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[Yama fic] Forbidden Love (Part 18)

Title: Forbidden Love
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, antiquity, angst, romance, friendship
Disclaimer: Purely fictional, for entertainment only
Summary: Prince Satoshi had a heart to heart talk with Nino trying to sort out the relationship between them, which made Sho jealous? Satoshi was somewhat uneasy when he saw the closeness between Sho and his mother.

Part 18


The time I spent with him is like little kid holding his favorite candy man, very sweet, but no matter how unwilling, how careful I am, it will gradually fade away. It’s only a few days before we need to return to the palace. I can only enjoy the splurge as much as I can. I did not force any laughter. I did not fake my happiness, really. When I know that I only have a few days of happiness, I am not the type of person that would spend the time feeling sorry for myself. I’d rather use the time to create memorable moments for him, for us.

Nino seemed to have disappeared suddenly. He only showed up when it’s time to take medicine or checked the healing wound. Sho’s words arouse my guilty feelings somewhat. Before Sho came to my life, the one who accompanied me the most, who listened to my whining the most was Nino. Then when I was lost in confusion about my relationship with Sho, it was also Nino who straightened me out and comforted me. Now I seemed to have become a bastard who can only share weal and woe, but forgot to share the joy!

Recalling what Sho had said, I smiled at him and said, “Understood! Let’s get together tonight, just the three of us!” I leaned on him closely, feeling his heartbeats and his unique scent.

Later in the evening, I finally found Nino who was treating some wounded soldiers. Looking at him from afar, I can still feel a sense of dependability. “So, you are preparing to be a full time military physician now?” I teased him.

“Well, I can’t stay in the palace forever anyway.” Nino finished up what he’s doing and left the tent with me. “Where is he?” He knew I’d understand who he was referring to.

“He went to prepare tonight’s meal.” I examined Nino’s expression. Although there’s a smile on his face, I could feel an ambience different from the ordinary. “Are you mad at me?”

“For what?” Nino raised his eyebrows, but keeping the smile on his face. “You think too much.”

It’s kind of awkward, and I don’t like it. With Sho, it’s because I’m scared. But with Nino, I don’t want to play the guessing game. I continued to walk silently, knowing he would follow me.

When we passed through a wooded area where no one was around, I stopped and turned around to him. “Thank you, Nino. I seemed to have always forgotten to do something for you and contentedly accepting your help – ”

“What do you want to say?” Nino’s expressions became very weird. “You think I want something from you?”

“I didn’t mean it like that – ” I felt a little embarrassed. “I only wanted you to know – you are also very special and very important to me. I can’t say whether it’s brotherly love, or more than that – ”

“Satoshi-kun,” The smile came back to Nino’s face. “What are you worrying about? We knew each other since we were little. I can tell what you’re thinking without you saying it. This time, you have too many concerns. What you worry about will never happen.” He said, looking into the distance. “Since we came to the battlefield, I came to realize a sentiment. Every person was born with a role to play, a task to complete, and a destination to pursue. Not every person can see his answers clearly. I have already found mine, so I am not confused at all and won’t complain about anything. But you, you have too many roles to play and too many heavy tasks to complete, and your destination is still unclear – ”

“Nino, I – ” I don’t know how to respond to what Nino said.

“I will continue to help you. When we go back to the palace, I know what you have to do. I will help you.” Nino looked at me tenderly. “I will help you until you can see your destination clearly so you won’t have any concerns. Satoshi-kun, that’s because this is my role, my duty. Other than that, I won’t think or say anything else.”

“I really wonder if you had owed me big in our past lives.” Nino’s words had deeply touched my heart.


That night our dinner gathering was very enjoyable, but the pleasure was somehow pulsed with an unknown undercurrent. Where they had gone, what they had talked about, I don’t intend to find out, because they are the two people that I trust the most. May be what I suspected was true, or maybe they were discussing about future plans. Nevertheless, I know I should continue to be that person who doesn’t ask questions. Whatever I need to know, Satoshi would tell me. If he doesn’t want me to know, asking him would just be adding burden to him.

Returning to the palace is a subject no one wants to touch on until the very last moments. Even Papa didn’t make much comment about my future plans, only told me not to do anything that I would regret. Satoshi told me many times to find some time and visit Mama, but I didn’t dare to leave him, even for one minute. So I ended up didn’t go. Fortunately Mama came to the main camp to visit us a few days later, to greet Prince Satoshi personally, so she said. But then I didn’t have to feel so guilty either.

Satoshi left early after having dinner with us. I knew he wanted to leave some family time to us. Being together for so many years, the tacit understanding among Satoshi, Nino and me was reflected utterly. So, I could tell how much sadness was in his eyes. I didn’t want to go against his good intention, so I just watched him disappearing on the other side of the curtain. Nino withdrew himself shortly saying he had to go prepare medicine. I knew he was going go find Satoshi, which made me feel a little better.

I went back to my tent late at night, but felt so cold and empty. I had been sleeping in his tent for a while and had forgotten how lonely it was without him. I washed up a bit and went outside again, walked towards his tent. Not before long I saw two people sitting by a bonfire. It was Nino and him.

“You’d never change, would you?” Nino ridiculed.

“I’ve said many times. I came out because my stomach didn’t feel so well.” His back was facing me, so I couldn’t see his expressions.

“Then how come you didn’t take the medicine I prepared for you?!” Nino had no intention to let go. “You always keep things to yourself. Big matters you mostly can accept, but how come the smaller the matters are, the more you couldn’t let go?! Every time I asked you, you said you don’t blame her. If you don’t blame her, why can’t you stand other people’s closeness between mother and son?”

So it was because of Mama?!

“Nino!” He sounded a little angry. “I said I don’t blame her, I really don’t!” He became quiet after saying this and Nino didn’t disturbed him. “She was just being strong – in her position – she has to be. We didn’t have any choice on where we were born to, did we? Sometimes I thought, if I am not a prince, then having so many brilliant brothers will be such a blessing. But now – Nino, there really isn’t a way for co-existence?”

“I’m afraid not. You can still dream about being close to your mother. It won’t cause any danger to you. But what happened among brothers in royal families…..haven’t you read enough from your history books?”

Nino’s words gave me a chill. So, that means the battle has begun? But can Satoshi really lay hands on Prince Jun and Prince Masaki?

“You should know that if it wasn’t for Mother, I wouldn’t care to let Jun have the throne – ” Satoshi lowered his head. “I have always thought that he was more suitable to be king. I’m not into this – ”

“Satoshi – ” Seeing his lonely back, I finally went towards him, sat down by his side.

To be continued.....

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Jan. 23rd, 2015 09:17 am (UTC)
always first place!!! \(^o^)/

waaaa~ new chapter~~~ XD

thanks for your update Kate-chan~ ^^

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Jan. 24th, 2015 07:42 am (UTC)
so, he is doing it for his mom. if he is not really into in, i means the interest to be a king, he better leave it to Jun.
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sho kun
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