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[Yama fic] Rental Lover (Chapter 19)

Title: Rental Lover
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, fluff, romance, drama
Summary: Ohno's father showed Sho something shocking. Ohno planned to have a memorable evening with Sho.

Chapter 19

“I knew that your father is back in town.”

Sho froze for a moment upon hearing this. Somehow he felt what Ohno’s father said meant much more than what it seemed, and it made his stomach sank.

“He – ” Sho didn’t know how to respond.

“Aren’t you going to introduce him to us?” Ohno’s father continued. “Or he’s too busy with his business, whatever that may be.”

Sho had no doubt Ohno’s father knew more than he’d like him to. There’s no use of pretending or denying anymore. Now he’s more concerned about what’s on the old man’s mind, which was not shown on his face. He had been lying all this time and that certainly didn’t make him look good.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Ohno. I know I had not been totally truthful about my father and my family.” Sho said remoarsefully. “It’s not something I’m proud of revealing.”

“Not proud of revealing or afraid of revealing?” Ohno’s father questioned. He was calm, and yet intimidating.

“What do you mean?” Sho didn’t understand what Ohno’s father was implying, but he sensed whatever it was wouldn’t be good.

“Sho, I do like you. You seem to be a smart boy with a vision, but I don’t condone the way you’re using your intelligence.” Ohno’s father told Sho. “You could have done so much more than using it to get money out of others.”

“No, Mr. Ohno. I would never do anything like that.” Sho now knew what it was about and tried to clear himself. “I worked hard and earned every cent I got.”

“Right. Then answer me, you were with Satoshi because of his money, weren’t you?”

Sho almost blunted out a “No” answer, but then he remembered his agreement with Ohno. Though it’s not what Ohno’s father had implied, the accusation was not entirely false.

“Y – Yes” Sho admitted. He didn’t want to lie, not anymore. “But it’s not what you think. It’s not Satoshi’s money that I want. I truly love him.”

“That’s a little hard to believe, don’t you think? It’s so convenient that my son just turned gay and you happened to be his first boyfriend. His is rich and naïve, just a perfect target. Your father must have taught you well.” Sometimes Ohno’s father regret to have spoiled and pampered his son so much. The world out there was far more complicated and dangerous that his son was able to handle.

“Why do people have to think the worst of me? What did I do to deserve this?” Sho became irritated by the accusation. Since he was little, friends and neighbors intended to keep their distance from him and his family, as if they feared to become his father's borrowing target. Other than Nino's family, others had not allowed their children to befriend with Sho, afraid of being influenced in a bad way. He didn't understand why. He was not the one who's addicted, but parents tend to be overprotective, just like Ohno's father now.

Sho regreted the outbust. He needed to make Ohno's father believed in him, and losing his temper certainly wouldn't help, although Ohno's father didn't seem to be bothered by it.

“You have to believe me, sir.” Sho immediately refrained his frustration. “I know my father was not who I said he was. I was just too ashamed to admit I have a gambling addict as a father. But I've told Satoshi everything. I wouldn't lie to him. I never used a cent of Satoshi’s money after I moved here, and I have no intention to.” Sho had his regrets. His dishonesty before had obviously distrusted himself.

“Well, you might not be spending my son’s money yourself, but your father certainly is.” Ohno’s father threw a pile of pictures on the coffee table. “A very smart scheme indeed.”

“My father? That’s not possible.” He didn’t believe it, but knew Ohno’s father wouldn’t have said that if he didn’t have proof.

Sure enough his attention was guided to the pictures on the table by Ohno’s father. “Just look yourself.”

Nervously, he slowly picked up the pictures and looked. In them were two familiar faces – his boyfriend and his father.

There were distant shots and close up shots, taken at different places with different dates on them. But there was one similarity among all the pictures. They all showed very clearly that Ohno was handing money to Sho’s father, although the amount could not be seen from the pictures. The dates spanned several weeks since he revealed everything to Ohno.

Sho couldn’t say a word. He was angry, at his father, at Ohno, even at himself.

“There’s no use in lying to me, you know.” Ohno’s father stood up and walked towards the balcony.

Sho looked up and saw the back of Ohno’s father, right in the middle of the sunlight shined into the room from the balcony door. He felt that was the judge standing there, about to hand down his life sentence.

