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[Yama fic] Kappa and The Lion

Title: Kappa and The Lion
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG
Genre: fable, fluff, friendship
Disclaimer: Purely fictional, for entertainment only
Summary: Young Lion Sho got separated from his pride. Hungry and desperate, he hunted down Kappa Satoshi for his next meal. Just as he was about to be eaten, Satoshi made a proposal to Sho. Inspired by the cosplay of the members in ARAFES'13 when Satoshi dressed as a Kappa and Sho dressed as a Lion.


A/N: Written for the Yama fanfic contest organized by murasakinoyume with the theme Proposal. Originally posted HERE. Winners and entries list (13 total, yay!) can be found HERE.


Crickets chirps, owls screeches and wolves howls are usually the only sounds heard in a forest at night. But this night the usual sound patterns were interrupted by the sobbing sound of a young lion.

What should I do? I’m so hungry, but I can’t hunt anything.

Young lion got separated from his mother and its pride. They were on their way to find new water source when he got side tracked by a deer in the woods and decided to chase after it. When he realized he was behind, he had already lost track of the rest of the pride no matter how hard he tried to catch up. He was on his own, but for three days his premature hunting skills had prevented him from hunting any real meal. He was pretty much feeding on dead rodents and leftover meat from dead animals hunted by other beasts. But those could hardly fill his stomach.

He missed his mother and the rest of the pride. Never in his mind did he think that he would be all alone at this young age. Being pampered and well taken care of, he regretted not learning his hunting skills properly when he was taught. For the first time in his young life he was truly scared. He curled up under a big tree and sobbed. Tiredness and hunger finally put him to sleep. He wished he could dream of a way to get home.

The sound of someone singing woke up the young lion the next day which agitated him, not so much of the singing itself, but the fact that making him woke up resumed his feeling of hungry and loneliness, especially the former. He decided to find out whose singing it was.

He rubbed his eyes and stretched himself before following the direction of the singing. Not long after he was brought to somewhere near a small pond. He hid behind some bushes not far away and didn’t make any noise. He peaked towards the pond and saw a creature with green scaly, reptilian skin. Its mouth was like a beak and the top of its head was flat and hairless, like a plate. What an ugly creature! The young lion thought.

The creature that the lion saw was a kappa, a reptile-like specie which lived mostly in the mountain area near ponds and rivers. Its size is as small as a human child. The one which the lion saw was no exception. And this was what attracted the lion’s attention. It’s perfect to be his next meal!

The kappa just caught a fish and was excited about it. He didn’t seem to be aware that he was being targeted as the lunch of a hungry lion. The lion stayed very quiet, trying to come up with a plan on how to hunt for his prey but didn’t come up with anything concrete. The growling sound of his stomach told him he could not wait any longer. He jumped out of the bushes with a loud roar and pounced on the kappa.

The sudden appearance of the ferocious predator caught the kappa by surprise, but its natural fleeing instinct and swift movements still let him escaped the attack by jumping into the pond. The lion was not going to settle with another empty-handed hunt and followed his prey into the water. Bad idea! Lions are not good swimmers to start with. Hunting a prey in water was hard enough, targeting one that resided there was near to impossible for the young hunter. Adding to the lack of energy and hunger, he soon found himself not only failing in catching the prey, but in danger of drowning.

“Hey, are you OK?”

Young lion dreamily heard someone saying. He couldn’t remember where he was or what happened to him.

Cough cough cough….  He used whatever energy he had left to get rid of the fluid that obstructed his airway.

When he finally opened his eyes, he saw the face of the ugly creature less than an arm’s length away. His first instinct was to move away, but was too weak to make any movement, but his memory was slowly coming back to him.

“Are you OK?” The kappa asked again.

“Ye – ah.” Young lion felt extremely embarrassed. He knew the kappa had saved him from drowning, but he’s supposed to be the dominant here.

“Why did you save me?” Young lion had to ask. “I – I wanted to eat you.”

“I don’t know.” The kappa shrugged. “Somehow I just don’t want to see you die. What’s your name?”

“I am Sho. My mama said it means ‘to fly’. But I never saw any of my kind flies.”

“My name is Satoshi. My papa said it means ‘wisdom’. But he also said I didn’t inherit any of his wise genes.”

Both youngsters laughed. For a moment they didn’t feel like a predator and a prey at all.

