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[Yama fic] Rental Lover (Chapter 7)

Title: Rental Lover
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, fluff, romance, drama
Summary: After Sho had to go home by himself and be rained on after being left behind by Ohno at the library, he was stuck to take care of a drunken Ohno.

Chapter 7
Sho stood there looking at Nishimura supporting the full weight of Ohno, not sure exactly what to do.
“Can I bring Obocchan Ohno in?” It was Nishimura who spoke up first.
“Oh, of course.” Sho finally came back from being dumbfounded. “Let me help you.” He took Ohno’s other arm and wrapped it around his shoulder to unload some of the support from Nishimura. Together they brought Ohno inside the room and laid him down on the bed.
“Please pardon me, Sakurai-san. I did not disturb Madam Ohno about obocchan’s return. I want to let him sober up before seeing his parents tomorrow.” Nishimura explained and Sho understood. The loyal servant knew that his master and mistress would be upset to see his son in this state. It wouldn’t do any good to the already strained and distant relationship between parents and son.
“I shall excuse myself. Please take care of Obocchan Ohno. Don’t hesitate to call me if you need anything.” The butler bowed mannerly before leaving the room.
“Wait – what do I – ” Sho swallowed the words. He wanted to ask Nishimura to stay and take care of Ohno, but it was supposed to be his responsibility, as a lover, to attend to the drunken man. He had no idea what to do, nor did he want to spend his already weakening energy to care for this man who just hours ago had left him behind in the cold. But at this moment, it seemed he didn't have a choice.
"What do I do with you?" Sho glanced at the man on the bed. He was angry at him, but all of a sudden his anger had changed into sadness.
You have such a nice family but you don’t treasure it. You’re such an idiot.
Still cooping with his worsening headache, he went ahead and took off Ohno’s shoes, moved him into a more comfortable position and put the blanket over him. That's the most he's willing to do for the heartless man. Just as he was about to turn around and headed back to the sofa, he was stopped by a grasp on his wrist. The unexpected force made him lost balance and stumbled onto the bed. Before he knew it his face was just inches away from Ohno's.
Sho felt he was being suffocated by the strong alcohol smell from Ohno's breathes. He immediately pulled away wanting to get up from the bed, but found himself being embraced by a pair of strong arms and his lips covered by another, totally stealing his breathes away. Everything happened so fast that his tired body and blanked mind did not have time to react. It was not until a few seconds later that he realized what was happening and used all his remaining energy to push away.
The embrace and kiss made Sho blushed. He had never been so intimate with Ohno, or any other person before. His heart was beating so fast. But he's still mad at the drunken man's advances and he raised his hand wanting to slap the man's face.
“You're so beautiful.....” Ohno murmured.
Sho sighed but didn't carry out the slap after all. The drunken man must have mistaken him as some girl he fooled around with, Sho thought. Slapping him would be pointless since he wouldn't remember a thing later.
Ohno mumbled some more, then some growling noises came from the man's stomach. The next second, he suddenly sat up and threw up everything in his stomach all over himself and the bed. He then coughed repeatedly, apparently choked by his own vomit.
"Gosh, are you alright?" Sho asked in concern although Ohno was in no state to hear what he said or answered. He sat besides the distressed man and gently patted his back trying to sooth his discomfort. At this moment he had forgotten all about what the brat had done to him earlier. He only knew the man besides him needed his care.
After Ohno was done throwing up and stopped coughing, he and the bed was a mess. Sho had to get Ohno out of the stinky clothes that now had a mixture of alcohol and vomit smells, which meant he had to undress the man. Sho hesitated. Even though technically he was the only one who would know about it, it's still an awkward thing to do. But he figured he had no choice, he couldn't leave Ohno in this state all night.
In the next hour, Sho moved Ohno to the sofa, undressed him down to his boxer, put pajamas on him, changed the sheets on the bed and moved Ohno back on the bed covering him with a new blanket. The drunken man being totally unconscious didn’t make the job easy. He took out all the dirty clothes and sheets to the laundry room and stopped by the kitchen to take an aspirin. His headache had become quite dominant.
