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[Yama Fic] Window of My Soul (Part 1)

Title: Window of My Soul (Part 1 of 4)
Pairing: Yama  (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: When Sho was carrying out his assignment as he normally did, an unexpected bystander got caught in the line of fire.

Part 1


Sho poured whisky in a glass and drink it all in one sip, the same thing he did every time he comes home from a job.


He put down his gun on the table and turned on the stereo as loud as he could. He doesn’t care what’s playing, he just want some sound in the room, as if it will cover up the sound of the shot he fired less than an hour ago, the one that took a man’s life.


Sho is an assassin, has been for five years and is good at his job. He never asked about the target, nor he ever wanted to know. His only rule is that he doesn’t kill children or elderlies. Just a picture and a location and he will get the job done, every single time.


He didn’t do it for the money, not totally anyway. May be it was for revenge, may be it was for the pleasure. He doesn’t know. He only knows he was left orphaned after his whole family was killed by some cold blooded robbers that invaded their peaceful home when he was ten. His life was spared because he got up to pee, heard the gun shots and hid inside the laundry basket covering himself with dirty clothes. But he heard everything, the gun shots, the screamings, the overturning of drawers and furniture even if he covered his ears with both hands trying not to listen to the horrors. When it’s all silent again, he slowly came out and all he saw was his parents, brother and sister all covered with blood.


Does it feel good to kill? It must be, otherwise why would those robbers kill his whole family after taking all valuables from his home?


The next day the message tone from his phone woke him up. The message said “Check your mailbox”. His next assignment has come.


He opened the envelope. There’s a picture of a middle aged man, and a piece of paper with an address written on it. He usually finishes his assignments within a week, and he never failed.


Three days later he decided it was time. He already checked out the location the day before. It was the address on an art gallery. It’s an unusal place to kill someone, he thought, but he doesn’t really care.


It’s nine o’clock at night. The gallery has just closed. This part of town is pretty quiet. He waited across the street for his target to come out. Soon he saw the door opened and this man was walking out. He slowly started to walk towards him. His hand was reaching inside his jacket for his gun while looking around to see if it’s cleared from potential witness.


When he saw that it’s all cleared and his target is within his shooting range, he aimed at the man. All of these happened within ten seconds time. The man was only a few steps from the gallery front door. Just as he’s about to pull the trigger, a young man suddenly ran out from the gallery.


“Kawashima-san, Kawashima-san, you forgot your….” the young man said breathlessly as he tried to catch up with the older man. But he stopped and froze at what he saw, a man pointing a gun at the man he was running after.


Sho saw the young man too. His head turned towards the young man when he heard him shouting out. Both men came into direct eye contact and both froze.


The eye contact lasted for less than a second, but the young man’s face was deeply engraved into Sho’s mind, and vice versa. Somehow Sho felt a shiver, but with his quick thinking mind he knew that he had to continue with his mission. It was too late to back down. He quickly turned his focus back to the old man and fired.


“Look out!” the young man swooped towards the old man attempting to push him away from the line of fire.


Right at the millisecond when the bullet was about to hit the old man, the young man came in between the bullet and the old man with his head slightly turned towards Sho. The bullet grazed the young man’s left eye, the bridge of his nose, and then his right eye, in a straight line, but missed the targeted old man.


The young man made a loud scream and fell on the ground, with both hands covering his face. Sho could hear him moaning, so he knew he’s still alive. He kept his focus on the old man who is running for his life as fast as he could. But when Sho fired a second time, the old man fell down, not moving.


After making sure the old man is dead, Sho went back to check on the young man. Blood is covering his face and leaking out between his fingers. He rolled back and forth slowly on the ground, obviously in great pain. Sho pointed the gun at him. He can’t leave a witness behind, especially the young man saw his face. But at that moment, he couldn’t pull the trigger. He kept seeing the young man’s face when they were staring each other for that split second. For some reason, he couldn’t get himself to killing this man.



When Ohno regained consciousness, it was all black in front of him. He couldn't open his eyes. They were like glued together and every time he tried to move his eyeballs or eyelids, he felt sharp pain coming from there.


What happened to my eyes? He tried to remember what had happened, but only bits and pieces flashing back. Oh, I got shot! What about Kawashima-san? Why can't I see?

“Somebody here? Where am I? What happened to my eyes?” He said trying to get up from his laying position. He tried to use his hands to on to something. Then he felt one hand holding his outreaching hand and anther one supporting his back helping him to get up.


“Please calm down. You're in the hospital.” He heard a soft, thick voice from someone standing next to his bed.

“Who are you? Are you the doctor? What happened to me eyes? Can I see again?”


