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[Yama fic] Rental Lover (Chapter 16)

Title: Rental Lover
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG
Genre: AU, fluff, romance, drama
Summary: Sho opened up his past to Ohno and the two get closer. Sho's father did not leave his son alone.

A/N: Sorry for the late update. This chapter did take me a while to finish. It's a rather long chapter and there are developments in Ohno and Sho's relationship XD Hope you'll enjoy it.

Chapter 16

Sho pulled away from Ohno and sat a little farther away. He needed some space to clear his mind before taking several deep breaths. Saying what he’s about to say was not easy. He had never told a single soul about it, but he knew he had to. Keeping it to himself for as long as he had was already suffocating him.

“I was just about to leave the apartment for a final exam when there was a knock at his door. I wasn’t expecting anyone and I was in a hurry, so I just ignored it and continued to get ready.”

* * * * *

But the knocking persisted, getting louder and more frequent. The knocks soon became bangs.

“OK, I’m coming. You don’t need to knock down my door.” Sho went to open the door and was instantly flabbergasted by what he saw.

Three men were at his door step. One of them was grasped by the other two, one on each side holding him by his elbow. The middle man wore a black eye and had bruises and cuts on his face. His lips were broken with dried blood at the corner of the mouth. This man had clearly been beaten, and he was nobody else but Sho’s unworthy father, who he had not seen for months.


It took a few minutes before Sho could came down from the shock. He took a quick look at the two men that’s holding his father. One man was really tall with a big build. The other was short and fat. Neither of them looked very friendly.

“What happened to you?” Sho was a little panicky, didn’t know what to do.

Without saying anything, the two men pushed Sho aside and forced their way into the apartment. Once inside the taller yelled at Sho’s father at a loud voice. “Where’s the money?”

“What’s this all about? What money?” Sho was both confused and fearful.

Before Sho’s father could say anything, a fist was thrown at his stomach. Tremendous pain caused him to curl up.

Seeing his father being hit, Sho was furious. He tried to stop the man only to find himself being pushed hard and he almost fell to the floor.

“Your dear father owes us money. He said we can get it back here.” The fat man said.

Sho couldn’t believe what he heard. He knew his father had borrowed money for his gambling habits, but he never thought he would be so shameless to ask his own son to pay for his debt, let alone bringing the loan sharks to his home.

“I have no money.” Sho said straight out.

“Oh yeah?” The tall man then turned to Sho’s father. “Your son said he has no money. What do we do now, huh?” He tightened his grasp on Sho’s father which caused him to yelp.

“Sho, please, you’re the only one who can help me.” Sho’s father pleaded. “I won’t come to you if I’m not desperate.”

“I really have no money. Even if I have I won’t give it to you. You should take responsibilities for your own actions.” Sho stood firmed. Helping his father this time would just encourage him to continue with his addiction.

“They will kill me if I don’t pay them back today. ” Another punch came right at his stomach, and another one, and another one. “Ouch! Ouch!”

“Stop it! Stop it!” Sho yelled, still trying to stop the tall man from hitting his father, but the fat man stopped him from getting close.

Although he wanted nothing to do with his father, he didn’t want to see him being beaten to death. That guy, no matter how unworthy and shameless, was his father after all.

“Alright, alright. How much did he owe you?” Sho finally gave in.

“Not a lot. Including all the interest, it’s only 80,000 yen.”

“That much? How do I have so much money?”

Sho’s father was bending down and panting from the few punches that he received. He looked up at his son hoping to get sympathy. “Son, you don’t want me to die, do you?”

“So do you have the money or not? I don’t have the whole day to wait for you.” The tall man shouted while raising his hand again.

“Please, don’t hurt him! OK, I’ll give you money.” Sho conceited. As much as he resented his father, he still couldn’t bring himself to witness someone beating his father without doing anything. Sometimes he wondered if he was a diehard criminal in his past life to deserve having a father like him.

Sho took out his wallet and emptied out all the money in there. He gave them all to the fat man. “Here’s all I have. Please let my father go.”

The fat man counted the money Sho handed to him, totaled 55,000 yen. He immediately expressed an unsatisfactory look and yelled at Sho. “That’s not enough!”

“That’s all I have. You can check my wallet.” Sho gave his wallet to the fat man, who checked it and then threw it on the floor.

“We’ll consider it an interest payment then.” The man put the money in his pocket and gestured the other to release Sho’s father.

Sho immediately went up and held his father by the waist. “Papa, are you alright? I’ll take you to a hospital – ”

“You dear old papa is alright. In fact, more than alright.” The fat man laughed out loud all of a sudden after taking a glance at Sho’s father. He then turned to the beaten man and said, “I didn’t know you’re that good. You can easily win an Oscar for this.”

Sho saw both the fat and tall men laughed together. He was all confused.

Then his father straightened his body and started wiping his eyes. Within seconds, his black eye was gone! “It really hurt, you know. I told you to go easy when hitting me, didn’t I? Geez.”

“What’s going on here? You are not injured?” Sho was shock of what he’s seeing.

“Hardly. You father just want some spending money, and he said the only way to get it from you was to play a little trick. And, hey, it works!” The tall man glanced at Sho. “You’re really dumber than I thought.”

