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[Yama fic] Love You, Forever (Chapter 6)

Title: Love You, Forever
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, sci-fi, angst, romance, drama
Disclaimer: Purely fictional, for entertainment only
Summary:  Ohno couldn't bear letting Sho died again but couldn't find a way to save him. Then....

Chapter 6

Ohno didn’t sleep the whole night. He kept thinking how he could possibly keep Sho alive. Wherever he is Death will still find him. Eros’s words kept repeating in his mind. May be he could still keep him home or take him far away from the school. Then at least he wouldn’t need to be hit by a car and died so painfully. May be he could hide him somewhere from everything that’s dangerous, just like what the king and queen did in the fairy tale Sleep Beauty to save their daughter. But then didn’t the wicked fairy still found her and successfully put her to deep sleep?

Ohno didn’t think he could still laugh at this moment in time, but he did, not because he was happy, but because of his childish thinking on how to save Sho. He was definitely pathetic, and desperate.

He only had one date with Sho, not nearly enough memories to treasure after Sho’s – gone. They never got to have romantic dinners, or watching the sunset together on the beach. But there’s still a chance for them to watch the sunrise together, their first – and last.

He stared at Sho’s sleeping face, hard and focused, as if trying to imprint his beautiful look into his mind. He then kissed his forehead before gently patting the sleeping boy to wake him up.

“Sho – wake up”

Sho mumbled, not quite coming awake but nearing it, and turned his face away from Ohno with a cute little moan that had Ohno smiling. But there’s not much time to waste, so he put both hands under Sho’s upper body and lift up the boy to a sitting position in one swift move. He then sat behind Sho prevented the boy from lying back down on the bed. Sho was totally leaning on Ohno.

“Come on, Sho. Get up.”  He used his hands to pat Sho’s face gently but frequently.

Sho rubbed his eyes and tried very hard to open them. “It’s still dark, Satoshi. Go back to sleep.”

Ohno turned Sho’s face around and pressed his lips on the sleepy boy’s. Sho turned himself around and naturally wrapped his hands around Ohno’s nape.

“I guess this wake up method works.” Ohno teased after they pulled back for air making Sho blushed.

“You woke me up just for that?”

“No, of course not. But this is nice to wake up to too.” Ohno brushed Sho’s bang on the side. Who said people look the worst when they just wake up? Sho is the cutest that I’ve seen him. “Come on, get up. I want to take you to some place.” He helped Sho got out of bed and both got dressed. “Put on your big coat. It’s still cold out there.”

After they were ready, Ohno took Sho’s hand to lead him through the apartment. Sho just looked at him with amusement as he led him out of the apartment. He frowned a little as they took the stairs up until they reached the roof of the apartment complex, wondering what they were doing there at this time of the day. He shook his head, still confused, when Ohno led him across the roof by the hand.

“Satoshi, what are we doing up here?” He finally asked. “It's dark and it's cold. We have school today. We should be sleeping. We – ”

“Shhhh – ” Ohno put a finger on Sho’s mouth to gesture him to stop talking. “Calm down. You’ll see why we’re up here in a few minutes.”

Sho huffed a little, but didn't resist when Ohno pulled him between his legs and against his chest. He loved how safe he felt when Ohno wrapped him in his arms. It’s different from his father’s hug. Ohno’s embrace made him at ease, and yet he felt his blood travelling in his veins in high speed. It’s love. The word made Sho warm inside. Now settled back against Ohno, waiting for something, he couldn't help but feel happy. He never thought he'd have a chance like this -- do romantic things with the one he loved, even if he didn't know what those things were. He looked up at Ohno's face and the smile that had spread across his face fell. Ohno looked – alone and there was something on his face that Sho couldn't name. There were also tears in his eyes.

