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[Yama fic] Rental Lover (Chapter 8)

Title: Rental Lover
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, fluff, romance, drama
Summary: Sho got sick after the night Ohno left him in the library. Under his mother's order, Ohno took care of Sho but he had no idea how.

Chapter 8

When Ohno entered the bedroom, Nishimura excused himself and left. Ohno went up to the bed and slowly sat down at the side. Sho was sleeping but still somewhat restless. His face was red and his lips were dried from the burning heat inside his body. It must be torturous for him.

Ohno sat there for a while. His mother had asked him to take care of Sho, but the truth is he has no idea how. All his life he was being taken care of and he never had to worry about others. Now a man is sick on the bed in front of him, sick because of him and he didn't know how to make him feel better. For the first time in his life, he felt he was so useless.

He needed to keep Sho's temperature down, he knew that much. The ice-pack on Sho's forehead had become warm. He got another one from the kitchen freezer and changed it. He wet a towel and gently wiped Sho's face and moist his lips. After a while Sho seemed to be less restless and slept more calmly. Ohno could see his breathings had become more regular. Ohno took a seat at a chair near the bed and relaxed a little. His hangover was still lingering, which reminded him of how crazy he was at the party the night before. He had fun alright, but someone was paying the price for it. He felt really bad seeing the distressed face on the bed. How could he be so negligent?

A knock on the door interrupted Ohno's thoughts. He opened the door and it was his mother checking in on her two favorite young men.

“How is he?” She asked her son while taking Sho's temperature with the ear-type thermometer.

“He seemed to be sleeping better, but he's still quite hot.” Ohno told his mother, expressing his concerns.

Looking at the display of the thermometer, Ohno's mother gave a small sigh. “His fever has not broken yet. He's due for another dose of medication in about an hour. Don't forget to give it to him. Set an alarm or something to remind yourself. Check his temperature every couple of hours and keep changing the ice-pack and apply wet towel on him.” Ohno's mother knew his son was not good at caring for others, and it's time for him to learn.

“I will, mama.” At that moment the memory of his mother caring for him when he was sick years ago came flashed back to him, a memory that he seemed to have forgotten for a long time.

Ohno's mother sat besides her son on the sofa. She felt it's a good time to have a heart to heart talk with her son. “You know, Satoshi. At first I didn't really want to believe you're – gay. Your father and I were so sure we could proof you wrong, that you had only mistaken your sexuality. But after meeting Sho, I've changed my mind. Guy or gal really doesn't matter. As long as that someone is a good person and can make you happy, I'll welcome him or her to the family.” She looked at her son with a very gentle smile. “I'm glad you've found Sho. He is by far the nicest young person I've ever met, certainly better than all the girls that we've tried to match you with. You're lucky to have him.”

Ohno didn't know how to respond. He didn't know if he should be happy that his mother finally believed and accepted that he's gay as he had suggested, or if he should feel bad that she was happy for his relationship with Sho which was actually a fake.

“Dinner is almost ready. Why don't you come to eat first and then come back to give Sho his medication?” Ohno's mother suggested to her son.

After a little pause, and a glance at Sho, Ohno shoke his head. “I'd rather eat here in the room. Can you ask Nishimura to bring dinner in here for me?”

Ohno's mother smiled. She's pleased that her son had started to show some signs of growing up and she truly believed that Sho was a good influence to her son, even though her husband still had doubts towards the young man.

“Alright. I'll ask Nishimura to bring your dinner in. It will be a long night for you tonight. So eat well to get more energy.” She told her son and left the room.

Not long after Nishimura brought Ohno's dinner in on a tray. But he found himself not having so much of an appetite.

“Wa – wa – ter – ” A faint voice came from the man lying on the bed. Ohno couldn't hear what Sho said at first, so he put down his chopsticks and went up beside the bed.

“Sho? Do you want something?” Ohno asked eagerly. Sho's eyes were half opened but Ohno wasn't sure if he was awake or not.

“Wa – ter – ” Sho said again with his hoarse voice.

Ohno quickly poured a glass of water and put it on the bed side table. Clumsily, he lifted up Sho's head and put the glass of water near his mouth. Sho tried to sip the water but couldn't get to it. Ohno wanted to tilt the glass a little more hoping that the water will be close enough to reach Sho's mouth. But he was a little too anxious and overdid it. He tilted the glass too high and too much water got into Sho's mouth than he could swallow which caused him to choke. He coughed the water out making it spilled over the side. His neck and the collar of his pajama were all wet.

“Oh, I'm sorry.” Ohno put down the glass and rubbed gently on Sho's chest to soothe the coughing. “I'm so sorry.” Ohno was frustrated at himself for messing up on such a simple task. I need to do better than that. He got a dry face towel and put it behind Sho's neck so as to separate the skin with the wet collar.

Sho was about to fall back to sleep before the alarm clock went off. It's time for medications.

“Sho, you need to take your medications.” Ohno patted Sho's shoulders to wake up the sick man. Sho opened his eyes and nodded his head weakly. Ohno brought the pills and the glass of water. This time he was more careful. He sat besides Sho, lifted up Sho's whole upper body carefully and let it rest onto his own body, Sho's head resting on his shoulder. He then put the pills into Sho's mouth and put the glass of water near his mouth. The upright position made it easier for Sho to drink the water without choking or spilling. Ohno could feel the radiant heat from Sho's body. It was the first time he was so close to Sho physically, but he didn’t find himself resisting this closeness.

Ohno let Sho lied back on the bed so he could get back to sleep. Then he set his alarm to the next medication time. He's not going to take the chance of forgetting. He didn't finish his dinner, but asked Nishimura to make him a fresh pot of coffee. He knew he needed to stay alert the whole night.

