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[Yama fic] Rental Lover (Chapter 14)

Title: Rental Lover
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG
Genre: AU, fluff, romance, drama
Summary: Ohno finally admitted his feelings to Sho while Sho met with someone he didn't want to see.

Chapter 14

Sho felt a little uneasy with Ohno lying next to him on the bed, whereas Ohno seemed to be so cosy, making himself comfortable under the blanket.

“Why did you go to the boathouse last night?” Sho finally spoke up, trying not to make too much out of Ohno’s behavior.

“I just passed by -- ” Ohno answered casually, putting both hands behind his head.

“Nobody just passed by the boathouse. It’s not alongside any main road.” Sho shook his head. “I don’t believe you.”

“Fine! If I say I was worried about you and went to check on you, will you believe it?” Ohno blurted out. He was a little shocked himself after revealing his true feelings, but tried to keep calm and not showing his nervousness.

Sho was speechless upon hearing that. Ohno’s showing up unexpectedly the night before already aroused splashes of thoughts in Sho’s mind, and now the rich brat actually admitted that he cared about him. All seemed a little implausible to Sho.

Ohno turn towards Sho. Through the dim light he could see the confusion on Sho’s face. Not long ago he had the same confusion himself. But having said it out loud had actually relieved him from the indecision he had been struggling for the longest time.

Ohno laughed. “Boy, it feels good to finally say it out.” He didn’t realize he was blushing.

“You – “ Sho didn’t know how to respond. “ – are joking, right?”

“I may be fooling around sometimes, but I never deceived others about my feelings for them.” All of a sudden Ohno didn’t seem to be his bratty self any more. “I like you, Sho.”

“But – I never thought – ”

“So, tell me. What’s been bothering you lately?” Ohno interrupted, as if didn’t want to give Sho a chance to reject him. “Don’t tell me it’s nothing, because I know that’s not true.”

May be it was the sincerity and persistence in Ohno’s voice, may be he really needed some attentiveness at the moment, Sho wasn’t sure, but at this moment he knew he didn’t want to push Ohno away.

“How can you love and hate someone at the same time?” Sho let out a sigh, looking up a the ceiling.

“Is that a trick question? Sounded so – complicated.” Ohno scratched his head.

Sho chuckled. “That’s because your life is so simple, and full of love. I bet you don’t even know what hate is.”

“Who said so? I hate a lot of things.” Ohno disagreed. “I hate my parents doing match making for me. Otherwise I wouldn’t have to – hire – you in the first place.”

“That’s only because they didn’t want you to find the wrong person to love. They didn’t force you to marry anyone of them, did they?” Sho said casually.

“Good that they didn’t. Otherwise I’ll – ”

“Your parents love you very much. Don’t ever forget that.”

Ohno never really thought about how much his parents loved him. It was a given to him and he always thought that’s how parents treated their children. Not only after he heard about Sho’s story from Nino that he started to feel he had been taking his parents’ love for granted. But he still didn’t understand what that had to do with Sho’s disturbance.

“You still haven’t answered my question. Why are you so preoccupied lately?” Ohno returned to his original question. “Wanna talk about it?”

“I’m sleepy. I don’t think you slept well on the floor of the boathouse either. Let’s call it a night.” Although Sho welcomed growing closer to Ohno, he still felt uneasy to reveal his problem to the man who had just confessed to him.

Ohno didn’t want their conversation to end like that, but neither did he want to push. Telling Sho his feelings already drained every bit of courage from him. He knew both of them needed some time to sink in. “Alright, good night then.”

Seeing that Ohno had no intention to move, Sho blushed at the idea of having the man sleeping next to him. “Aren’t you going to move?”

“You want me to?” Ohno teased.

Sho blushed even more. How could a person be all serious at one minute and so mischievous in another, Sho thought. “Of – of course I do.”

Ohno shrugged. “OK then” He started to get off the bed, then stopped before his butt left the bed. He turned around and moved close to Sho, cupped the man’s face with both hands and pressed his lips on the others. The chain of actions happened so fast that Sho didn’t even know what had happened until his mouth was covered by the soft moist flesh.

