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[Yama fic] Rental Lover (Chapter 20)

Title: Rental Lover
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, fluff, romance, drama
Summary: Ohno was devastated by Sho's disappearance. Would he be able to retain his faith in their love? More of Sho's past was revealed.

Chapter 20

“Sho! Sho!” Ohno kept calling, but didn’t get the response that he'd hoped for.

He asked the maids, but nobody remembered seeing Sho leaving. His parents were not home. According to the maids, Nishimura chauffeured his parents to a banquet.

He had a bad feeling about this. Sho was not there, all his belongings gone. There’s only one explanation – Sho left. But the big question is, why?

He called Sho’s phone, but the calls went straight to voice mail every time.

“Sho, where are you? Call me back!”

“Sho, you’re scaring me. Please tell me where you are – ”

“Sho, please, just let me know that you’re safe.”

He left dozens of messages but still no return call from Sho.

Nino, may be Nino had heard from him. Ohno quickly called Nino and asked if he had heard from Sho.

“What do you mean he’s gone?” Nino was all confused by what Ohno was saying.

“He’s not at home and all his clothes are gone as well. I called him and left messages, but he never called back. Have you heard from him?” Ohno knew that Sho didn’t have many friends. Nino was his best bet to find out what happened with Sho.

“No, I haven’t talked to him in several days already and I was with you all day today. Did you have a fight or something?”

“No, we didn’t have a fight. Remember I told you we were planning on a – romantic evening together? I don’t know what happened to him, but I don’t feel good about it.” He really started to panic. They were still so lovey dovey in the morning. Their relationship was developing very well. He couldn’t think of any reason why Sho would leave, especially without leaving a word.

“Just calm down. I’m sure that’s a good explanation for this. May be he just needed some time alone. Did you check the boathouse?”

“The boathouse! Oh yeah! Why didn’t I think of that?! I’ll go there right now. Thanks buddy.” Ohno sensed a glimpse of hope. Sho usually went to the boathouse when he wanted to be alone, may be it’s the same this time. “I’ll call you know when I find him.”

Ohno immediately drove to the boathouse, still trying to figure out what might have happened. The first idea that came to mind was Sho’s father. That old man must have come to Sho for money again and upset his boyfriend. Even though he had been giving the man money from time to time, there’s no reason for the shameless man not to keep his words for not coming to his son for more.

That bastard! Ohno was cursing the man and at the same time pissed at himself for not being able to protect Sho from him.

“Oh no!” Ohno immediately realized something was not right when he arrived at the boathouse – Sho’s car was not there! Of course it wasn’t, he saw it sitting at their driveway when he got home. The tiny bit of hope that Sho would be there quickly dissipate. But he didn’t care, he had to see for himself. When he opened the door, the empty room had proven him right. Sho was not there.

The room was cool, and dustier than the last time he was there. There were spider webs at the corners and the lantern that Sho left there had been knocked down. All indications that no one had been there for a while.

Ever since he and Sho were together, Sho had become happier. There need to spend time in the boathouse diminished, which made Sho's mystic departure more worrisome. What could have happened to make Sho left him all of a sudden?!

He stayed there all night, hoping that Sho would finally show up. He became more and more frustrated as minutes and hours passed by and still no sign of Sho. He's even more frustrated at himself for not knowing where else to look. He felt so helpless, so useless.

When day broke and still no sign of his boyfriend, Ohno decided to try his luck at school. Sho wouldn't miss any class for the world, Ohno thought. He didn't care what's the reason behind Sho's sudden disappearance anymore. As long as he could see him again, it's all that matters.

Classes started, classes ended. The last class that Sho had ended in the early afternoon, Sho was a no show to all his classes.

His last hope was Sho's work place. Again, no Sho. Sho's supervisor said he didn't even call in for his absence, which was quite out of character.

After updating Nino with, well, nothing, Ohno finally went home after a whole day of running around, hoping and disappointing.