“Satoshi?” Sho asked in concern, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, Sho” Ohno turned to him and the expression was gone. “Hey, look – ”

Sho turned his head and gasped. He didn't know how the dawn could have broken in the short minute he had spent looking at Ohno. But, it had. The sky was streaked with the colors of the rainbow all centered on the beautiful bright light just peeking over the horizon. The apartment building was the tallest thing in the residential area and their view was obstructed by nothing. He hadn't watched a sunrise that he could remember and watching one now with Ohno took his breath away.

“I love you,” he whispered as they watched, not wanting to break the moment with loud words.

Ohno smiled down at Sho, glad that they had started the day like this. Sho was cute as he stared out at the sunrise and tried to keep himself from crying.

“Forever,” he said quietly, under the same spell that Sho had found himself under.

They watched for another ten minutes before walking back down the stairs hand in hand. For a moment Ohno had forgotten about the tragedy that’s approaching them later in the morning. But when Sho hurried him to get ready for school, the cruel reality kicked in again.

“Sho – ” Ohno said after some hesitance. “Can we ditch school today? We can go somewhere and spend a day together. Just you and me.”

“Don’t be silly. We have plenty of time for that. I don’t want to miss class. You shouldn’t either.” Sho said while stuffing books into his backpack. “Hurry up. We’ll be late.”

“I suppose – ” Ohno didn’t have any reason to argue, not any that he could reveal anyway.

On their way to school, Ohno was very quiet. Sho noticed by didn’t say anything. At first he thought his new boyfriend was just tired from getting up early, but every once in a while he would catch a glimpse of something that looked very like grief on Ohno's face from the corner of his eye. By the time he turned completely it was always gone and Ohno would give Sho a mischievous grin to cover it. But, something was off about it. It wasn't until the third or fourth time it happened that Sho realized it was because the grin wasn't reaching Ohno's eyes. There was something wrong. Sho knew his instincts had been right. He resolved to talk to Ohno about it after school.

They walked toward the front of the school, still holding hands. But the closer they approached the school, the slower Ohno’s footsteps became. Every step he took meant the closer it’s getting to Sho’s death. How he wished he could make time stopped at this moment. When they were one block away from the school entrance, Ohno pulled Sho into a tight hug.

“Satoshi – ” Sho whispered. “You’re trembling. What’s wrong?”

“No – nothing’s wrong.” Ohno whispered into Sho’s ears. Then he pulled back and looked at Sho in his beautiful eyes. “I – I love you, Sho.” He finally said it.

Sho’s eyes misted. “I love you too, Satoshi.”


“Forever.” Sho confirmed.


Before Ohno could take Sho’s hand again, the younger boy suddenly turned around and walked away from Ohno, in fast pace. Ohno muddled, but soon understood the reason behind Sho’s action.

A tall boy with big build approached Sho, two others followed him.

Ohno immediately sensed trouble. He used to hang out with this boy and his gang, the group whom he called his buddies. He thought that hanging out with the most popular guy in school was the way to survive. He thought that helping them bullied Sho would make him part of them. More importantly, he could deny his feelings for Sho, not to others, but to himself.

Ohno saw the gang pushing Sho, one after another, for no reason. Sho tried to get away from them, but the three of them was surrounding him. He had nowhere to go.

A few times Ohno saw Sho facing him, but he could tell that the younger boy intentionally looked away, avoiding eye contact with him. Sho didn’t want the gang to know their relationship, as he had made it very clear to Sho before. But it should be different now, should it? All the sayings he made about admitting his feelings for Sho, about protecting him and standing up for him when Eros gave him a second chance. He should have gone up and stopped the bullies. But instead he just froze.

He stood there, doing nothing. That’s right, absolutely nothing. He could vaguely hear the bullies laughing and even called out to him asking him to join the fun. But he still, stood there.

What’s wrong with me?

The pushes became harder and harder and Sho was starting to tumble. Horror aroused in Ohno for the tragedy awaiting to happen. No! He screamed inside. He couldn’t let that happen.

“Stop it!” He finally overcame his flinch and shouted. At the same time he ran up to the boys and stood in front of Sho, immediately earning himself a push from one of the bullies.