“Come on, give him a break. He’s a better son than you are.” The fat man added, pretending to be sympathetic. “Let’s go. Big money is waiting for us.”

“Sorry, son. I know I shouldn’t have done that to you, but you won’t give me anything if I just asked, will you? I’m just borrowing the money for a little while. I’ll pay you back double after I win the jackpot, promised.”

The three men started walking towards to door. For a moment, Sho’s mind went blanked. What just happened? Was he just conned by his own father? No, he couldn’t let it happened.

“No! Give me back the money – ” Sho rushed towards the three men and grabbed the arm of the tall man who was closest to him.

The man tried to shrug off Sho’s hand but Sho wouldn’t let go.

“Please, papa. That’s my rent money. I need it.” Sho reached out and tried to grasp his father, but was blocked by the tall man.

Sho continued to get passed the tall man while calling out for his father. The tall man got pissed and swung a fist at Sho’s face, throwing him on the floor.

“Hey, why did you hit my son?”

“He’s annoying me. Don’t worry, he’ll live – ”

These were the last words Sho could vaguely remember before everything went black.

* * * * *

Sho closed his eyes, silent tears falling down his cheeks. Every time he thought of what happened that day, his heart still ached.

Ohno couldn’t find the right words to say. Even in his dream he never thought something like that could really happen. What happened to Sho was terrible, but that still didn’t explain why he lost his scholarship. He knew that’s more to tell, but he didn’t want to rush Sho. It’s already hard enough for the younger man to say that much. He reached out his hand and held on to Sho’s, just to show his support. Sho let him.

After a moment, Sho spoke again. “When I came to, it’s already two hours later.”

“Were you hurt?”

Sho shook his head. “But I missed my exam -- ”

“Oh no!”

“I went to beg the professor to let me take a make-up exam. But when he asked why I was late, I couldn’t come up with a good reason.”

“You could just tell him the truth. It’s not your fault!”

Sho just shook his head. What his father did was not exactly something to be proud of. If Sho could reveal it so easily, he wouldn't have kept it to himself for so long. And even if he did tell, he's sure that no one would believe his story.

Ohno didn't get why Sho concealed the truth, but he knew he'd rather not ask.

“Because I missed the final exam, I failed the class. And failing a class is an automatic revocation of my scholarship.” Sho’s tone was still full of sadness.

Ohno moved closer to Sho and wrapped his arm around him, pulling him closer. Hearing Sho’s story actually gave him a chill. He couldn’t imagine how Sho got through this all alone. New feelings of sympathy and admiration towards the younger man aroused.

“As much as I hate what happened to you, I think I should thank your father.” Ohno wanted to lighten up Sho's sadness.

Sho looked at Ohno with widened eyes and a face full of confusion. “What?”

Ohno laughed. “If your father hadn’t caused you to lose your scholarship, you would never agree on our deal, and I would not have the chance to like you.”

Sho was amused by Ohno’s logic, and gave out a chuckle. “What kind of nonsense deduction was that?” But he immediately returned to a solemn look. “That’s not funny!”

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have joked about this.” Ohno gave a peck on Sho’s lips. He had the urge of protecting Sho, and made him happy. “But I’m here now. You won’t be alone anymore.”

Sho blushed on the gentle kiss. Despite still had some reservations about getting serious with Ohno, he did feel contented in the older man’s arms at this moment.

“Fourth – ”


“It’s the fourth time you kissed me – ”

“Oh, that – ” Ohno rolled his eyes. “You will be counting to four hundreds, four thousands, and soon. Considered yourself warned.”


Days had passed and Sho seemed to be more relaxed and happy. He opened up more to Ohno, telling him more about his childhood and what happened to his family. Being able to talk with someone was a big relief for Sho and he found that relief in Ohno. They spent more time together and would talk for hours at night. The small gestures they made to each other at the dinner table or watching television in the living room were no longer out of pretend. They came naturally.

Sho’s mother noticed the growing closeness between the two young men. Even the tiniest bit of doubt in her mind about the truthfulness of their relationship had gone away. A mother knew if her son is truly happy or not. Not only had her son became more mature and considerate, she could also feel the distance between mother and son had diminished a lot. She gave credits to his son’s lover for that.

Despite the bonds among the other three had grown, Ohno’s father still kept his distance to Sho. He had stopped asking questions about Sho’s family, which was an alleviation to Sho. He still held casual chats with the young man, about school work, about economic news, and his future plans. But he did not show any affection for the young man that Ohno’s mother had hoped he would.

Sho respected Ohno’s father. He noticed the protectiveness and expectations the elder man had for his son and Sho admired him for that. He urged Ohno to break the ice. Seeing how Sho’s father had treated his son, Ohno knew he was lucky to have a father that cared. He promised Sho he would try to be closer to his father, but he knew it wouldn’t happen overnight.


This night Ohno and Sho was in a pub with their friends, celebrating Nino’s birthday. Sho didn’t want to go at first, since he never liked to party much, but Ohno persuaded him to go. Nino was their mutual friend, and Ohno thought that Sho should have more fun time besides studying and working.

