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[Yama fic] Rental Lover (Chapter 28)

Title:  Rental Lover
Pairing:  Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating:  PG-13
Genre:  AU, fluff, romance, drama
Summary:  Ohno and Sho met each other at the Tenjin Matsuri. Would they able to make up?

Chapter 28

When you think about someone or something too much, you might have delusions of seeing the person or thing in your mind.

For a moment that’s exactly what Ohno thought happening to him.

Closing his eyes for two seconds and reopening them didn’t change a thing, the face in front of him was real, the person in front of him was real.

Ohno didn’t know how to react, and neither did Sho. They both stood there starring at each other for who knows how long.

“Hey, do you still want your okonomiyaki or not?” If it wasn’t for the okonomiyaki vendor to break the silence, they might have just stood there forever.

“No, I’m sorry – ” Ohno quickly responded to the vendor. Before Sho could protest, Ohno went up to Sho, grabbed his wrist and took him away. They went through crowds after crowds until they were in an area with fewer people.

When they stopped, Ohno didn’t let go of Sho’s hand. Although Sho didn’t show any resistence when he took him away, he didn’t want the man to turn around and disappeared into the crowd.

Face to face with each other in only an arm’s distance, the two men could smell each other’s scent. It wasn’t until then that Sho realized what was happening. Part of him wanted to run away, again. He wasn’t sure if he’s ready to face the man whom he pushed away. But his legs didn’t seem to agree with him and didn’t move an inch.

“Satoshi, I – ” Sho started talking, but he wasn’t actually sure what he was going to say.

“Shuuush” Ohno’s fingers stopped Sho from continuing. The feelings of the soft touch made Sho shivered. “Don’t say anything. Let’s forget about everything else today and just enjoy a day together. No matter what will happen to us, let’s make today a memorable day for us.”

The determined look in Ohno’s eyes didn’t allow Sho to resist. He had been tormented by his father’s shadow for so long that he could really use a break. Even though this didn’t mean anything would change between he and Ohno, but at least he could put his emotional burden aside and appreciate a carefree day, and what better way to have this day with the person he loved.

With this decision in mind, Sho nodded with a smile. Ohno smiled back. Without saying another word, he took Sho’s hand and the two disappeared into the crowd.

Sho didn’t ask where Ohno was taking him and had no intention to. It really didn’t matter. At this moment he’d go wherever Ohno led him.

What’s better than starting their day from where it all begun. The okonomiyaki vendor was happy to see Ohno and Sho returning to make purchase, and this time, hand in hand. Greeting them with a smile, he told them he remembered what they ordered earlier and said the combination they picked was not common but they made excellent choices. Okonomiyaki had never tasted so delicious before.

With a full stomach, the sound of drums and music boosted their adrenaline to a new level. Clapping their hands, moving their bodies with the music, cheering for the lion dancers, they didn’t mind sweating profusely in the hot summer heat. They went through every single booth, looking at souvenirs, tasting food, drinking beer and sake. Everything little thing is delightful.

Youcan be surrounded by the most beautiful scenary or the most delicious food but still don’t find interest in them when you’re alone. But when you are with loved ones, the most ordinary sight or a simple piece of bread is enjoyable.

When evening falls, they, together with hundreds of people, gathered by the banks of Okawa River to watch the evening torchlight river procession of hundreds of illuminated boats carrying mikoshi shrines. It was certainly a sight they wouldn’t forget.

“Sho, come on, the firework is starting soon, let’s find some place with a good view.”

Ohno took Sho by the hand and led their way to a small hillside away from the main festivities. It was somewhat elevated, and there’re no buildings or structures nearby. They sat down next to a tree leaning against the trunk and waited for the grand finale of the festival to begin.

It was a long day and both were exhausted, yet very happy. Neither of them said anything, afraid that any word would break the fragile harmony they’d tried very hard to hang on to. A lot went through their minds, but nothing came out of their mouths. They seemed to be trying to recall every little detail of the day and carefully archived and engraved them into their memories. Not even the tiniest bit was to be forgotten.

“Sho – ” Ohno finally spoke after a little hesitation. “I have something for you.”