“I – I don’t know anything about these. I would have stopped Satoshi if I had known.” Sho tried to explain, but at this point he knew nothing he said would be trustworthy to the old man.

“Will you? Seems both father and son are pretty good at conning people. My ignorant son wouldn’t stand a chance.” Ohno’s father turned around and faced Sho, shaking his head.

Sho was in shock. Ohno’s father even knew that his father was a con artist!

Ohno’s father noticed his reaction. “I told you, there’s no use in keeping anything from me.” He put another pile of papers in Sho’s hands. “If these evidences of your father’s conning schemes got into the hands of the police, I’m sure he would be put away for a very long time.”

Sho didn’t dare to look through these papers. He had no doubt Ohno’s father meant what said, that he had evidences that could put his father in jail for a long time. That was what he wanted, wasn’t it? His father deserved to be put away, with everything he had done. But did Sho really want to see his own father being locked up?

“Please, Mr. Ohno, sir, I don’t deny that my father deserved to be punished. But you have to believe me, I love Satoshi, I would never take advantage of him in any way.” Sho pleaded sincerely. Ohno’s father knowing about his disgraceful family background was bad enough, having him being misunderstood as part of the roguery was his absolute nightmare. All these were too much for him to swallow.

“But Satoshi has already been taken advantage of, because of you, hasn’t he?” Ohno’s father said to Sho with a condemning tone. “Even if I believe you, believe that you knew nothing about this – ” The old man gestured to the pictures on the table. “If you really love Satoshi like you claimed you are, do you think it’s of Satoshi’s best interest to have a lover with such a – complicated background?”

“I -- ”

Sho tumbled to the couch, couldn't find a word to answer. He never thought of it that way. Would he hinder Ohno's future in any way for being with him? Was that the reason his childhood friends' parents kept them away from him?

Ohno’s father patted Sho on his shoulder and sighed. “You are a smart young man. I am sure you will make wise choices, especially when they concerned your loved ones.”

He stood up and walked towards the door, when he paused and turned back to look at Sho. “I am not an unreasonable person. Those evidences could go to the shredding machine just as easy as they go to the police.” With that said he left the room, leaving an agonized Sho alone in the room.

Slowly he turned his head and stared at the pictures and papers on the table.

“That’s not fair – ”


At the excursion sight, Ohno’s mind was not set on the trees and birds he’s supposed to be sketching. What happened with Sho in the morning had been lingering on his mind. The cuddling made him smiled, the kissing made him giggled and the I’ll be home tonight made him blushed. He couldn’t wait to get home and get into Sho’s embrace and kissed the soft lips again.

“What are you doing?” Nino looked at his friend’s sketches and rolled his eyes.

Ohno didn’t respond. He’s still very much in his own world.

“What are you drawing?” Nino practically spoke into Ohno’s ears.

The sudden shout in his ears almost made Ohno jumped. “Geez, you don’t need to yell. I am not deaf.”

“You’re no different than being deaf when you are dazing. What are these that you’re drawing?” Nino pointed to the drawings on Ohno’s sketch book.

On it there were two birds resting on the branch of a tree, side by side. But instead of the heads of two pigeons, Ohno drew the faces of Sho and himself on them.

“You aren’t planning to turn this in, are you?” Nino frowned. “You don’t want to graduate?”

Ohno laughed. “I’m already done. This is just a little something I draw for Sho. ” He stretched his arms and yawned. “Can I just go home now?”

“What’s the hurry? Sho is not going anywhere.” Thinking back the past few months, from introducing Sho to Ohno and seeing how the two became acquainted and finally became real lovers, a big smile would appear on Nino’s face. He could see how this relationship had changed his two best friends, made them happier and more mature. Even though it wasn’t something he had expected, he’s still quite proud of his ‘accomplishment’.

“I – well, we have plans for tonight.” Ohno couldn’t hide the grin.

“What plans? Sounds fun. I’ll join too.” Nino still liked to tease his friend.


“OK OK, just kidding. I wouldn’t want to have to keep my eyes closed all the time while you two – you know – ” Nino made an exaggerated kissing gesture.

“Jealous?” Ohno looked at his friend conceitedly. “I can introduce you to my cousin. He’s coming back for holiday very soon. He’s nearly as cute as I am.”

