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[Yama fic] Rental Lover (Chapter 27)

Title: Rental Lover
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, fluff, romance, drama
Summary: Jun and Nino tried to get Ohno and Sho together at the Tenjin Matsuri. Would they succeed?

Chapter 27

Jun was packing in his room. When Nino mentioned about trying to bring the two stubborn lovers together, he knew they needed to create the opportunity for them. Otherwise the two will be stagnant in their stupid pride forever. They couldn’t tell Ohno where Sho was, so the only way for the two to meet was if Ohno went to Osaka. With Ohno’s mother’s help, he finally succeeded in luring his cousin to making the trip. Needless to say he himself would be tagging along and Nino was also invited.

“Hey” Nino greeted Jun when he came to the villa the morning of their trip. He was quite excited about the trip himself. Going to the Tenjin Matsuri was something he had wanted for a long time but never had the opportunity. This time not only that he was going with Jun, it would also be their chance to bring Ohno and Sho back together.

“You didn’t bring much.” Jun said after seeing the small duffle bag Nino brought with him.

“I got my DS. That’s more than enough for me.” Nino smirked. He looked around the living room. The Ohno’s were not there yet. So he walked closer to Jun and asked in a soft voice. “So what’s your plan?”

Jun looked a little puzzled by the question. “Plan? What plan?”

“The plan to make Ohno-kun and Sho-kun see each other when we arrive in Osaka.” Nino said. “You seem so confident the other day when you winked at me. You must have something good in mind. Come on, tell me, I’m dying to know.”

“I – don’t really have any plan.” Jun shrugged with an embarrsing smile on his face.

“No plan? Are you kidding? Osaka has more than two and a half million people. Even if both of them are in the same city. Do you expect them to just run into each other on the street?” Nino snapped.

“Shuush – ” Jun quickly put his finger on his mouth to signal Nino to quiet down. “Be quiet! Do you want Satoshi-kun to hear us? He won’t go with us if he finds out our intention.” They looked around but there’s still no signs of the Ohno’s yet, so they’re safe this time.

Nino whispered more softly to Jun. “So how do we make them meet up?”

“Well, Obasan told Satoshi-kun we’re going there for the Tenjin Matsuri. So we can make use of this opportunity.”

“But thousands of people will be there – ”

“Nino, what are you doing here?” Ohno came into the living room with his duffle bag before Nino could finish his sentence.

Nino immediately stopped saying what he was about to say and change the subject. “Good morning, Ohno-kun. I’m here to join you on your Osaka trip. Didn’t Jun-kun tell you I’m going too?”

“Ha ha, Jun, you’re really something. Lured Nino into an early honeymoon already?” Ohno teased the two younger men.

Nino gave Ohno a smack before saying. “Don’t speak non-sense. Your mama invited me, not Jun-kun.”

Ohno laughed. Even though things didn’t work out between he and Sho, he was glad to see Jun and Nino’s relationship was growing steadily. He yawned and stretched his arms, indicating that he didn’t want to get up so early. “Mama has you two as company, why do I have to go?”

“Because I want you to – ” Ohno’s mother’s voice was heard before she entered the living room. “Is that so hard for you to go on a trip with your mama? I’d have your papa go too if he wasn’t tied up with business.”

“Good morning, Obasan.”

“Good morning, Mrs. Ohno.”

“Mama, I didn’t mean it like that.” Ohno really had no interest in going, but didn’t want to upset his mother either. He wasn’t interested in anything at all since he broke up with Sho. All the partying he did was just to be kept occupied.

“Then, let’s go. We don’t want to miss the plane.” Ohno’s mother walked towards the front door where Nishimura had the car waiting outside to take them to the airport. Ohno grabbed his bag and followed. Before Jun left, Nino whispered to him. “We’d better think of something quick.”


Sho left for Osaka a few days after meeting with Nino. Leaving a city where he grew up in wasn’t easy, but he really needed to clear his mind. Before he left he went to see his father in detention jail. His father was awaiting trial for burglary and attempted assult. He apologized to his father for the arrest and said he would try everything he could to get him out. Sadly, his father didn’t show any remorse and told Sho not to bother coming to see him unless he could get the Ohno’s to drop the charges.

Feeling dejected, Sho packed up and left Tokyo. When the train he took slowly rode out of Tokyo’s vicinity, Sho stared at the scene outside the train window seeing the buildings of Tokyo became smaller and smaller then finally out of sight. He’s not only leaving the city where he had spent his whole life in, he’s also leaving behind his family, his love and his dream. He felt so empty inside out. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes and shook his head. The past is the past. He needed to recompose himself and started fresh.

“Moshi Moshi” Sho picked up when his phone rang while he was fixing himself some dinner. He saw it was from Nino.

“Hey, Sho-kun, guess where I am now?” Nino said on the other side of the phone, sounded very excited.

“You must be at home playing your DS, where else?” Sho teased his friend.

“No, I’m in Osaka – ”

“You’re here? Why? When did you come?” Sho was thrilled to hear that his best friend was in town.

