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[Yama fic] My two Nii-san (Jun POV)

Title: My two Nii-san (Jun POV)
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: fluff, romance, friendship
Disclaimer: Purely fictional, for entertainment only
Summary: Jun has to deal with the two eldest nii-san in the group which frustrated him. Inspired by the Yama moments in the 2014.10.09 episode of Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai.

My two Nii-san (Jun POV)

“Sho-chan – ”


“Sho-chan – I want to see you – ”

Really bad!!

In only a short moment, the person who was following me obediently had turned into a “kiss monster”, pouncing onto Sho-kun who seems to be at a loss of the situation.

Although I must admit that making Leader so drunk was in part my fault, but when Sho-kun asked me to go to the bar to pick him up, he’s already ready to dance on the table with the empty whisky bottles!

Hey, Sho-kun! Sho-san! What is it with your ‘Satoshi-kun don’t -- don’t be like that – but I’m so happy Satoshi-kun is so clingy to me’ look?! It’s not time to be carried away. You should sternly talk some sense into him and push him off!

Look, look, this guy is already getting insatiable!


This chaos started about forty-five minutes ago when Sho-kun called me when I was just about to go swimming in the hotel pool.

“Moshi, moshi, Matsujun, where are you?”

“I’m in my room. What’s up?”

“Well, just now I got a call from the staff. Apparently Ohno-san went to a party and had too much to drink and needed someone to pick him up. But I had filming to do in a bit. Can you go pick him up?”

“Sure, where is he?”

Come to think of it, I was such an idiot for choosing to take on this mission rather than go enjoy the pool!

After I arrived at the bar, I immediately regretted it. Leader wouldn’t just go with anyone. I really wanted to pretend I don’t know this guy, who was holding on to the leg of the table with all his might, yelling ‘I want Sho-chan’.

“Oh, Matsumoto-san, you’re finally here.” Right when I was about to turn around and walked away, I was spotted by the relatively sober staff. “Please, take Ohno-san back to the hotel.”

“Emm, sure – ” I took a peek at our leader, who had pretended to be Enomoto again, rubbing his two fingers and murmuring ‘The secret chamber has been cracked, and the person who needs to pay the bill is you, Yoshida-san’. I could only force out a smile and said, “I’ll try.”

“Leader, it’s getting late. Let’s go back to the hotel.” I bended down and said to him, feeling like a kindergarten teacher.

“Err? Matsujun, why didn’t Sho-chan come?”

“Sho-kun said he has show filming to do and can’t come, so he asked me to come pick you up.”

“Hmm, show filming again.” Leader used the table as support and stood up. He said goodbye to the others and started wobbling towards the exit.

I saw a change on Leader’s facial expression. The excitement and exhilaration shown just moments ago had turned into loneliness and disappointment. His eyes had clearly become red even though he tried to hide them under his long eyelashes. And that lack of security like a fraidy cat.

“Filming – filming – filming – there’s always filming to do. Because he’s a newscaster he has to keep a good image, no no for any body touching! Even how I call him has to be restricted, I can’t see him when I wanted to – ”

“Come on Leader, you know how much Sho-kun loves his work – ” I immediately regretted saying that. Leader was already upset that Sho-kun seems to love his work more than him, and I just seemed to have reconfirmed that. “I meant – I didn’t meant – ” I got lost in words.

“Let’s go drink some more, Matsujun. What’s the point of going back when somebody still have – work – to – do – ”

“Leader, you already had too much – ”

“I am not drunk! If you don’t want to go with me, I’ll go myself – ”

I had no choice but to go with him. He couldn’t even stand up straight let alone going somewhere by himself. And that’s how he got even more drunk and delirious, pretending to be Kaibatsu-kun in one moment and Shinigami-kun in the next. Although he’s drunk, he could still reside the scripts pretty well, showing how hard he had worked. I’m proud to have him as leader.

Suddenly I had an idea to get back to the culprit who gave me all these troubles. I have to let him see how sad he had made our leader.

“Ohno-san, it’s time to go back now.”


How come it’s totally different?! Totally different from what I had in mind?!

Where is that sad look that anyone seeing it will feel sorry for when he first heard that Sho-kun couldn’t come?! How come he turns to a clingy kitty now?! And Sakurai, you have to manage your expressions too! What’s with your extra gentle lovey dovey look?!

Wait! Don’t look at him! Are you two going to chu chu when the camera is still rolling? Seriously?!

These two guys are totally making me crazy……

After realizing that the two lovey dovey oji-san will not really get into any kind of conflict or argument, I finally give up my vengeance, and quickly change to game saving mode before my two nii-san did anything idiotic.

I quickly step up and block the view of the two pairs of hot entwining eyes from the camera to prevent this scene from being recorded. I heard that this show always invited sharp tongue as guests. You two better behave yourselves!

“Hey! Wake up, you two!”

I had enough. Whatever it is about Nii-san, I don’t want to deal with anymore!

//The End

A/N: Want to see these precious moments? Go HERE.



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Oct. 16th, 2014 11:11 am (UTC)
waaaaaaaa~ you made it into a fic!!! I like it!!! xDDD

poor Jun who had to handle his two lovey dovey oniisan.. lol xDD
thanks for making that memorial Yama moment into fic, Kate-chan!! ^^
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