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[Yama fic] Forbidden Love (Part 24)

Title: Forbidden Love
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, antiquity, angst, romance, friendship
Disclaimer: Purely fictional, for entertainment only
Summary: Prince Satoshi tried to save the lives of his loved ones when the King condemned his mother to death.

Part 24


It happened too suddenly. To me, it came as a total surprise! Since I was little, I was always prepared, prepared to be schemed, prepared to fail, even death. But this time, I was entirely unprepared.

Sho, forgive my betrayal. I can’t stand there and let you die because of me. Even if I can’t protect myself, please let me protect you – let me protect you for the last time…..

That night, I went to Father’s palace again. Although I knew he still didn’t want to see me, I could use this chance to clear my mind. I couldn’t understand what really happened and why. But an unfaithful concubine never escaped from harsh punishment. That had never changed in history. The worst case is to be put to death.

Do I have time to let him escape? Do I have time to say thank you to Nino? I can beg Jun. I am willing to pay with my life, but if that’s still not enough…..

"Nii-san!" I suddenly heard the yelling voice of Masaki. I turned around and saw him running hurriedly towards me. I quickly went up to him. "Nii-san – Father – he – he – " Masaki tried to catch his breath. " – commanded to put – your mother – to death!"

I froze, but not for long. There was no time to waste. I have to keep a clear mind. "Masaki, don’t say anything. Listen to me. I have to go to the prison. I must rely on you to help with Sho and Nino. Nino is close to me, but he’s still a physician in the palace. I believe you can make arrangement for him. And Sho – " I paused a little. "I have already imprisoned him in his room. If you hear anything bad, have someone take him out of the palace immediately. Better yet, knock him out before taking him away. Don’t – absolutely can’t let him come back! I know things are urgent, and not easy to do. But – can you promise me?" I looked at Masaki eagerly. These are my last wishes…..

Masaki didn’t say no but he didn’t say yes either. I don’t have time to wait for his answer, but there’s something on his expressions that I couldn’t understand.

I am glad that my wedding was delayed. At least I didn’t pull Shiori into my mess.

Sho, if that night was the last time I saw you, will you hate me forever? I really don’t know how to explain to you. It’s not that you are not as important to me as Mother. There is ultimately no comparison! I can’t see you die because of me. May be if I die together with Mother, then I can save you and Nino…..

I really don’t know what to think anymore. I ran straight to the prison, fought off any guards who tried to stop me.


I didn’t see any guard there with the poison. Mother looked sad and despaired. But I seemed to see a bit of ‘love’ in her eyes. Was I hallucinating?

"Guards! Lord Satoshi intruded the prison attempting to rescue Concubine Ohno! Come catch him!" I turned around and suddenly saw many guards who were hiding all along came out all at once! So all these were just the plan for catching me?! Jun…..you are really something…..

"Satoshi, you – " They locked me up in the same jail cell as Mother. She looked at me. I didn’t see arrogance in her eyes like before, but full of regrets. "Why do you come?!" Mother suddenly went hysteric. "Don’t you hate me, resent me?! Why do you still come?! Now we are both locked up together here. Happy now?! Don’t you even think?!"

I looked at her, just let her hit me on my chest. I suddenly realized, Mother had aged. "Are you alright? Did they torture you?"

Mother stared at me, not seemed to understand me at first. Then she finally came to her senses after a while. "Don’t you know why I was locked up? How come you said a word about it? Don’t you know this will implicate you badly?! We will both die!"

"So?" I looked at her calmly. "You are my mother. I can never judge you or blame you. If you are OK, then I am OK. If you’re not, I still won’t blame you. Aren’t we always like that all these years?! Why would you be surprised today? Mother – "

"No! Don’t call me Mother!" She suddenly snapped. "I don’t want to hear it anymore! Satoshi – " She grabbed my arm. "I don’t know when your father would execute us, so – I have a lot to say to you! Are you willing to listen? You really don’t blame me?!"

I felt sorry for Mother and gently nodded, taking her into my embrace.

"Since you were born, I knew that I would be proud of you. But, when I brought you to pray for blessings when you were one year old, a wise man told me our lives are mutually opposing each other. I didn’t believe it. But you kept getting sick. Although I told myself that’s because I took you out and you caught colds, I was scared inside. I intentionally distant you and let the nanny took care of you, then you really recovered gradually. I really don’t know if these were just coincident." Mother seemed to be caught in her memories as she spoke. I had never heard about this story before, and I couldn’t help being hung up on the plot as well.