“Why are you hunting alone anyway? Don’t lions hunt as a group?” Satoshi asked curiously.

What Satoshi said reminded Sho of his misfortune, and this latest incident took away the last bit of self esteem he had that was holding him together. Being saved by his own prey degraded the prestige for being a lion, which has the honor of being called the king of animals. Tears started to flow out of his eyes.

“Wait – please – don’t cry. Did I say something wrong? I’m sorry – please don’t cry – ” Satoshi totally didn’t expect Sho will burst into tears and didn’t know what to do.

“You are my Soul, Soul – ” He tried to cheer Sho up with his singing which didn’t work.

“Hey, see what I can do.” He did several back flips hoping to create some distraction, but the teary eyes didn’t even pay attention. That didn’t work well either.

“Emmm, are you hungry? Do you want some fish?” Food was the last thing Satoshi could think of. He took out some fresh fish he just caught earlier and handed over to Sho, not even realizing that lions don’t eat fish.

But, this young lion was far too hungry to be picky on food. He grabbed the fish from the kappa and started eating them, finishing them all in no time.

“Feel better now?” Satoshi asked in concern and Sho nodded. “I’m sorry if I said something wrong before.”

The lion sighed. “No, you didn’t. I am alone. I got separated from my family.” He went on and told Satoshi what happened to him and how he spent the last three days.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha – ”

Instead of the comforting and sympathetic words he expected to hear, what Sho heard was loud laughter coming from Satoshi while holding its stomach with both hands.

“What’s so funny?” Sho was clearly displeased by Satoshi’s reactions.

“Ha, ha – sorry – I just – couldn’t – help – ” Satoshi couldn’t stop laughing. He found Sho’s story more entertaining than sympathetic.

But Sho didn’t find it amusing at all. He got more and more agitated by the laughing kappa. Gaining back a little energy from a half full stomach, the lion jumped up, grabbed the kappa and hold him down with his big paws, all in one swift move.

“I am still perfectly capable to eat you, you know.” Sho let out a mischievous grin. “My stomach is hardly full from those smelly fish.”

Sho’s actions caught Satoshi totally off guard. Scared to become the lion’s lunch, he quickly pled for his life. “I’m – sorry.” Cough, cough, “I didn’t mean – to laugh at you. Please – don’t eat me.”

“And why would I do that?” Hearing someone begging him gave Sho a very satisfactory feeling. For the very first time he had the upper hand over his prey. He was proud of himself.

“I saved you, didn’t I?” Satoshi continued to plead, “I even gave you all my fish.”

“But with you my stomach will be completely full and I’ll have the energy to last me for days till I catch up with my family.” With a loud roar, the young lion exposed his canines getting ready to enjoy his first prey.

“Wait!” Satoshi yelled out as loud as he could with his chest still under the big paws. “Just wait! I – have a proposal for you.”

“What now? Nothing can stop me from enjoying my meal.”

“Don’t eat me and I can help you find your family.” Satoshi spit out his proposal which successfully made Sho pause his action.

Seeing that the predator seemed to show some interest, Satoshi was somewhat relieved and continued talking. “I know this forest better than anyone. I can help you track down your family much faster than you doing it alone.”

Satoshi’s proposal was really tempting. He had found himself going in circles in the woods of trees and going nowhere. With someone guiding the way around would be a big help. Besides, he wasn’t truly inclined to eat Satoshi anyway. Other than being a little annoying, the kappa did save his life and was the only one that made him laugh and comfortable since he was alone.

“So what do you say?” Satoshi asked anxiously. Still under the mercy of Sho’s sharp claws, Satoshi knew he’s not out of trouble yet.

“You will help me. You will not just jump into the pond and disappear the minute I release you, promise?” Sho still had his paws on Satoshi’s chest although the pressure from it had subsided.

“Cross my heart! If I break my promise, you can eat me anytime.” Satoshi started to have some sympathy towards Sho. A lion wouldn’t accept any proposal to spare the life of its potential prey unless it’s desperate.

Sho finally released his paws from Satoshi. But the minute Satoshi was free he ran to the pond and jumped in, leaving a dumbfounded Sho standing there, all alone again.

“Hey – ” Sho shouted at Satoshi but the kappa had submerged into the water and was nowhere to be seen.

Sho dropped to the ground and buried his face in his paws. He had never felt such a failure before. Not able to catch a prey was one thing, but being tricked by one must be the biggest disgrace of a lion.