“Please, you have to calm down. Anxieties are not good for your injuries.”


Ohno sat still for a moment. He could feel the other person sitting down beside him, still holding on to his hand. It made him feel more secure, especially when he couldn't see anything.


“Now can you talk to me?” Ohno asked anxiously. He wanted very much to hear that his eyes will be fine and he could see again soon.


“I – I am the one who brought you to the hospital last night. I saw your were injured when I passed by”, the other man said, “Do you remember what happened?”


“I only remembered some guy was shooting....Kawashima-san! Oh, what happened to him?” Ohno suddenly raised his head, but he didn't know where to turn to.


“I'm sorry, but I think he's...dead. At least that's what I heard from the police.”


“Oh no, why would anybody want to hurt Kawashima-san? He's such a nice person!” Ohno was angry and sad. “I'll never forget that face! He shot me in my eyes too, I'd probably never see again....” He finally remembered what happened, and still feel the fright when the moment he got shot was replayed on his mind. “Who would do such a horrible thing?”


“You need to get some rest. The doctor will be here to check on your soon” Seemed agitated by Ohno's remarks, the other man got up and helped Ohno laid down. He patted on Ohno's hand gently before releasing it and started to leave.


“Thank you, for saving my life” Ohno still gripping tight on the other man's hand. Because he can't see now, the sense of insecurity is overflowing in him. This other man who apparently had been staying with him all night seemed to give him some feeling of safety and warm, which is what he needed the most now.


The other man replied with a smile, but he forgot that Ohno couldn't see it.


“Don't mention it. I'm just glad you're alive."

Will you come back again?” Ohno asked before letting go of the hand. He really hoped he would. He's already feeling lost when the other hand slowing moved away from his. Before he even knew it, he has become depended on this person who he doesn't even know the name yet.


“I will – if you want me to” the other man replied. He, too, is becoming more attached to Ohno, and he doesn't know why.


“I do”, Ohno said quickly, like he's afraid the other man would change his mind if he said any slower.


“I'm Satoshi. What's your name?” Ohno realized he didn't know the other man's name.


“I'm Sho, now get some rest. I'll come back later tonight.” Sho said before leaving the room.



After he knew he couldn't kill Ohno the night before, Sho quickly found a safe place close by and hid his gun. Then he went back to the scene and called the police, pretending to be scared and panic. He told the police he heard shooting sounds and saw two men were wounded. He thought about leaving the scene afterward, knowing that ambulance is on it's way. But seeing Ohno’s painful rollings, he couldn't leave. He’s just an innocent by stander in the wrong place at the wrong time. He doesn’t deserve this.


He knew he's taking a huge risk of exposing himself to the police, even though he had made up and story to tell them. He can't explain, but at that moment he thought that was the right thing to do.


He stayed with Ohno all night at the hospital, waited when Ohno was in surgery. The surgery was successful, but damage had been done on Ohno's eyes. He would definitely lose his eyesight, but if the wounds recovered well, he might have a chance to regain his vision with corneas transplant.


Ohno was in the hospital for three weeks. Sho went to see him almost everyday, except for the days when he had to do other assignments. Ohno took the news that he won't see again pretty hard. Sho learned that Ohno was an artists, losing his eyesight means losing pretty much his entire life. Ohno is an orphan, the same as Sho. He worked very hard to become an intern at the art gallery. It made Sho more guilty of what he had done to Ohno, and wanted to do more for him.


Sho hadn't planned to stay in Ohno's life for so long. He wasn't even going to let Ohno knew his presence at the hospital. But after seeing Ohno's helplessness and devastation, he couldn't help but wanting to reach out for the unfortunate man. He knew Ohno doesn't know who he is, that he was the one who did this to him, because Ohno can't see him, and he never heard his voice. But the day Ohno can see again will be the day he needs to be out of Ohno's life.


With the comfort and support from Sho, Ohno finally starting to accept the reality, but at the same time, he depends on Sho more and more. The two of them had grown closer.


Sho is also happy when he's around Ohno. He has the warm and loving feelings again which he had not felt since his family was gone. He doesn't feel that lonely anymore. Every night he looked forward to seeing Ohno again the next day. Ohno needed him, and it is good to feel being needed.




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Mar. 20th, 2011 06:07 pm (UTC)
Thats so sad! ;O;
NEXT ONE PLEASE! *clicks to next chapter* hehehehe
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Wah! So interesting~ (^o^)
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I don't know to say anything about bad thing to happen with ohno...
May. 1st, 2011 05:10 am (UTC)
Very interesting and funny story... Thank a lot
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