A couple of seconds later Ohno pulled away. Looking at the blushing Sho in front of him, Ohno grinned before getting off the bed. It was a lovely sight.

It was until then when Sho could finally react. “What was that? We agreed on no kissing, but it’s the third time you kissed me.”

“You actually counted?” Ohno was amused. He didn’t sense a tiny bit of anger in Sho’s tone of voice.

“I – I – ”

“Good night, Sho. And, keep counting.” Ohno walked back to the couch and lied down, saying no more.

Sho was taken off guard by the kiss, but surprisingly he was not angry this time. He sighed and lied down himself, not thinking about it anymore. He was more troubled by where he had to go the next day than being kissed by a man he’s growing fond of.

When Ohno woke up the next day it was almost noon. It was one of the two days during the week that he didn’t have morning classes. He lied lazily in bed thinking about the night before. Not only had he admitted his feelings for Sho to himself, he also confessed to the man.

May be it wasn’t so bad after all.

He didn’t know if Sho shared the same feelings, but he’s not worried. Nobody can resist Ohno Satoshi’s charm, even for a guy. That’s what he believed.

And then there was the kiss. It was the first time he kissed Sho with true feelings. It felt right, more right than any kisses he had with other girls before, and he loved it. The short kiss just reassured what he felt was real. He noticed he’s smiling to himself.

Quickly dressed and headed out, he wanted to wait for Sho after class. Sho had work later that evening, so he wanted to see him before then.

“Satoshi, you haven’t eaten lunch yet.” Ohno’s mother called out while her son passed by the dining room.

To her surprise Ohno came back, gave his mother a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “I’m going to pick up Sho from class. I’ll eat with him afterwards. Bye mama.” Then he headed out the front door.

Ohno’s mother was stunned. Her son had not showed such intimate gestures to her for a long time. She had noticed her son becoming less distant lately, and what he just did make her feel that he’s slowly coming back to her. She couldn’t help but showing a big grin on her face.


Finally the last class was over. Ohno looked at his watch and hurried out the classroom.

“Ohno-kun, wanna hang out for a bit?” Nino asked his friend as they were just outside the classroom door.

“Sorry man, I gotta go. Call you later?” Ohno turned around to respond to Nino, but he continued to walk, now backwards.

“What’s the hurry?” Nino asked.

“Gotta find Sho. Later dude.” He turned back and started to run towards the next building.

Nino shook his head but smiled. “This guy is in big trouble.”

When Ohno was just a hallway away from Sho’s classroom, he saw the door swung opened. The class was just dismissed. He saw Sho coming out from the classroom but turned to the opposite direction.

“Sho!” Ohno called and walked towards Sho, trying to get his attention but to no avail. Sho just kept walking.

It was Sho’s last class for the day and his work didn’t start in another two hours. Ohno didn’t understand what’s Sho’s hurry. “Sho!”

Sho walked faster and faster. Ohno became curious on where Sho was going. He didn’t call out for him anymore, but instead followed the man keeping a distance as to not be seen.

Sho turned into an alley about two blocks from the campus. Ohno stood at the end of the alley and peaked at Sho. He saw that a middle aged man was waiting in the alley. Sho went up to talk to the man, but from what Ohno could tell, Sho didn’t seem happy seeing him.

Ohno saw Sho getting something out from his pocket and gave it to the man. The man still opened his hand as if asking Sho for something, but Sho just shook his head.

Ohno couldn’t hear what they were talking about, so he moved a little closer to them, trying not to be seen. There was several wooden boxes there which Ohno gladly used as cover. There he could finally hear the two men’s conversations.

“Come on, Sho. That’s hardly enough.” The man said to Sho.

“I told you already. That’s all I have. I won’t get pay until next week. Take a look if you don’t believe me.” Sho showed his wallet to the man.

“Why do you even have to work? You’ve got a rich boyfriend now, haven’t you? I did my homework. I’m sure he won’t mind giving you some spending money.”

