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[Yama fic] Forbidden Love (Part 11)

Title: Forbidden Love
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, antiquity, angst, romance, friendship
Disclaimer: Purely fictional, for entertainment only
Summary: Prince Satoshi and Sho set off for their mission and soon found themselves about to be fighting their first battle side by side.

Part 11


Will anyone believe that I am actually scared? I hope I can win. I hope I can let him take this achievement and go wherever he wants to go. And me, if I can ‘gracefully’ died in the battlefield, it can kill two birds in one stone. Mother can fulfill her glorious dream, and Jun will not be in a quandary. More importantly, I can have my escape…..

Of course, death wishing is not my nature. All these are just my wishful thinking. Victory is still what I’m striving for. But following my hypothetical thoughts, I still want to see Mother before I leave. Filial piety is very important to Father. May be this will increase my score in his heart?! The fact that I may have a chance in winning, may actually keep others from disturbing Mother while I was away. If I can’t come back, then at least I have my final farewell with her…..

Seeing his stunning look, my heart softened. Did he have to use that straightforward expression to look at me? Though, I saw this kind of expressions less and less during the past year. It’s because of me, isn’t it? I didn’t do a good job in protecting you from the pollution of this palace after all. I don’t want you to wear the official robe. I said it before, you don’t belong here.

I did prepare myself before coming to see Mother. I was coming to say farewell, but I didn’t anticipate to get any motherly love from here. But still, I feel hurt. I know he was looking at me with pity eyes, but I didn’t want to respond to that. This time I preferred to accept the pain alone.

Emptied the wine in the cup in one sip, and finished the food Mother put in my bowl. What’s the difference whether I like the food or not?! This seemed to be the first time Mother put food in my bowl. Isn’t that ironic? My stomach started to hurt again. Sometimes I want to know, if I died in front of here with nobody else around, will she even shed one drop of tear? I poured more wine into the cup and about to drink it, but was taken away by him.

“Your Highness, for so many years I was cared for and taught by you and Prince Satoshi. Please allow me to use this wine to express my gratitude!” He said and emptied the cup after. Then he filled the cup again. “This time I followed His Highness to fight the invaders. I can’t promise to keep him from any bruises and scratches, but as long as I am breathing, I would not let His Highness in any life-threatening danger.”

At this point, I couldn’t keep myself from looking at him anymore.  From the sincerity on his face, I could tell he said those words from the bottom of his heart. This time, he is determined to keep me safe, but it actually worried me even more…..

“I know you and Satoshi had gotten pretty close in these few years. How much he had taken on for you and your father, I think you know very well. This is a good opportunity for you two to build your own achievements. And Satoshi, this time when you see General Sakurai, you must learn and take advice from him. He is an important leader of our army and has been protecting our kingdom for so long. You must pay full respect to him.”

“I understand – ” I bowed slightly, totally understand what Mother was trying to say. She wants me to lobby General Sakurai under my wing, so he would support me to get the throne. I looked at him. Does he understand what Mother meant as well?

This was a tasteless meal, but full of acting in it. After saying farewell to Mother, I left her palace like running away. I don’t like the ambience there, it’s suffocating me. Why is it so tiring to see my own mother? Once I left her palace, I slowed down my footsteps. Pain in my stomach was becoming severe. Suddenly, familiar warmth was felt on the hurting spot. I turned my heard and gave him an astonished look.

“It’s late. Nobody will see. We have to leave early tomorrow. If your stomach continues to hurt, you won’t be able to get any rest.” He put slight pressure on my stomach which actually decreased the pain somewhat. “Do you want me to call Nino?”

“No need.” Nino is someone with regular work and rest schedules. Because of my illness he had already lost a lot of resting time. I don’t want to trouble him anymore. I let myself relaxed in his arms.


This is Satoshi’s first time leading the army into war, and also the first time any price has led an army in combat, he wanted to be very careful in making any kind of decisions. How many soldiers to bring along was the first important one to make. I was pleasantly surprised when he actually came to ask for my opinion.

When it comes to manpower, normally it should be the more the better. But leading troops can be a different story. The more soldiers we have to move, the more time it will take to arrive at frontline. Besides, we don’t have time to recruit and trained new soldiers. Satoshi doesn’t want to disturb civilian life because of this war as much as possible anyway. Therefore after much thoughts and discussion, we decided to bring only twenty thousand soldiers. Together with the two hundred thousand already at the border, although it’s a little risky to fight the Basarians’ four hundred thousand soldiers with half the manpower, but it’s not like we don’t have any chance to win!

Satoshi just recovered from severe illness. From the palace to the battle front takes at least three days journey. Nino and I each stayed aside of Satoshi, observing his conditions periodically. Sometimes we caught each other in the eyes and couldn’t help but laugh. Satoshi, however, didn’t pay much attention to us. He always frowning and lost in deep thoughts.

The troops took a two hours break at the hottest time of the day around noon and rest for six hours during nights. During our breaks at noon, the first thing Nino did was massaging Satoshi’s legs with tincture. Satoshi would use this time to discuss our strategies and analyzed the reports from the frontline. After dinner at night, Nino would still massage Satoshi’s legs and prepared some medicine for his stomach. Satoshi would take a little nap during this time. After Nino went to sleep, he would get up and studied old battle references and determined our next formation. Nino and I had requested that he rest more, but were being sent back to our own tents instead.

Our first battle was a raid to the enemies’ provision storage. It was my suggestion. Given that we only have half the number of soldiers, it wouldn’t be too smart to fight them head to head. We have to find some ways to slash part of their men in a more efficient way. Besides we are still four hours away from the main camp where Papa stationed, the Basarians might not have expected us to make an attack that soon.

“I will lead ten thousand soldiers to raid their provision tents. You and Nino can lead the others and continue your way to the main camp.” I didn’t want him to involve in any kind of danger unless it’s absolutely necessary. “I am confident that I can finish this mission, or else I wouldn’t have brought it up.”

“Didn’t you say, when it comes to leading the charge, we will do it together?” He looked at me in a soft gentle way, and his tone was no way like a command. I know, tonight will be the first time we fight side by side!

To be continued.....

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Oct. 23rd, 2014 02:20 am (UTC)
Thanks for the update!
They both want to protect each other... I hope they both will survive in the battle... (I doubt it though) XD
Oct. 23rd, 2014 03:22 am (UTC)
uwaaaaaaa~ no matter what they should protect each other in the war~ please be safe both of you~~ ><
thanks for the update Kate-chan~~ ^^
Oct. 23rd, 2014 03:17 pm (UTC)
just love the way how they protect each other!!!!
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