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Title: Rental Lover
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, fluff, romance, drama
Summary: Sho tried hard to get close to and gain the trust of Ohno's father to no avail. An argument broke out in the Ohno family triggered him to take action, but how his boyfriend responded to it surprised him.

Chapter 30 (Final)

Part I

Coming back to the Ohno villa gave Sho mixed feelings. Ohno had repeatedly reassured him that this is his home now and they are his family, but Sho couldn’t erase the image of the chaos in front of this same place that he witnessed. It could have been a disaster that he indirectly brought to this family.

“Welcome home, Sakurai-san. Let me get your bag for you.” Nishimura greeted Sho with a genuine smile. He really liked the young man and appreciated how he had changed his young master. “Madam Ohno has been expecting you. She and Master Ohno are in the living room.”

Sho walked slowly into the living room. His footsteps had never felt so heavy before. Seeing his boyfriend’s hesitance, Ohno stepped up to grab Sho’s hand and gave him a reassuring “everything-will-be-ok” smile. He then led them both into the room.

“Papa, Mama, we’re back.” Ohno greeted his parents, still holding Sho’s hand.

“Welcome back.” Ohno’s mother went up to hug them both. Sho missed this comfort so much. The past week with Ohno in Osaka was sweet but he also longed family love which gives him a sense of stability and security. “I have prepared some sushi and soba. Help yourself and eat whatever you want.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Ohno.” Sho responded politely, but his attention was not on food. He walked over to sofa and bowed deeply to the man sitting there who was reading his newspaper and had not said a word since they came in.

“Mr. Ohno, I’m really sorry about my father – ” Sho said apologetically, but Ohno’s father raised his hand to stop him from continuing.

“This is all in the past and I’d like to keep it that way. You’re a smart person and I know you’d understand that protecting my family and business is and will always be my number one priority.” That’s all he said before he stood up and walked away from the room.

Sho didn’t expect Sho’s father to welcome him with open arms, but the clear vigilance towards him was still hurtful and discouraging.

“Don’t mind him. He’s a control freak and is always so intimidating.” Ohno wrapped his arm around Sho’s shoulder and pulled him closer trying to console his boyfriend.

“Mind your words, Satoshi. He is your father and he has every right to be protective.” Ohno’s mother reminded her son. Then she patted Sho on his back gently and said, “Don’t be discouraged. Give him some time and he’ll see what a wonderful person you really are. Now let’s go and eat some lunch. Satoshi told me you love soba.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Ohno.” Sho felt a little at ease from the kind words and gestures of Ohno’s mother, but he knew he had a long way to go to convince Ohno’s father and he had the slightest clue on how to do it.

When Ohno and Sho were back to their room that night, Ohno immediately threw himself onto the queen size bed. “Oh, I’ll never leave this bed again.”

Sho glanced at Ohno while unpacking his bags and chuckled.

“What? Can you blame me for enjoying my own comfy bed after you had me sleeping on the floor for a week, Sakurai-san?” Ohno pointed to the other side of the bed and continued, “Come lie down with me for a moment.”

Sho stopped unpacking and slowly lied down next to Ohno on his back, looking up on the ceiling. Ohno turned to his side, supporting his head with his hand and looked at his boyfriend. “Cheer up, Sho. Don’t look so baffled. Everything will be ok now.”

“I wish I can be as carefree as you are, Satoshi.” Sho sighed, still looking up at the ceiling.

Ohno used his other hand to push away the strip of hair that’s covering Sho’s eye, and started to play with Sho’s hair gently. “You can too if you try to lighten up and don’t think too much of everything. Nino said you should have no problem reinstating your admission. If you work harder this semester, you can probably even graduate on time. Your father won’t bother you for a long long time. And you have me. What else can be bothering you?”

Sho turned around and looked at Ohno, also supporting his head with a hand. “You know our relationship will be imperfect without your father’s blessing and we won’t have that if your father does have trust in me. He is your family and I don’t want to create any conflict between you and your family because of me.”

“Sho, Mama loves you, and Papa will too. Even if he doesn’t, it won’t affect how I love you. What he thinks is not important – ”

“It is important to me!” Sho cut Ohno off. “Family is the most important thing to me. If we are to have a future together, then your family must accept me, every one of them.”

“Ok, Ok, I get it. You don’t have to be all agitated about it. I’m sure papa will come around. You are not your father, you are so much better. You don’t have to do anything. Just be yourself and papa will realize the remarkable side of you. But promise me one thing. We are in this together. Promise me you’ll never shut me out on whatever you do.”

Once again the sincerity in Ohno’s eyes touched Sho. His concerns and anxieties dissipated, at least for now. He leaned towards Ohno and pecked the man’s lips. “I promise. Thank you, Satoshi.”

Ohno was not going to let his boyfriend got away with just one kiss. He pulled Sho closer and captured the man’s lips once again, his tongue entering without asking for permission. Sho was caught off guard at first, but quickly brought into the mood with Ohno’s lead. The kiss got more passionate and Ohno’s hands started to invade inside Sho’s clothes but Sho pulled away.

