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[Yama fic] Forbidden Love (Part 3)

Title: Forbidden Love
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, antiquity, angst, romance, friendship
Disclaimer: Purely fictional, for entertainment only
Summary: Prince Satoshi faced a big crisis. Would Nino be able to help him get through that? Sho realized for the first time what Prince Satoshi had been doing for him.

Part 3


I looked at Jun, but he didn’t seem to anticipate what I did next. May be I was crazy or something. With a smile, I emptied the wine cup in my hand.

“You, wait for me outside!” I told Sho, who was still unaware of what’s going on. After I saw him went outside, I turned around to Jun, “Didn't they say you should at least choose which dogs to hit by their owners? He is my people after all. Aren't you being a little too impatient?”

“You -- ” Jun still hasn't recovered from the shock of my self-relentless.

“Don't worry, I won't let myself die just yet. Our fight should not be so shallow. Today's incident -- just forget it!” I'm afraid I won't sustain too long, so I just raised my hand to prevent him from saying anything and left to meet up with Sho.

“Your Highness, you -- why did you take my cup of wine just now?” Sho came up besides me and asked. Being in the palace for so many years, he still doesn't realize other people always stay behind me. Ah -- so be it!

“There was a bug in my wine cup. I couldn't just pour away the wine that my brother presented to me.” My stomach is starting to hurt. I could only make up something simple.

After we returned to my place, I dismissed all other servants and asked him to summon Nino and not letting anybody knows. Somehow I wanted him to stay. Honestly, I'm not very certain about this. I don't want him to see me in distress. But – if he’s here, I will be able to make it? Jun, he probably wouldn’t go so far as to really kill Sho. Still, I must be crazy to do what I shouldn’t have done. The pain in my abdomen has taken away my ability to stand. I dropped onto the bed, trying hard not to collapse in front of him. I couldn’t help but asking him to stay after all.

Nino is the only physician I trust. His father was also a physician for our royal family. He came to the palace with his father when he was little. We pretty much grew up together. He must know that it’s an emergency when I summoned him like that. As expected, he hurried into my room within a short while.

I wanted to extend my arm to him, but realized that I don’t have a bit of energy. I peaked at Sho. He is being obedient and stayed in the room but didn’t come near. Finally he learned to follow the rules.

“Satoshi-kun – you – ” When nobody is around, I had allowed Nino to call me by the name. I actually wanted to hear him call me by name too….but how come he follows the rule so well this time?!

“Shuuu – ” I stopped Nino from continuing. “Don’t let that fool know – I’ve been – poisoned – ” I hadn’t even finished my sentence when I felt an unpleasant taste in my mouth. I hurriedly grabbed a towel from my bedside….

“You – ” Seeing the blood on the towel, Nino looked like he wanted to kill me, which can easily be accomplished if he doesn’t do anything. So he took quick action and helped me lied on my bed. He checked my pulse with his hand. I could barely feel his hand is shaking. I knew my hands are getting numb.

“Don’t worry – I won’t die – didn’t Mother -- always say that?” I couldn’t continue anymore. It’s hurting really bad. Blood was coming out from my mouth, non-stop. I wanted to swallow it back, but the pain made it hard to breathe…..

Nino went to prepare medicine for me. I closed my eyes, feeling a little numb. That guy outside, would he be worried about me? Why didn’t he come in to see me? Gosh, it really hurt. I was glad it was me and not him. I tried hard not to groan, I didn’t want him to hear. I am always the strong one that he sees high above, am I not?

Suddenly, I felt something warm – holding my hand. I was startled and opened my eyes….

It’s him – he came to see me after all. I saw concern and sadness in his eyes. I don’t see these emotions being shown towards me very often. In the palace, who would be truly concerned about anybody? And I am no exception. He suddenly hugged me, tightly.

Silly boy – I won’t die – if I die, who will protect you? His tight embrace made my shivering from the agonizing pain passed onto him. I didn’t want that, I didn’t want him to feel how much I was hurting. I needed to get off him, but my body wanted to stay in his arms. I hated myself being so week at this moment…..

I felt something warm on my nape, was he crying? Tears – does not suit him. I reached out my hand, wanting to wipe off his tears. But even this action was a burden to me then. Feeling something shooting up from my stomach, I tried to push away from him. Too late, my blood – still dirtied his clothes.

