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Title:  One More Time, One More Chance
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating:  PG-13
Genre: AU, angst, drama

Disclaimer: Purely fictional, for entertainment only
Summary: Love is a beautiful thing. But Ohno and Sho’s love was developed from some dark secrets. When the secrets are exposed, one was hurt deeply and left the other one full of regrets, hoping for a second chance.

A/N: Written for the Yamafic con 2! - Jukebox Roulette organized by murasakinoyume. Song assigned is One More Time, One More Chance by Masayoshi Yamazaki. Originally posted HERE. Winners and entries list (11 total, yay!) can be found HERE.

Satoshi’s Journal                    April 2, 2010

I finally saw him. I pretended to be lost on campus and asked him where the Business department was. He gladly led me to the registration room. Of course I took this chance to start a conversation with him. When I asked for his phone number, he gave to me without second thought. Can’t believe how ignorant he is. The first step of my plan was accomplished much easier than I had expected. I am more confident than ever that I would be successful. He would fall into my trap. I am sure of that.

Satoshi: Thank you so much for helping me today, Sakurai-san.
Sho: Sho, please call me Sho. No worry. I’m glad I could help.
Satoshi: I must express my gratitude. I have two tickets to the pop concert tomorrow night. Do I have the honor to have you as company – Sho?
Sho: Oh, I’d love to. You have no idea how much I had wanted to get tickets for the concert. Are you sure you want to go with me?
Satoshi: I’m sure. Will I have this honor?
Sho: In that case, yes. Thank you for inviting me! But these tickets are so hard to come by. How did you do that, Ohno-san?
Satoshi: Satoshi, please. I had my way. There’s nothing I wanted that I couldn’t get –

Actually he is quite cute. Big round eyes, cherry red lips. Always has a smile hanging on his face. Looks a little like a chipmunk. Much more good looking than the pictures I’ve taken of him. I would definitely fall for him if we’re not who we are. Life is such a joke.

Sho’s Journal               April 2, 2010

Today is the first day of my college life. So excited. Met Nino and Aiba as well. They are still fighting over the smallest things, but I guess it makes them closer. I envy them sometimes. When will I meet someone who knows me as well as they knew each other?

Jun showed up today as well. He really followed me to the same college. Sigh! I know he likes me, but I’ve always seen him as a friend only, nothing more, and have told him numerous times. He is so stubborn and still wouldn’t give up.

Jun: Hey, Sho. Happy to see me?
Sho: Jun! I thought you’re going to Tokyo U. What are you doing here?
Jun: I decided to come here. You’re here, and Nino and Aiba too. It’s more fun here.
Sho: But – I’ve told you –
Jun: I know, I know, we’re only friends, right? I know where you stand, but I’m not giving up that easily.
Sho: Jun, please –
Jun: Don’t waste your breaths. I promise you I won’t give you any pressure. But one day you’ll see me the same way that I see you.

Oh, I met this Ohno guy today. Hmm, how should I describe him? He’s a little clumsy, got lost on campus on the first day of school, but full of artistic temperament. I’m surprised he is not Art major. I led him to the registration room and he invited me to tomorrow night’s concert in return! I’m dying to go to that concert, so I said “yes”. But come to think about it, should I accept his invitation already? I just knew him, but I kinda like him though. He is charming. Well, it’s just a concert. No big deal, I guess.

Satoshi’s Journal                    June 30, 2011

Today Sho introduced me to his father. I remember that face. It’s been more than ten years but I still remember it clearly. Of course I pretended I’ve never seen him before. My getting close to Sho really paid off. Sho really asked his father if I could intern in his company. If he agreed, it will be a huge step towards my goal. I think I had left a good impression to Sho’s father, but I can let my guard down. He’s too smart and cunning. I called Mama told her about it. She seems satisfied of my progress.

It’s much easier to get close to Sho than I had expected. At first I thought I had to put up a fight over him. That Matsumoto guy, Jun, was always around him. I thought they were a couple. But he was drawn towards me. My charm doesn’t lie, haha.

Satoshi: Thanks for introducing me to your father, Sho. I hope he likes me.
Sho: I think he does. Don’t mind him asking you a lot of questions. He does that to everyone he just met.
Satoshi: Not at all. I hope I get the internship job.
Sho: I’m sure you will. I put in a lot of good words for you. By the way, you seldom talk about your family. If it weren’t for Papa to ask you, I didn’t know you grew up in the same neighborhood as I did. And I’m sorry about your father.
Satoshi: There’s not much to talk about. I didn’t have a perfect family like you, and we don’t have any money. Even though I lost my father early, it made me stronger and realized what exactly I need to do.
Sho: I understand how you feel. I don’t have a perfect family like you think. My mother left us when I was little. I don’t know why. I just remembered she had a big fight with my father and then left. Every time I asked Papa about it he would avoid answering. I missed her so much, and Papa was always busy with his work. I was actually quite lonely most of my childhood.
Satoshi: But Mama said – Well, at least nothing was taken away from you –
Sho: Your Mama? What did she say? What was taken from who? I don’t understand a bit of what you’re talking about.
Satoshi: Never mind. You seem pretty happy to me ever since I met you.
Sho: That’s because of – you, Satoshi. I don’t know why, but I feel I can talk to you about anything. I never open up to others before, not even to my good friends Nino and Aiba. But you – you’re different –

