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[Yama fic] Rental Lover (Chapter 9)

Title: Rental Lover
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG
Genre: AU, fluff, romance, drama
Summary: Sho is taking Ohno out. Are they going on a date? Later, Sho is upset about Ohno, but why?

Chapter 9

It took two days for Sho to fully recover. He had missed work almost the whole week despite clearly not wanting to. But Ohno's mother insisted that he needed the rest and he didn't want to go against her will. She also told Sho to take one of Ohno's cars to drive since their villa was far from public transit. Sho refused at first but she said either Sho took the car or she’d send chauffeur whereever he went. Reluctantly Sho accepted and picked the oldest one to drive.

Ohno continued to take care of Sho under his mother's order, and as much as Sho would let him. He did insist that Sho continued to sleep on the bed while he took the sofa.

The following Saturday afternoon Sho took Ohno to a community center on the other side of the city. He still hadn't told Ohno what they're going to be doing. He just asked him to bring his drawing utensils with him.

“Can you tell me what we are doing here?” Ohno asked while they were entering what looked like at classroom.

“I suppose.” Sho gave out a gentle smile. “We are teaching a group of school-age children.”

“Teaching?” Ohno asked in surprise. “Is it one of your jobs?”

Sho shook his head. “I volunteer here sometimes. It's a camp for disadvantage children whose family couldn't provide extracurricular activities to them and give them a way to learn something or pursue their interests.” He then turned away and looked around the classroom. “I was here a lot when I was little.” The last sentence was so softly spoken that he was like saying it to himself.

“So what do we do?” Ohno still didn't have a clue of what he's supposed to do.

“You're good at arts, at drawings, right? Your talents come in handy here. Those signed up for this session are all interested in drawings, but that is not my strongest subject.” Sho shrugged. “I can certainly use some help.”

“Oh, that should be a piece of cake. Just watch me impress them with my skills.” Ohno said in confident.

“You think so?” Sho rolled his eyes after a chuckle. “Well, I shall let you run the show then.”

A few minutes later a group of about fifteen children came into the room. They were all about seven to eight years old. Each took a seat that seemed to have been pre-assigned.

“Good afternoon boys and girls. You all brought your drawing gear, right? Ready to draw some pretty pictures today?” Sho greeted the students.

“Yeah!” All the children said simultaneously. Everyone was excited and energetic.

“Sakurai-sensei, what are you going to teach us to draw?” A little girl with a pony tail asked Sho.

“Mana-chan, I won't be teaching you today. Ohno-sensei will. He is very good at drawing. Everyone, please meet your new teacher Ohno-sensei.” Sho introduced Ohno to the children.

“Hi everyone. What do you like to draw?” Ohno asked. He was actually began to feel a little nervous upon the arrival of the children. He had never dealt with that many children before.

“I want to draw tigers.”

“I want to draw trees and flowers.”

“No, that's boring. I want to draw Gokaiger or Gojira.”

All the children spoke out their interests at the same time. Ohno was starting to have a headache already. He turned to Sho with a pleading look didn't know how to make the children settle down.

“Quiet, children.” Sho raised both of his hands signaling for them to stop talking. “What did I tell you before? Raise your hand before you talk, remember? Ohno-sensei won't listen unless you behave nicely. Now each of you take turns to say your name, how old you are and what you like to draw, so Ohno-sensei can get to know you. OK?”

The children stopped their yelling at once and did what Sho told them to. Ohno gave a grateful smile to Sho and listened to the children when they introduced themselves.

The rest of the class went on pretty smoothly. Ohno was quickly into the mood after he started the drawing part. He gave some demostrations on his drawing skills and the children applauded with admirations. He taught them basic drawing skills and then asked them to start drawing what they like on their own. He also went up to each child as they drew, giving comments and suggestions. The children listened very carefully. There were some strained moments when some children argued among themselves on whose drawings are better or who used a prettier color. When Ohno couldn't handle, Sho stepped in to mediate.

The class seemed to be ended too soon. Everyone didn't want to leave, including Ohno himself, which surprised himself to say the least. All the children left happily with a wonderful drawing of their own.

“Goodbye, Ohno-sensei. Will you teach us again?” A little boy who held a picture of Gojira in his hand asked Ohno.

“Do you like me to, Fuku-kun?” Ohno was a little surprise by the question.

“Yes. I love how you teach us. Look, I can actually draw the whole Gojira now.” Fuku held up his picture proudly.

“Sure. If I have time, I will come again.” Ohno replied to the little boy who went off and showed his picture to his mother.

They left the community center after cleaning up the classroom and threw away the trashes produced from the class.

“Are you up for a bowl of ramen?” Sho asked Ohno after they got on Ohno's car. “My treat as a thank you for helping today.”

“Sure. I am starving. Teaching fifteen children can really make you hungry.” Ohno favored the idea and both men laughed.

Sho led Ohno to a small ramen place near the community center and they quickly placed their orders.

“How did you find this place? I would never have noticed it.” Ohno asked. The entrance of the place was at a narrow alley and was hardly noticeable.

“I used to live in this neighborhood when I was little. Even though this place looks wornout, their ramen is really good.” Sho replied casually while smoothing out the wooden chopsticks waiting for their ramen.

Ohno seldom came to this part of the city. This is not the greatest neighborhood in the city. Those living here were usually lower income families, which was likely what Sho's family was, Ohno thought. He got to know a little bit more about Sho's background.

