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[Yama fic] Forbidden Love (Part 9)

Title: Forbidden Love
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, antiquity, angst, romance, friendship
Disclaimer: Purely fictional, for entertainment only
Summary: Prince Satoshi's request to fight for the kingdom was granted. The king promised him a reward if he got a victory, but it might not be something he wanted.

Part 9


“Satoshi, you’ve never been in active combat before, everything you learned about military are just on books. What makes you think you can win this war? Although there are significant differences in military power between our kingdom and the Basarians, but their soldiers are strong and aggressive, and are famous for their ‘fight until death’ attitude. Furthermore, both you and your mother have Basarian blood.” Father said these not as a loving father, but as a clear-sighted ruler.

“Father, I wasn’t prepare to go there just as a decoration. I have studied and understood how much power our enemies have. Even though I don’t have any combat experience, but we still have many brave and fierce warriors in our army. Besides, we have General Sakurai and Sho – ”

“You want to bring that boy with you?” Father’s expression changed a little.

“Father, although Sho is here only as my companion. But – I can see that he has potential to be a good soldier. Therefore, I beg Father’s permission – to bring him along – ” I raised the commander’s seal higher, still kneeling before Father. “I cannot change – the fact that I have -- Basarian blood in me, but to me – my blood comes from Father, so – Father can take away – anything in me – anytime, even my life! If – Father still – doesn’t trust me, please revoke my – commander position and take back the seal!”

“You – ” Father was a bit surprised and paused for a while. “Satoshi, honestly, you, Masaki and Jun are the most brilliant among my sons. You are not as domineering as Jun, but you are better than him when it comes to thoughtfulness. Masaki is gentle and kind, but is indecisive and a little weak sometimes. I know recently many have been talking about selecting the candidate for next king. This must affect the relationship among you siblings somewhat.”

“Father, I requested to – fight for our kingdom this time – has nothing to do with the candidacy. I just – hope to share Father’s burden in any way I can.”

“About that Sho, do you know there are rumors about the relationship between you two being – unusual?”

Looks like Father has accepted my request to go to war, but he suddenly mentioned about Sho took me off guard. “Father, rumors will be stopped by the wise. I – don’t want to explain too much.” I know there’s no use in denying such matters.

Father nodded in agreement. “Fine, then. I will make official announcement tomorrow. If you can get a victory this time, I will find you a wife when you return. That will stop the gossips.”

A wife?! There are too many things on my mind already. I don’t have the energy to think about this one, and I don’t think I need to discuss this further with Father now. I barely stood up and left. It’s good that he was waiting nearby. If he’s not there, I might have to be carried back by the servants. I felt the warm from his hand on my stomach. It seems to start from the time I was poisoned. Every time he went to attend events with me, he will do this when we’re returning to my palace. Every time I was enduring my stomach pain when reading reports from the army, he will bring me a heater. This time we go to war, he will be about to see his father again. Come to think about it, they haven’t seen each other for five years.

My whole body is uncomfortable, like my skin is being torn apart bit by bit. My face is burning up, but I’m feeling chills. In a trance, I saw Nino and him terribly busy doing something. I want to tell him not to worry, but no words came out when I opened my mouth. The next moment, I feel someone holding me. The warm feeling makes me sleepy. My lips seem to be moisturized by water. Is it him? These kinds of feelings – is it him?


The moment that I hold him, he trembled a little. My heart aches, I hold him even tighter. Using the wet towel Nino handed me, I wiped his dry lips gently with one hand while wrapping around his chest with the other, totally unaware that my face was touching his burning cheeks. When I came to realize that Nino was also there, I glanced at him uneasily. He, however, only shook his head smiling. Could it be – he could tell my feelings for Satoshi?

“There aren’t anyone else here. As long as you can make him comfortable that’s alright.” Nino said gently, continuing to apply acupuncture to his legs. “At this point in time, I hope he’s not pretending to be tough anymore.” When the servant brought in the medicine, Nino signaled me to go get it. After the servant left, Nino continued, “He’s not much older than me, but always trying to put up an adult look, wanting to put everything on his own shoulders. This time you go with him, I’m sure he will try to block you from any danger. At that point, be smart, let him have it for small things. But when it comes to real danger, don’t let him take big risks – ”

“I know.” So Nino noticed everything, and he seems to be….. I took at sip at the medicine to make sure it’s not too hot, then I hold him up and brought it to his mouth. Although he’s fever was high, feeding him medicine was not that difficult. “His knees – ”

“Affected by the cold, I’m afraid they will be sore quite often. I am trying to stimulate more blood circulations, hoping to prevent it from getting worse. I guess the announcement from the king will come in these couple of days. By his character, he tried so hard to get approval for this. As long as he can get out of bed, he’ll go!” Nino expressed his worries. “Why don’t I – just go with you! Although there are physicians in the army, they don’t know his conditions well after all.”

I nodded. After Satoshi drank the medicine, he seemed to have fallen asleep, still leaning against my chest…..

It was a night full of confusion. Nino didn’t leave until the middle of the night. And he and I – not sure whether it’s because of the chills that came with the fever, anyway, he kept curling up in my arms, mumbling something. I have always wished to be holding him in my arms, but if the price is for him to be sick like this, I don’t know if I should feel happy or sad!

When morning came, I felt his forehead and his fever seemed to be gone. I got off the bed gingerly and went back to my own room to change my clothes and freshen up. Then I went back to his room to check on him again. Nino left a bottle of rubbing tincture. I lifted up the corner of the blanket and rolled up the legs of his pants carefully. His legs were pale to begin with. Now they showed some pink. I touched them and they still feel quite cold, looks like they were severely affected by the algidity.

“What are you doing?!” Just as I poured some tincture onto his legs, I heard his startled voice. His movement caused some of the tincture to spill on the bed sheet. Then I heard him gasped. It seemed his legs are still hurting.

“Nino left some tincture. I want to apply it to your legs and do a little massage. It will make your legs feel better. Otherwise, you won’t be able to accept the king’s announcement later.” I know if I put it this way, he won’t refuse. So I continued to pour some more tincture.

“This kind of work, just let the servants do it.” I couldn’t see his face from the direction I was facing, but I could tell his tone sounded a bit dejected. “You are the son of an army General, no need to do this sort of work.”

“No! The servants are not careful enough. I’m afraid they will make you uncomfortable.” I replied softly, and started to rub the tincture on his legs. “You will start to feel the warmth in a bit. Just bear with me.”

So there we were, quietly, with him lying there, me sitting there, he bear with the pain, I rub on his legs. As simple as that, but the ambience was surprisingly soothing. Nino came shortly after and brought another dosage of medicine with him. He said there’s no need for Satoshi to go to the morning meeting. His Majesty had summoned him early in the morning and commanded him to go on this mission with us. Because of the urgency, we are leaving tomorrow. I glanced at Nino, knowing that he wasn’t summoned, but went to see the king himself. Nonetheless, I didn’t reveal his little lie.

To be continued.....

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A/N: Sorry for the delay in updating. Hope you still remember the fic XD I'm still trying to come back to reality from the excitement of my Hawaii trip, although it's been over a week ago already. Just like what Sho said in his Ura Arashi message, I almost didn't want to come back XD


Oct. 1st, 2014 09:22 am (UTC)
eeeeehh??? the King will find a wife for Satoshi??? then how about Sho?? T^T
cant wait for the next chapter~ ^^


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