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Title: Rental Lover
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, fluff, romance, drama
Summary:  Ohno and Sho started a new chapter of their lives together after moving out from the Ohno villa. How well did Ohno adapt to the life without his parent's support? Did they make it to graduation and would Ohno's father finally accept Sho?

Chapter 30 (Final)

Part II

Living away from his parents was nothing new to Ohno. Since he was little his parents were away on business a lot of times. He didn’t think about it too much when he blurted about moving out, especially this time it was with the person he loved. It wasn’t until they started looking for their own apartment that he started to realize it was not as simple as he thought.

“This apartment is great, Sho. It’s spacious and close to the university.”

“It’s nice, but the rent is too high. We can’t afford it. Let’s look at another place.”


“This one we can afford, and is clean and spacious enough.”

“But, Sho, this is so far away from the university and is at least twenty minutes away from the nearest train station.”

Eventually they settled on a place that’s acceptable in both distance and rent and this night they were getting ready to move in to their new home the next day.

Ohno noticed Sho’s unusual silence. He thought Sho should be happy and excited about them being together on their own, just the two of them. Sometimes he felt his boyfriend was a little bit too sentimental and sensitive that it was hard to read his mind.

“Sho, is something bothering you?” Ohno took Sho’s hands and stopped him from packing.

Sho just shook his hand but Ohno was not giving up that easily.

“Come on, talk to me. We are together now. We have to trust each other and be honest about our feelings.”

“Satoshi – ” Sho finally sat down on the bed and let out a sigh. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Don’t you think it’s a little late to ask this question?” Ohno smiled. “We are already moving tomorrow.”

“It’s not too late for you. I’m sure your parents will let you stay if you just say so.” Sho said lowering his head, not looking at the other man.

“Sho, look at me.” Ohno turned Sho’s head towards him and cupped the man’s face. “I want to do this, so don’t second guess me, OK?”

“I feel really bad about making you move out with me. You belong with your parents. The last thing I want is to break up your family, not after what happened with mine.”

Ohno laughed at Sho’s remarks. “Don’t be so sentimental, will you? You’re not breaking up my family. It’s not like I won’t talk to my parents ever again. I’m just showing them that I’m not the spoiled little boy who can’t survive outside their wings. And more so, I want to proof that the person you love is the funny, handsome, talented Ohno Satoshi, not the rich, spoiled dandy who does nothing other than partying and spending money.”

“You shameless brat. How do you know it’s not the rich spoiled dandy that I love?” Sho pushed his boyfriend away gently.

Ohno shrugged. “Sorry, you have no choice now. The funny, handsome, talented Satoshi is all there’s left.” He leaned over to pack on Sho’s lips which made Sho blushed. “I know it won’t be easy for me but I have you. We’re going to get through this.”

The next day the two young lovers left the Ohno villa and moved into their new home. Both Ohno’s parents were there when they left. “You can always come back here if things didn’t work out.” was all Ohno’s father said when they were leaving. His mother, on the other hand, caringly told her son to be careful and asked Sho to look out for her son. She knew her son would need a lot of help adjusting to the new way of living but was glad that Sho was there with him.

Nino and Jun came to visit their friends bringing some much needed household items with them as house-warming gifts. That night the four friends gathered around the only furniture table in the apartment and celebrated a new beginning of Ohno and Sho.

“Ohno-kun, did you carry Sho-kun in bridal style?” Nino teased his friend.

“Shut up Nino.” Sho threw some peanuts shells at his friend who dodged them easily.

“I really admire your courage and determination, Satoshi-kun. Honestly I had never expected that from you, not from the cousin I’ve known for twenty years.” Jun was amazed how much his cousin had changed this past year, but they were changes for the better.

“I never expected that myself either. But it’s just the beginning of our challenges. We still have a long way to go.”

“If there’s anything we can help, don’t hesitate to ask.” Nino said. He was, after all, their match-maker and truly wanted them to be happy.

“Thank you, but we really want to get through this ourselves with as little help from others as possible.” Sho thanked his childhood friend for the offer.

“But – ” Ohno interrupted. “If you two decided to find your own place like us, I can certainly help in your apartment hunting. We have gathered tons of information already.”

Jun and Nino glanced at each other but quickly looked away. Nino promptly changed the subject by proposing a toast. “Here, to the new beginning of Ohno-kun and Sho-kun! Cheers!”


Since Ohno was declaring independence from his parents, he didn’t take any of his luxury stereo or fancy cars with him. All he took was some casual clothes, his laptop and art supplies for school work. They had to live on the money Sho saved up when he was in Osaka until they found jobs. Ohno made his contributions too. He was happy that his small savings from working as a substitution art teacher could be put to good use.