“Woo, woo, woo.” Nino immediately put his hands up, as if he’s surrendering. “Who said I am looking for someone? I am perfectly happy with my video games. Alright, alright, I’ll stop teasing you.”

After several more hours of ‘torture’, the way Ohno put it, the excursion finally ended. He was supposed to give a ride to Nino, but his friend said he would get a ride from someone else.

“I’d rather not ride in a car driving by a driver whose mind is obviously somewhere else.” Nino said before saying goodbye to his friend. “Have fun in whatever you will be doing.”

Couldn’t wait for a moment longer, Ohno drove straight home, couldn’t stop thinking about his lover’s gorgeous face and sweet smiles. He promised himself to make this night as memorable to the both of them as possible.

When he entered the villa gate, he saw Sho’s car was sitting right at the driveway.

Sho is waiting for me

Ohno entered the house and looked around. There’s nobody there other than a maid doing some housecleaning. He didn’t care if his parents were home, all he wanted was to find Sho. He proceeded to the bedroom where he was ceratin to find Sho there.

“Sho!” He entered the bedroom and closed the door behind him. “I’m back!”

To his surprise, his boyfriend was not in sight. He didn’t hear any response either.

“Sho, where are you?” He called out again, looking around the room, when he noticed something unusual.

The desk was neatly organized. But -- where are Sho’s books?

The coat hanger was empty. But -- where is Sho's jacket?

The couch only had the cushions on it. But -- where is Sho's backpack?

Something didn't feel right to Ohno. He quickly went into their walk-in closet and looked. Then he came out and went inside the bathroom.

Sho's clothes and toiletries had all disappeared, and Sho himself was nowhere to be seen.

To Be Continued....

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A/N: Sorry for the long wait. This chapter was actually harder to write than expected. I was undecided on what Ohno's father's actions would be after learning about Sho's background, and a rejection seemed more logical as a parent and a rich man. Next is what Ohno would think and do after finding out that Sho had left him. Also, Jun will make another appearance soon. XD


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Jun. 13th, 2012 11:22 pm (UTC)
Aaaaw~~~ nooooo~~~~ *i lOve angst, but with happy ending* t.T
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Jun. 13th, 2012 11:30 pm (UTC)
gosh... reading this felt like a huge blow, but it's to be expected, i guess.

Poor Sho having to face Ohno's father's direct questioning without any chance to defend himself.

but i guess i can imagine most parents doing what Ohno's father did. it's hard to say that he's being unreasonable when looking at how Sho's father is; well, that man on the other hand, is heartless and cruel. He is bound to make it hard for anyone; I just wonder how this could end up since u can't really severe blood ties that easy.

I hope Sho and Ohno can figure something out, that they can be truly honest this time(since Ohno ws keeping the fact that he's been supplying money to Sho's dad from Sho himself), and maybe let Ohno's parents see how true their feelings are for each other.

I cant wait to read more... and I wonder if Jun will help out on this, or making it more complicated? xD
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nino, wait until you see satoshi's cousin <3
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期待下一章~~~Thanks, Kee!! *hugs*
Jun. 14th, 2012 04:14 am (UTC)
Okay first: you must make Matsumiya happen. Then; OMG the heartbreak, poor Sho, poor Satoshi...I like the dad though, such a contrast to Sho's deadbeat of a father. Looking forward to your next.
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When their relationship is doing well, a problem arises!!
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there were so much thing yama have to overcome for them to be together.. but like you said, their love is strong
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Ohno papa was harsh, and i really felt that sho needed a hug after that. He left for the sake of ohno's happiness and that was just so sweet but sad

poor ohno must be shocked being left out like that..

can't wait to read the update <3

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i hope Ohno can clear things up with his father .. but i wonder how long Sho will have the Fathers words in his mind .. he don´t want satoshi to be looked down because of him and his own parents :-( it is so sad :-( poor sho ..
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Figures Sho would leave. Looking forward to what's going to happen now. Thanks for sharing :)
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First thing first Matsumiya pleaseeeeeee. and poor sho chan >< this chapter is like a big storm after a beautiful sun shine day. hurrrr
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oh no TT
this is so sad and where did Sho go??
oh myyyyy
thanks for this, i really love this
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