“Here you go – ”

A familiar voice was heard a little while later. Sho looked up and saw Satoshi holding three big fish standing right next to him.

“I hope these will be enough to fill your half empty stomach.” Satoshi smiled.

“You didn’t – leave?” Sho couldn’t believe that Satoshi had come back.

“I promise, remember?” Satoshi put the fish in front of Sho. “Come on, eat them and we’d better get going, or else we’ll never catch up with your pride. I’m going to get some food for myself. Be right back.”

Satoshi ran off and disappeared among some trees, but this time Sho was not worried. He knew the kappa will be back. Sure enough, Satoshi came back with a few cucumbers in his hands.

“You eat these? What are they?” Sho was curious.

“Yup, cucumbers are my favorite food. I like to fish, but don’t like eating fish much. Wanna try a bite?” He handed over a cucumber to the lion which, out of curiousity, took a bite.

“Yuck!” Sho quickly spit out everything in his mouth. “It tastes worse than fish.”

“Ha – ha – ha – ha – ”

The two youngsters set off their journey after filling their stomach. For days, they tried to trace the track of Sho’s family. Some days they seemed to find promising trails of the pride, but at the end they were all dead ends. Along the way Satoshi also introduced Sho to different places of interest in the forest. Whether it be the hundred years old oak tree, or the big rock next to the river where he used to dive from, it helped Sho took his mind off his separation anxieties. And because Satoshi was accompanied by a lion, other predators didn’t dare to target him and he could wander more freely.

“How did you know what direction did they go?” Sho asked Satoshi.

“How do you think I survived in the forest all these years and not being eaten by big beasts like yourself? I learned to recognize tracks left behind by them and got out of their ways.” Satoshi, having a smaller body and swifter movements, often moved front and back and around Sho when they were walking. “Wait here.” Satoshi stopped where they were near a big banyan tree one night.

Sho saw Satoshi went up to the tree trunk and blew a whistle. Not long after a raccoon came down the tree. Satoshi spoke to the raccoon and then Satoshi came back to Sho.

“That is my friend, Jun.” Satoshi pointed to the raccoon. “You must promise me you would not make him your late night snack, or else he won’t help us.”

Sho glanced at the raccoon and said, “He can help us? How? He’s just a little creature which I can swallow without even the need to burp.”

Ohno shook his head. “Don’t belittle someone because of its size. He can do a lot of things that you couldn’t, like jumping from tree to tree to tree and looked at a distance from high above.”

“OK, I promise.” Sho gave his words. He needed all the help he could get.

“Good.” Satoshi went back and talked to Jun again and then both came up to Sho.

“Jun, this is Sho. What can you tell us?” Satoshi asked his raccoon friend.

“I did see a group of lions passed by a couple of days ago. I was hiding in a tree hole. They were heading south-east towards the stream. Hold on, let me go ask some of my fellows.” Jun then swiftly climbed up on the trees and disappeared in the dark.

A little while later the nocturnal creature came back. After catching his breath, Jun started speaking. “My fellows said the night before last the pride was resting on the plain not far from the waterfall. You can go towards that direction and may be able to find traces of them.”

“Thank you so much.” Sho never thought he would say thanks to small animals that normally could be his prey.

“No worries. I’ll help anyone Satoshi helps, but seriously I don’t know why he would help you.” Jun said.

“So I won’t be eaten. Silly.” Satoshi answered.

“That simple?” Jun said as he licked his paws to clean them after his trees run. “Then why didn’t you run away now? It’s not like the big beast can catch you if you climb up a tree or jump into water.”

“Well, I – promised him I’ll help him.” Satoshi explained further.

“You promise? Ha – ha – ha – ” Jun started laughing. “Since when did tricksters keep their promises?”

“Shut up, Jun.” Satoshi then turned to Sho and said, “Let’s go. Don’t mind what he said.”

As Satoshi and Sho walked away, Jun called out from behind, “Be careful! My fellows also said they saw a coyote going towards the same direction.”

Satoshi and Sho continued their journey for a little bit before deciding to rest for the night under some tall bushes. When Sho laid down to rest, he couldn’t help thinking what Jun had said. Satoshi didn’t have to stay with him and help him, but he did, and he was sleeping soundly just steps away, putting total trust on the predator. Glancing at Satoshi’s sleeping face, Sho didn’t think the kappa was such an ugly creature anymore. He’s starting to like it.

