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[Yama fic] Believe

Title: Believe
Pairing: Yama  (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG
Genre: real setting
 Ohno suddenly lost confidence in himself before an important day
Disclaimer: Purely fictional, for entertainment only


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Are you OK, Satoshi?” Sho asked Ohno when they're alone in the dressing room.


They just finished filming one of their variety shows. The other members had left. Sho did notice Ohno being a little out of it during today's filming. He was not into the show at all and seemed to be in his own thinking the whole time. Also his eyes are red as if he didn't have enough sleep.


“Are you OK?” Sho asked the second time when he got no response from his leader and lover.


This time Sho's inquiry brought Ohno back from his thinking. “I'm sorry, Sho-chan. I'm fine.”


Sho didn't believe him at all. He went up to Ohno, took his hand into his own and lead him to the couch and made him sit down besides him.


“My dear, you know you can't fool me on this. I know you too well.” Sho tried to get Ohno to tell him what's bothering him.


Seeing Sho's concerning look, Ohno gave a tender kiss on Sho's hand before holding it tight in both his hands. He then gave a big sigh but still didn't say a single word.


“Are you nervous about tomorrow?” Sho made a guess.


Ohno turned his head and looked at Sho. His somewhat surprised look told Sho that he was not far off.


Tomorrow is the big day for Ohno. It's the first day of his FreeStyle art exhibition and the press conference for it. It had been planned and prepared for months. Sho was so happy for Ohno and couldn't wait for this day to come. Ohno was excited too until the day is finally here.


Ohno slowly nodded, confirming Sho's suspicion. “What if they don't like my art?!” He finally spilled out his worries.


“Satoshi, that's nothing to worry about. You are a very good artist and you works are fabulous.” Sho tried to comfort his leader, but Ohno still has his head down and shook it gently.


Sho started to sense the seriousness of this. His lover is more than just nervous. It seems Ohno has lost his confidence on his arts right before he's showing them to the world. He knows that he must get Ohno to overcome his worries.


He lifted Ohno's head gently with both hands and turned his face toward him. Having eye contact, Sho leaned forward and kiss Ohno's lips tenderly before continuing to say in very sincere tone.


“Do you remember what you told me before my first Zero broadcast? I was so tense and distressed, didn't know if I could do it well. You told me NTV wouldn't let me do it if they didn't think I have the abilities and I should believe in myself. You gave me so much encouragement that I was able to face the camera and presented a, well, somewhat flawless ichimen.”


Sho was trying to make Ohno regain his confidence, but at the same time, he is renewing his gratitude to his lover. Without Ohno's support, he didn't think he would be able to have a successful Zero debut.


“Sho-chan, that was nothing. You are so talented, you just didn't see it yourself. Thanks to watching your program, I actually learned a lot of things I never would have.” Ohno quickly turned around to praise the newscaster. He had always admired Sho's competence and capabilities to do MC and newscasting.


“Exactly, Satoshi. You just don't see your own talents yourself. Similarly, Johnny-san would not let you have this exhibition if he didn't believe your art works are worth showing, would he? You should also believe in yourself!” Sho used Ohno's own words to encourage him back.


“By the way, thanks for being my number one Zero fan” Sho grinned.


Ohno is feeling much better after hearing the words of reassurance from Sho. Although what was said was nothing new, but hearing it from the person he loves made a huge difference. It's like encouragement he had never felt before.


“Who is your number one fan? You have no shame.” Ohno teased the newscaster.


“Hey, who always text me before and after the show saying I looked good and did a nice job? You can't deny it” Sho protested, raised his hand as if he's going to hit Ohno's head, but instead just smacking it gently.


“Ok, fine. I'm your number one fan. Satisfied?” Ohno knew Sho is fooling with him, but he still doesn't want to take any chance that may upset his lover.


Ohno saw the sweetest smile on Sho's face. He opened his arm and the younger man rested his head on his leader's shoulder. 


Although he is feeling better about the exhibition, he is still a bit nervous about the press conference. He did not have a lot of experience facing the media alone. Most of the media meetings before were for Arashi events when the five of them were together, and he didn't have to talk much then.


“Sho-chan, will you join me for the press conference tomorrow?” Ohno requested.


“Me? Why? This is your event, your day. I don't want to...” Sho was stunned by this unexpected invitation, but he didn't want to steal the spotlight from Ohno. He wanted his lover to get all the attentions he deserved.


“No, Sho-chan. I will feel more confident if you're with me. You know I'm not good at talking. Besides, you deserve a lot of credit too. I know how much effort you have put in to make this exhibition happens.”


Sho was happy hearing the compliments from Ohno. He would do anything to make tomorrow's press conference and exhibition opening a successful one.


“Of course, if that's what you want, I'll be there with you.”


A stream of warmth flew through the leader's body. He felt so lucky to have Sho by his side all these years, loving him, supporting him and be there for him. He gazed at the face next to him. The shadow leader is more handsome to him than ever. 


Ohno put both hands on Sho's cheeks and slowly lean forward until his lips met with Sho's, sharing a deep passionate kiss.


“Thank you, Sho-chan. You're the best!” Ohno smiled and wrapped his arms around Sho giving him a big hug.


Seeing the smile back on Ohno's face, Sho is relieved. “Let's go home, Satoshi.”



// The End


Mar. 29th, 2011 08:04 pm (UTC)
ROMANTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *thrills*

But Sho wifey needs more LOVE!!! *winks*
Look forward to your next fic *dancing away, singing along*


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