I don’t get it. Mama told me Sho grew up in a perfect family and his parents treated him like a prince, and what he had should be mine. That’s so different from what Sho said. Did Mama lie to me? No, no. Mama wouldn’t lie to me. Must be Sho who’s lying. But he doesn’t look like someone who’d lie. In fact, he seems such a nice guy, so innocent. Ah, what am I thinking? He is from the Sakurai family and it’s all that matters. I get close to him for one purpose only. I need to remember that. My plan is set and nothing would change it.

Sho’s Journal               June 30, 2011

I introduced Satoshi to Papa today. Satoshi had expressed interest in interning in Papa’s company. He seems to be pretty aggressive about his career, but that’s a good thing, right? Papa asked him a lot of questions, as he did to all of my friends. I hated that. He doesn’t trust any of my friends. Why does he have to be on alert all the time? But this time I’m kinda thankful that he did though. Otherwise I wouldn’t know so much more about Satoshi. He never told me anything about himself. I hope he can open up more to me. I really like him. Being with him makes me feel so safe, but my hearts keep beating so fast. I’ve never felt this way towards anyone before.

Nino: What’s happening to you, man?
Sho: What do you mean?
Aiba: You hardly hang out with us anymore. That’s what we meant.
Sho: I’m just – a little busy lately.
Nino: Busy dating. Since when had we become your secondary friends?
Aiba: No fair, Sho-chan. We were friends since elementary school and we lost to a guy you only knew for one year.
Sho: Don’t be silly. There’s no win or lose here. You are all my friends.
Nino: I think that Ohno guy is more than friends to you. I know how it is when you look at someone you love. That’s how Masaki looks at me.
Aiba: Hey, who loves you, Ninomiya Kazunari! But seriously, Sho-chan, you’re in love!
Sho: In – love? I – don’t know.
Nino: No doubt about that, but I thought you’re with Jun. Does he know about Ohno?
Sho: I’ve told Jun over and over again that we’re just friends and nothing more. He just wouldn’t let go.
Aiba: Well, you’d better talk to him again if you are serious about Ohno. So when are you going to introduce us to your new boyfriend?

Satoshi’s Journal                    September 15, 2012

It’s been a year since I worked in Sho’s father’s company. I worked very hard and learned a lot about how his company operates. More importantly I’ve gained his trust. I don’t think he is a bit suspicious of me. I think I can start my move very soon.

I am a little puzzled though. He seems to be an honest businessman. From what I’ve noticed, he does things fair and square in every business transactions and treats his employees well. There were even several cases when he quite linient on customers who couldn’t make payments on time. Ito-san’s wife was sick for a while and he even let him took time off to take care of his wife during the busiest time of the year. That’s totally different from what Mama said about him! Mama said he is a selfish, crafty and greedy guy who only works for his own benefits. If it wasn’t for his fraud, our family wouldn’t be torn apart and Papa wouldn’t – But he doesn’t seem to be the kind of person who could do something like this.

I asked Mama but she immediately condemned me of forgetting how Papa died and how our family lost everything. She demanded me to not think about anything else but to stick with our plan to get back what belonged to us. I didn’t forget – how could I forget?! I’d never forget how I got bullied at school and every classmate teased me because I didn’t have a father. I’d never forget how I couldn’t afford to pay for my graduation field trip and was the only one left behind. Too many things I didn’t have and couldn’t do, all because of him. Mama is right, I should focus on our plan and never look back. He has to pay for what he did to us. His family has to pay, Sho has to pay –

Mama: Satoshi, now that Sakurai trusted you, you should start making your move.
Satoshi: Very soon, Mama, very soon. I have already done all the preparations and everything is set up. I will start transferring money from his company account to our fake company account little by little, and won’t leave any trace.
Mama: Good. Soon we will get back what he took from us, every cent of it. You need to totally destroy his business and his family. How are you doing with his son? Has he fallen for you yet?
Satoshi: Sho – I think – hmm – he, but I already have accessed to his father, whether or not he falls for me is not important anymore.
Mama: Nonsense! I want more than their money. I want their family suffer as much as we did. No, more than we did! Do what I told you to, his son deserves it. All he can blame is to be born to the wrong father.

Sho, Sho, Sho – what am I going to do with you?