Sho didn’t have too much trouble finding a job. He contacted his former employers and given what a hardworking employee Sho was they gladly rehired him. Ohno’s job hunting, on the other hand, was not as smooth going, mostly because he didn’t have much work experience. Sho knew it’d probably be easier for Ohno to find a job with the university that are specific for students. Although the pay is not as good, he could at least gain some work experience and got paid at the same time. Not long after, Ohno finally found a job in the Art department as a custodian for the art labs.

Just as his mother had expected, adjusting to the new independent life style was not easy for Ohno. Living in such a tiny apartment was one thing, having to do all the household chores was another. But most of all, he had zero concept of money management.

“Satoshi, we can’t afford to eat a 3000 yen sashimi bento for lunch!”

“Sho, I ran out of clean socks. Can I wear yours?”

“I missed the train, so I took a taxi to class today.”

“Oh, I missed my stereo. This music would be perfect with surround sound.”

Both tried to accommodate each other as much as possible at first. It was more of Sho accommodating Ohno most of the time. He knew his boyfriend came from a rich family, not having to wash a single dish his entire life, and he’s giving that up because of him. Everyone needs time to adjust. The least he could do is to be a little more understanding.

But everyone has his limit. With work and school and trying hard to adapt to their new lives together, both young men were under a lot of stress and little conflicts here and there built up tension. If they didn’t change the ways they lived and worked things out between them, it’s just a matter of time before either or both of them exploded.

Unfortunately it was the latter that happened first.

When you’re closed to the edge, it didn’t take anything big to trigger a fight. One simple complaint led to another. Normally harmless grumbles could quickly get blown out of proportion. Each said things they would later regret.

Bang! The apartment door slammed shut separating the two young lovers into two different spaces.

Ohno headed towards the villa. For a moment he regretted his decision to move out. There was nothing wrong with the way he lived before, he told himself. Why did he have to work so hard and scrambled in a tiny apartment when he could be pampered and not having to worry about a single thing. He resented Sho for picking on him on pretty much everything he did since they moved in together-- his spending, his way of organizing his things, even complaining about him not turning off lights when he left the bathroom. I didn’t know Sho could be such a control freak!

The front gate of the villa was in sight. One ring at the door bell and he could have his old comfy life back. Just as he was about to walked up to the gate, something struck him. He realized he was standing at the exact location where he secretly gave money to Sho’s father for the first time. It was like a blow and a shout to him. He seemed to have forgotten how much struggle Sho had gone through to get to where he is and he did it all on his own. He should not question Sho when it comes to independent living. Going back to the villa now would surely show his father that he’s a total failure. Sho never gave up despite his unfortunate. He could not surrender that easily either. Quickly he turned around and headed back to the apartment. That’s his home now.

After Ohno left the apartment, Sho lied down on the bed and buried himself in thoughts. He was mad, both at Ohno and himself. He knew this day would come sooner or later. He was just kidding himself in believing that Ohno would give up everything for him. He didn’t doubt the love they shared, but he knew all too well that love is not enough to survive the real world. This was why his mother left him in the first place. Not wanting to look at the familiar emptiness in the apartment, he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep, ignoring the drop of tears falling down the corner of his eyes.

Waking up to a familiar face in a warm embrace was the least that Sho had expected. A morning kiss is better than anything else to show remorse for their impulsive outburst. Snuggling close to each other surpassed any words of apologies.

The couple had a long talk and decided to make some changes. Sho would manage their financials and list out a budget for their expenses. They would divide up household chores between them and work out ways on how to organize their belongings in the limited space that they had. Rules were being set in each category. If anyone broke any rule three times, he would be penalized by taking on the other one's chores for a whole week.

Ohno was very confident that he would follow all the rules effortlessly, but it's not hard to predict he was the first one to get three strikes. But things had gone a lot better after their big fight and long talk. Money was still tight. They could barely get by for some months, but they didn't have any more fights and Ohno was gradually adapting to their frugal way of living.

"Remember you need to do grocery shopping all week since you got -- "

" -- three strikes. I know. You don't have to remind me every second. " Ohno interrupted Sho with a pouty face. "It's not fair."

"Who told you to spend more than you're supposed to for lunch and didn't wash your dirty dishes after eating. That's two strikes there, plus -- "

"Ok, ok. I get it. I'm going now. Can I at least get a kiss for incentive?" Ohno stuck out his pouted lips towards Sho with a pleading look. Ohno virus attack!

Sho gave Ohno a peck only to be pulled closer for a deeper kiss.

"Satisfy?" Sho pulled back after a few seconds. "Now go." He pushed his boyfriend out the door before the guy could do another trick.

Sho went back out to the balcony and took down the dried clothes hanging there. It was supposed to be Ohno's job as well, but the attentive side of Sho couldn't resist from sticking out his helping hand.