“I just arrived not long ago. I came with – my mother for the Tenjin Matsuri.” Nino knew he couldn’t say he came here with Ohno’s family, not even with Jun. Otherwise Sho might not agree to meet up.

“Ah, Tenjin Matsuri. I almost forgot about it.” Sho said. The topic seemed to bring back some memory.

“How can you forget about it? The whole city is preparing for this festivity tomorrow. There are people everywhere.” Nino was all excited already.

“Well – I seldom went out. How long will you be staying?”

“We’ll be here for the whole two days event. Let’s meet up sometime.” Nino suggested.

“Wait, you didn’t come with Satoshi, did you?” Sho questioned eagerly.

“Ohno-kun went on a trip with his mother.” Nino didn’t answer the question directly, but his answer wasn’t a lie either.

“OK then. Why don’t you come to my place? You can stay here for the night and we can catch up. It’s small but still can fit the two of us.” Sho looked around his tiny room. He never thought he would have any guest here.

“No – ” Nino immediately rejected the idea. That would defeat the main purpose of their trip. “I mean, I can’t leave my mama in the hotel. We can meet at the matsuri, then we can attend the events together. What do you say?”

“But there will be thousands of people there? How can we find each other?” Sho was puzzled by the idea.

“Let’s meet at the entrance of Sakurano Palace Park tomorrow at 3:00pm. I’ll call you when I get there. I have to go now. See you tomorrow. Don’t leave until you see me, OK?” Nino hung up the phone in a hurry. Ohno was starting to say something in the background. He didn’t want Sho to hear that.

Sho couldn’t say anything more before Nino hung up. Although he’s not sure if it’s a good idea to try to connect among thousands of people, he’s still happy and looking forward to see his best friend again.

Later that night he layed on his sofabed but he couldn’t sleep. Starring at the ceiling, he let out a long sigh. Life was not easy for Sho in this unfamiliar city, but he chose to come here because this city was a childhood dream for him.

“Papa, I saw some amazing fireworks on television today.” Father and son were sitting at the front pouch after dinner on a hot summer night in July. “It was the Ten – ten – ten something matsuri.”

“Tenjin Matsuri” Sho’s father told his eight year-old son. “It’s in Osaka, very far away.”

“Oh -- ” Little Sho lowered his head, looked disappointed.

“I’ll tell you what. Next year if I can get bonus from the story I was working on, may be we can go there to see the fireworks in person.” Sho’s father said with a smile which made Sho’s eyes widened.

“Really? Papa, you’re the best.” Sho literally threw himself into this father’s arms and hugged him tightly.

A promise that a father made was the most precious thing to a child, but it also hurt the most if it wasn’t kept. Sho had hoped that coming here with his father for a fresh start would somehow fulfill this promise, this dream, but it was broken again by his father’s relentless remarks in jail. He resented his father’s heartlessness and finally accepted the fact that the man who made him that promise was long gone. Gently wiped away the drops of tears threatening to fall down from the corner of his eyes, he swore that he would not cry for his old man anymore.

If Nino didn’t come and reminded him, he didn’t even realize that Tenjin Matsuri was just around the corner even though he was in Osaka. Could it be a sign that he should put his childhood dream behind him and move on? He laughed at himself with the thought. He could have done that when his father was taken away by the police. He could have moved on with Ohno. But he didn’t, and now he’s all alone.

He closed his eyes and tried hard not to think about Ohno, which was something he forced himself to do very often. Although he regretted pushing away the man he still loved, he couldn’t bring himself to face him and his family either. Playing the blame game is the easy way to avoid pain and shame.

Sounds from the matsuri prevented any visitor from sleeping in. Drums, singings, cheerings and applauses could be heard even in the enclosed hotel rooms. After breakfast Jun, Nino, Ohno and his mother set off to join in the festivities. There were performances of the Taiko drum with a Danjiri dancer. There were dragon dances and kagura music. People dressed in yukatas and costumes and put on heavy make up despite of the hot summer weather. Everyone was enjoying themselves, everyone except Ohno. Even when he was hearing melodious singings and seeing graceful dancings, his mind seemed to be dazed off somewhere.

After lunch, Ohno’s mother parted the young men and left with a friend of hers whom she had arranged to meet but pretended to be coincidental. She did that to get out of the way so Jun and Nino could try to bring Ohno to Sho.

“Jun-kun, it’s almost time. We better start to head over there.” Nino said to Jun not long after Mrs. Ohno left with her friend.

Jun looked at his watch. It’s almost 2:00pm and it would take some time to walk over with so many people around. “Yes, let’s go.” Jun then turned to Ohno and said. “Satoshi-kun, let’s go to Sakurano Palace Park.”

“Anything interesting to see at Sakurano Palace Park?” Ohno asked casually. Even with all the festivities around him, he’s not really into any of them.

“We shall see.” Nino hurried Ohno to follow him and Jun. “Come on, we need to stay close together. There’re too many people here.”