It was not until almost 4:00am when Sho could finally lied down on the sofa and rest. He could hear the snoring sound from the man on the bed before he fell asleep.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
“Ah, what's happening to me?” Ohno woke up with a terrible headache the next day, a bad hangover from the drunkenness the night before. He felt like his head was going to explode.
After much struggling, he finally managed to sit up on the bed. The clock at his bedside showed 1:30pm.
“I'm in my room?” He looked around to see his surroundings, still rubbing his tempos with his fingers. He then looked at himself, properly dressed in his pajamas and was sleeping on his own bed. “How did I get home?” But figuring out how he got back to his room was not his top priority. He desperately needed an aspirin or else he wouldn't survive another minute.
He got up with what's like a million tons of weight in his body and wobbled towards the bedroom door. When he reached the kitchen, he was greeted by Nishimura. “Good morning, Obocchan Ohno. What can I get you?”
“An aspirin, please.” Ohno said while sitting down on a chair next to the breakfast counter. He put his hands on the counter and supported his head with them.
While the butler was getting his master what he wanted, Ohno suddenly lifted up his head and asked. “Nishimura, who brought me back last night?”
“Your friend Murakami-san brought you back, my master.” Nishimura answered and handed over an aspirin and a glass of water to Ohno.
Quickly Ohno took the aspirin and drank the full glass of water in one sip. His mouth had been dried since he woke up.
“You finally wake up.” Ohno heard the voice of his mother from behind him. He turned his head and saw his mother coming into the kitchen.
“Good morning, mama.” Ohno didn’t exactly want his mother to see him in this form. He’s still in pajamas and having a bad hangover. He tried to compose himself as to not showing any signs of having been drunk.
“Have you spoken with Sho today?” Ohno's mother wanted to know if his son had apologized to his lover about his carelessness the night before.
It was not until the mentioning of Sho's name did Ohno recalled what he did, or more of what he didn’t do.
Sho! Oh shit! I totally forgot about him last night!
“No, mama, I haven't.” Ohno replied, feeling guilty of his negligence, but thought he could have called home to get a ride. “He's probably at work now.”
“Pardon me for interrupting, Obocchan Ohno. But Sakurai-san has not left the house this morning.” Nishimura told the mother and son. He was usually the earliest person to get up in the house and would know if Sho had left for work.
“Sho is still in the house? I haven't seen him all morning. He was not in the bedroom, Satoshi?” Ohno's mother was a little concern.
“I didn’t see him. May be Nishimura just didn’t notice when he left. He wouldn’t miss work for no reason.” He didn’t think it was a big deal. Sho’s whereabouts has never been his concern.
“I suppose…” Ohno’s mother actually hoped that Sho would skip work today given that he came home so late the night before. She sometimes thought the young man was pushing himself a little too hard. “Why don’t you go wash up? I’ll make you something to eat. We have had lunch already before you woke up.”
Ohno walked slowly back to his room, feeling better when the aspirin took effect. He’s still thinking about the party. It was fun, only wished he hadn’t gotten drunk. Should party more often. I missed all the fun.
When he entered his room again and about to go into the bathroom to wash up, he finally noticed there was someone still lying on the sofa.
“So you are still here,” Ohno was more like talking to himself. Sho's face was turned towards the back of the sofa so Ohno couldn't see it. He was kind of surprised Sho was still asleep at this hour and skipped work. Normally he would not sleep past nine o'clock even on his day off.
He walked closer to the sofa to see if Sho was awake. He did feel bad about using the man as his excuse and then leaving him in the library. He wanted to apologize.
“Sho – ”
No response.
“Sho – ” Ohno called again, in a louder voice.
Still no response.
“Come on, I’m sorry, OK? You don’t need to ignore me, I know you’re mad. Just spit it out.”
When he still didn’t get any response, he started to be annoyed. He bended down and slightly shook the man's shoulder. Sho made some moaning sound and turned his head around. Ohno was shocked to see Sho's face all red and his body shivering. Cautiously he reached out his hand and touched Sho's face. The man was burning up!