Ohno took a small bag out of his pocket. He took Sho’s right hand, spread it open to make a nest shape, and then he poured out the content of the bag to his hand. They were some beads and a couple of strings. Sho noticed the beads had small letters in them. Carefully, Ohno picked the beads and strung them one by one. But it was too dark for Sho to see what exactly Ohno was trying to make.

After all the beads on Sho’s hands were stringed, Ohno tied one of the string on Sho’s wrist and asked him to tie the other on his own wrist.

“I hope this bracelet will accompany you through any hard times in the future, and you’ll remember today whenever you see it.” Ohno said holding Sho’s hand. “I certainly will.” He took Sho’s hand and placed it on his own bracelet.

“Satoshi – ”

Boom, boom, the sound of fireworks took their attentions away. They looked up in the sky which was instantly being covered by shots after shots of spectacular illuminations. It was much more beautiful than what Sho had remembered when he first saw this beautiful image on television years ago. He cheered and clapped and laughed, reclaiming the innocent kid that he once was. His childhood wish had finally come true.

The light from the fireworks reflected on Sho’s face, illuminating his already handsome features. Ohno found it even more attractive than the fireworks. When Sho noticed Ohno starring at him instead of the sky, he blushed hoping that the brightness of the fireworks could cover his bashfulness.

“Wow – ” That’s all Sho could say when the show finally ended and darkness started to regain control of the sky.

A little sad that this amazing day was coming to an end, Sho looked at Ohno and said “I – I should get going – ”

“There are so many people trying to get home. Roads will be crowded. Let’s wait out a little bit first.” Ohno didn’t move. What he said might be true, but it’s certainly not why he said it.

“I guess so – ” Sho sat back down and leaned against the tree. After all the excitement, tiredness started to kick in and his eyelids seemed to be too heavy to stay open.

“Here, you can rest a little first. When the crowd disperses, I’ll take you home.” Ohno opened his arms and let Sho rested on his shoulders. He loved the feelings of being close to Sho again.

Sho had no intention to turn down the offer. Gentle breezes blowing, a strong arm to fall onto, Sho could no long resist the relaxation after a full day of excitement. “Thank you, Satoshi – I – loo – ya --” He mumbled something half asleep.

“What did you say?” Ohno couldn’t hear clearly, but when he turned to look at Sho, he found the man already sounded asleep. He patted Sho’s head gently and closed his eyes as well. Silently he had made up his mind on something. He, too, dozed off with a satisfactory smile.

Sunrise comes super early in the summer. The morning light chases darkness away, signaling the start of a new day.

Sho was woken up by the brightness of the sunshine. His eyelids were still struggled to open. He had no idea where he was. He could only tell that he’s outside, from hearing the sound of the tree leaves being pampered by the breeze. He felt that his body was leaning against something, something warm and soft, with this special scent that he loves.

This scent, it’s Satoshi’s scent, Satoshi –

Everything came back to him. How they spent the day they spent together, how they watched the fireworks together and how he fell asleep in Ohno’s arms. He quickly opened his still heavy eyelids and slowly turned his head to look around. He was indeed wrapped in Ohno’s arm with his whole body weight leaned against the other man, making the man’s body awkwardly twisted to the right. Although Ohno was still asleep, his position couldn’t be very comfortable.

Sho’s shift in position had woken the man he’s leaning on. But when Ohno tried to move, he felt soreness all over his upper body and left arm. “Ah – ”

“Are you alright?” Sho immediately sat up and tried to help Ohno straightened his body.

“Easy, easy – ” Slowly Ohno stretched his body and massaged his shoulder and neck. “Leaning against a tree for a whole night is not such a good idea afterall.”

Sho knew Ohno’s soreness was from cradling him and making him comfortable throughout the night, not minding if he himself was in discomfort. Sho indeed had a good night sleep, the most restful one he had for a long time. The lost and loneliness that had been giving him restless nights did not bother him at all even when he’s sleeping under a tree outdoor.

“It was incredible, wasn’t it?” Ohno said after adjusting to a more comfortable position. “I mean, we meeting each other among these huge crowds of people.”

Sho’s train of thoughts was mainly on the time they spent together after they met, but never pondered on how slim the chance of their encounter really was. “Yes, it was. I never thought -- ”

“It must be our fate.” Ohno placed his fingers on the bracelet he gave to Sho tracing the beads on it gently. “Do you know what that implies?”

