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[Yama fic] Forbidden Love (Part 10)

Title: Forbidden Love
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, antiquity, angst, romance, friendship
Disclaimer: Purely fictional, for entertainment only
Summary: Prince Satoshi and Sho prepared for their mission to go to war. Prince Masaki came to say farewell. Prince Satoshi's mother also prepared a farewell dinner for them but it was not what Satoshi had hoped for.

Part 10


So not used to the calm and cozy ambience, the at ease feelings the brought with him when he was close to me. That’s something I could not get used to! If I do, what would I do when I have to cut off these feeling later?! The pain on my legs was overcome by a wave of warmth. It’s the first time he does such thing, right? How come he seems to have such skillful and wary techniques? I couldn’t help but closed my eyes in comfort. Fortunately Nino came just in time!

“You look much better today! Satoshi-kun, come, get up and take the medicine! You don’t need to go to the morning meeting. His Majesty summoned me early in the morning and demanded that I go with you! Get ready today, we will be leaving tomorrow! I suppose the official announcement will come after the meeting!” Nino seemed to be unusually joyous.

“Nino, you know that if I can choose, I’d rather you don’t go.” I looked at him, feeling a little helpless. “This war might have come at a good timing for me. It’s a gamble for my future fate. If I win, I can keep going. If I lose or even not participating, I won’t be able to go on in the palace.”

“But if I go, your chance of winning is bigger, and you can make bigger bets as well, isn’t it?” Nino switched to a more solemn tone. “When you and Sho are combating with enemies in the frontline, I can guarantee that as long as you’re still breathing when you come back, I can grab you back from hell.”

I was touched by what Nino said, but I’m not used to say anything in this kind of moments. So I turned to Sho who hasn’t stopped massaging my legs. “Don’t worry about my legs anymore – ” I had wanted to express my gratitude, but somehow ended up saying this. “This time, you can see your father again.” I quickly added.

“Come, Sho-kun, take a break! Let me do it, I have to apply some acupuncture as well in a bit.” I don’t know why Nino wants to switch places with him all of a sudden. He then came over and sat on the chair by my bedside.

“I am fine. Don’t treat me like porcelain please!” I could truly feel their care and concern for me. But this feeling was like an unbearable burden to me somehow. It made me want to run…..

“Satoshi!” At that moment, I saw Masaki came in with a smile, holding Father’s decree in his hand. I knew he was sent by Father to announce his official appointment of me to lead the army to fight the Basarians. So I got up and prepared to accept the decree, but was stopped by Masaki. “I heard you’re sick, that’s why I volunteered to deliver the decree. I don’t think you’ll tell me these two here are outsiders. So this decree you just keep it safe, read as many times as you like. And never mind the formalities!”

“Your Highness – ” Nino was about to bow before Masaki, but Masaki waved his hand to stop him.

“Weren’t you apply acupuncture on Satoshi? Continue with your treatment. I don’t want Satoshi to go when he isn’t recovered.” Masaki smiled, then he looked at Sho before turning back to me. “Satoshi, I don’t think Jun would come, but I don’t think he wants anything to happen to you either. You are determined to do what you’ve decided since you were little, so I know we can’t stop you. I hope the Basarians can’t stop you either. When you’re out there, listen to others more and be very careful. Promise you’ll come back safely.”

I nodded with a smile. “Don’t worry, Masaki. I don’t blame Jun for anything, really. He has his position and concern. Even if he doesn’t care, he still has to think about Queen Matsumoto. I understand….”


I haven’t spoken much since he woke up. May be I was influenced by him? I felt that I am becoming more and more quiet. I don’t want to force him. There are already too many people forcing him in the palace. If the time with Nino can give him a moment of escape, just stand by him and protect him silently is good enough for me.

I think he is quite happy that Prince Masaki came to see him. Knowing him for so long, I know he isn’t as heartless as he seems to be. For family love, what he gives out is definitely not perfunctory. He is only afraid of getting his hopes up. To have high hopes means it’s easy to be disappointed. To be disappointed means it’s easy to get hurt. His heart has already be scarred so many times, he has to build a wall to protect himself. Thus, gradually becoming the ‘cold’, ‘heartless’ Prince Satoshi.

In the five years that I’ve been in the palace, now come to think about it, I seemed to be always under his protection. Although I am not sure how much he had done for me, but it must be much, much more than what I knew. Tomorrow I will be going to battle with him. I feel excited from the bottom of my heart. This time, it’s finally my chance to protect him! Satoshi, I promise, I will give you the victory that you wanted! Whatever you want, I will do my best to give it to you…..even if it is the royal throne!

He asked me to return to my room, saying he has to get ready himself. A little later he sent the message to me that dinner tonight will be served in his mother’s palace. Although I was a little puzzled about it, I just chose to comply. I thought about what I need to pack, but realized I didn’t really need to bring much. We’re going to war. All the essentials will be supplied by the army. The medicine he needed, I’m sure Nino will prepare. I could actually take it easy. Finally, dinner time came, I quickly went to his room. To my surprised, he was already all dressed up, in his official robe!

“Your Highness, you – ” I was somewhat stunned. Knowing him for five years, I’ve have seen him dressing so formal to go to see his mother. “Do I – have to wear formal attire as well?” I stuttered. What I didn’t expect was that he actually smiled after hearing my question, and with a glimpse of gentleness in his eyes as well.

“That won’t be necessary. You are fine the way you are.” He stood up and came to my side. “Official attire doesn’t fit you, too much of a constraint.”

Constraint?! I’ve never seen any formal robes as loose and big as those in our kingdom. That was my first interpretation. But wait…..what did he really mean by that? Is he trying to say life in the palace is not suitable for me, and he wants to send me away? I looked at him anxiously, but he just fixed up his attire and started walking out the room, slower than usual. I knew he wouldn’t want me to help him, so I only followed him close. He didn’t say anything further, and I’d rather not ask. When we arrived at Concubine Ohno’s palace, dinner was already ready. Her attitude was so much contrary to yesterday. Her own son is going to war, and she didn’t show a tiny bit of worry or concern!

“Satoshi, take a look! Knowing you’re coming here for dinner, your father sent us so much gourmet food.” She said gracefully, taking Satoshi to sit down besides her. “They’re all your favorites!” She continued while putting a piece of greasy looking meat into Satoshi’s bowl.

Looking at the table full of deliciously looking food,  I felt a little sorry for him instead. On the night before going to war, he still needed to put up with his mother for this final act to show his father what a loving mother he has. Unfortunately his mother doesn’t even know her son can only eat bland food now. That’s right! When he was poisoned last time, she didn’t even come to see him at all!

“Mother, any kind of food is fine. I have to set out tomorrow. I just want to say farewell and eat a casual dinner with Mother.” He looked at her, still with a smile on his face and raised the wine cup. “Mother, I wish you – healthy and happiness, may all your wishes come true – ” He emptied the wine in the cup. I saw, he had the look of depress in the corner of his eyes.

To be continued.....

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Oct. 9th, 2014 11:46 pm (UTC)
First place!!! xDDD
thanks for the update Kate-chan!! I'm still waiting for Yama love-love moment though.. *grins*
can't wait for next chapter!! is it going to be at war for the next??
Oct. 10th, 2014 09:55 am (UTC)
sho is the only one concern about ohno...okay, lets include nino and masaki too.... jun,hmmmm....i still can't forgive him. just hope they will be alright with victory on their side. and yeah...sho can meet his father after 5 years!!
Oct. 10th, 2014 10:43 am (UTC)
poor ohno
his mother was such a gold digger at the first place
i hope there'a nothing happen on the battle field :(
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