"Satoshi, where have you been? I'm starting to get worried." Ohno's mother greeted her son after Ohno entered the house, looking tired and upset. "Where is Sho?" Since they were out the day before with Nishimura, they weren't aware of what's going on.

"Nishimura! Nishimura!" Without answering his mother's question, Ohno anxiously looking for their butler hoping he would know something.

A hurried Nishimura came rushing down the hallway to the living room. "What is it, Obocchan Ohno? What do you need?"

"Did you see Sho left yesterday? Did he say anything to you?" Ohno put his hands on Nishimura's arms and kept asking, shaking the man at the same time.

"Sho left? What happened?" Ohno's mother was shock at what she heard, and saw. Her son was a carefree person since he was little. She had never saw him so panicky before.

Ignoring his mother's questions again, Ohno repeated his questions for Nishimura. "Did Sho tell you where he's going? Did he say why he left?"

"Obocchan Ohno, please calm down." Nishimura started to feel pain from Ohno's grasp. "I -- I didn't see Sakurai-san left. I didn't even know that he had left. Master Ohno asked me to chauffeur him and Mrs. Ohno to various places yesterday. I was out most of the day."

Ohno released his grab on Nishimura and sighed heavily. "I'm sorry, Nishimura. I'm sorry." He tumbled onto the couch like a leaking balloon, losing all his strength.

Ohno's mother sat down besides her son and hold him gently. She was worried and confused, but she knew that her son needed her comfort and support. She asked Nishimura to get them some hot tea to help her son relaxed. She didn't ask anymore question, just waited for Ohno to talk when he's ready, in his own pace.

"Mama, Sho left -- without leaving a word." Ohno finally spoke.

He went on telling his mother how he found Sho and all his belongings missing when he came home and how he searched for him everywhere.

"Did you two have an arguement or a fight?" His mother wondered. She knew the two boys were in love. Sho wouldn't leave like that without a good reason.

"No, mama. We didn't argue or fight. We were -- Sho promised he'd wait for me at home last night. I don't understand why he left. He didn't even go to class or work today. It's not like him." ." Ohno's voice started to tremble. "I'm worried."

"Sho is capable of taking care of himself. He probably just needed some time alone and will call you later. Just get some rest for now, OK? You looked totally exhausted." She got up and walked her son to the bedroom. Even though Ohno's mother cared for Sho deeply, it's her son that she's worried about at the moment.


Nino was in no mood in playing his video game tonight. He couldn't stop thinking about his two best friends. Things had been going so well, he sorted things out with Sho and got his friend back, Ohno and Sho became real lovers and were so happy together. They were going to graduate together. Life is good.

Then what made Sho left so suddenly?

You promised you wouldn’t shut me out again. Why didn’t you keep your words. Damn it, Sho!

The ring on his phone brought Nino back from his thoughts. He looked at the display but it was from an unknown number. He hesitated for a moment before pressing the answer button.

“Moshi, moshi”

“Nino – ”

The familiar voice on the other side of the phone made Nino jumped. “Sho! Where are you? Are you alright?”

“I’m OK.”

Nino was somewhat relieved upon hearing that, but was immediately back in concern mode. “Where are you now? Why did you leave? Ohno-kun was looking all over for you. He’s devastated and worried sick about you.”

The other side became silent.

“Sho, Sho, are you there?” Nino worried that Sho had hung up.

“I’m still here.” Sho said softly. He paused a little and continued. “I had to leave. I just called because I promised you I won’t be gone without a word again – ”

“What do you mean you have to leave? Tell me where you are and we’ll come get you. We can talk then.” Nino pleaded. The important thing was to know the whereabout of his friend. “Whatever problem you have, we can figure it out together.”

“No, Nino. I can’t stay with Satoshi anymore. Please don’t tell him I called. He’s better off without me. I’m sorry, but I have to go. Don’t try to find me. Good-bye.”

“Wait! Sho, wait!” Nino tried to keep Sho on the line, but the call had ended.