"I never loved your father, because he never truly trusted me. May be, he never fully trusted you either. To him, an alien tribe is not trustworthy! I knew he had been testing me and testing you non-stopped. But – but I still fell in love with that man who was sent by your father to test me! I thought he would love me back – but I was wrong. He was a trader after all!" The sadness in her eyes was so familiar. That hopelessness, I seemed to see it in Sho’s eyes before. But I never never thought the whole plot was not planned by Jun, but from Father himself! "Satoshi, I’m sorry!" She cried bitterly in my arms. "Your father had said he’d lure you to come. I had hoped that you wouldn’t -- "

"Lure me to come? Then – " A very bad thought flashed through my mind.


I was being guarded back to my room and detained there. I felt like my heart was torn into pieces, but without blood. Not because how he treated me, but because of fear.

I knew him too well. If he wasn’t desperate, if he wasn’t taking his final action, if he wasn’t idiotically trying to protect me…..Satoshi, you wouldn’t do that to me, right? I understood you so well, you should know that what you did is so hurtful to me, didn’t you? Do you really think detaining me here would let you go and throw your life away at ease? You are the biggest, dumbest idiot in the whole world!

"Your Highest, please stop. Our master has ordered that no one may enter or leave the premises without his permission."

"It was your master who asked me to come. This is his commanding token. Take a look yourself."

"This – really is Lord Satoshi’s commanding token. Please forgive us."

It’s Prince Masaki’s voice?! I was a little stunned, trying to listen to what’s going on. Satoshi asked him to come? What for? I was still in my thoughts when I heard the knocking of the door.

"Sho-kun, it’s me, Masaki. I’m coming in." The door was locked from the outside, so after announcing his present, he unlocked the door and came into the room.

I looked at him. There seemed to be some sort of uncertainty and hesitancy in his expressions.

"Nii-san sent me."

"What did Satoshi send you here for? To make me leave? Tell me what’s going on?" I raised my head, trying to suppress my anxieties. "Where is he now?"

"You must go.  Do it for Nii-san." He ignored what I said and just stared at me, becoming more and more agitated. "You have no choice, and I won’t let you have any other way. Sho-kun, I will make arrangements immediately. You will leave tonight. Don’t mind about anything else. Go to – don’t go to your father! Go to – go to – I will send you to some place where nobody can find you – "

"I won’t go anywhere!" Seeing how panicked he was, I started to get scared myself. I shook off his hand, looking straight at him. "You better tell me where Satoshi is right now and what had happened. Otherwise I don’t guarantee what I would do!"

"What are you doing?! What would you do?! You’re in the palace. No one can stop what happens in the palace. If you really care about his safety, then listen to me and leave this place. We grew up here. Even if we are not good at dealing with ordeals here, we can still manage. But your being here will be an obstacle to him. Do you know that?!" Masaki moved closer to me as he spoke.

What he said made me hesitated. He was right. Both Nino and Satoshi had said that many times too. "Even if I leave, at least tell me how he is doing now, please – " I softened. "How can I leave without seeing him or knowing if he’s OK?!"

"Nino will go with you." Masaki suddenly became calm, like he’s making arrangements for strangers.

"Don’t say it like you’re making final arrangements!" I was somewhat pissed. "Nino would not leave! Not knowing Satoshi’s status and situations, neither of us would leave!"

"Fine, I’ll tell you!" Masaki smiled, but in a very bitter way, almost like it’s the final farewell. "He is imprisoned together with his mother."

"Imprisoned?!" A chill went through my whole body.

"It’s time to send you off – " Before I could dispute, a sharp pain was felt on the back of my head and everything went black…..

To be continued.....

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Mar. 24th, 2015 12:42 am (UTC)
first place!! \(^o^)/
huaaaaaaa~~ what happened with Prince Satoshi and Sho?? T^T
can't wait to read next chapter ><
thanks for updating the story Kate-chan ^^
Mar. 24th, 2015 01:15 am (UTC)

Oh! I hope prince satoshi will be alright....

I'm waiting for next chapter with my tear

Mar. 24th, 2015 08:48 am (UTC)
Poor them...thank you so much for the update.
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