“Why? Why do you vomit blood? Tell me – isn’t it just some stomach ache?” He said with trembling voice, grabbing my wrist and staring at me.

“I am – fine – ” I tried to put up a strong front, but wasn’t sure if I succeeded.

Oh Sho, look at you. How can I tell you I’ve been poisoned? I’m afraid you would go do something crazy, for me. Your loyalty, have been conveyed since the first day we met. But before you are matured enough to stand on your own stage, please forgive me, I can’t let go….

Nino came back with the medicine. I used this chance to stop you from asking anymore question. I ordered you to go back outside. I saw confusion, puzzling and miserable in your eyes. They induced my pain even further. Even I asked myself, what was I doing? Nino shook his head, seemed to know something I didn’t. He helped me up and brought the medicine to me. The medicine was bitter, and so was my heart.


Seeing him vomiting blood, I felt dizzy towards blood for the first time. Before, even though I was little, I followed Papa deep into the battle fields, saw wounded or dead soldiers soaked in blood, but still moved forward without a blink. Here, now, at this moment, just seeing the dried blood at the corner of his mouth freaked me out…..

I know, you always keep things from me. But you are the prince, my master, I have no right to ask or interfere. But it’s your life here! Why did you vomit blood? Why can’t I know the reason?! You discarded me once again when Nino-sansei came back. For the first time, I hated my status around you. Besides being your companion and a hostage, aren’t we even friends?!

Since all you need was Nino-sansei to attend to your -- problem, my present was superfluous. I quietly turned around and left the room. It seemed that your room was still not big enough for the three of us. I just sat on the hallway outside. I’m your servant, still have to be nearby and wait for summons, right?

“Sakurai-san, you’re here – ”

I look at Nino-sansei. He was both exhausted and sad. “Prince Satoshi, he – ” I knew Nino-sansei must know something. The question was, whether or not he would tell me.

“He – ” Nino-sansei sat beside me, pauses for a moment, then let out a big sigh, as if he had made a big decision. “Sakurai-san, you have been by Prince Satoshi’s side for a long time. There are things I couldn’t say out loud, but you should have noticed them yourself. He looks cold on the outside, but is actually a very warm-hearted person. This time his – illness is quite serious. His stomach will be more vulnerable to the slightest irritation. You’ll have to keep an eye on him. People like him sometimes doesn’t care about themselves.”

Nino-sansei stood up and ready to leave. But after taking just one step, he came back and sat down again. “Sakurai-san, things are complicated in the palace. Prince Satoshi was born and grew up here. He knows how to handle them. But you, maybe I’m out of boundaries by saying that, before you do anything, it’s better to think about whether or not it will affect Prince Satoshi first – ”

“What do you mean by that?” I was truly startled by what he said. “Are you saying that his stomach ache this time was – because of me? Or – is it not stomach ache at all?!”

“Again, there are things that couldn’t be put in words. Prince Satoshi is resting in his room. He needs someone to attend to him. If Sakurai-san doesn’t mind, please go inside and watch him. I will come back with more medicine later and check on him. I will excuse myself.” He then left without another word.

After a little hesitation, I quietly went back into the room. The room was still full of the scent of the medicine and some fishy smell from the blood. I kept replaying what Nino-sansei said. Should I understand anything? I don’t even understand why you seem close to me in one minute and then distant yourself again in the next.

“Sho – Sho – no – don’t drink it – ” I heard him mumbling in his sleep. I quickly went closer to the bed and looked at him. His eyes were tightly closed. His face was still very pale and sweating heavily. His hands covering his stomach and he kept twisting his body….

Don’t drink it? Is he sleep-talking? Don’t drink what? Oh god – is he referring to the cup of wine?

To be continued.....

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Jul. 9th, 2014 04:10 am (UTC)
satoshi kun ganbare !!
you sacrificed your life for sho
that was very sweet T^T
thanks for this
Jul. 9th, 2014 04:51 am (UTC)
oh gosh... ohno actually loves sho a lot ne... and sho is so innocent...
Jul. 9th, 2014 06:47 am (UTC)
OMG!! Ohno sacrificed himself just so he could protect Sho!
He must really love Sho so much..
Jul. 9th, 2014 05:55 pm (UTC)
Satoshi-kun,,you sacrificed your life for Sho.. so sweet~ TT_TT

can't wait for next chapter
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