“Satoshi, can we – wait?” Sho said shyly.

“Wait for what? Haven’t we waited long enough?” Ohno didn’t want to force Sho to do anything, but he couldn’t help being a little frustrated with his boyfriend. He thought he had proven his love well enough.

Sho realized Ohno’s frustration, and felt guilty about it. But he had his reason. “Satoshi, I know you love me. I love you too, but as long as your father still doubts my integrity, I still feel my dignity being discredited and my relationship with you would be second-guessed.”

“What if he’s so stubborn that he never accepts you?” Ohno blurted out but immediately regret when he saw the disheartened look on sho’s face. “I’m not saying he wouldn’t,” Ohno corrected himself. “But if it takes a year, two years, are you saying we have to wait indefinitely?”

“I’m hoping we can graduate together with his blessings – ”

“Our graduation it is then. You will be my graduation gift no matter what. Promise?”

“Satoshi – ” Sho could feel his face heating up.

“Promise?” Ohno pushed for a commitment.

“OK – ” Sho said softly, lowering his head bashfully.

Ohno smiled. He got off the bed and brought a blanket with him to the couch.

“You’re sleeping on the couch tonight?” Sho was a little surprised.

“Either I take a cold water shower or I sleep on the couch. Otherwise I am not sure I can keep my hands off you. But I’m too tired to take a shower, so – ”

Sho didn’t say anything more, knowing that he truly was not alone anymore.

School started soon after. After being absent for more than a month, Sho had a lot to catch up on. He spent most of his time talking to professors and reviewing notes borrowed from classmates. He spent late nights in libraries and internet cafes. Although Ohno promised not to disturb him, it’s still a distraction having him around. It’s a lot of hard work, but Sho didn’t mind and actually enjoyed it. He viewed his graduation as a proof not only to himself, but to Ohno’s father as well.

Things between Sho and Ohno’s father hadn’t changed much. Despite being given the cold sholder, Sho still tried hard to get close to Ohno’s father. He didn’t avoid to be around the old man anymore. To the contrary he tried to start conversations with him and expressed his opinions when there were economic news being reported on television. Unfortunately Ohno’s father’s attitude remained cold and distant.

Jun had transferred his study back to Japan. He gave the reason of being tired to be alone in Europe, but Ohno and Sho teased that he must be unseparable from Nino now, which he didn’t deny. The four young men spent time together whenever they could. They shared their childhood stories and future dreams. Each of them was glad they had found both love and friendship that no money could ever buy.

This night after dinner Ohno and Sho were watching television in the living room with Ohno’s mother. Ohno’s father was reading newspaper at another corner of the room. They were watching some kind of game show where the contestants compete for a jackpot of money when they gave correct answers to questions on various subjects. Sho gave correct answers to a majority of the questions. Ohno and his mother said Sho should try out to be a contestant. He would definitely win the jackpot.

“At least winning money on a game show is legal.” Ohno’s father said out of the blue and everyone was stunned by his remark.

“Papa, what are you implying?” Ohno didn’t like what his father said. He glanced at Sho looked down in embarrassment.

“Nothing. What do you think I’m implying?” Ohno’s father said casually.

Ohno resented his father’s ridicule towards Sho, but arguing with his father only made Sho’s position more awkward. He tried to control himself and changed the subject, but the one he chose wasn’t the most appropriate for the situation.

“Papa, I need to pay tuition for this semester. Can you transfer some money to my account?”

“I already did two days ago.”

Ever since Ohno’s father found out about Sho’s family background, he had decreased the amount of allowance he gave to Ohno and monitored his son’s spending very closely.

“I saw it, but it’s not enough for both of us.” Ohno explained, not realizing he had touched a very sensitive subject.

“Ah – ” Ohno’s father raised his eyebrows. “That’s right. I forgot I have another dependent now. I will transfer more tomorrow.”

“Papa, can you stop your sarcasm? You liked Sho when I first brought him home. Why can’t you put down your tainted glasses and see the real him?” Ohno had enough of his father’s insulting remarks. This was not the first time and he had tried his best to refrain himself from confronting his old man. But he couldn’t stand it any longer. “You are not being fair.”

“Did I say anything untruthful?” Ohno’s father protested. “He said he was not with you for your money, but he is using your money, isn’t it? Which part that I said was wrong? How was I unfair?”

“Stop it, both of you!” Ohno’s mother interrupted the argument. “You can voice your opinon, but do it calmly as adults. Raising your voices isn’t going to solve anything.”

There was a moment of silence, but the tension between father and son was still high.

“I have something to say.” Sho, who had kept silent throughout the conversation, finally spoke up. “Please, don’t argue because of me.” Sho felt sad that Ohno’s father was still doubtful about his integrity and intention to be with Ohno, but he was more hurt when he saw discord aroused between father and son because of him.

