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[Yama fic] Forbidden Love (Part 20)

Title: Forbidden Love
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, antiquity, angst, romance, friendship
Disclaimer: Purely fictional, for entertainment only
Summary: Sho found out that Prince Satoshi would get a wife soon. Would he forgive Satoshi? Their aggrevation continued when their forbidden love was discovered.

Part 20


The moment I saw Jun, I knew he’s starting. Our war is starting. Standing on the palace tower and showing off his lordly aura. Not like me….. I know Sho thought it’s unfair to me, but I can’t help it. I chose this path from the beginning and know very well when do I need to give up what. I only didn’t want him to know about the marriage so soon…..

The rivalry atmosphere between me and Jun was so intense that I couldn’t even enjoy the moment of joy when I saw Masaki. I know he’s trying to maintain the balance, but somehow I saw something different in Jun’s eyes this time – hatred! Why would he hate me?! Is he wanting the king’s throne so badly that he’s willing to do anything now? I just don’t get it. But before I could understand what’s on his mind, I can’t let him know what’s on mine either.

We finally went inside the palace after Masaki broke the ice. Sho and Nino followed me to the main hall to report to Father. I could probably guess what’s going to happen there, and I didn’t want Sho to feel the cruelty so directly, so I signaled him to go back to my palace with Nino first. But he intentionally ignored my signal and pretended not to see it. I could only shake my head and let it go.

As expected, Father officially announced my appointed marriage. My future wife is the granddaughter of the current prime minister, a little younger than me. At first Father wanted the wedding to take place next month, but I said I just came back from war and wanted a few months to recuperate before such big event. I guess I was just trying to avoid it although I knew I couldn’t eventually. But a few more months without a wife coming between me and Sho is better than nothing. Fortunately Father bought my excuse and set the ceremony for six months later.

Other than me being award the title Lord, becoming Lord Satoshi, Father also awarded the same title to Jun, making him Lord Jun. Upon hearing that, I couldn’t help lifting my head and looked at the man sitting on the highest throne. So, he still doesn’t trust me after all. Being king for so many years, he’s really not a simple person. Whether it’s for balance or restraining of power, only he would know best!

Jun and I bowed after accepting our rewards. I looked at Sho, but he didn’t show any emotions.

After retreating from the main hall, Jun and I were surrounded by others who congratulated us. I could only smile and say thanks. After being away from these for so long, I almost forgot how to deal with these people already. I could honestly admit that I don’t want to come back to this, if I had a choice. After they were finally gone, Sho had already gone outside to wait for me. Just as I was about to leave, I was pulled back by someone unexpectedly. I turned around, and saw that it was Jun.

"Follow me, I need to talk to you." Giving me no chance of objecting, he already pulled me away to the opposite direction from where Sho was. My wrist was hurting from his hard pull.

"Jun!" I struggled away from him after he slowed down, still keeping a smile on my face. "If you want to talk to me, just ask me to go to your palace sometime. There’s really no need to pull me around like this."

"If I ask you, will you come?" Jun suddenly came close to my face, spreading a sense of danger from his body. "You are not afraid of another trap?! Besides, since when did my brother Satoshi begin to care about things like pulling around and fooling around? Didn’t you have enough ecstatic moments with him back there?"

I was stunned. The scene outside the palace, could it be because of…..jealousy?! I frowned, didn’t like what he said. He must have informant among the troops. Even if I couldn’t hide the relationship between me and Sho, I still don’t want others to insult him!

"Well, well, well. How come Jun becomes interested in my private life? If it’s invitation from my little brother, I’d go even if there’s a trap waiting for me."

Jun showed a despicable smile. "You are no better than me. Marrying someone whom you know won’t get your love. Who would use an innocent girl to cover up your shame?!"

"I – if I marry her, I will try hard to – love her, although it would be limited to the palace kind of love." I said calmly.

"Love?! How can you love her when you heart is somewhere else?" Jun said disdainfully. "Listen carefully, I won’t let you ruin the reputation of our kingdom. Arashi Kingdom does not allow an unethical king!"


