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[Yama fic] Forbidden Love (Part 19)

Title: Forbidden Love
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, antiquity, angst, romance, friendship
Disclaimer: Purely fictional, for entertainment only
Summary: Though neither Prince Satoshi nor Sho wanted that, but the day for them to return to the palace finally came, and a bombshell was dropped on Sho right after they arrived.

Part 19


I admit I was a little upset. But the reason for my leaving was because I didn’t want to ruin his mood. He knows me too well. No matter how hard I pretend, I’m sure he would notice. Doesn’t he always teases that my pretense not being thorough enough and he can always see through them? Therefore, I could only retreat from that happy family reunion scene with a bit of sorrow and grief.

Nino, I am really, really not jealous of him, especially his happiness. The only thing I will fight him for, is pain and suffering. You care too much about me, concern too much. That’s why you misunderstood.

The battle in the palace, I know I couldn’t avoid, not even when he had come into my life…..

Looking at the sparkling bonfire, scenes from when we were little came back clearly on my mind. It was the first time we went hunting, Jun, Masaki and I all participated. We saw a young deer separated from his mother and were happy that we found an easy target. The three of us all held our bow and arrow in position preparing to shoot. The deer  didn’t have anywhere to escape. Its fate was on our hands. However, none of us shot out our arrow. It’s like each of us was waiting for the others to do it. At the end the deer escaped without any harm. We never talked about it, but I know deep down inside none of us wanted to kill this little creature. I wonder since when did we start killing, and not for long even our own siblings.

"Satoshi – " It’s him. Before I came back from my thoughts, he had already sat down beside me. He touched my hand and frowned. "Your hand is still so cold even when sitting by the fire. You’ve got to eat more nutritious food."

"Hey! Are you scolding me indirectly?" Nino pretended to be mad. "All the food I personally prepared for him every day is not nutritious but poisonous? Don’t play physician in front of a physician!"

"Then how come his hands are still so cold?" He pouted like a little child, then pulled me up from my seat. "It’s warmer in the tent. Come! Let’s go inside the tent! Let this physician do some good introspection here!"

Without a chance to say anything, I was dragged into the tent. He seemed to be using force, but actually he was really careful accommodating my speed. I turned around and smiled at Nino, knowing very well that they both were just trying to obliterate the awkward moments just now.

"Satoshi – " Once we were inside, he shamelessly wrapped his arm around me from behind, rubbing his chin on my shoulder. "Sorry – "

Before I had the chance to ask why he apologized, he continued. "I had said I would never make you feel lonely, but today – "

I turned around and use my finger to stop him from continuing. "No, I didn’t feel lonely. Sho, it’s my bad." I let out a bitter smile. "I was being a bit sensitive and disoriented. You don’t need to exhaust yourself worrying about me. Some of the things, I am just not used to saying out loud. Be not saying out loud doesn’t need I won’t be able to think them through."

"No!" He overbearingly tightened his embrace to me. "I don’t want you to think things through blindly. I want you to come and ask me directly when you have questions or doubts. Satoshi, do you know I am so nervous when I see you in deep thoughts? My heart almost beats out of my body!"

I raised my head and looked at him, touched by what he said. I never thought I would be relaxing in his embrace, but now I don’t want to leave it, ever. Although I know ‘forever’ is only a deceitful lie, but now I really want it to be a miracle that happens to us. "Sho, did I ever tell you ‘I love you’?" I relaxed my whole self in his embrace, not using a bit of energy.

"You did, but I haven’t heard enough – "

The next moment, his lips covered mine…..


Life is like that, even though you tried hard to escape, you ended up still go forward on the path that’s set for you. We are no different. No matter how we fooled ourselves, the day to return to the palace still came.

