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[Yama fic] Forbidden Love (Part 1)

Title: Forbidden Love
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, antiquity, angst, romance, friendship
Disclaimer: Purely fictional, for entertainment only
Summary: Prince Satoshi didn't want Sho to remain in the palace, but an incident changed his mind. Sho grew to learn more about the prince after he spent more time with him.

Part 1


I am usually an obedient, model son. But because of him I was willful and rebellious for the very first time. I protested to Mother, breaking every decoration in the room, chased away every maids and servants that came to clean up, even injuring my hand with the broken porcelain but refusing any treatment on my wounds. I only wanted Mother to know that I don’t want any companion, I don’t want him to be my companion.

My actions finally made Mother came. She looked at me without much emotion, and of course, lacking the motherly love that I eager to have. I know, there’s this resentment deep down in her heart. No matter how much cosseting she gets from the king, she is still not his queen. She was an entertainment dancer offered to the king in exchange for peace from the neighboring Basara Kingdom. She is beautiful, but without royal blood, she would never be queen. I am her only hope to become empress. But she doesn’t love me, mostly because I look too much like her. Seeing my face reminds her of the fact that she was a dancer when she was young. Sometimes I feel like she wants to tear off my face when she looks at me.

Mother sat down beside me, but didn’t even take a look at my injured hand. Calmly and clearly, she told me to accept what was arranged for me.

“Satoshi, you must keep that Sho kid stays with you. His father is a general in our army with tremendous military power and only one dear son. As long as we can keep his son under our control, we can ensure his father be loyal to us. Besides, I heard that that kid is smart and strong. Just see him as your body guard or brain truster. How to treat him is up to you, but it’s at your best interest to treat him like your own brother, make him willing to die for you. As for you, I believe you are smart enough to distinguish what is genuine and what is fake. You won’t let yourself become an idiot, right? That’s my good boy.”

Mother stood up after she finished. I followed to see her off politely. Before she stepped out the door, she turned around and looked at my hand. At that moment, I foolishly thought that she was going to ask about my injury.

“Incidents like today’s outburst can never happen again. Gossips travel fast in the palace. You should know better to maintain appropriate manner in the royal family.”

Manner? That damn manner again! I bowed to see her off, holding my fists so tight that blood was dripping out….

That day, after Mother left, I still couldn’t calm down from the anger. I stormed up to him, who looked at me, still cool and composed. You don’t know you’re a hostage? You don’t know the lack of love and compassion here? You don’t know people are deceiving and outwitting one another here? Why are you still smiling at me like an idiot, totally unguarded?

“You hand is injured. Does it hurt?” He suddenly held my hand, took out a handkerchief and wrapped my injured hand. “My name is Sakurai Sho. What is your name?”

See! That fool! Doesn’t even know the most basic etiquette in palace and addressing people with 'you' and 'me'?! How can he survive here? The thought of this somehow made me worried about him. I flung away his hand and ran towards a banyan tree -- which has been my silent listener since I was little. I swiftly climbed up a big branch. He followed me as expected, and looked at me from underneath, neither asking me what I was doing, nor telling me to climb back down.

I didn't say a word either. Closing my eyes, I jumped down, gambling the outcome. If he didn't catch me, I would certainly be hurt. Then I could use this excuse to request him be sent away. If he caught me -- was it even possible? I didn't even talk to him much. Who would take such risk to save a stranger?!

But -- he really caught me!

The moment I jumped down, I saw him extending his arms -- he hold me and we both fell to the ground, tumbling a good four or five times. I only had scrapes and bruises in my hands and feet, but his head took a hard hit on a rock and his blood soaked a big part of his clothes and mine. That particular moment, which I would never forget, I realized the feeling of fear for the first time in my life. Even till now, I am still not sure whether I had won, or lost!

That time he was unconscious for three days and three nights, and I was at his bedside three days and three nights. From then on, I decided to keep him at my side. He must have suffered severe trauma. How could I not take responsibility? I am a prince, the king’s favorite son. I should be capable of protecting the people I wanted to protect, right?


I followed him to the garden. It's just him and me there. I watched him climbed up the banyan tree. He probably likes that tree a lot. I saw him sitting by the tree and be in a daze for many times, but never saw him climbing it. I didn't know what he was doing, but I dared not ask. I am just his servant after all.

He was cold to me most of the time, but somehow I couldn't hate him. Although he always looked at me with a solemn face, I think he is the most heartwarming person in the whole palace. Although he seldom has a smile on his face, I think he is the most charming person in this world.

Since the king is getting old, the voice to choose a successor has grown louder this year. Since this kingdom doesn't use age as a deciding factor, everyone thinks Prince Satoshi has the highest hope to become the next king. But even so, why doesn't he look happy at all?

He's a strange person. One minute he could social with others like a diplomat, but then he would become expressionless and wordless in a turn around. Seems like he was just coping when needed to, but then, why doesn't he also cope with me even for a bit?

He likes to read till late at night. Whether to stay with him or turn in first is up to me. I know my position, the prince's companion. If I don't accompany him, then I'm not doing my job. Sometimes, I took a glimpse of him without him knowing. That face of his, under the light, was so very gentle! But I never like to look at his back, although that is what I saw of him the most. His back, gives me a feeling of loneliness. Even when he was with the other members of the royal family or other ministers, his back still looks like a green standing in the desert.

I still remembered that day clearly. I stared at him from under the tree. He sat at a branch looking down on me. I couldn't tell what was written on his face, but his eyes showed his determination and firmness. He jumped down, I caught him instinctively. I didn’t want him to get hurt, even when that was the first day we met. May be because he’s a prince? Or……

When I finally came back to consciousness, after don’t know how long, the first thing I saw was his face. I thought I was dreaming, but then I clearly heard him said to me, “Are you crazy? Do you want to die that much?” That made me very happy.

His voice is so nice to hear. A little hoarse, but exquisite. What a contradictory comparison?! I giggled, but he thought I became insane because of the injury. I didn’t dispute. Hearing him speaking to me, touching my forehead, gave me an unexplainable feeling in my heart. So, I kept giggling…..

He doesn’t like to talk, but that’s fine. I will tell him everything I know. He grew up in this tightly guarded, cage like palace. He might not know about the broad outside world. I told him how pleasant it is to ride a horse in the endless prairie. I told him how terrifying it is to be in a liveless desert. I told him how small a person is standing in front of a choppy ocean. He didn’t seem to be paying attention to what I said, but I could tell, he was listening. He would picture the endless prairie; he would picture the lifeless desert; he would picture the choppy ocean. But there would never be a human being in his picture.

He can sit under the banyan tree for hours, and I sit with him for hours, without exchanging a word. Sometimes he shivers in the cold wind without knowing it. I had told him numerous times to bring a coat but he never listens. I took off my cape and put it on him. This person never knows how to take care of himself.

To be continued.....

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Jun. 17th, 2014 09:02 pm (UTC)
they are finally starting to get a little closer!
Jun. 17th, 2014 09:42 pm (UTC)
ohhhh~~~i love sho's point soo muchXD
can't wait for the next chapter~
Jun. 18th, 2014 03:43 am (UTC)
they're already taking care each other without notice...
can't wait for the next chapter...<333
thanks for sharing..
Jun. 18th, 2014 01:30 pm (UTC)
finally they're slowly getting close to each other.. hopefully Sho can bring happiness to Satoshi.. <333
can't wait for next chapter.. ^^
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