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Title: Sho Jealous of Sho
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: fluff, romance
Disclaimer: Purely fictional, for entertainment only
Summary: Ohno finds a jealous Sho very attractive.

birthday cake
Happy 34th Birthday Sho!!!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

His birthday this year is on a Monday, Sho had noticed that since months ago. On a Monday means he definitely has to work. He has his weekly obligation as a newscaster on News Zero, which he had not been absent even once for more than nine years, and he is not about to break this trend just because it is his birthday. He won’t be able to spend the day with his lover Satoshi, but he also knows for sure that Satoshi will be watching him on television at home.

Monday is usually a day off for Satoshi. Sho doesn’t know when does this start. Somehow Satoshi’s manager just doesn’t schedule any work for him on Mondays, unless he had drama filming to do. Sho had wondered if Satoshi had requested this. But having been an idol for more than fifteen years he also knows well enough that such requests are not up to artists to make. No matter how that happened, Sho sees it as something that works in his and Satoshi’s benefits.

Now that his 34th birthday is on a Monday, he couldn’t help but wonder if there will be special celebrations waiting for him at home. It’s already a given that Sho spends the night at Satoshi’s place on Monday nights. Satoshi always waits for Sho to come back after New Zero’s debriefing meeting, no matter how late that is. They will then drink a little together and Sho tells Satoshi all about the work that day. Satoshi is interested in listening to what Sho says. He admires Sho’s newscasting work very much. Sho doesn’t need to bring any change of clothes to Satoshi’s place. Even though Satoshi prepared some larger sized pajamas and underwear for him, he doesn’t like to wear those either. Instead he would intentionally wear the ones with his lover’s scent on them although they don’t fit him as well. One time he wore Satoshi’s last set of clean pajamas so Satoshi had to wear the larger one that he prepared for Sho, but neither of them ended up wearing any pajamas to sleep anyway.

The first happy birthday message he got past midnight on Monday was not from Satoshi. Sho was a little disappointed about it. And neither were the second, third and fourth ones. In fact, he didn’t get any message from his lover till about noon. May be Satoshi slept early last night and sleep in today. He’s still counting on something special his lover might have prepared for him today. He’s all for getting pleasant surprises.

One good thing about being as professional as he is was that no matter how much anxiety he has with his personal life, he still can put them aside and concentrates on his work. Time also seems to go by faster that way and before he knew it tonight’s News Zero broadcast is finished. The producer even told him that everything went well tonight and there’s no need for any debriefing so he can go home earlier. Sho is delighted about this first pleasant surprise on his birthday and can’t wait to give his to Satoshi for being home earlier than usual.

“I’m home – ” Sho’s voice is a little weak after a whole day of work. Even he himself feels he was mumbling the words. He put down his briefcase at the genkan area and changes to his slippers.

“I’m home – ” He repeats, not anticipating Satoshi to greet him at the door since he was earlier than usual, but he expects at least a “welcome home” greeting from inside. But all he hears are some noises from the television in the living room. He walks inside and only sees Satoshi’s back.

“Oh, you’re back. Welcome home.” Satoshi finally speaks but still starring right at the television set.

What program is he watching? What program can be more attractive than his own lover?

Sho changes his focus from Satoshi’s back to the television screen. He’s amazed to see his own drama Kazoku Game playing on the screen. It was the scene when Yoshimoto forced Shinichi to stab him at the abandoned classroom. Satoshi is playing the DVD again, the sixth time re-watching this drama if he is not mistaken.

“Don’t you get tired of watching this after so many times?”

“Yoshimoto is too cool and domineering. I never get tired of his sinister smiles.”

Sho hears this kind of comments at least six times already. Doesn’t this kind of comments only made by fans? Although Satoshi was still referring to the same person, but the name in Satoshi’s comments is not Sho. Rather than seeing the real life Sakurai Sho, his lover prefers to stare at a rectangular screen and watch a dramatic character. That’s not very thrilling to Sho. More importantly, it’s not what he had hoped for on his birthday night.