He immediately called Ohno and told him about Sho’s call. He had to move his phone away from his ears when Ohno started yelling on the other side. The same questions were asked, but again, no answers were given.


Two weeks had passed since Sho left. He never called again. Ohno tried every mean that he could think of to look for Sho. He continued to wait outside Sho’s classes and workplace, he went to the community center where Sho had volunteered, but Sho never showed up. He learned from Sho’s supervisor at work that after about three days since his first absence, Sho called to quit his job without giving a reason. He didn’t even leave a forwarding address to send his unpaid salary.

Ohno also checked with the university administration office. Missing classes for so long in the senior year would definitely have an impact of graduation. Ohno thought Sho must have given a reason to the school and made up somehow. He was shocked to learn that Sho had actually withdrawn from the university. He didn’t believe Sho would go that far to keep himself from being found.

His worries had become frustrations, and the frustrations had turned into anger.

Ohno’s mother tried to comfort her son as best she could. She still believed that Sho loved her son and there’s a good reason behind Sho’s disappearance. But she didn’t want to give her son false hope which would hurt him even further either. Giving up or not had to be Ohno’s own decision. She could only be as supportive as possible and made sure her son was taken care of while he went through this rough time.

Ohno’s father, on the other hand, remained silent the whole time.

This afternoon Ohno came home, all exhausted. He hadn’t given up on looking for Sho but was getting more and more dejected after running into dead ends over and over again. This time was no exception. He caught up with one of Sho’s friend he was introduced to from the community center, but the friend told him the same answer he’d been getting. Nobody he had talked to had heard from Sho.

Ohno saw his father sitting in the living room at the corner of his eye, but he didn’t have any energy or mood to deal with him. He went straight towards the bedroom, but was called back.

“Satoshi – ”

Ohno stopped walking and turned towards his father. “Papa, I’m tired.”

“Satoshi, I want to talk to you.” Ohno’s father’s tone became firmer.

“Papa – ”

“Come to the study room.” Ohno’s father cut his son off before he could object. He stood up and walked towards the study room, expecting his son to follow, which he reluctantly did. He still hold a majestic image to his son no matter how much he was spoiled.

“Satoshi, you didn’t seem to be spending much time on school work lately. It’s your graudation year and you can’t afford to be distracted.” Ohno’s father said to his son as soon as they were in the study room, door closed.

“Papa, you know I need to look for Sho. The longer it gets, the harder it will be to find him.” Ohno defended.

“He left himself. He’s not kidnapped. If he doesn’t want to be here, he won’t come back even if you find him.” His father sat down and lighted up his cigar.

“How do you know he doesn’t want to be here? He loves me. There must be a reason why he left and I have to find out what it is.” Ohno was annoyed by his father’s ‘didn’t care’ attitude. “I know you still don’t accept us and don’t like him. But he makes me very happy and I love him.”

“Son, things may not be as simple as they seemed. There are a lot that you don’t know.”

“You’re the one who don’t know, papa.” Ohno felt it’s time to come clean with his father. “I’m sorry, but I – I haven’t exactly been truthful to you about Sho. His family – ”

“I know more than you think.” Ohno’s father cut him off again. “His father is not really a businessman, is he?”

“Papa – ” Ohno was stunned. How much did his father know?

“Do you think I can stand not knowing anything about my son’s so call boyfriend and his family? Satoshi, you trust people too easily.”

Come to think about it, Ohno was not really surprised that his father would check out Sho’s background. The old man has always been cautious about people around him and was really holding back in trusting other people, too careful in Ohno’s opinion that it made him detached. It might be what it takes to survive in the business world.

"Sho is my boyfriend." Ohno said firmly. "Whatever Sho's father did had nothing to do with him. In fact he's also a victim of his father's scam. He told me everything." Ohno became defensive of Sho.

"Everything, huh. How do you know what everything is?" Ohno's father took out some papers from the desk drawer and handed them to his son. "Did he tell you this?"