The next morning the two continued their journey. They walked, talked and laughed, enjoying each other’s company more and more. Along the way Satoshi taught Sho how he recognized traces of large predators and how to avoid them. Sho teased that he would make sure he didn’t leave any of those traces in the future. Other animals were stunned to see the predator-prey paired together as if they were old friends. By noon they had reached the stream that Jun mentioned.

Satoshi was happy to see water again. He quickly jumped in to have a swim.

“Wanna join me?” Satoshi called out to Sho.

“No thanks. Last time I jumped into the water with you I almost drowned.” Sho stayed on the dry land watching the kappa enjoying the water.

“But you didn’t drown, did you? Come on. It’s cool in here. I’ll save you again if I have to.”Satoshi splashed some water towards Sho and got him wet. “There are fish here too. I’ll teach you how to catch them. Aren’t you hungry?”

Mentioning of food seemed to do the trick. Sho entered the water and it didn’t take long for him to start enjoying the fun. Satoshi taught him how to catch the fish in the stream and after a few tries he finally succeeded. After filling the stomach, Sho had enough of the water and decided to get dry. But Satoshi still wanted to stay in the water a little longer.

“You are my Soul, Soul – ” Satoshi sang happily in the stream. He was in a good mood. The company of his new found friend had been enjoyable. Who would have thought he could befriend with his predator. But his joyful moments were cut short by his survival instincts which signaled him that danger was imminent. When he turned around and saw the coyote on the shore, he knew he was being targeted. Before he could find a way to escape, the predator already made its move.

Just as Satoshi shut his eyes waiting to be the coyote’s afternoon snack, he heard a loud roar and nothing touched him. When he opened his eyes, he couldn’t believe what he saw. Sho and the coyote were all over each other and rolled into a big fur ball. Knowing that the young lion was not a good fighter, he’s got worried. But all he could do was to get out of the battle zone and hoped for the best.

To his surprised, Sho seemed to get an upper hand on the fight. After one hard bite to the coyote’s leg, the wounded beast ran away.

“Are you alright?” Satoshi quickly ran over to Sho, who was panting after the battle. “Are you hurt?”

“I’m – I’m OK.” The lion tried to catch his breath. “Just have a few scratches. I’ll survive.”

Satoshi took a big heart shaped leave, folded it into a cone and got water from the stream. He let Sho drank some first, then he got more and came back to wash Sho’s wounds. He was thankful that the scratches weren’t deep and there were no bite wounds.

“Thank you -- ” Satoshi said after they both recovered from the fear and anxieties they just experienced. “ -- for saving my life.”

Sho smiled. “You saved me once before. I’m just returning the favor.”

“You’re actually a good fighter, you know, and very brave too.” Satoshi praised the lion. “I’m sure you will be a very good hunter too.”

The compliments made the young lion a little bashful. “You mean hunting fish?” A little humor could cover up his shyness.

Satoshi chuckled. “I’m serious.” He paused for a moment. Then he took a deep breath and asked, “Will you still do it?”


“I mean, will you still save me if I am not helping you?”

She knew very well he would. That wasn’t even on his mind when he jumped the coyote. But he still didn’t dare to admit that directly. “Of course I would. If you were to be eaten by anyone, it has to be me.”

“You can eat me if you can catch me.” Satoshi said as he got up and ran into the woods.

“OK, Satoshi for dinner tonight – ” Sho also got up and chased after Satoshi, which seemed to be their entertainment for the rest of the day.

Another few days had passed and still no sighs of Sho’s family. Despite enjoying the time with Satoshi, Sho was starting to be worried again and Satoshi could tell.

“I have two friends nearby. I’ll ask them if they saw anything.” Satoshi tried to get Sho to be more hopeful.

They went over a small hill and came to a big plain. Sho could see many animals wandering around. Among them was a giraffe which could be seen from afar.
“Sho, you wait here. I don’t want to start a stampede when all those animals see a lion coming.” Satoshi told Sho as he went across the plain towards the giraffe.

Satoshi was exaggerating. Sho knew that, but he still complied to avoid unnecessary chaos and stayed hidden behind the bushes. He saw Satoshi went over and talked with the giraffe, just like he did with Jun before. Since the giraffe was so tall, he had to jump onto the back of the tall animal and then climbed up to his head before they could talk.

