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[Yama fic] Destiny of Love (Chapter 8)

Title: Destiny of Love (8 of 16)
Pairing: Yama (Ohno x Sho)
Rating: PG-13
Summary:  Ohno made Sho a promise, but will he able to keep it?


Chapter 8


When Sho opened his eyes the next morning, Ohno's smile was the first thing he saw. It made him feel warm, warmer than the sunlight that came through the window. Ohno was facing Sho, with one hand supporting his head and the other claiming it's territory starting at Sho's cheek moving downwards. His eyes are starring at Sho's face, like looking at a treasure that he hopes will belong to him, and him only.


“Am I still dreaming?” Sho smiles.


“Shhhh...” Ohno put his index finger on Sho's lips, signaling Sho to say no more.


He then turned sideway and laid down next to Sho, eyes closed, and extending his hands to hold on Sho's. Their fingers locked together tightly.


“My heart is complete now. Thank you!” Sho speaks softly.


He is grateful, grateful for whatever that brought Ohno to him last night, grateful that his feelings are finally understood, and better yet, Ohno shared the same sentiment.


But as much as Sho would love to stay like this forever, he knew that they have to come back to reality. He hasn't forgotten about Ohno's engagement and his obligations to his family. Nevertheless, no matter what happens in the future, he has no regrets.


He heard Ohno sighs. He knew they have the same thoughts in their minds.


“Give me some time.” Ohno gives Sho's hand a tight squeeze while saying this, “I will figure out a way.”


Sho slightly nodded, not that Ohno could see because they are both facing the ceiling. But Sho squeezes back and Ohno understood Sho's consent.


That's all Sho can ask for, or hope for, anyway. He is the intruder here. Ohno was already engaged before they met in New York. He knows that Ohno's engagement has far more meanings that a love relationship. It's not easy for Ohno. He understands.


Ohno opened his arms, Sho scooted closer and rested his head on his shoulder. He felt so secure and complete in Ohno's arms.


“I love you, Sho-chan” Ohno hold tight to his new lover's body.


“I love you too, Satoshi, always have and always will” Sho could finally express his feelings to the man he had loved for so many years.


Before Ohno left, he kissed Sho's forehead gently, like a couple saying goodbye in the mornings before leaving for work. They like this feeling.


They continue to see each other, whenever they can, while Ohno is sorting things out.


For the next couple of months they meet up once every two to three weeks, spending a day or two together. Ohno would make excuses about business trips and spent the time in Sho's place. When they were almost “caught in action” by the unexpected visits of Sho's colleagues, they decided they need to find some place where they would not be disturbed and Ohno can cut down some commute time. To them, every minute together is precious.


They rented a place in a small town about half way between their home cities. It is furnished with simple decorations. But to them it really doesn't matter. It is their love nest.


When they were apart, they would call or text each other numerous times per day. Ohno likes to send random pictures with his text which usually brings Sho to laughter.


When they meet up Ohno always brought his drawing book. He draws anything he can lay eyes on. He even draws Sho a few times, eating, reading, sleeping. Sho asked to see the drawings, but he never agrees to show.


“If, one day, we can be together,” Sho said, semi-seriously, “you'll have to show me all your drawings.”


The smirking look on Ohno quickly turned serious. He paused for a moment, then slowly nodded.


But Sho had brought up the serious subject, indirectly, the subject which either of them tried to void bringing up.


Sho probably sensed that Ohno has not found a resolution yet. How could he? He had only two choices, either broke up the engagement to be with Sho, but risked his family business going down and hurting his fiancee at the same time; or go through with the marriage and end it with Sho. Either way, it will not be a happy ending. Sho could not dare to think any further upon reaching these thoughts.


One night when Ohno was in a shower after an incredible battle in bed, Sho was hanging up Ohno's suit which he left on the floor when he was preparing himself for the fight. He picked up the suit and Ohno's wallet fell on the floor. He wasn't about to peak but a picture with a girl's face was exposed and it caught Sho's eyes.


Sho slowly picked up the wallet. There's still sound of running water in the bathroom, so Ohno won't be out for a bit. Sho is somewhat nervous but still can't fight the temptation of opening the wallet. A picture in the window pocket appears before Sho's eyes. It was a picture of Ohno and a girl. Sho's heart sinks a little. She must be Ohno's fiancee. She is beautiful, no wonder Ohno fall for her. The date on the picture shows it was taken three years ago. So they have been together for so long. How can I compete with her? Sho feels major failure.


Sho has not seen Ohno for the last two months, and only once the month before. Sho didn’t get to see Ohno on his birthday, not even Christmas or New Year. Remembering that Ohno is almost finished with his drawing book, he sent a new one to Ohno as birthday present. The cover of it has two boys sitting side by side, hands on each other’s shoulder, fishing together at sunset. This is perfect.


Ohno had said he was busy with work, but Sho feels something is not right. Ohno sometimes didn't even reply his texts or return his calls for days. Sho can't help from having uneasy feelings, but there is no way he can find out what’s going on with Ohno until he sees him again. Then his phone rings.


“Sho, I can meet you this Saturday. I will be there around noon.” Ohno said on the phone, but his tone does not seem too excited.


“That's great!” Sho, on the other hand, is overjoyed “Can't wait to see you.”


After they hung up, Sho brings out his phone again and starting typing on the keypad.


“I love you, Satoshi” and hit the send button. He waited anxiously for a reply with the same wordings. But to his dismay, there was no reply. Does Satoshi remember Saturday is my birthday?


Sho arrived at their love nest before 9 o'clock Saturday morning. He could not sleep the night before, probably due to the excitement of seeing Ohno again after two long months. He started driving just before 7 o'clock but dropped by the market to buy some groceries. He has decided to surprise Ohno by cooking something for him today. He only knows how to cook tofu soup with seaweeds. He hopes Ohno will like it.


He started on making the soup when the unexpected visitor arrived, and his whole world changed.

To Be Continued....

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( 7 comments — Leave a comment )
May. 29th, 2011 10:06 pm (UTC)
Wah! This must be when Ohno's fiancee shows up >.<
And it's Sho's birthday! Poor Sho~ :(

Looking forward to what's going to happen next! :D
May. 29th, 2011 10:20 pm (UTC)
If it's his b-day then, it would make it seem like a sad day for him :(
I can't wait for the next one. thnx:)
May. 30th, 2011 01:01 am (UTC)
this chapter was great,
I loved the way they cherish every moment and every single minute they have.
I'm curuous about the sketch, I bet it will come out again in later chapters?
thank you for sharing :)
May. 30th, 2011 01:18 am (UTC)
I love the moment when they together it so sweet ....bitter sweet.

Thank you for nice fiction Love it

Wating for the next EP ^ ^
May. 30th, 2011 08:06 am (UTC)
what is happening to oh-chan?!
Jun. 1st, 2011 04:53 am (UTC)
thank you for updating :)
ahhhh... story went back to the first one, and it has started actually...
i just hope they will be together happily in the end.
Jun. 5th, 2011 07:14 pm (UTC)
I love how the end of the chapter connected back to the Prologue/Ch.1. It's so sad this happened on his birthday :(! Gosh, I hope they'll be able to resolve this... Ohno does have a big obligation, but splitting up Yama is the saddest thing ever. Thanks for sharing!
( 7 comments — Leave a comment )