As he looked at the way the clothes were hung, by Ohno, he shook his head but letting out a chuckle at the same time. The shirts were buttoned with the wrong holes, four clips were used to hang a single sock, the jeans were turned inside out half way, etc. etc. His boyfriend was clearly not good in household chores which was understandable, but he’s trying. Ohno was doing his best to keep his promise to him. It was something hard to come by in Sho’s whole life. What more could he ask for? Besides, a baffled Ohno is pretty cute!

Just as Sho was still immersed in happy thoughts, the door bell rang.

“Satoshi must have forgotten his keys again!” Sho went to open the door but the one standing outside the door was not who he had expected.

“Mrs Ohno – ” Sho was somewhat surprised to see Ohno’s mother visiting. “Please, come on in.”

It wasn’t the first time Ohno’s mother visited them in their apartment. Knowing she couldn’t give any financial help to the young couple, she would bring them homemade food and daily essentials. Since the weather is getting cold, she would also bring them extra clothings and blankets. Sho refused to accept them initially, but after she said “Satoshi can catch a cold very easily” Sho gave in. Even she knew that her son had become a soft spot for Sho.

“Where is Satoshi?” Ohno’s mother sat down while Sho went to get tea from the kitchen.

“He went to the market. It’s his turn to buy grocery this week.” Sho handed the cup of tea to Ohno’s mother and sat down besides her.

“Ah, he must have struck out again.” She chuckled.

Sho smiled but was a little embarrassed. He had intended for this arrangement to be known between him and Ohno only, but Ohno himself revealed it to his mother the last time she visited.

“Mrs. Ohno, I didn’t mean to make Satoshi do all these – ”

“That’s perfectly fine, Sho. We had pampered him too well since he was little. It’s good he have you to have him some discipline in life. I sure didn’t do a very good job.”

“Please don’t say that Mrs. Ohno, you’re the most caring mother one could hope for.”

“Mama, you can call me mama like Satoshi – that is – if you want to, of course” Ohno’s mother gave the most loving smile Sho had ever seen. “No matter what happens to you and Satoshi in the future, I see you as a son already.”

Sho was stunned by Ohno’s mother’s proposal. He had grown to love Ohno’s mother already, but hearing her words really touched his heart. He felt tears in his eyes and any word he wanted to say was clogged in his throat. He went up and hugged Ohno’s mother tightly, letting happy tears fell down his cheeks. “Thank you, mama.”

“Hey, what’s going on here?” Ohno came into the apartment carrying bags of groceries with him and saw his mother and boyfriend still in an embrace. “I am jealous!”

The two came apart and Sho turned away to wipe away his tears still trying to subside the overwhelming emotions.

“Jealous of your mama or your boyfriend?” His mother teased.


“Mama,” Sho called shyly, but liked it very much. “Do you want to stay for dinner? Satoshi is cooking tonight.” A glance at Ohno clearly showed a somewhat puzzled look, but was soon distracted by his mother’s remarks.

“Satoshi cooking? I’d better leave now.”

“Mama – ”

Sho and Ohno’s mother looked at each other and laughed. A close bond had grown between them and Sho had finally found motherly love that he had longed so much.

As the weather gets colder, lives became more challenging for Ohno and Sho. Having to walk to and from the train stations in the cold and sometimes snowy weather was especially hard for Ohno who used to just hop into his car and drove off. To minimize the usage of heat in the apartment for cost reason Sho showed Ohno how to build a fort with blankets and pillows in a corner of the room to concentrate all the insulations in the small space. They snuggled there as much as possible when studying or writing papers which neither of them mind. In break time, they enjoyed some free entertainment by building snow man in front of the apartment and snow sledding in hillsides, or met up with Jun and Nino and chat while drinking warm sake.

Before they knew it, they had spent the first winter together. Spring is on the horizon and they were finally graduating, together.

The graduation ceremony was traditional with solemnity. Sho was especially emotional thinking back all the difficulties and hardships he went through to get there. Holding the diploma in his hand, he was truly confident in admitting he’s a better person than his father.

Papa, I have proved you wrong, I am not like you, I’m much better than you!
Mama, I have found someone who loves me just as much as you did, so don’t worry about me!

“Sho,” A hand padded on Sho’s shoulder brought him back from his thoughts.

“Mr. Ohno – ”

“I just want to apologize. I should not have doubted you.” It’s not easy for the old man to admit being wrong in his judgement, but he had felt that Sho deserved acknowledgement.

“There’s no need to apologize, Mr. Ohno. You are doing what every father would do to protect his son. Satoshi is lucky to have you. That’s something I could never have.”

“You have us. We are your family now. You have made Satoshi into a more motivated person. The changes in him after he met you amazed me. He is lucky to have you.” Ohno’s father said sincerely. Seeing his son supporting himself and working so deligently these few months really made him proud.

“I guess Satoshi is lucky one.” Sho smiled joyfully.