They moved slowly to pass through walls and walls of people along the way. When they finally got to the park entrance, it was already past the promised time. Nino anxiously brought out his phone and called Sho while Jun looked out for Sho’s appearance.

“There’s no answer. Did you see him?” Nino asked Jun but Jun shoke his head. He put his phone in his jacket pocket and helped looking around for Sho as well.

“He wouldn’t have left already since we’re late, would he?” Nino murmered to himself.

They kept looking around but still no signs of Sho. Jun suggested that Nino sent Sho a mail asking him where he was, as the noise of the festivities might have blocked the rings of the phone. Nino reached for his phone in his pocket, but nothing was there.

“Where’s my phone?” Nino checked and checked, his jacket, his jeans, everywhere that he could have possibly put his phone in, but nothing turned out. “Damn it – ” Nino looked down to see if he had dropped the phone to the ground somewhere, but it’s almost impossible to retrace the path they came from since there were just too many people.

“Forget it. It’s gone. Let’s focus on looking for Sho first.” Jun continued to look around for Sho.

Frustrated Nino had no choice but to give up on the phone. He started looking and then sudden realized something. “Where’s Ohno-kun?” Ohno was no where to be seen.

“He’s right there – ” Jun turned around and pointed to somewhere anticipating Ohno to be there, but he wasn’t. “He was right there just a minute ago. Where did he go?”

“Oh great – ”

Later in the evening Jun and Nino returned to the hotel, exhausted, frustrated and totally defeated. Not only that they couldn’t find Sho, they lost Ohno as well. They looked for the two for a while and then eventually gave up and decided to call in the day even though there’re still a lot of celebrations going on.

To their surprise they found Ohno back in the hotel. He said that he got separated from the two by a large crowd of people. After failing to reunite with them he lost interesting in staying alone and so he went back to take a nap. The three men freshened up before joining Ohno’s mother and her friends for dinner when they shared what they saw and experienced on the day. She later told the young men that she’s again joining her friends the following day and they could go have fun on their own.

Jun and Nino told Ohno they were going to see a drum performance which they knew Ohno would not be interested. Just as they expected Ohno denied their invitation to go and retired back to his room. The two said they would meet up with him the following day for breakfast. Instead of going to some drum performance the two actually went for a drink. They need to rethink what they could do next for Sho and Ohno without Ohno’s presence.

“Now what?” Nino took a sip of his drink. “I lost the damn phone and now I couldn’t even contact Sho-kun. What a failure!”

Jun wrapped his arms around Nino and padded him gently. “We tried. May be we picked the wrong time and wrong occasion, or may be it just didn’t mean to happen. Meeting someone among nine hundred thousands people is close to impossible. I guess you’re right. Only true fate can make this happens.”

Since there’s really not much they could do without the mean to contact Sho, they decided to spend the next day solely on enjoying themselves in the matsuri.


“Jun-kun, open the door.” Jun heard a knock on his door the next morning just as he came out of a shower. It was Nino’s voice. He opened the door and Nino came into the room with a piece of paper in his hand.

“Take a look at this.”

Jun looked at the paper. It was Ohno’s handwriting. “I’m letting you two love birds spending some time alone. No need to find me.”

“This guy just went off without us.” Nino layed down on the bed, putting both hands behind his head. “What do we do now?”

Jun smiled and layed down besides Nino, supporting his head with one hand and looked at Nino. “Just do as he said, spending some time alone.”

Meanwhile Ohno was wandering around the streets of Osaka in his yukata. The matsuri was at full swing. There were even more people than the day before. He didn’t remember when was the last time he wore yukata, but somehow he wanted to wear one this time. May be that would feel more like part of the jubilee.

He left the hotel alone with the excuse to let his friend and cousin spend some time together on their own. But it was more like he himself wanted some alone time. While laying in bed the night before, he recalled Sho telling him about longing to go to the Tenjin Matsuri in person someday. Now, there he was attending the Tenjin Matsuri, but Sho was not there. A feeling of loneliness suddenly invaded him from inside.

He walked slowly through the crowd. People bumping into him as they walked passed him and turned around to apologize. He didn’t care much about that and continued in his own pace. Smells of food made him slow down once in a while. He saw a street vendor selling okonomiyaki. It’s one of Sho’s favorite food, simple and yet delicious. A crave for it arouse and he walked towards the vendor.

“One okonomiyaki with squid, shrimp and cabbage please?”

“One okonomiyaki with squid, shrimp and cabbage please?”

Despite of the surrounding noise, Ohno could hear another voice making the exact same order as him at the exact same time. It was a man’s voice. Following the direction of the voice, he turned towards his right and glanced at this person standing just a few steps away from him. The sleeve of a white yukata with grey stripes first came into sight. When he looked up and saw the man’s face, his mouth immediately dropped.

“Sho – ”

To Be Continued....

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A/N: Sorry for the late update again. Yama met up at the Tenjin Matsuri, yay! It's really their fate, isn't it? They were still mentioning it in the HNA unaired segment ♥ and now we even have a bgm song. ♫ You're everything. You're everything. ♫


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