He doesn’t say another word and goes straight to the bedroom. The television becomes quiet shortly after and Satoshi followed him closely to the bedroom. Satoshi must have sensed that something is not right.

“Exhausted?” Satoshi tries to feel out the situation. “Mad at me for sending my birthday greetings late? I didn’t forget – ”

No response from the clearly unhappy man. After changing to pajamas, he goes straight to bed and buried himself under the blanket without even taking a bath. That’s a very alarming sign. A relaxing bath after work is a must for Sakurai Sho. If this man is willing to skip this important part of his day, this is serious.

Not saying a word, not facing his lover, not even the usual loving caring eye contacts. There are obvious anger in his eyes. These behaviors when happening between lovers can only mean one thing – jealousy.

What is making Sho jealous? Satoshi looks at Sho who has buried himself under the blankets, trying to recall everything that happened since Sho came in the door. Then, suddenly, a name flashes by his mind – Yoshimoto Kouya. The man in front of him is known to think a lot, sometimes too much for his own good. Even for a name of a fictitious character, he couldn’t stand his lover mentioning it over and over again day in and day out. That’s because the name he says is not Sakurai Sho.

Both annoyed and amused by what he has just realized, he let himself on the bed under the blankets as well and extends his hands to embrace his lover’s waist. He immediately feels the warmth which is so familiar to him almost every night.

“Jealous?” Satoshi speaks softly into Sho’s ears. The exhale makes Sho a little ticklish, but he continues to play dead and gives no reaction. He is jealous, seriously jealous.

“If you continue to ignore me, I can just go back and watch Yoshimoto-sansei – ” Satoshi is obviously trying to prod, but Sho’s rationality is not up for incitement. Just as Satoshi finishes his sentence, Sho’s rationality has gone over the edge. Anger and exhaustion have defeated any remaining rationality in his mind. He doesn’t know where the strength came from, but he managed to pull away the hands around his waist and makes a sudden turn to be on top of the man who, minutes ago, was still holding him tightly.

Didn’t have time to react, all Satoshi sees is the enlarged face of his beloved Sho.

“Hmmm – ” He feels his lips being roughly forced on, interrupting his normal breathings. He has the illusion of his lips being taken away from him, making involuntarily mourning sounds, which seems especially sexy. He doesn’t protest, because he deserves it.

“Don’t mention that name in front of me!” After an intense kiss Sho finally speaks. Satoshi recovers a bit from lack of oxygen and is able to refocus on the face in front of him, seeing the weakness and loving in the eyes.

“Enn – ” Satoshi couldn’t reply in full sentence. Moonlight shines on Sho’s face, showing a bit of dreadfulness, very different from his usually sweet and gentle. Satoshi seems to see Yoshimoto’s shadow, with some indifference, with some deception, which makes him so attractive. Their current situation is like when Yoshimoto pressed Shinichi down on the floor to teach him a lesson. He is Shinichi at this moment.

“Enn – Happy Birthday, Sho – ” Weak mourning sounds break through the night, Satoshi hooks onto Sho’s neck, begging for more.

“A jealous Sho -- 大好きです

// The End

A/N: I missed Yoshimoto-sansei very much :(


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Jan. 25th, 2016 12:11 pm (UTC)

Cute... Jealous Sho is to cute~ > <
Me too, I miss Yoshimoto-sensei. His smirk is really great
Oh... almost forgot. Happy birthday for our Sakurai Sho.
Thank you for sharing ^ - ^

Jan. 25th, 2016 08:40 pm (UTC)

Wow! You're back!!

Yama's so sweet and cute!!!

Jan. 25th, 2016 10:55 pm (UTC)
Thanks for sharing.

I find it amusing Sho's jealousy. =3
Jan. 26th, 2016 03:25 pm (UTC)
Awww jealous Sho is really too cute *-* But I can understand Ohno. Yoshimoto-sensei is so awesome *-*
Now I want to rewatch Kazoku Game x)
Feb. 26th, 2016 07:01 am (UTC)
You're back!!! *big hugs* I love your story, jealous Sho is very cute! Thank you for writing Yama fiction. My starving for yama is cured now :D
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