“Any news?” Sho asked Satoshi when he returned.

Satoshi nodded. “Masaki said he has promising news for us. But we’ll first go to his place. It’s not favorable that you showed up here.”


“The giraffe. His name is Masaki. He’s a good friend of mine. Come on, let’s go.” Satoshi led the way to see Masaki, hoping for some good news.

Masaki’s place was an area surrounded by a lot of tall trees and bushes. Isolated enough not to be easily discovered, and yet closed enough to food and water. After introducing Sho to the giraffe, Satoshi didn’t wait another second and asked, “Masaki, you said you saw the pride?”

Masaki kneeled on his front legs and lowered his body to lie down so the others could hear him better. “Yes, I saw them passed by the plain and headed for the river. The group has about seven lions, five adults and two cubs.”

“That sounds like my family. How far was the river from here?” Sho asked anxiously.

“Not far. If you run fast, you can reach there in half a day.” Masaki continued.

“Thank you so much – I ”

Woo – woo – woo –

A high-pitched barking sound interrupted Sho. He then saw Satoshi and Masaki looked at each other and smiled. Moments later a Shiba Inu (柴犬) ran in and immediately jumped all over Satoshi and the two started wrestling. It’s very obvious that the two were very good buddies. It was a happy scene, but Sho didn’t seem to like watching it very much and he couldn’t explain why.

“Ok, you two. Cut it out. We were talking serious stuff here.” Masaki lowered his long neck and used his head to separate the two wrestlers, but he was smiling the whole time.

“Serious stuff? What serious stuff? Nothing is more serious that greeting my old friend.” The Shiba said while still panting from the running and wrestling.

“I was telling them about the pride we saw the other day, the one going towards the river.” Masaki said. “They may be families of our lion friend here.”

The mention of the word ‘lion’ made the Shiba jumped. He literally didn’t see the lion there because he was too busy playing with Satoshi. When he finally saw Sho, he jumped onto Masaki and hid himself.

“What – what the hell? Why is there a lion here?” The Shiba said fearfully.

“Kazu, relax. Sho is Satoshi’s friend. He won’t harm us.” Masaki licked the Shiba to calm him down.

“Sho, this is Kazunari. We all call him Kazu.” Satoshi introduced his Shiba friend. “Kazu, you don’t need to worry about him.”

“Nice to meet you, Kazu.” Sho tried to be polite.

“I ain’t so sure about that.” Kazunari was still scared to be so close to a lion. He remained behind the protection of Masaki. “Oh, about the lions. I just met a zebra who came from the river area. He said the lions are still there. They had been there for a few days already and didn’t have any signs to leave yet.”

“Good, then you don’t have to hurry. It’s getting dark. You’d better to set off at dawn.” Masaki suggested. “It’d give us time to have a small reunion with Satoshi as well. It’s been a while since we saw each other.”

“Yay! Satoshi, I learned some new tricks, wanna see?” Kazunari got excited that he could spend some time with his old friend.

“Sure – ” Satoshi sounded equally excited. Then the two went outside the bushes and disappeared.

“Be careful! Don’t get carried away, Kazu. Satoshi, I’ll held you responsible if anything happens to Kazu. Hear me?” Masaki called out but there was no replied. Masaki smiled and shook his head. “Those two – ”

A scene with a lion and giraffe sitting next to each other is beyond imagination. And yet, there was not a bit of minacity in the atmosphere.

“You care about Kazu very much.” Sho broke the silence.

“Strange, isn’t it? A giraffe and a Shiba.” Masaki said, still with a smile on his face. “We were all each other got at one point. Kazu’s hunter owner killed my parents when I was just a calf. But they left Kazu to die because he was injured during the hunt. We ended up comforting each other and stayed together. Nothing could break up our bonds.”

“I envy you. I never have someone so close to me, well, other than my parents, of course.”

“It’s different. You only stay with your parents for so long before they kick you out. But with Kazu, I feel we can stay together our entire lives.” Masaki turned to Sho and continued. “No need to envy me. Looks like you’ve got Satoshi too.”

Sho felt his heart beat faster and his face heated up. “Satoshi? He’s just helping me to find my family so I won’t eat him. Besides, we are so – different.”

