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[Yama fic] Forbidden Love (Part 15)

Title: Forbidden Love
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, antiquity, angst, romance, friendship
Disclaimer: Purely fictional, for entertainment only
Summary: Even though Sho had finally confessed his love, Prince Satoshi was still hesitant to reciprocate which drove Sho over the edge.

Part 15


Before I came to understand what’s going on, something irreversible had already happened between us. I looked at him, my mind kept replaying what just happened, in that short moment. That feeling just wouldn’t go away. His lips were quite hot, fuller and more flexible than mine – oh, what was I thinking?! I pushed him out of our embrace, immediately hearing his yelp! Damn it! How could I have forgotten his wound?! Seeing his tightly locking eyebrows, I got scared…..

“Don’t be scared – I’ll be – alright – ” He seemed to know what I was thinking. Instead he reached out his hand, shaking because of the loss of blood, and grabbed my arm. “Satoshi , can I – call you ‘Satoshi’? Just for – a few days – is it OK?” He was begging like a child, direct and vigorous.

“Let me – think about it. Your wound needs to be bandaged up again. Let me call Nino – ” I was running away again. I really thought I couldn’t hold up any longer! I really want to – hold him tight in my arms again like just now; want to stay by his bedside like he did when I was wounded before. But how could I indulge myself like that?

“How come there’s so much blood on you?” I was in deep thoughts while going to Nino’s tent and didn’t realize I was already outside his tent until I heard him asking me. I lowered my head and saw the blood stain on my clothes, the marking he left behind.

“I – he – that’s – not my blood -- ” I didn’t know how to explain.

“Of course I know that’s not your blood! Did you two get a little too intense?” I must have connived Nino too much. He actually glared at me while saying that. “Let me go bandaged him again.”

“I – I – ” Nino could guess correctly without even being there. I must be doing a really bad job in hiding my feelings for Sho. Could it really be like what he said, it’s me that trapped him with love in the first place? “I have to go rest for a while. You go stay with him.” I intentionally put up a strict face and walked to the tent who originally belonged to Sho, didn’t dare to face Nino any longer, afraid that he would see my somewhat bashful look.

I said I was going to rest, but who could rest in this situation?! I lied on the bed he lied on before, slept on the pillow that he slept on before, holding on to the blanket that he held on before. I recalled the five years that we spent today, the hallway we walked together, the battle that we fought together, the heartbeat when we embraced each other, the blush when we kissed….. Sho, can I really love you selfishly? Can I ignore all the consequences? If only you alone love fearlessly, will I be too despicable?

His undaunted face appeared in my mind again. If it were him, he would undoubtedly put down everything and run away with me. How could someone as simple as him involved with someone as complicated as me? Oh Lord, your arrangement really plays a cruel joke on us!

Finally the tosses and turns brought me to daybreak. I put on a cape and returned to my tent. Carefully lift up the curtain, I saw a very heartwarming scene. Sho lied on the bed covered with a blanket, looking much better than last night. Nino was sitting on a chair next to the bed, resting his head on the bed next to Sho, one hand was on Sho’s abdomen. He must be patting Sho and fell asleep himself. I carefully put my cape on Nino, turned around and about to leave when I heard a soft voice…..

“You – have to – come secretly and – go secretly – like before – can only secretly – love me – care about me?” I turned around and had eye contact with him. The sadness and hopelessness in his eyes made my heart ached. “Satoshi – this time – I was wounded – because of you. Can I – willfully – ask you – to plainly love me – for a few days?”


I scared myself hearing my own voice. How come it sounded so plaintive? I stared at him who froze at the entrance, looked like he still couldn’t digest what I said…..

“Still can’t?” I could not help but letting out a self-deprecating smile. My heart was in his hands. He can hold and pamper it, or he can throw it on the floor, all at his mercy. “Satoshi, was it me – misunderstood all these time? Was it me – loving you one-sidedly?” If it was really me that made a mistake and you just didn’t dare to clarify, then let me open up this wound, and, die in pain! I flunk away Nino’s hand, and used every bit of strength in me to sit up. I could not feel anything else but pain in my body, but still, I had to get up!

“Are you crazy?!”

I saw his panicky face but still standing there. I simply used my hands as support and jumped down the bed. But my legs were too weak and I almost knelt down on the floor.

“Don’t move!”

“Sho?!” Nino was also awaken by all the noises, and caught me in my arm.

“Get off – me!” At this moment, I was very calm. No more smile on my face, I turned around and looked at Nino coldly. I knew I must be pretty scary then. Blood started to ooze out from my wound. I lowered my head and took a look, but ignored it. I flung away Nino’s hand as hard as I could, and wobbly walked towards Satoshi…..

“Sho – ” His voice was also trembling. “You – ”

“Sho, don’t be impetuous – ” Nino reached out his hands but didn’t dare to grab me.

“Is it very difficult – to answer – me?” My eyes were burning hot. I pressed on to my wound, letting the blood flew on my hands. “If it hurts – then let me – hurt once and for all! I don’t care – if I die hurting! I don’t care – if I bled to death! I am crazy – I am really crazy! Loving you – like crazy! I thought – loving you so much – even if you don’t – love me back – I can still – stay with – you – ” I ran out of breath talking. “I – can – continue – but – I think I – overestimated – myself!”

“Sho, stop – ” Satoshi suddenly wanted to approach me.

“Stay there! Don’t move – ” Because of this shout, I still fell to the floor. He really listened to me and stood at his original location. “I can’t stand it anymore – Your Highness – Satoshi – it’s too hard. Why? Why do you have to – take on everything – yourself – when we can share the burden? Satoshi, I asked you – last night. Didn’t you – say – you’ll think about it?” I felt weaker and weaker. Damn it! Couldn’t I even finish what I wanted to say? I knelt on the floor once again. I tried to get up, but knelt down again. “I don’t think – I can wait any longer – I am – such a fool – so dumb. I can only – think of one way – to get out of – all the pain. Then – you and me – will not hurt again – ” I couldn’t hold on anymore. I closed my eyes, waiting for the down feelings to come…..

“Sho!” Finally, he finally used the tone I craved so much to say my name. Not just a symbol, but with emotions. I was in his embrace once again. His embrace is so warm.

“I’m sorry – if I can’t love you selfishly, then – let me -- can I – leave selfishly?” My voice had become very coarse.

“No! No!” He didn’t care about my wound and hold me as tight as he could. His tears fell from his neck onto my forehead, bringing his warm with them. “I was wrong! It’s all my fault! Sho, don’t leave me! You said you’ll stay with me forever! I don’t allow you to be selfish! No! Anyone in this world can be selfish to me, but you can’t! Do you hear me?!”

To be continued.....

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Dec. 17th, 2014 09:06 am (UTC)
First place?? yattaaaaa~!!! \(^o^)/

Kate-chaaaann~ what did you do to our Papa Mama?? T^T
poor my Yama heart.. please don't make Sho die.. *sobs*
can't wait for next chapter.. T^T

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Dec. 17th, 2014 12:23 pm (UTC)

Stupid Satoshi! >,<
I hope Sho will be okay, >,<

Thanks for sharing~ :)

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Dec. 17th, 2014 02:21 pm (UTC)
hang on sho! please~
he will save you!
Dec. 21st, 2014 09:51 am (UTC)
Hangin there sho :(
Jan. 23rd, 2015 11:28 am (UTC)
Lovely!! Finally they are sharing their true feels.
Mar. 4th, 2015 06:03 pm (UTC)

Satoshi!!!! finally you said it!!!!
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