“Indeed – ” Ohno’s father nodded. “Come on, they are waiting for us to take pictures.”

After a dinner with the family, Ohno and Sho retreated back to their own little love nest. This graduation day was special to both of them and they wanted to have some time to celebrate together, just the two of them.

Ohno took out a bottle of wine and poured into two glasses. He handed over a glass to Sho and held the other one himself.

Sho was about to say something but Ohno stopped him. “I know, I know, this wine is out of our budget allowance and it’s my third strikes. I will do all the chores this week, and next week, and next next week if you want me to. But can we just forget about everything and celebrate tonight?”

Sho smiled. “I was just going to propose a toast.” He held up his glass and continued “To our future – ”

“To our future, together!” Ohno raised his glass as well. “Cheers!”

After they emptied the glass, they went to lie down on the bed, Ohno wrapping his arms around Sho.

“I’m sorry for making you do all these chores. I know it’s hard for you.” Sho held on to Ohno’s hands and squeezed them gently.

“Indeed it was. I’ve never needed to do so much at home before. Actually, papa asked us to move back to the villa.”

“Oh – ” Sho had mixed feelings about this. He’s happy that Ohno’s father finally accepted him, accepted them, and he could have the family love that he had missed. But he also liked his independence, which was the only thing he was proud of all these years.

What if Satoshi wants to move back? Should I go with him? May be he can move back himself and I can stay here. But then I’ll miss him –

Sho was still playing out all these scenarios when he heard Ohno continued.

“But I turned him down. This is my home now, no, this is our home now.” Ohno kissed Sho’s forehead softly.

Sho was happy to hear that, but he still wanted to be sure it’s a choice Ohno wouldn’t regret making. “You don’t mind continue cramping in this tiny place with me and doing all the chores? You don’t mind not having your surround sound stereo system and Porsche to drive?”

“I actually get to like it that way. It’s a fuller way of living. Now that we got our degree, we can find real jobs and then I’ll persude my teaching credentials. Then I can open my own art school when I get my trust fund. Life is good, ne?” Ohno felt like he’s full of confident about his future for the first time in his life.

“Slow down, slow down. You’re jumping the gun here. There’s still a lot of challenges ahead of us. For starter, I have to find a real job first.” Sho liked the fact that Ohno had started to think about the future but didn’t want him to be overly optimistic and be more realistic.

“Didn’t Papa offer you a position in his business? I heard him talking to you about it today.”

“Yes – but I turned him down as well. I want to use my own abilities to build my career.” Sho looked at Ohno hoping his boyfriend would understand.

“Ha ha ha, I really wish I could see Papa’s expression after being turned down by both of us on the same day.” Ohno said rolling his eyes.

“I feel bad though. I know he meant well.” Sho sighed.

“May be his pride was hurt a little, but he will be fine. Don’t mind him, I need to claim my graduation gift now.” Ohno said playfully.

“Graduation gift?”

“Don’t pretend you don’t remember – ” Ohno’s made a swift move and before Sho could react he already found Ohno on top of him. “I’m not taking cold shower or sleeping on the floor again.”

“Satoshi – ” Sho whispered shyly and his face turning tomato-red. “I’m all yours.”

Kisses followed, one more passionate than the other. Ohno didn’t waste another second to fully claim his rent-to-own lover.

// The End

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A/N: So this story finally comes to a happy ending. But for Ohno and Sho it's just a new beginning with a lot of love and brightness in their future. Thank you so much for all of you who stuck with it and read till the end. I hope you enjoyed it XD


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Mar. 3rd, 2013 01:59 am (UTC)
KYAAAAA~ One word, Perfect! ♥ I LOOOOOVE THIS SERIES. ♥ Thank you for sharing this wonderful fic of yours. I'll miss this. :)
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Yay!! It's finish!! So pretty!! I really love this.. I'm happy for them!!
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Yama love is in the air ♥
Thanks for this wonderful series
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oh, it's very nice!

I enjoyed reading the whole series!

thank you for this! I hope you write another series.. :)
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congratulations on finishing this series ^^
i really enjoyed reading this.
it's very interesting, full of mixed-feelings haha
i'm glad the whole ohno family accepts sho now. :)
it would be nice if there's a *cough* continuation *cough* of this XD
anyway otsukare!
Mar. 3rd, 2013 05:00 am (UTC)
Kyaa~! >v<
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Rent-to-own lover XD
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Thank you for writing and sharing this wonderful story.
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awww the final chapter already T_T
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Mar. 3rd, 2013 05:00 pm (UTC)
aw its finally come to a very sweet end :)
Mar. 3rd, 2013 06:36 pm (UTC)
Yes!!!! I love the ending of this series.

I will miss this series so much especially both pairs yama and mutsumiya.
So I hope you will give the sp ep. XD

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I loved this fic, I will miss it ;__; thanks ^_^
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