Ohno was puzzled. Judging from his father's attitude, this couldn't be anything good. But he's so sure there's nothing about Sho that he didn't know. He needed to prove that to his father and prove that their relationship is real. He took the papers from his father and started to read.

One page, two pages, three pages... Whatever leverage he thought he had to stand up against his father had just crumbled down.

Why didn't he tell me? What else is he not telling?

The expressions on Ohno's face already told the old man that his son didn't know about what he just read, which had further proved that he's right. He padded his son's shoulder and said gently. "I don't want to be right, son. But have you noticed you haven't made any ATM withdrawal since Sho left? It's good that they know when to retreat themselves, or else -- "

"Oh!" That reminded him. He hadn't had the need to for the past two weeks because Sho's father never showed up. He just didn't paid attention as his focus was on finding Sho. His father was right yet again. Was that related to Sho leaving or just a coincident?

He really need to think this through, carefully.


"Hey dude, I'm surprised to find you here." Nino found Ohno sitting on a bench at their usual meeting place with a beer in his hand. "Any luck today?"

Nino knew that his friend had spent most of his time outside school to look for his boyfriend, but ran into dead ends after dead ends. He was hoping to hear some good news for a change.

Ohno didn't turn to look at his friend, instead just took another sip of his beer. "What's the use of going after someone who doesn't want to be found?"

Nino was taken aback by Ohno's dejected remarks but took it only as a sign of frustration and exhaustion. "Look, I know you're frustrated, but you can't just give up."

"Why can't I? What else can I do? Tell me, Nino. He called you and not me. He quit his work, his volunteering. He even withdrew from school, just to avoid me. He is drawing the line very clearly here."

"I still believe there's a reason behind Sho-kun's sudden departure. He might need in trouble and your help." Nino sensed at taste of aggravation here and tried to keep his friend calm.

"There's a reason alright. But he doesn't need my help, what he needed was my money!" Ohno threw his beer can onto the ground as hard as he could.

"What are you saying, Ohno-kun? You don't believe that. He loves you, and you love him."

"I don't know what to believe anymore. If he doesn't want me, fine. I probably don't mean anything to him anyway. May be he is already hunting for the next target." The defeated guy covered his face with both hands and murmured "Stupid me."

"What's wrong with you today? Where do these nonsense come from?" Nino was shocked by Ohno's sudden turn of attitude. "I know Sho-kun is not that kind of person."

"You think you know him well? Do you know he was detained in juvenile hall for a year because of a fraudulent charge?" Ohno was literally yelling at Nino. "If he really loves me, how come he kept that away from me?"

"He -- was?" Nino was speechless.

"You didn't know, did you?"

Nino didn't, and was shock to hear about that. The few years they were out of touch, he had no idea what happened to Sho. But he still didn't believe his childhood friend was a fraud. "I didn't know, but that's all the more reason to find Sho and hear his explanation. You can't just jump to conclusion that he deceived you. You should at least give him the benefit of the doubt."

"His father took money from me and now both of them disappeard at the same time. What more proof do I need?" Ohno snapped.

"Even if you don't trust him, trust your own feelings, trust your heart. Do you really think he's capable of doing such things, especially to you? What about me, huh? I was the one who introduced him to you. Are you implying that I am part of their scam too?" Nino was angry. If his friend doubted Sho's honesty, then his own integrity was also being discredited. "Why are you rich people always like that? Not everyone is going after your damn money!"

"Surprise! Satoshi-kun!" Someone approached the two men right at this moment, not aware that an arguement was in progress. "I just came back. Where is Sho-kun?"

Upon seeing the two men's look on their faces, he sensed something was going on. "Am I interrupting something?"

"Who are you?" Nino asked the stranger. Hearing him asking about Sho made him curious.

"I'm Jun Matsumoto, Satoshi-kun's cousin." He said awkwardly.

"Good. You'd better talk some sense into your cousin."

To Be Continued....

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