Sho tensed up when his father mentioned his boyfriend. The last thing he wanted was to complicate things with the Ohno’s any further. “That’s none of your business.” Sho said bitterly. “Haven’t you taken enough from me already?”

“You’re supposed to take care of your papa. It’s a son’s responsibility.” The man raised his voice.

Ohno was flabbergasted. That was Sho’s father?

Before he could let the thought sink in, he heard Sho spoke again.

“Oh please, papa, you are the last person to talk about responsibilities. When are you going to stop gambling? You should know by now that you’ll never win.” Sho too, had raised his voice. He’s getting frustrated that his father was still so ignorant after all these years. He knew it’s no hope in getting through to his father and started to leave. But his father was not letting him go without getting what he came for.

“Not so fast!” He grabbed Sho’s wrist causing him to whimper.

Ohno couldn’t resist any longer. The man was obviously not treating his son right and Ohno had the urge to protect Sho. He came out of his hiding and walked towards the two men.

“What’s going on, Sho? Is everything alright?” Ohno pretended he didn’t know anything.

“Satoshi – ” Sho was surprised to see Ohno.

“Who are you? I’m just talking to my son. We are perfectly fine, aren’t we?” Sho’s father released Sho’s wrist and squeezed out a fake smile.

“I’m OK. Let’s just go home.” Sho just wanted to get out of there, away from his father.

Sho’s father raised an eyebrow upon hearing what his son said. He quickly stepped up and blocked the way to prevent his son from leaving. “Oh no, you’re not. Not until you give me what I asked for.”

Sho stepped aside trying to find his way around his father. “I don’t have any more money, papa.”

“How much do you need?” Ohno asked.

“Satoshi, don’t – ” Sho tried to stop Ohno. He couldn’t drag Ohno into this mess.

But Ohno raised his hand to stop Sho instead. “It’s OK. Let me handle it.”

“Not much. I just asked my son for 20,000 yen. It’s not a lot. He’s just being disrespectful.”

“Fine, I’ll give you the money. Just leave him alone.” Ohno took out ten 2000 yen bills from his wallet and handed them to Sho’s father who seemed to be satisfied, for now at least.

“Sho, I always know you’re smart. You’ve got yourself a very good boyfriend there.” Smiling at the small pile of bills in his hand, he walked away.

“Why did you do that?” Sho grumbled to Ohno after his father left.

“What? I was just trying to help.” Ohno was confused. He was expecting a ‘thank you’ from Sho at the very least, certainly not a criticism.

“Well you are not helping. Don’t you get it? If you give him money this time, he would come back and ask you for more, and more. He would never leave you alone.” Sho leaned against the wall and closed his eyes. Not long after trails of tears were seen on his face.

“We’ll just deal with him then. At least he’s gone for now.” Ohno didn’t think much when he gave the money to Sho’s father, but he came to realize one thing. “Is that what’s bothering you lately? Your father asking you for money?”

Sho wiped the tears from his face and started to walk off. “I’ll give you back the money.”

Ohno was agitated. He went after Sho, grabbed him by his arms and turned him around. Face to face with each other, Ohno looked right into Sho’s eyes and yelled. “Damn it, Sho. Will you forget about the damn money? Let me help you. Let me share your worries.”

At the very moment Sho broke down. His face buried in Ohno’s shoulder and started to sob. “I’m so tired. I can’t take it anymore.”

Ohno hugged Sho tight, just let the man cried in his embrace. Sho needed that.

To Be Continued....

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I have been waiting for this! Poor Sho at least Satoshi knows what's going on now. *hugs Yama* thanks for sharing.
Mar. 6th, 2012 01:04 am (UTC)
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Mar. 6th, 2012 03:36 am (UTC)
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ahhhhhh!!! sho's dad frustrates me sooo much!!!! gahhh!!
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my heart did twirls at the last bit when ohchan wanted to share sho's worries & just held him !! also i loved satoshi's cheekiness here : “Good night, Sho. And, keep counting.” Ohno walked back to the couch and lied down, saying no more.

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