his mind from distracted thoughts, he opened his book to focus back on his work. He had sworn to make something out of himself and he had to work hard for it. That's the only goal that kept him going.
In Ohno's friend Murakami's house, he was enjoying himself in the party. Drinking, dancing, trying to do magic tricks that mostly failed. He hadn't had so much fun in weeks, ever since his parents came to town and stayed with him. He needed to refrain himself from all these fun activities and also spending time with Sho, his supposed lover, who he thought was rather boring.
“Hey sweetie, what's with you lately? Didn't see you at all in parties. I almost thought you had evaporated.” Ryoko, a girl who Ohno used to hang out with, leaned her body against Ohno and put her hands on the man's shoulder.
“I'm just a little busy. My parents are in town, you know. Miss me?” Ohno laid a soft kiss on the girl's hand and said with a smirky look.
“Of course, dear. I haven't been shopping since you're missed in action.” Ryoko chuckled. “Do you have time tomorrow?”
“Sorry, I probably won't have time to hang out until my parents leave. But I'll call you, OK?” Ohno didn't want to push his luck with his parents.
“Fine, but you have to drink these and then dance with me.” Ryoko poured three shots of whiskey in front of Ohno.
“All of these?” Ohno hesitated. He's not used to drink hard liquor, let alone three shots at once.
“Scared?” Ryoko said mischievously. “Why so timid all of a sudden? Geez.”
Ryoko was turning around and leave when Ohno called her back. “Who said I'm scared?” And he threw down all three shots quickly. Swallowing hard and wiping his mouth, he flaunted to the girl. “See!”
Ryoko laughed. “Here, that's the Ohno-kun I knew. Now let's dance.” She took Ohno's hand and led him to the dance floor.
It's half past eleven, half an hour later than the time when Ohno said he would come pick Sho up. The library had closed, and for the past half hour Sho had been sitting by the railings outside the library waiting for his lover.
He had called Ohno a couple of times, but no answer. He left messages but no replied. All he could do was wait.
Another half hour had passed. It's now midnight and still quite cold in March. Clouds had been building up and wind was starting to pick up. Sho figured it might start to rain soon. There was still no sign of Ohno. The rich man must be having too much fun at the party or could have forgotten about him and gone home, Sho thought. One last call which again went to voice mailbox had Sho decided he's not going to wait any longer. He left a message telling Ohno he's going home on his own, took his bag and started walking towards the train station.
Train runs at wee hours on a Sunday night were not frequent. By the time he got off the train at the station nearest to the Ohno house, it was close to one o’clock in the morning, and there’s still a good twenty minutes walk before reaching the house.
Things were really going against Sho tonight. When he was still ten minutes away from the house, rain started to pour and there was no shelter in sight. He reached inside of his bag and searched for the rain gear they brought but couldn’t find it. It was left in Ohno’s car! Who would have thought he needed to take the train home by himself? He could only run as fast as he possible back to the house, but by the time he reached the front gate, he was already soaking wet.
Ding dong, ding dong…. Sho rang the bell at the front gate.
“Who is this?” The voice of Nishimura, the butler of the Ohno household, came from the intercom speaker.
“This is Sakurai Sho. Can you open the gate please?” Sho answered while still standing under the heavy rain.
“Oh Sakurai-san? I'll open right away.”
A click sound was heard and the big gate slowly opened. Sho quickly went inside and ran towards the front door of the house, which Nishimura had already opened for him.
“Sakurai-san, you are all wet. Here, please dry yourself. I shall make some hot tea for you.” Nishimura took Sho's bag and handed him a big dry towel.
“Thank you, Nishimura-san.” Sho stayed in the genkan area and started to dry himself. He was wet and cold. He could feel his body shivering, but he didn't want to go inside and made the floor all wet until he stopped dripping.
“Aa-choo – ” Sho started to sneeze.
“Sho, what happened to you?” Ohno's mother came out from the living room and saw the disconcerting Sho. She looked around but couldn't find her son. “Where's Satoshi?”
“He – ” Sho was about to explain when he sneezed again. “Aa-choo – ”
“Don't say anything. Go change into some dry clothes first, then come and have some hot tea. Go!” Her voice has a commanding tone which made Sho obeyed immediately.
Sho went back to his room and changed into some sweats. His body was still shivering when he took off his soaking wet clothes. He used hot water to warm his hands and face before he felt slightly more comfortable.
That stupid jerk. I'm going to kick his ass when I saw him again!
While he was still breeding his anger towards Ohno, there was a knock on the door.
“Sakurai-san, tea is ready and being served in the dining room. Madam Ohno is waiting for you.” Nishimura said politely from outside the door.
“I will be right there.” Sho responded.
It's almost two o'clock in the morning. Sho was actually very tired and felt light-headed and just wanted to lie down and sleep. But Ohno's mother was waiting. She probably wanted to know what happened. And to have some hot tea would be nice after a cold rain shower also. Sho left the bedroom and headed for the dining room.