“Ha – ha – you never know. Kazu and I are very different too, aren’t we? All I know is Satoshi tricks others all his life. It’s the first time I saw him stayed with someone for so long and truly put his heart to help him.” Masaki got up to stretch himself before slowly walking away.

Sho was taken aback by what Masaki said. It seemed Satoshi’s friends all saw something that he didn’t. Being together with Satoshi these past few weeks really made him grown to like the not-so-ugly kappa. No, it’s more. He had grown to attach to the kappa. If he found his family the next day, he and Satoshi would say goodbye. He wasn’t ready for this moment to come. He didn’t know if he’d ever be.

The next day Satoshi and Sho said goodbye to Masaki and Kazu and headed towards the river.

Contrary to the singing and running and chasing each other throughout their journey, they were awfully quiet. Both seemed to have a lot on their mind but neither would speak.

“I should stop here.” Satoshi stopped walking when they were at the edge of the river bank. “You won’t eat me, but I’m not so sure about your family.”

“I guess so.” Sho knew what came next and could feel his throat clogging up.

“I suppose this is goodbye then. You have your family back and don’t need me anymore.” Satoshi said but avoiding eye contact with Sho.

“Thank you, Satoshi, for everything. I couldn’t have found them without your help, and all of your friends as well.” Sho said in a somewhat sad tone. The emotions to have to separate with Satoshi surpassed the excitement to reunite with his family.

“Nah, it’s nothing. I help you only to save my own life.” Satoshi tried to lighten up the mood. “How about a goodbye hug?”

He opened his arms and Sho immediately took the embrace. The two remained in each other’s arms, trying hard to hold back tears.

It was Satoshi who finally released the embrace. “You’d better get going. You don’t want to miss them again. Take care of yourself.”

Sho didn’t dare to say another word and just nodded. Then Satoshi turned around and walked off.

He didn’t know how far he walked or where he was going. He just keep going forward without looking back even once. He missed Sho already. Walking alone seemed so foreign to him now. Strange, he thought. He was alone most of his life. Even though he had friends like Jun, Masaki and Kazu, he never spent so much time with them. And, the important thing is, he felt different with Sho. How different? He could tell, not in words. He just knew he liked that feeling.

RRRuuuGhghghrrgh RAAAHHgrhghrHG

“Sho – ”

Satoshi thought he heard lion roars and the first thing that came to his mind was Sho. But he quickly negated that idea because Sho should be with his family now wouldn’t be anywhere nearby. It must be his imaginations.

RRRuuuGhghghrrgh RAAAHHgrhghrHG

He heard roars again and this time he’s sure he didn’t make that up. He looked around a couple of times. There was no lion in sight but he saw a fox running away. It was clearly scared away by the loud roars. What’s even more unexpected was that when Satoshi turned around he saw a familiar face slowly walking towards him.

“That wasn’t my pride.”

“Oh – ”

“You’re not happy to see me?”

“You’re not upset you didn’t find your family?”

Both shrugged, and then laughed, and ran into each other’s arms again.

“I want to make you another proposal.” Satoshi said when they were sitting on some rocks. He was eating cucumbers and Sho eating fish.

“And what will that be?” Sho said with his mouth stuffed with fish.

“From now on you be my body guard and I’ll catch you as many fish as you want.”

Sho thought for a while and said. “Deal. I’m starting to like fish anyway.”

Finding his family or not, it didn’t seem so important to Sho anymore. He had to grow up and be on his own. It’s just happening sooner rather than later for him. With his new companion, he thought he’s totally prepared to face what’s ahead of him.

Kappa Satoshi and Lion Sho lived happily ever after.......
(pic by Sincx)

// The End


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Nov. 4th, 2013 09:40 am (UTC)
thanks for sharing~~ i like the picture ^^
Nov. 5th, 2013 09:33 am (UTC)
Awww the whole thing was so cute. I can't more agree to your choices of characters. Giraffe fits Aiba so much, Shiba Inu and Nino does have unexplainable similarity, and Jun as raccoon XDD
I can't say anything to Lion!Sho and Kappa!Satoshi, though, cause they're just simply perfect.
The story, you made it very simple and fairytale-like, which of course, I loved. Now I just feel like watching Lion King again~ ><

Thanks for writing and sharing this cute story! :D
Oct. 19th, 2015 08:01 am (UTC)
Kawaiiiii...too much of cuteness! I love your imagination!
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