What followed happened very fast. Ohno could only recall the tall boy yelling at him for being a traitor and taking Sho’s side. He answered back and tried to stop his pushes, not realizing the other two accomplices of the tall boy were still on to Sho. He then saw from the corner of his eye that Sho was losing balance from the hard pushes and was about to tumble backward onto the road. At the same time the sound of an approaching car was heard.

No! I can’t let Sho die!
Death will still find him…..
The spirit of death would not leave empty handed…..
What if……

Ignoring the tall boy, Ohno took the steps towards Sho and pushed him as hard as he could from his side. Sho still tumbled, but to his side and not backward. After Sho hit the ground he turned back seeing the most horrifying scene of his life.

After Ohno pushed Sho aside, two pairs of hands landed on Ohno’s body. The force from the two boys which were supposed to push Sho to his death was taken by Ohno instead, which sent him out on the road just as the car approached. He only had a second to brace himself before he was flying through the air. He hit the ground hard.

He couldn't see himself, but he could feel his body jerking as his nerves struggled to deal with the excruciating pain. He could feel the blood seeping from his body into the hard ground. He knew he’s dying, but the only thing he could think about was Sho.

“Sho – ” He moaned, forcing the word out, “Sho – ”

“Someone call an ambulance!” He heard Hatori called out. He didn’t know when the teacher came out.

“Sho – ” He moaned again, hoping to see Sho one last time.

“Satoshi – ”

Finally, he heard the voice he’s longing for. Sho was already crying as he appeared over Ohno. He was unhurt, which made Ohno smiled. He reached out a hand, surprised he still had the strength to do so, and set it to Sho’s cheek, slightly startled when he realized he'd smeared some of his own blood on Sho’s face by doing so. But, Sho didn't seem to care about that. He just held Ohno’s hand to his face as if he could pass on some energy to his frail boyfriend.

“I’m right here, Satoshi. Just hold on. I love you so much, Satoshi. Help is on the way.”

“It’s OK,” Ohno whispered. He could feel himself fading. His eyes began to roll back in his head and Sho suddenly slapped him. His eyes snapped open again. He used his last bit of will to focus on Sho.

“Don’t you dare leave me, Ohno Satoshi! Don’t you dare!” Sho cried out. He took Ohno’s hand off his face, but kept a tight hold of it.

“Hold on, Ohno. Ambulance is on it’s way. You can do it.” Hatori was suddenly by their side. Though Ohno wanted so badly to do as they both asked, he was too weak and tired. He just wanted this to be over. But he had to say one more thing first before he could leave. He turned his attention back to Sho as he felt his grip on Sho’s hand weakening.

“Love – you – for – ” He tried to force the words out, but choked on his own blood.

“Forever!” Sho sobbed, “I know, Satoshi, I love you forever too.”

Ohno wanted to smile, but didn’t have the energy to move his facial muscles. He vaguely saw Eros besides Sho, tears in her eyes as well. Then he heard Eros’s voice in his ear without seeing her moving her mouth. “Rest now. Sho will be safe. Just let go.”

His life for Sho’s, he thought. Fair trade. He even found the courage to stand up for Sho against the bullies at the last moment. He kept his promise. With a final thought of love for Sho and his family, he let go.

Sho knew the moment Ohno left him. He heard a high wailing sound of grief he didn’t recognize coming from himself. Hatori tried to pull him away from Ohno, but he wouldn’t let go. He lowered himself onto Ohno’s body and whispered the only three words in his head and heart.

“Please come back.”

To Be Continued....

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May. 21st, 2013 10:07 pm (UTC)
How sad T_T

Good thing is that the story continues after that.

Love this fic, thank you for sharing it.
May. 21st, 2013 10:16 pm (UTC)
I did not expect this to happen at all. Wow, that's harsh, Ohno's death for Sho's. :(
I still like this chapter though, all the love being showed between the characters and how Ohno just wants what's best for the both of them. So sad.
Thanks for the update!
May. 22nd, 2013 11:40 pm (UTC)
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