After I insisted repeatedly, Satoshi and Nino were arranged to ride in a carriage. They are not exactly soldiers, no need to endure the tiring horseback ride. Besides, who knows what kind of prospects Satoshi would have to face after he returned to the palace. I want him to convalesce well in order to have the energy to deal with whatever’s awaiting for him. I couldn’t stop worrying about his stomach and knees. I said farewell to Papa and Mama, not knowing when I would be able to see them again. I feel that I will be facing our future together with Satoshi, regardless if it’s live or death. I don’t know if it’s excitement or worrisome. As long as I am with him, I am not scared at all.

Honestly, I’d rather be in the battlefields than going back to the palace, because once we’re back in that place I could no longer see him in his true self. I don’t know if the more I don’t like it, the more it feels that time just flew by. Even though we didn’t hurry and speed up our pace, we arrived in just a few days.

Surprisingly, the king didn’t come to greet the victorious troop personally. Instead he sent Prince Jun and Prince Masaki to lead the upper-level ministers to welcome us. Seeing Prince Jun in formal attire standing on the palace tower, he does feel like a young king waiting to be crowned.

It did hit my nerves somewhat. Satoshi risked his life battling the enemies. Although he was rewarded, but it feels to me that the one stayed behind to guard the palace was even more advantageous. I took a glimpse at Satoshi who was back on a horseback. He was still calm and cool as usual, and waved to the crowd occasionally. He didn’t seem to care about Prince Jun at all.

The troop stopped in front of the palace gate. Prince Jun had also come down and went towards Satoshi’s horse. Prince Masaki followed. I could tell the joy Prince Masaki showed was genuine, but not so sure about Prince Jun.

"Nii-san!" A loud callout from Prince Jun caught my attention. "You’re finally back! I was so worried! You had made a huge accomplishment this time. Good job!"

This was the first time I saw Prince Jun showed such sentimental gestures. For a moment I thought I was watching an act.

"It’s really my fault to get you worried." Satoshi had come down from the horseback. His tone was calm, yet firmed. "Thank you for taking care of the business in the palace while I wasn’t here."

"Oh, that’s nothing compared to what you’ve done. The rewards that Father gave you already confirmed your accomplishments. You don’t need to be humble."

The two of them kept exchanging praises and modesty like no one was around. I didn’t get what was behind all these, so I looked at other people’s reactions. Prince Masaki was frowning but keeping his attention to his two brothers. The ministers seemed to be nervously observing the princes and didn’t dare to interrupt. Then I looked at Nino and he’s not showing a bit of surprise, like this is what he had expected to see. Suddenly I felt an intense glance at me. When I looked up, I was in direct eye contact with Prince Jun….

"Oh, that’s right! I almost forgot to congratulate you. Father had promised to find you a wife after your victory!" Prince Jun was smiling when he said that, but I could tell he’s glancing at me with the corner of his eyes, as if he’s making sure I heard his words.

Finding a wife for Satoshi?! I felt a loud bang pounding inside my head. I gave a questioning look at Satoshi, but he didn’t seem to be surprised. What is he not telling me?

Satoshi only smiled at Prince Jun’s congratulated words without any follow up. He remained calm and cool. Really, the true self of Prince Satoshi could not been seen in the palace.

The one who broke this awkward atmosphere was Prince Masaki.

"Although the weather is not too hot, but we don’t need to keep standing outside to chat, do we? Satoshi and the troops must be tired after a long journey home. Why don’t we all go inside?"

This was the first time I saw Prince Masaki spoke up in such ‘impudent’ manner. It increases my respect for him. Although I knew all along that he didn’t have malicious intention towards Satoshi, but it wasn’t until now that I could be totally relieved.

To be continued.....

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A/N: Happy Belated 33rd Birthday to Sho!
birthday cake


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Jan. 28th, 2015 01:09 am (UTC)
it's getting more interesting
a wife for satoshi
real challenge for sho T^T
Jan. 28th, 2015 07:58 pm (UTC)
they're back the the castle, so no more loving gesture between both of them T^T
a wife for prince satoshi??!! then how about Sho? :'(
thanks for the update and can't wait for the next chapter Kate-chan~

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Jan. 29th, 2015 04:14 pm (UTC)
OMG wife? no~~~~~
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