“Mr. Ohno, I can understand your standpoint, and I know it won’t change as long as I am here under your family’s care. I am grateful for your hospitality, but I have decided to move out.”

“What?” Ohno was shocked.

“Let me finish, Satoshi.” Sho stopped Ohno from continuing and turned back to Ohno’s father. “Sir, I don’t know what I can do to prove myself to you. But the least I can do is to show you that I am independent and don’t need your money to survive. The tuition money that Satoshi paid for me would be a loan to me and I promise to repay you, with interest. I am sorry to have created tension between you and your son. I hope one day you will believe that it’s your son that I love, not his or your money.”

Ohno thought at first that Sho was leaving him again, but then was relieved after hearing the last part. He’s still worried about the idea though, since he knew Sho had no where else to go. “Sho, you don’t have to do that. This is your home now.”

“Satoshi is right. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. I believe you and you are very welcomed here no matter what some pigheaded old man thought.” Ohno’s mother concurred with her son.

“Thank you for your kindness, Mrs. Ohno. But that’s something I have to do.”

“That still doesn’t prove anything.” Ohno’s father defied Sho’s intention. “My simpleminded son is too kindhearted. I’m sure he won’t let you struggle on your own and still take care of you even if you don’t live here. It makes no difference.”

“ThenI’ll move out too.” Ohno said firmly, which surprised everyone. “I won’t use anymore of your money. I will use my own abilities to make a living and graduate.”

“Satoshi, don’t – this is your home. Don’t leave your parents for my sake.” Sho feared that he had broken up the Ohno’s family.

“No, it’s not entirely for you. It’s for myself also. I have been depending on my parents too much. It’s time for me to grow up.” Ohno reassured his boyfriend while holding his hands.

“Are you sure about that? Do you know how hard it is to survive in the real world? You are not ready for that yet. Don’t be so naïve.” The old man didn’t believe his son had that courage to leave his wings. He’s sure the young man was just bluffing so he would stop Sho from moving out.

“I am sure. I am an adult now. I can take care of myself.” Ohno was determined. He was scared, but he knew he couldn’t show it in front of his father.

“If you said so, but don’t count on me or your mother to come to your rescue, even if you come begging us. If you accept any help from your mother, then you are just eating your own words. I will wait and see how you can earn enough for living, let alone your tuition.” Ohno’s father was putting up a firm and cold front. He had too much pride to show his soft side to his son even though he’s worried sick inside him. “May be then you’ll be able to see the true faces of people around you, who won’t value you a bit when you have no money to suck from.”

Ohno’s mother sighed in distress. On one hand she’s glad her son showed courage that she had never seen before and stood up for himself and his love. On the other hand she wasn’t sure if her son was strong enough to face the difficulties and challenges ahead of him. She knew this was an impetuous decision but there seemed to be no turning back.

“Satoshi, if you are determined to do this, let me make a proposal. It’s too much to ask you and Sho to pay for your tuition and support yourselves when you just set foot to the real world on your own. You need time to adjust. So we will pay for your tuition for the last semester, but it will be as a loan as Sho had said. You will have to pay us back after you graduate and get a real job. But you are on your own for other expenses.” She stole a glance at her husband and saw a subtle smile on his face. She knew that was what he had wanted too, although his ego prevented him from saying it.

“Thank you, Mama. We will be fine. We will move out as soon as we find a place.”

To Be Continued....

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A/N: The story is coming to an end. Hope you're still enjoying it. Thanks for your patience and support all along XD


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Feb. 12th, 2013 10:07 pm (UTC)
i really like their decision :) good luck, satoshi and sho!
Feb. 12th, 2013 10:31 pm (UTC)
ooohhh...its gonna end soon...so sad...
thanks for sharing...
Feb. 12th, 2013 10:44 pm (UTC)
Can't believe this is ending. Ah! Oh well all good things must come to an end huh? So if I said this was a bad thing would you continue it? 8) Just joking. I'll miss this fic. One of the so rare Yama fics out there. Now what do I have to look forward too. I'm going to go and cry now.
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Wah O kakkoii~ <3

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heeeeee??? its gonna end soon!! aaaahhh.. when will the last part come out???? >.< waiting for the last so much!!!
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Uwaaa!! This is so pretty!
Ohno is so cool when he wanted to move out with Sho..
It's up to them now to prove Sho's intention..
Can't wait for the final part!
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I hope they can pass all troubles.

Love these series so much <3

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Sho is so cute being shy to Ohno XD But Ohno is a gentleman to offer himself to sleep on the couch (or else he can't stand to not touch Sho XD) And matsumiya now is unseparable <3
Ohno's decision is surprising but it's a good one to show his father that their love is real and not based on money... Aah... their love is so beautiful <3
I feel sad it's almost the end... It's my first multi-chapter yama fic I ever read TT^TT ... But I think after this I'm going to explore more of yama fic XD
Love this series <3 I'll definitely look forward to next, thanks for updates ^^
Feb. 19th, 2013 10:17 am (UTC)
it's so cutee.. >.<
thanks for share.
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