I knew. I’ve always known he would comply, but still chose to willfully witness him accepting the marriage appointment. Am I masochistic or what?!

Understanding and forgiving can’t truly suppress heart aches after all. If I am preparing to stay with him my entire life, do I have to get used to this kind of heart aches?

Down the road, I will watch him get married. If he becomes king, he would probably have many concubines. I will watch him having children, enjoying his family life, watching him turning around and leaving me over and over. Perhaps, I will be in some inconspicuous corners waiting for his summon? Can’t blame him, even if that will be the case down the road, I can’t blame him, can I? Going down this muddy path was my own choice…..

Coming out from my deep thoughts, I looked around and found that he’s not  at the entrance of the main hall anymore. Despite being worried, I decided to stay at the same place to wait for him. I believe he will not leave without me.

Finally, I saw him coming out from the back of the main hall, looking a little pale, and biting his lips. What had happened? He quietly came towards me, stopped at my side and looked at me. He wanted to say something but hesitated.

"Let’s go. Whatever it is, go back to your palace first." I whispered to him, grabbing his hand for a short moment and then let go. In broad daylight, in front of the palace’s main hall, I wouldn’t create any trouble for him.

He tiredly nodded and continued walking in front of me. I am used to be behind him. I inadvertently turned back. It was Prince Jun, standing at the corner where Satoshi came out from. I frowned. Couldn’t he even allow a little breathing room here? I ignored his eye contacts, giving my full attention back to the man I care dearly about.

"Sorry – " The moment we returned to his palace, the man in front of me stopped his footsteps, turned around and said to me apologetically. "About the marriage appointment – "

I immediately closed the door behind us and wrapped my arms around him. "You don’t need to apologize."

He returned the embrace, holding me tight in his arms. "But – "

"Satoshi, haven’t we gone through live and death together?" I interrupted him, not wanting to feel any guiltier than he already did. "How could I not know? Hurting me one bit and you suffered ten times more! Do you think I would throw a tantrum and accuse you of accepting the marriage?" I kissed him gently. "I wouldn’t."

"But Sho – " He pulled away suddenly, voice trembling. "Since I agree to marry her, I won’t be marrying her in name only. I won’t disappoint her. Even – even if I don’t love her – "

I put my palm on his cheek caressing it gingerly. "I know." I said calmly.

"You know?!" He looked at me in shock. Then he lowered his head. I felt some moisture on my hand. "Of course, my Sho loves me so much. How could he not know what kind of a person I am? How could he not stand by my decision? No matter how painful it is!"

"Satoshi, do you know that sometimes I’d rather see you cry in front of me, than to see you hold your sorrow in your heart, like the past few years. May be I am not smart, but I am stubborn. I probably won’t understand the things you do, but I will choose to trust anything you do and any decision you make. May be one day, I can only watch you silently from afar, silently wishing your happiness. Even if I can no longer appear in front of you or help you – I will always, always love you as much as I do today!"

"You two!" Before Satoshi could respond, we were interrupted by a loud bang. The door was pushed opened, and Prince Masaki was standing right outside. "Nii-san, you – you – how can you – " We couldn’t tell if his shocking expression was from anger or grievance.

"Masaki?!" Satoshi’s face became pale again.

"Quick, go after him!" Seeing how Prince Masaki ran off, I am more sad than scared.

To be continued.....

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Feb. 14th, 2015 04:26 am (UTC)
so Prince Satoshi agreed to marry?? poor Sho's heart T^T
and Jun knew about Satoshi and Sho's relationship?? and now Prince Masaki?? hopefully he didn't tell anyone in the palace.. ><
can't wait to read the next chapter Kate-chaaaan~ ^^
Feb. 14th, 2015 12:01 pm (UTC)
Ahhh Aiba found out! And is shocked!
Feb. 14th, 2015 04:36 pm (UTC)
i really hope aiba and jun can understand him.
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