Sho’s eyes followed Ohno’s fingers onto the bracelet on his wrist. In daylight he could see what was on the little beads. The seven little beads on it clearly spelled the word ‘SATOSHI’. He then saw the one on Ohno’s wrist only had three beads on it spelling the word ‘SHO’.

Sho felt something burning inside him. He hated it. He hated Ohno. He hated himself.

Why don’t you give up on me? Why do you have to be so good to me?

Why do I feel so at ease when I’m with you? Why do I want to be with you so much?

“That implies we are meant to be together, Sho. We should – ” Ohno had made up his mind that he would not let Sho go again. He would not live a life without Sho.

“Don’t, Satoshi – ” Sho covered his face with his hands. He could not bare to look at the man, or else he would fall into the man’s arms in a heart beat.

“Damn it! Sho, what are you afraid of? Are you still blaming me for your father’s arrest?” Ohno took Sho’s hands away from his face and forced him to look at him. “Don’t you see you would never be free from him unless he’s put away for good?”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” Sho’s voice was trembling.

Ohno’s heart ached seeing Sho so miserable. He didn’t have the heart to push too hard. He softened his tone and continued. “The way we met each other among thousands of people was a miracle. The time we spent together was amazing. Nothing can keep us apart.”

“Yesterday was the happiest day of my life, but that still didn’t change the fact that my father was a criminal, a con-artist, a gambler, who had almost hurt your family. And it’s all because of me, because I brought him into your lifes. Your father is a credible businessman and people respect your family. Any association with people like me will only discredit your trustworthiness. Your father is right. I am no good for you.”

Sho had long passed the denial stage when he blamed Ohno for putting his father in jail. He had accepted the fact that his father deserved to be put away after what he had done. But also because of that he realized he could only bring dishonor to Ohno and his family if he was with him.

“I don’t care what your father did. You’re you and he’s he. You had nothing to do with what he did.” Ohno was frustrated. He was not going to let a worthless man ruined Sho and what they had. “If you’re so concerned about what kind of a person your father was, instead of feeling ashamed, prove that you’re a better person that he was, prove that you can live a good life and still loved by others even if you’re the son of the worst criminal and father in the world.”

Hearing Ohno’s sincere words made Sho wanted to cry. His father had destroyed his childhood, he should not let him destroyed his future.

“Don’t push me away again, please, Sho. I love you. Don’t let your father take away what we have.” Ohno hold Sho’s hands tighter. “You’re nothing but good for me. You still love me, don’t you?”

“I don’t know, I mean – I do love you, Satoshi, but – ” Sho blushed after confessing his love, but immediately returned to the serious matter. “What if your family is disgraced because of me? I’m afraid that you’d resent me then.” Sho was still skeptical about going back to Ohno. “And your father, I’m sure he won’t approve.”

Ohno was happy that Sho was not as resistant as before. It’s a sign that Sho was coming around. “I won’t resent you because you won’t disgrace our famly. I believe in you. Mama believes in you too. She loves you too, remember? As for papa, he’s just a paranoid businessman. He thought everyone is going after his money. He even told me to be careful with Nino! I’m sure he will see what a good person you are if you just give him some time.”

Mentioning of Ohno’s mother was a smart move. Going through these difficult times alone made Sho longing for motherly love like never before. He really missed Ohno’s mother. Thinking of being able to see her warm smiles and soft embraces again really boosted Sho’s urge to go back.

“Come on, Sho. Come back with me. As long as we are sure where we stand ourselves, we can figure out everything else together.” Ohno kept persuading, using every means that he could, eyes with pleading stares, hands holding the others tightly, and most of all, the irresistible soft sweet voice. ‘Ohno virus’ is on the attack again!

All of Sho’s immunization raised the white flag when ‘Ohno virus’ invaded. He could no longer resist the love that he was missing so much himself. He swore to himself silently that he would prove to the world that ‘like father like son’ does not apply to him.

“OK – ” Sho said shyly and yet full of confidence. May be our fate had brought us back together.

To Be Continued....

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A/N: I'm so so sorry for taking so long to post this update. But I'm sure we (yama fans) won't be lonely as there are just so much yama sweetness lately, right? ;-)  2012 is really a yama year, but I'm greedy and hope for even more in 2013.  Happy New Year everyone! Kouhaku in 2 days!


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