“Feel better?” Ohno's mother greeted him with a smile. “Come and have some hot tea. It will make you warmer.”
Sho sat down and held the cup of hot liquid with both hands. He had several sips and before he knew it, he already finished the cup. It did feel very soothing to drink something hot.
“Where is Satoshi? Weren't you two together?” Ohno's mother poured him another cup and starting to talk.
“Yes, we were. After the concert, he and some friends went for a drink, but I was tired so I came back first.” Sho explained the best way he could without revealing their lies.
“Even so, he should have driven you back first before going. How could he let you come back alone, especially when it's raining?” Ohno's mother was clearly angry with his son's irresponsibility.
“I told him no need to drive me back. It was not raining when we parted. Please don't blame him for this.” Sho didn't know why he’s still finding excuse for Ohno. He was pissed at the man himself.
“You are so nice to still defend him. In any case he should have been back by now. I really need to have a good talk with him tomorrow.”
The way Ohno's mother looked at Sho was so much caring and love. Sho didn't have the heart to upset her.
“I should turn in now. I'm sorry that I keep you up so late.” Sho started to feel a headache and truly wanted to go to sleep.
“No worries. Get some rest and we shall talk in the morning.”
“Good night, Mrs. Ohno” Sho got up and returned to his room. He washed up, lied down on the sofa and closed his eyes.
Just as he was about to fall asleep, there was another knock at the door. Too tired to get up, he just called out while still lying down.
“Who is it?”
“Sakurai-san, please open the door. Obocchan Ohno had just come back.” It was Nishimura talking outside the room.
“Can't he just come in himself?” Sho raised his voice a little. Ohno was the last person he wanted to see now, let alone to welcome him at the door.
“Actually he can't. Sakurai-san, you will find out when you open the door.” Nishimura seemed to be implying something, but couldn't say it out loud.
Reluctantly, Sho got up, quickly put away the blankets on the sofa, and went to open the door.
To his surprise, he saw Ohno's arm wrapped around the Nishimura's shoulder, his body leaned against the butler. His eyes were closed but he was murmuring something that couldn't be heard.
Ohno was dead drunk!

To Be Continued....

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Dec. 1st, 2011 10:37 pm (UTC)
First! Ohno needs to be more attentive to his "lover" that jerk.
Dec. 1st, 2011 11:30 pm (UTC)
Oow gimmie gimmie mooooore please ... It,s not enough
Dec. 2nd, 2011 12:57 am (UTC)
awwww,, poor sho :(
Ohno's mother is such a nice person~
Dec. 2nd, 2011 02:28 am (UTC)
Stupid Ohno! D: I feel sorry for Sho! Thank you for the update ;)
Dec. 2nd, 2011 03:29 am (UTC)
You updated! yay!! I love this fic! Ohno should really learn how to be considerate!

Thanks for the lovely story! :D
Dec. 2nd, 2011 09:05 am (UTC)
poor sho chan. really want ohno know haw sho was so kind and nice to him. ^^
Dec. 2nd, 2011 10:27 am (UTC)
man, Ohno is so irresponsible!!!
really, I hope that Ohno would stop being such a jerk.
I feel sad for Sho, a lot, in this series.
thanks for this!
can't wait for the next! :D
Dec. 2nd, 2011 01:30 pm (UTC)
baka ohno!!!

I will countdown to next ep.
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poor sho chan .. hope he will not fall ill after this terrible night .. and for Ohno .. hope he gets the worst headache ever ...
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so, hopefully this comment will go through...

From the comments so far, I think Ohno received enough curses; so I guess I should spare him this time. that jerk xD.

Ohno's parents were giving Sho different treatments; one showering Sho with unconditional TLC, another was being cautious and doubtful of Sho's motives.

I think Ohno's father wasn't completely wrong in his judgement, since Sho did pretended to become Ohno's lover for money. It could have been someone else who could have agreed to cooperate with that spoilt brat in this scheme, one who could really suck their wealth away ruthlessly. Ohno was really lucky that it was Sho.

Whatever it takes, I want Ohno to realize the gem he's keeping in his own home. Soon.
Dec. 3rd, 2011 10:27 am (UTC)
Oh man, Ohno needs a good talking to.
Dec. 3rd, 2011 01:13 pm (UTC)
I read this chapter so eagerly!!! I wonder what Ohno will say/do in his drunken state. Hopefully he won't reveal his deception!!!
Dec. 3rd, 2011 06:10 pm (UTC)
Aw~ poor Sho~ and he even covers for Ohno when Ohno's mom asks.
Ohno's mom is sweet and it seems like Ohno's father isn't as suspicious of Sho now.
Hehe, I knew Ohno would end up so drunk.

Thanks for sharing :)
Dec. 4th, 2011 03:02 am (UTC)
Sigh.. LJ not being nice to me lately, specially if I'm writing comments,
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i really wanted to kick ohno's ass
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and sho's being an angel for keep covering him. I'm glad that sho could felt ohno mama caring towards him.
Can't wait for more XD
Dec. 7th, 2011 07:32 am (UTC)
hello~ i just recently interested to arashi's FF and found this LJ
first i want to say i love all your stories <3
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