“Oh man! Sho!” Ohno put both hands on Sho's shoulders and shook the man, hoping he would wake up. But Sho's eyes remained shut, only giving random moanings.
“Mama, mama” Ohno panicked and immediately called out for his mother.
Upon hearing the shouts of her son, Ohno's mother and Nishimura rushed in and found Ohno kneeling in front of the sofa, looking at Sho.
"What's the matter, Satoshi?"
“Mama, Sho's having a fever!” Ohno turned to his mother and said.
“What?” Ohno's mother went besides Sho and felt his forehead with her hand. “Why is Sho sleeping on the sofa?”
“......” Ohno bite his lips but didn't know how to answer. He totally forgot about this bit.
“Oh no. He is really burning!” Ohno's mother then turned to Nishimura. “Nishimura, call Kato-sensei immediately. Send a car to pick him up.”
“Yes, Madam Ohno” Nishimura went out immediately to carry out his tasks.
Seeing her astounded son still standing there doing nothing, Ohno's mother gave her son a smack on the head and said, “Why are you standing there like a statue? Do you want to let him continue to lie on the sofa? Or do you want me to carry him back to the bed?”
Ohno quickly carry Sho back to the bed and put a blanket over him.
“Go wet a towel and put on his forehead to keep him cool. If the towel gets warm, change to another one. And don't you leave his side until Kato-sensei comes.” His mother commanded before she left the room.
Ohno did what his mother told him to, but Sho's fever still remained high, and he was restless. About half an hour later, their family doctor Kato-sensei arrived.
"Sakurai-san must have caught a cold. He has a fever of 40 degrees which is quite dangerous. I gave him a shot and hopefully it would bring his fever down fast. Here are some medications. Give it to him every four hours till the fever breaks. He needed to be monitored very closely for the next twenty-four hours. If his fever doesn't break, there's a high risk of pneumonia and you'll have to take him to the hospital immediately." Kato told the Ohnos after examining Sho. "One more thing, if he sweats, it's a good sign because it helps release the heat in his body. But you have to change his clothes right away if they get wet. If he gets chills again, it will make him worse."
Ohno's mother thank the sensei and asked Nishimura to arrange for the car to take him back. After Kato left, Ohno's mother asked Nishimura to stay with Sho in the room when she led Ohno to the living room. She's going to have a talk with her son.
"Satoshi, I don't know what's going on with you and Sho. But he's sick because of you and you need to take care of him." She spoke to her son in a solemn tone.
"Because of me? What did I do? Is that why you're so angry with me?" Ohno still didn't know why Sho got sick.
"You seriously don't know, do you? You let Sho came home by himself last night. He was soaking wet by the rain when he reached home. Why didn't you drive him home first before going off to drink with your friends? You took him out last night, remember? And why did he sleep on the sofa? Did you two have a fight?" She didn't like her son's attitude.
Ohno was stunned. He didn't know he messed up so badly, and apparently Sho was still keeping his secret safe, which he was surprised after what he'd done to him.
"Look, I don't care if you two had a fight or not. If someone your love get sick, you have to live up to your responsibility and take care of him. Sho did that for you when you're drunk, all the more reason for you to take care of him now!" His mother raised her voice. It's time for her son to grow up and become a more responsible person.
"I -- He?" Ohno was both confused and overwhelmed by what his mother had just said.
"Yes, I know about you being drunk last night. I made Nishimura tell me all about it. He said he brought you back into your room and left you with Sho. Judging from all the dirty clothes and bed sheets in the laundry, you've made quite a mess. And I seriously doubt you have the ability to put on pajamas and changed to clean sheets by yourself in that state." She wanted to know how lucky he was to have someone like Sho. "Now go and do what you should for someone you love!" She demanded.
Ohno stood up and walked towards his room. He's still trying to digest what his mother said. His guilty conscience was certainly kicking in.

To Be Continued....

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