Sho’s conditions didn’t change much during the first half of the night. Ohno gave him medications and took his temperature promptly and kept changing his ice-packs and wiped his face with wet towel periodically. Sho’s fever did not spike but hadn’t broken either. Sho’s sleeping was calm sometimes but more restless on others. Ohno lied down at the sofa to rest a little, but most of the time he sat at the chair near the bedside to stay guard.

Ohno was woken by the alarm clock when he saw that it’s 4:00am, time for Sho’s medication. He got the pills and water ready and went up to the bed. He saw Sho’s hair was all wet and water droplets were all over Sho’s face and neck. The sick man had started to sweat. Ohno remembered Kato-sensei said sweating is a good sign, but that also meant he had to change Sho’s wet clothes.

After giving Sho the medication which he was getting better at doing, Ohno got some dry clothes and towels and started to take off Sho’s wet pajamas. Sho’s eyes opened halfway sometimes, looking at Ohno when he’s undressing him. He wasn’t sure if the semi-conscious man knew what he was doing, but he wasn’t going to wait for the man’s consent. He couldn’t help looking at Sho’s beautiful body when the fair skin and toned build was revealed. This body was just resting on him, separated only by layers of clothing a few hours ago.

“You're so beautiful.....”

The flashback of him saying that and pulling the man into a kiss came back to mind. Plus, knowing the fact that they had seen each other in stripped form made his heart beat even faster. Shaking his head to get rid of the senseless thought, he tried to focus back on putting dry clothes back on the sick man.

Ohno sat down on the chair after changing Sho’s clothes. It was not an easy task for him, but he thought if Sho could do it, so could he. He closed his eyes and tried to get some rest himself.

“Mama – please – mama – don’t go – ”

Ohno heard mumblings coming from the man on the bed. He opened his eyes and paid attention, trying to hear more of the sayings, but Sho only shifted his body restlessly and said no more. Nonetheless, the few words from the mumblings had already moved the young man.

Where did Sho’s mother go? Why did she go?

A couple of weeks ago Sho was still a total stranger to him. Now he's sleeping on his bed and he's taking care of him. He never really stepped back to think about the whole situation and never even took the time to get to know the man he brought into his own home. Sho had not talked about his family at all, and even avoiding the subject. Hearing Sho's mumblings, he suddenly had the urge to know more about this man that he thought was so different from the other friends he had all his life. He made a mental note to himself to talk to Nino who could probably tell him something later. Exhausted, he dozed off soon after.

Sho was the one who woke up first the next day. His head still hurt, and he was still lack of strength. He lift his head slightly and saw Ohno asleep on the chair next to the bed. He tried to sit up, but his body was still too weak and he fell back to the bed. The noise woke Ohno.

“Hey, you’re awake.” Ohno immediately felt Sho’s forehead. It’s still warm but not the feverish hot that could burn his touch from the night before. “How are you feeling?” He asked while helping Sho to sit up and put a pillow behind his back for support. He then went off to the table at the far end of the room.

“Still kind of dizzy but better.” He tried to recap the vague memory that he had, trying to recall what happened. “How long have I slept?”

“More than twenty-four hours.” Ohno handed a glass of water to Sho. He figured Sho must be thirsty after sweating so much.

“Oh no, my work.” Sho said worriedly. He'd already missed more than a day of work. He tried to get off the bed but was stopped by Ohno.

“You're still sick. Don't worry. I'll ask Nishimura to call for you.” Ohno got up and headed out. “Don't move. I'll be right back.”

Sho sat back and rested his head on the headboard. Slowly his mind became clearer and starting to remember what happened that night. He gasped when he recalled Ohno kissing him and he undressed the man while taking care of him. He sure hoped Ohno would not remember any of these.

Ohno came back after a short while, bringing a tray of food with him. “I've asked Nishimura to call in sick for you.” He put the tray down on the table and turned to Sho. “Mama had asked Nishimura to prepare some soup for you. Do you want to come to the table or eat on the bed?”

Sho felt warm about Ohno's mother's caring, but Ohno's sudden attentiveness made him uneasy, especially with the moments of awkward closeness they had in mind. Ohno was also the reason he got sick in the first place.

“You don't need to do all that. Your mama is not here, so you don't need to pretend that you care.” Sho said bluntly.

Ohno took a deep breath and came to the bedside. “Look, Sho, I'm really sorry about the other night. I didn't mean to leave you there and certainly didn't want you to get rained on. I got carried away in the party and got dr – ”

“ – drunk. I knew that.” Sho interrupted. “If you were having so much fun, you should at least call me and tell me to go home first. I waited for you out in the cold for a full hour.”

“I just – I'm truly sorry that you got so sick. Your fever was really high yesterday and I really wanted to take care of you. I am not pretending.” Ohno said earnestly.

The vague images on Ohno taking care of him flashed back to him. Ohno giving him water and medications. Ohno changing his wet clothes. The man did take care of him the whole night, even if it's just out of guilt, he did deserve some credits. “Fine. We can call it even then.”

“Not really. I made you sick, so it's natural that I took care of you. But you didn't make me drunk, but you still took care of me. I still owe you.” Ohno insisted.

Sho was amused. Sometimes he thought that the rich dude had no concern about other people, and now the man insisted on making up for his irresponsibility.

“OK, then. If you insist, I have a perfect way for you to repay me.” Sho thought of something that could use Ohno's payback.

“Anything.” Ohno proclaimed, although had no idea what the younger man had in mind.

“Good.” Sho smiled. “Free up yourself this Saturday afternoon. I’m taking you out.”

To Be Continued....

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