He is a good person, despite what Mama told me about him being a spoiled brat not caring about anyone other than himself. It’s simply not true. I spent time with him to gain his trust and get close to his family, but I am really enjoying those times. I know I shouldn’t, but I do. He listens, really listens, without judging me, without wanting anything from me.

Sho’s Journal               September 15, 2012

I went to the tree house with Satoshi today. It’s the first time I showed anyone my secret hiding place. Not even Nino, Aiba or Jun knows about it. It’s the place I go when I felt lonely or sad, especially after Mama left us. I still remember the night she left. She and Papa argued about something which turned into a big fight. Then she packed up and just left. I begged her to stay but she kissed me and said “Take care of your father and don’t let him do anymore stupid things.” I didn’t even know what she meant. I ran to the tree house and cried all night. Ever since Mama left, I became so lonely. Papa is so protective of me. Overly done I’d say. He literally interrogates all the new friends I introduced to him and I am not exaggerating. What is he afraid of? Of course he wouldn’t tell me when I asked him. I ended up growing up with very few friends.
I want to share this with Satoshi. I want to share everything with Satoshi. There is something in him that comforts me, like filling this empty hole in my heart. When we were at the tree house, we sat down, my back leaning against his chest and he wrapped his arms around me. I told him about my childhood and he listens. On and on I told him every bits of my life. We for hours until it got dark. There’s no light around us, but I’m not scared. I am with Satoshi, I feel safe. And, for the first time, I confessed my love for him. Darkness helped me hide my bashfulness. I was hoping for his reciprocal, but instead of telling me he loves me too, he just held me tight in his arms and kissed my nape.

Sho: Satoshi,  I’m so glad we met. Are you?
Satoshi: You have no idea. This is what meant to be.
Sho: Do you believe in fate? I do. I think fate has drawn us together.
Satoshi: I’d like to think that one can take control of his own life, do the things he likes to do, be with the people he loves. But unfortunately life isn’t that simple.
Sho: At least we have each other. I used to envy Nino and Aiba. They love each other so much and helped each other through bad times. But now I have you. You will do the same for me, won’t you?
Satoshi: You are stronger than you think, Sho. You don’t need me.
Sho: But I do, I do, more than you know. I’d do anything to be with you, Satoshi. Don’t you want to be with me?
Satoshi: Let’s not talk about this. Don’t ruin these peaceful moments. Just let me hold you tonight.

Satoshi’s Journal                    February 28, 2013

It was snowing heavily today. Snow was piling up in front of my dorm building. Many students went outside to make snowman, doing snowball fights or just simply lying on the powdered snow. Papa and I used to do that together all the time. I still remembered the last time we did that before he – killed himself. We made a big snow man and I found two big tree branches to be its arms. We were about to take a picture of it before Mama called us back to the house. She said we were doing useless thing and even scolded Papa for not spending his time making more money. I don’t understand why Mama always wants more money. We didn’t have a lot of money, but we were happy, Papa and I were happy – well, that was until Sakurai took our happiness from us, and took Papa away from me. And I could never build snowman with Papa again!

Satoshi: Papa, let’s go build snowman again.
Papa: I’m sorry, Satoshi. I can’t go now.
Satoshi: Why are you so sad lately? Did Satoshi do something bad to make you mad?
Papa: Oh no, Satoshi. You didn’t do anything bad. You are my good boy. I love you so much.
Satoshi: Then why are you so sad? Did Mama scold you again?
Papa: Satoshi, Papa is such a failure. I am not a good father. I can’t give you a good life.
Satoshi: I do have a good life. I have you and Mama and we have a home. I don’t need anything else.
Papa: Not for long, Satoshi, not for long. We will lose everything soon. I can’t even provide a roof for my family anymore.
Satoshi: What do you mean Papa?
Papa: I’m sorry – I’m so sorry.

My plan is going very smoothly. Mama made sure I don’t slow down a bit. She keeps pushing me to speed things up. Sometimes she pressured me so much that it suffocates me. I wish I could get away, from all these stupid revenge schemes and lives my own life, a simple life. I can study Art and go fishing which I love. I even thought of running away with Sho to a place where there’re just the two of us, and we can spend the rest of our lives together. Sadly, it’s only a dream, and one that will never come true.

I started to embezzle money out of Sakurai’s company, little by little. I also initiated some bad business deals for Sakurai’s company and he actually fell for my trap. The best part was I plotted it so he had absolutely no suspicious of me. I even pretended to try to talk him out of the bad deals knowing he wouldn’t listen. It was perfectly executed.

[ Part 2 ]


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Jun. 28th, 2014 03:03 am (UTC)
am I first here?? XD
finally you publish this story!! and as always Kate-chan,,your story always become my favorite!! ^o^
poor Sho and Satoshi~ TT_TT
off to part 2!! ^^
Aug. 13th, 2015 12:45 pm (UTC)
Nice story. Thank you
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