“Happy Birthday, old man.” Ohno teased the birthday boy.

“I am probably old – er, but that also means you’re even old – er – er. See, I would never catch up on you when it comes to age.” Nino shot back.

“OK, fine. You win.” Ohno giggled.

“Why being so modest tonight? You never let go so easily.” Nino was surprised Ohno didn’t argue further, not that he had any ground to. But before when they had any argument, his friend would not conceit even if his reasoning was totally unfounded.

“Consider it a ‘thank you’ from me.” Ohno replied.

“For what?” Nino gave a puzzled look.

“For introducing this amazing man to me.” Ohno smiled and pulled Sho closer to him, which drew slight resistance from a blushing Sho.

“Ah, in that case, I think I deserve more – ” Nino teased. “I really need to salute you, Sho-kun. Only you could get through to this stubborn bratty dude and make him do something useful. I heard he even did volunteering! ”

Sho took a glance at Ohno and smiled. “I think we both got through to each other.”

Back in their bedroom that night, Ohno lied down on the couch while Sho was getting ready for a bath.

“It was fun tonight, wasn’t it? Aren’t you glad I make you go?” Ohno put his hands behind his head and glanced at the younger man who was getting his pajamas from the dresser.

“Why did you hold me so close in public? It’s so embarrassing.” Sho was still bashful over Ohno’s gestures in the pub.

“What’s wrong with that? You are my boyfriend, aren’t you?”

Sho rolled his eyes. “Who said I am?”

Ohno immediately stood up and stood in front of Sho, blocking his way to the bathroom. “I said you are. And you can’t deny it.” He then pulled Sho into his arms and pressed their lips together.

Sho immediately blushed on the unexpected kiss. He had zero resistence when it came to the ‘Ohno virus’. All these years he had stayed strong for himself, but in front of Ohno he'd allow himself to let his guard down.

“How many times?” Ohno lifted Sho’s face up by the chin and asked.


“How many times have I kissed you?”

“Um -- I lost count – ”


Ohno kissed Sho again. “Can I sleep with you tonight?”


“Well, since you are my boyfriend now. It doesn’t make sense for me to sleep on the couch, does it?” Ohno said playfully. “I just want to cuddle. Promise!”

“Just – just cuddle? Nothing -- else?” Sho blushed heavily. The ‘Ohno virus’ was attacking again.

“Cross my heart!” Ohno gestured, with a pleading look. “Pleeease – ”

Adding a pouting face did the trick. The last bit of hesitation Sho had was melted away. “Fine – ”

Ohno quickly jumped on to the bed happily.

“Hey, you haven’t showered yet!”

Ohno woke up the next morning with Sho by his side, still sounded asleep. After both showered the night before, they lied together in bed. A little awkward at first, but after a while and some chit chats, they scooted closer to each other and eventually comfortably cuddled together. They talked some more before Ohno gave Sho and gentle goodnight kiss and fell asleep in each other’s arms, for the first time.

Ohno turned to his side, supporting his head with his hand and looked at Sho’s sleeping face. It was peaceful and calm, so much different from last time when he saw Sho’s sleeping face on this bed – the time when Sho was sick, because of him. Their relationship had changed so much since then, in a good way, thankfully. He felt he was falling in love with the man. Oh god! Love? Admitting to like Sho was one thing, but when the word love came to mind, it’s still a scary thought to Ohno. Shaking his head trying not to think about this just yet, he quietly got out of bed and got ready for class, not to wake the sleeping man.

When Ohno’s car left the front gate of the villa, a figure standing across the street caught his attention. He stopped his car and ran towards the man.

“What are you doing here?” Ohno asked the man.

“I’m waiting for my son.” The man replied.

Remembering what Sho told him, anger aroused inside Ohno. “Get out of here!”

“For all I know, this is a public road. I can stand here all I want.” Sho’s father said, with no intention to move a step.

“Just leave him alone. Haven’t you hurt him enough?” Ohno yelled at him, but the man didn’t seem to be affected at all.

“He is obliged to take care of his father. I just needed a little spending money. That’s all.”

The impudent attitude of Sho’s father irritated Ohno. He didn’t want the man to bother Sho. His boyfriend had been happy these past weeks, something he deserved. He didn’t have the heart to let this unworthy man destroyed that. He just want the man to go away, far from Sho.

“How much do you want?” Ohno tried to solve the problem the only way he can, even if it’s only temporary.

“Smart boy. No wonder my son chose you.” Sho’s father grinned. “Not much, 50,000 yen. Then I’ll leave right away.”

“You are getting greedier!” Ohno took 50,000 yen from his wallet and gave it to the man.

Sho’s father reached out to take the money, but before Ohno released them, he glared at the man and said, “Sho must not know about this. And leave him alone!”

“Anything you say, as long as I get what I want.” He gave an evil grin. He just found himself a gold mine. “Say hi to Sho for me.” And he walked away.

Ohno sighed. He didn’t know if he did the right thing, or what consequences his action would bring. But at least Sho would not be bothered and they could keep their peace, for now.

To Be Continued....

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What doesn't kill you makes you strong,所以翔媽要加油!

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