“Thank you for helping today.” Sho smiled. “I would be totally clueless today if you weren't here. You are actually a pretty good teacher. I'm quite amazed.”

“Don't mention it. Those kids are really adorable. I actually had a good time myself. I didn't know teaching them can be that fun.” Ohno expressed his feelings about the day.

“First time volunteering?” Sho actually knew the answer before even asking. Ohno was hardly the type of person who would do any work, let alone volunteering.

Ohno nodded.

“Figured.” Sho sighed. “Don’t you think it’s more satisfying to do things like this than to go off partying and singing karaoke all the time? Look how happy you’ve made those children today, and it doesn’t even cost you a single yen. It’s a good way to utilize your talents and skills.”

Ohno was a little taken aback. None of his friends or peers had ever made such kind of remarks to him, even Nino, who he thought was already the most rational guy he knew. He didn’t respond right away, but seemed to be evaluating what the younger man said in his own thoughts.

Sho regret saying what he had right after the words came out of his mouth. He and Ohno were not even friends and he felt he had stepped out of his boundaries. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. I’m in no position to make such comment to you. I – ”

“You’re right.” Ohno interrupted Sho and broke his silence. “I do feel pretty good of what I did today.”

Sho looked at Ohno with eyes wide opened. He was most certain that Ohno would be pissed by the comments he blurted out.

“Seeing that those kids had actually learned something from me and improved their skills, even just a little, made me feel I’ve accomplished something. It’s a feeling that I don’t have after a night of partying.” A smile appeared on the rich man’s face. “It’s quite refreshing actually.”

“You really think so?” Sho was quite delighted of what he just heard. “So, you want to come again next time?”

“Sure, but only if you’d treat me with ramen again afterward.” Ohno said after eating a mouthful of hot ramen from his bowl. “It’s so good.”

“Deal.” Sho said before he dipped his chopsticks into his own bowl and started eating.

This was by far the most sensible and comfortable conversation they had since they met. They had seen a side of each other that they hadn't noticed before.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

School started the following week. Ohno had hoped that his parents would have left by then but to his dismay, they had no sign of leaving any time soon. He and Sho had to continue their act through their school days. Ohno's father still inquired Sho about his family whatever chance he had, but getting pretty much the same answer every time. He had voiced his concern to his wife, but she had grown to like Sho so much that she practically negated all of her husband's suspicions and said he had no ground to doubt such a fine young man.

Ohno volunteered another time at the community center and he's liking it more. He initiated more conversations with Sho and felt less awkward when he pretended to be close to the young man, even if it's still fake. Sho's impressions on Ohno had improved, didn't reject the other man's approach as much but still kept his distance. He was pleased that Ohno had party less and spent more time at home, which made Ohno's mother quite happy. They were getting along better until this night.

Ohno came home at round midnight and found Sho studying on the sofa when he entered the bedroom. “Still studying?” He greeted the younger man while taking off his jacket.

“Yeah – ” Sho replied in a rather cold voice without even turning his head.

“Oh, the concert tonight was so cool, this band is my favorite, they even sang their newest – ”

“Didn’t you say you’re coming home for dinner?” Sho interrupted Ohno when the older man was jubilating over the wonderful entertainment he had earlier.

“Yes, at first I was planning to, but then Murakami got two tickets to the X Japan concert. Man, I’ve been dying to see their performance live. They totally rock.” Ohno pretended to be holding a microphone and imitating the performance moves himself.

“Your mother had been busy in the kitchen preparing for the dinner since I came back from class. She was cooking curry. She said it's your favorite.” Sho told Ohno.

“Yay, curry. I've got to ask Nishimura to see if there are leftover.” Curry was indeed Ohno's favorite. His eyes immediately widened upon mentioning his favorite dish.

“You're missing my point. Your mother spent the time to cook your favorite food thinking that you would be coming home to eat together, but you put in a no show for no good reason and don't even have the slightest guilt?" Sho was irritated by Ohno's behavior.

“What's the big deal? I forgot to call, OK? It's not like I haven't done that before. She won't mind.” Ohno didn't understand why Sho was so upset.

Sho didn't say anything further. He just packed up his books, took his jacket and headed out.

“Hey, where are you going?” Ohno was surprised by Sho's action. The younger man usually didn't go out this late at night.

“I need some air.” Sho said when he was just outside the bedroom door. He paused for a moment and turned back to Ohno and said. “You really don't know how lucky you are to have such a loving mother.” Then he left. Not long after he heard the sound of a car driving away.

Ohno stood there for a while, still wondering what made Sho so agitated. Not even his mother had given him a third degree. Mother! Could it be why?

 “Mama – please – mama – don’t go – ”

Ohno suddenly remembered Sho's murmur when he was sick. There must be something behind Sho's desperate plea to his mother. He took out his phone and dialed, not caring that it's way past midnight.

“Nino, meet me at the usual place tomorrow after class. There's something I want to ask you.”

To Be Continued....

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A/N: How do you like this series so far? Ohno and Sho are getting to know each other more, although through both pleasant and unpleasant events, but they are getting closer, aren't they? XD  Sho's family background will soon be revealed, and someone from his family will show up in the fic. Ohno's cousin will also come into the picture. How will he affect their "relationship"? I hope you'll continue to support this fic. Wish everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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