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[Yama fic] Forbidden Love (Part 12)

Title: Forbidden Love
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, antiquity, angst, romance, friendship
Disclaimer: Purely fictional, for entertainment only
Summary: Prince Satoshi and Sho fought their first battle together which made them realized how important each other was in their hearts. Sho saw his father who he had not seen for years again in the military camp.

Part 12


Before we left, I secretly took a peak at him in his armor and helmet. Just as I had imagined, gorgeous and full of heroic spirit, shining brightly under the sun. When I felt he turned towards me, I quickly looked away, afraid that he would see my palpitation. Both he and Nino kept staring at me non-stop during our journey. I tried to pretend I was ignoring them, but was actually quite agitated!

This is my first time to go to war, and may very well be my last. This is a war that I am not allowed to lose and I don’t have any time to waste. Honestly, I didn’t expect the cup of wine last year would affect me that much. I have already avoid eating anything greasy and even not eating much meat or fish during the past year, but my stomach still hurt quite often. I don’t want to encumber the whole troop, so I asked Nino to prepare some medicine for me every day. Even though it’s bitter but it can keep me going in these critical and harsh situations.

Two hundred thousand verses four hundred thousand, that is a one against two match up. Nonetheless, I am not worried because I believe in General Sakurai’s abilities to move the army. My responsibility here is basically to take some burden off of the general and arouse the army morale. My biggest advantage is that the enemies know pretty much nothing about me. They may even take me lightly because I’m from the royal family!

I didn’t talk with him much when we were in the palace, but out here I am able to more freely. His following his father in military camps before really made him quite knowledgeable. I’m amazed by the analysis he made and his personal opinions are usually pretty constructive. Though I have to say his suggestion of a raid really took me by surprise. It was a pretty bold and aggressive move to say the least. I am skeptical at first, but he sounded so confident and eventually convinced me that he knew what he was doing. However, there’s no way I’d let him do this alone.

We were closer and closer to the enemies’ provision tents. Everyone seemed to be holding their breath, waiting for the command to attack. In situations like these, success or failure is determined in an instant. Who makes the right move at the right time will win. I turned aside and looked at him. He seemed to be as nervous as I was. This trip makes me saw many sides of him that I’ve never seen before. He signaled me that he wanted to go first, but I shook my head. But he smiled at me, seemed to be telling me that he will be fine. Although I am still worried, I finally nodded my head. Then I saw him made a hand signal to his soldiers and went off, disappearing in the wave of horses and men. I started to feel agitated, but I knew that before a chaos started, I could not make a move yet.

Finally I saw the enemies’ tents started to burst into flames. I knew it’s his signal for me. The air around has heated up with the fire. I made a loud scream and commanded my soldiers to join the raid…..

If it were to say I was fighting the rival soldiers, it’s more true to say that I was picking open my way to find him, killing whoever’s blocking me along the way with my saber. I was trained with sword mostly, but in combat using saber is more efficient. Finally, I saw him! There were blood on his face, but somehow I knew they weren’t his. My heart calms down all of a sudden. I fight my way to his side. The expression on his face told me that this opening battle was coming to an end. He yelled the command to retreat and the trained soldiers around him immediately spread the order to other soldiers.

Returning to our main camp in the dark, my eyes took glances of him who was along my side. I could not help but feeling an unfamiliar happiness and blessing.


When I rushed out on my first attack, I felt the blood in my whole body was boiling. The insolent soul of mine can once again be released in the battlefield. I like how he looks at me here, so much different from how they were in the palace when it’s solely protective. Here he looks at me with respect! Satoshi, I can finally do something for you! Do you know that your smiles are my indefinite source of energy and courage?!

Coursing with him in full speed in the dark was not tiring at all, even after a fierce battle. I excitedly screamed into the open air, and the fellow soldiers seemed to have felt my joy and also screamed in harmony. This is the first time I feel a sense of freedom when I was with him. For a short moment, I wish that the road ahead of us will never end. A small number of rival soldiers were still chasing after us. I looked at him asking for permission to go and finish them off. Surprisingly, he nodded his head without me saying a single word. It didn’t take me and a few of my soldiers much work to complete the job.

“Look at you, got so much blood on your face. It’s quite scary, you know – ” What’s more unexpected was that he came next to me and wiped off the blood stain on my face with his hand!

I immediately become dumbfounded. Nobody needs to tell me, but I know I must be looking like a fool then! It wasn’t until Nino came and tap on my shoulder that I came back to myself. “He – he – ” I pointed towards Satoshi’s direction but still kept stuttering. I could only point at Satoshi and looked at Nino, overwhelmed with joy!

Back at the main camp, the soldiers stationed here were already waiting to greet us. At first Satoshi had said no welcoming was needed because he didn’t want to interrupt their regular schedule and take away their resting time. But it looks like we still couldn’t get away with it. Papa was standing at the front to welcome Satoshi.

“Your Highness. Forgive my delay in welcoming. I got the news about your victory in the first battle. Your Highness must be exhausted.” Papa saluted Satoshi as he’s entering the camp.

“Forego the formalities. Nominally my coming here this time is to lead the war, but actually I came to learn from you, General Sakurai. Besides, the highest commander in the army is the General. If you see anything that I do wrong in making commands, please don’t hesitate to correct me. Don’t be silent because I am the king’s son.”

After greetings with Papa, he also went to visit some wounded soldiers. He is descent and caring as usual. When he’s ready to go back to his tent, it’s already daybreak. I was about to go with him to massage his legs, but he refused right off, saying I should spend some time with my father. So I sent a guard to ask Nino to go to his tent, making sure his legs were attended to.

I came to Papa’s tent. He was listening to the reports of the soldiers who probed on our enemies’ movements. When he saw me coming in, he hurriedly dismissed them.

“Papa, please forgive me for not serving by your side all these years.” I kneeled before Papa expressing my regrets. I haven’t seen Papa for five years. Because there is Satoshi to keep my mind occupied, I wasn’t bothered by being away from my family very much. But now seeing the grey hair on Papa, my heart still aches.

“Sho, you’re all grown up!” Papa helped me up and looked at me from head to toe. I could see tears in his eyes. “I was so worried about you in the palace. I was afraid that you were obstinate and naïve, got into trouble without knowing it. But I was relieved after meeting Prince Satoshi today. I can tell that he trusts you. And, even though he seems to have a cold front, from my experience, he should be a kind and honest person!”

Father’s words really amazed me and I really admired his ability to view people. With only a short contact, he could already come to know most of Satoshi’s personalities, which all other ministers could hardly predict.

To be continued.....

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Nov. 11th, 2014 05:22 am (UTC)
the moment when he wiped the blood stain on sho's face....kyaaaa~~~~
Nov. 12th, 2014 06:26 am (UTC)
finally you updated the story~~~ \(^o^)/
my favorite part in this chapter : when Prince Satoshi wiped the blood from Sho's face
sooooo sweet~!!! <3
can't wait for the next chapter ^^
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